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  1. Vrabel named Titans HC

    Hire Eddie George as our OC. Fuck it, former players will run the show now.
  2. Vrabel named Titans HC

    Hell Yeah. Like Vrabel. That brings in some energy to the coaching staff. Def a coach that the players will want to play for. Good chance we keep LeBeau and it offers room for an improved offense. Will be interesting to see what kind of staff he builds. This will be an exciting offseason.
  3. Coordinator Candidates

    I did get you because you named players that didn't even play a pivotal role in that defense. The core of the defense is still the same as it was. Casey, Orakpo, Woodyard, and Morgan. We could still use McCourty if he could have stayed healthy and played for us the way he played for Cleveland. That's my last response to you because you aren't worth another. Don't even know who the starters are.
  4. Coordinator Candidates

    Obviously you don't know what an upgrade is, nor do you know who our starters were, nor do you even know what position half of them play. Only 2 of the people you mentioned are an upgrade and Hill wasn't even our starter. It was Al Woods. Zach Brown doesn't even play the same position as Woodyard, not to mention Woodyard was a starter in 2015 and 2017. McCourty only played in 4 games in 2015. The starters were Cox and Sensabaugh. And no Logan Ryan is not an upgrade over McCourty unless age is the only criteria for an upgrade. So considering your lack of knowledge about the team in general, id say you don't have any clue about what you are saying.
  5. what position group does JRob attack first this offseason

    I am hoping that G, C, and a backup QB will be addressed via FA. I am hoping the majority of the draft is spent on defense all over. Snatching up a decent Ju-Ju Smith type WR and a TE somewhere in there would be nice. I am already sold on Sam Hubbard and that is who I am hoping falls to and gets drafted by the Titans.
  6. Coordinator Candidates

    If it was another coordinator our defense would be 25th at best. The defense has been largely ignored and there isn't a huge amount of talent. The defense has improved since LeBeau took over from Horton. The only way LeBeau leaves is if he doesn't fit with the new HC. There wont be an HC that comes in here and demands LeBeau be replaced.
  7. Coordinator Candidates

    LeBeau stays. 13th in yards, 5th in sacks, fewest plays of 20+ yards, has great support from players, and the only coach in the NFL who is as highly regarded as BB. I think they bring in an offensive guy and stick to LeBeau.
  8. Who was worse, Munchak or Mularkey?

    You kidding? How was Munch even bad? He had absolutely no talent to work with. The only talented players we had spent most of the time on IR. Munch had those teams playing far beyond their talent level. We got to see their actual talent level when Wiz came to town.
  9. Albert Breer: Mike Vrabel Strong Fit for Titans

    Vrabel isn't from OU....
  10. Corey Davis

    He looked like a legit starting WR vs the Pats. Hopefully he can build on that going into next season.
  11. Titans to interview Mike Vrabel for HC job

    I'm sorry I don't remember this. I live in Ohio and am around more Browns fans than anyone else. I remember an uproar when Kosar was jetted but if memory serves me right it went away after the Browns went to the playoffs.
  12. Titans to interview Mike Vrabel for HC job

    I recall some uproar when he got rid of Kosar. I don't recall there being a huge hatred for him. Not like what Mularkey got here. Or what McDaniels did in Denver. I remember things looking up until Model announced they were moving and then complete implosion.
  13. Titans to interview Mike Vrabel for HC job

    Better than McDaniels