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  1. I feel like Vrabel will have these guys playing harder and more motivated than they did with Mularkey.
  2. RB Revisit

    John Kelly, while at UT the guy was just a beast. Would be the perfect 3rd string RB that isn't a clone of Henry or Lewis.
  3. Puharsky’s 25% off deal

    He needs to start making youtube vids again
  4. Alright, if anyone wants to see it just check twitter
  5. Anyone have an idea what the Away/Color Rush jerseys might look like?
  6. I wouldn't be completely against acquiring him but some people are losing it.
  7. Titans sign Blaine Gabbert

    It just seemed like that's what they were going to do.
  8. Titans sign Blaine Gabbert

    Was kinda hoping they would draft a QB but Gabbert is a solid backup
  9. Best Remaining Free Agents

    I hope they bring Walden back
  10. Titans Agree to Terms With Dion Lewis

    Hopefully they still will