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  1. 4 dead at Waffle House in Antioch

    Well we know its not okay and hopefully you know why. Just because some black people are ignorant enough to sling it around every other word doesn't make it okay.
  2. 4 dead at Waffle House in Antioch

    In his defense, sox should refrain from using that word even if black people do use it. But I'm not about to get tangled in with your guys racial side argument. Carry on.
  3. ***TF's Official NFL 2018 Mock Draft***

    I give props to anyone with enough free time to actually be able to sit down and do a well thought mock. While I can see a situation where we took Ridley, I will be most upset if it happens. The defense has been neglected for far too long. Even if its a safety give me something that gives me hope on the defensive side of the ball.
  4. 4 dead at Waffle House in Antioch

    Obviously that Illinois law that he used to give the gun back should be reviewed. But only addressing that is ignoring the larger problem. The vast majority of these shootings could have been prevented if public workers were doing their jobs. There is always failures by some public worker every single time. Public Workers get better pay and benefits than the rest of the regular people and yet they half ass their jobs far more often. Most of us who have or are in a position of authority understand that there isn't a handbook you get to refer to that tells you how to handle every situation. You have to use judgement and make decisions. And you reap the rewards or consequences of those decisions. "I followed the law" does not justify making bad decisions. That is the same excuse the Nazis tried to use at the Nuremburg Trials.
  5. 4 dead at Waffle House in Antioch

    Irresponsible gun ownership yes. Gun control no.
  6. 4 dead at Waffle House in Antioch

    Oh youre right. Wouldn't want to upset anybody to prevent a psycho from killing people. Heaven forbid that Sheriff have to write a few extra pages on his report on why he thought it would be a better idea to not give the guns to the father with a pinky promise.
  7. 4 dead at Waffle House in Antioch

    WTF are you talking about? Do you not even remember what you said? "you'd be saying that the FBI not giving the guns back". No shit the FBI didn't seize the guns. Quote where I said that. I said the FBI turned it over to the county. So not only did you not know what you were talking about. You have now lost track of what you even said in the first place.
  8. 4 dead at Waffle House in Antioch

    No the dad shouldn't have given the guns back. But that was against the law and he will most likely face consequences for his actions. But it doesn't let off the piss poor judgement of the others that gave the guns back to the father either. Look, if I go apply for a class 3 license (the license that allows you to own machine guns, explosives, all the things that Democrats think we can buy at any gun store), then one part of the process is written consent from the County auditor or Sheriff (whomever that particular area has that has that duty). That particular person is allowed to approve or deny my license for no or any reason they so choose. In other words it is on that person's judgement and whether they want the responsibility of overseeing how I use the license. They don't have to have a legal reason, it can be on their judgement or even that they simply don't want to oversee it. This is the same thing with this case. That county decided on their judgement to give it back to the father. They were not required to do so by any law and in fact the FBI recommended that they did not. If a person who uses piss poor judgment drinks and drives and it gets someone killed then they are liable. If a public service official uses piss poor judgement that gets someone killed then they should be accountable as well. It would be different if the guy didn't have a long history of shit or if the FBI hadn't made a recommendation. Or it would be different if these kinds of things were uncommon but the vast majority of these recent shootings left plenty of early warning signs that the government has repeatedly ignored.
  9. 4 dead at Waffle House in Antioch

    The FBI didn't give his guns back. The FBI turned them over to the county and the sheriff gave it back against the FBI's recommendation. Since you lack even the most basic info on the subject, I'm not bothering with that bullshit assumption on the latter part.
  10. 4 dead at Waffle House in Antioch

    Where did I say it was illegal? I said it was a fuck up and that's exactly what it was. Stop excusing peoples fuck ups. It wasn't illegal for them to ignore Dylan Roofs background check either. So you saying that was okay?
  11. 4 dead at Waffle House in Antioch

    See here is what I'm saying. Fucking tards making excuses for all the fuck up government employees. Until ppl start holding them accountable, I don't give a rats ass about any Dbag Dem or little school children screaming for gun control.
  12. 4 dead at Waffle House in Antioch

    Don't know or care about that. They showed up took his weapons then gave them back. That Dylan Roof kid that shot up that Church had a background and the Government didn't respond to his background check to stop the sale of the handgun. In almost every one of these shootings (the Vegas shooter being about the only exception) the government had the ability to prevent it and failed to do so. People in this country bitch and bitch about everything but never actually hold the government accountable for anything. So screw it.
  13. 4 dead at Waffle House in Antioch

    I saw this as well. Who gives a damn about Dems screaming for gun control. You dumbasses had his guns and gave them back. Start holding people accountable.
  14. Rewatching the drafts on NFLN

    I'm sorry but how exactly did he improve? 2 of his best games were in his first 4 games. He averaged 34 ypg vs 35 ypg comparing his first 5 vs his last 5. He never once broke 100 yards in a game nor did he reach the end zone a single time. Watching Soxcats little highlight reel, we see that Davis was good at catching balls on Malcolm Butler, whom he no longer has to play against. That's it. btw sox those were some weak highlights. Pull up some Boldin highlights and learn a thing or 2.
  15. regular season win over/under lines

    We haven't even seen the draft yet. We have no idea what kind of product we will be getting on the field yet.