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  1. Why you shouldn't post the jersey (my opinion)

    I'm correcting the people who claim its a knock off from your concept. Also for someone who didn't won't to ruin the reveal you didn't mind leaving your concept out there that showed the exact same as the picture......so like I've told you already by leaving your "concept" to be seen while deleting every photo of the leak just shows your full of crap, and that you never cared about "ruining" the reveal. So to negate "ruining" the reveal I won't let photos get out, but hey take my word/concept they look just like this. Your concept would have never matched had you cared about the reveal.
  2. Why you shouldn't post the jersey (my opinion)

    Guru changed his concept to match the picture after he received it. Stop giving guru credit for this concept.created from this leak......then he got the picture and changed his "concept" to match the picture exactlyI have even addressed this over a pm with him but he wouldn't respond. He just wants credit for "guessing" it correctly.
  3. all female jerseys say on field instead of a size, don't believe me got to nflshop.com and see for yourself
  4. Why you shouldn't post the jersey (my opinion)

    Someone put that on there trying to get people to stop spreading the image
  5. Why you shouldn't post the jersey (my opinion)

    Like I said I don't mind them, but they remind me of NE Pats jerseys
  6. Why you shouldn't post the jersey (my opinion)

    I don't really mind if these are them. I'm not fond of the 8, and the really seem to embrace the "Tennessee Patriots" with the navy blue base and silver shoulders. I really wish that they went with the baby blue base color ans worked off of them. However the helmets and the pants need to be seen with these jerseys before I really know how I feel.
  7. Why you shouldn't post the jersey (my opinion)

    I've sent you the Image that can still be found on the titans reddit post Titled "New uniform mock up. Something tells me this is what we're going to get on Wednesday" Anyone else looking for the image go there. The leaked jersey image looks to match the concept from this sites Twitter page perfectly. This sites Twitter concept even changed to match the leak after it came out, see musiccitymiracles site from the before changed concept
  8. Why you shouldn't post the jersey (my opinion)

    Anyone claiming fake off the Twitter image, go over to the titans reddit. The real image of the employee holding up the Mariota jersey in a storage room of a store is still there. The Twitter concept and the image are damn near identical.
  9. Why you shouldn't post the jersey (my opinion)

    My only thoughts about the whole thing is that AAS has driven people crazy by announcing the new uniforms before the season even started. So yes people have been dying for almost a whole year to see the UNIs. A leak was bound to happen. There is also zero reason to remove links or the photo (which is still out there) and leave a "uniform concept" on the same sites Twitter that looks almost the exact same as the leaked photo. If this site really cared they would have removed the concept tweets that will spoil the UNIs just the same as the photo.