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  1. ricko

    Josh McDaniels

    He's learned his lesson. Looks like he's going to the Colts after all though... I truly think that it's the Titans' loss.
  2. ricko

    Josh McDaniels

    McDaniels' problem was that he tried to be like Belichick immediately. That bruised the pillow soft egos of the players and Denver media. BB had the cache to be stiff and refuse to suffer the fools in the media. In NE, we see the BB that is talkative, engaging, at ease, and a genuine human being. Rabble rousers like B$PN, only show sound bites of his when asked questions like, "Are you thinking of benching Tom because he doesn't have the skills anymore?" As for Brady, he always says the right thing, behaves the right way, and is never in trouble. No one here is buying his pjs or following his diet. In fact, we use it as a punchline. However, being a devoted family man, going to bed early, and eating well is better than (although maybe not as much fun as) the strip clubs, bars, night clubs, and police encounters that far too many players prefer.
  3. ricko

    Josh McDaniels

    People say the same thing about Brady, but that doesn't make it true.
  4. ricko

    Josh McDaniels

    Blount, Lewis, Hogan, Bennett (first go round). All unwanted by their former teams. Edelman was a college QB picked in the 7th round. The negative stuff comes from Denver and St. Louis. Brady doesn't just draw plays up in the sand. Someone has to design plays for a team whose receivers are shorter and slower than most. And for RBs who aren't considered top tier. I don't want to argue this point anymore, so I'm happy to agree to disagree with you here. I really think Josh will be a much better coach the next time around. However, while I want him to succeed, I'd much rather he do it with a team I have no feelings either way for (Titans) than for a team that all New Englanders despise (Colts).
  5. ricko

    Josh McDaniels

    Yes, I neglected to mention that. Thanks. With the health of Luck and a drug addled booze hound for an owner in Indy, the Titans' job certainly seems better.
  6. ricko

    Josh McDaniels

    McDaniels is down to Earth and well spoken. All class. He's able to adjust on the fly and take the castoffs of other teams and win SBs.Other than Gronk and Moss, Brady is setting records without any HOFers. If you think Mariota is a decent QB, then Josh is your guy. Rams and Broncos didn't have QBs. Of course, there's no excuse for drafting Tebow. That was a colossal blunder. I can't imagine he'd make the same mistake twice.
  7. His injury really hurt. NE was able to exploit it often.
  8. Lebeau looked overmatched last night for sure. O-line was also weak against NE. NE only recorded 35 sacks this year. Should be an interesting offseason.
  9. ricko

    My day after thoughts........

    Ian Rapoport tweeted at 9:28 AM this morning that McDaniels was likely to take the Colts' job.
  10. ricko

    Evaluating the defense.

    On December 20, bleacher report rated Kyle Van Noy one of the WORST 4-3 linebackers in the NFL. Goes to show what some of these "experts" know.
  11. ricko

    Evaluating the defense.

    108 yards to RBs just last night...
  12. ricko

    Evaluating the defense.

    Another poster here was insisting that Brady would be harried, hit, rushed, and sacked all game long. I argued that NE's O-line, when healthy, would keep Brady clean and give him enough time to throw. NE also moved quickly, which confused and gassed the Titans' D. They were sucking wind in the 2nd quarter. There also seemed to be few, if any adjustments on D. In contrast, after the Titans marched 95 yards, NE immediately adjusted and shut the TN offense down until garbage time. So, from an outsider's view... -Pass rush -Better conditioning -Has the modern game passed Dick Lebeau by? His players seemed confused and out of position, unable to recognize what NE was going to do. NE's players were almost always in position.
  13. I think he'll be much better this time. The biggest issue for him in Denver was that he didn't have a QB. Didn't he inherit Cutler, then compound the misery by taking Tebow in the 1st round? Can't win with that combo. We know that the Broncos won thanks to their defense, not Tebow. That's why Denver couldn't get rid of TT fast enough. I'd like to see him succeed, but BB's coordinators don't seem to do much elsewhere. Weiss, Crennell, McDaniels, Eric Mangidiot. Give Bill O'Brien a QB and who knows. He made the playoffs with Hoyer and with Osweiler. Your division could be up and coming. What's your opinion of Mariota? I didn't think he'd make a good pro QB. Last year he looked like he would be pretty good, but seemed to take a big step back this year.
  14. I would have absolutely no problem if that were to happen.
  15. Word in NE, is that McDaniels is going to the Colts.