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  1. Ill see if I can make that happen lol
  2. GOAT9

    My way too early season predictions

    Henry- 1200 yards 8 TDs. Don't think he will catch for much. Lewis- 500 yards 3 TDs. 400 receiving 3 TDs. Davis- 1100 yards 4 TDs Matthews- 700 yards 4 TDs Walker- 700 yards 7 TDs Not sure about the rest. I think Byard will have around 5 picks. Im guessing Orakpo will have 9 sacks, Predicting Morgan gets hurt puts up 7. Landry gets better with time and ends up leading team with 11.
  3. GOAT9

    My way too early season predictions

    That's literally what I did moron. I made my predictions. Walker will lead in TDs. Mariota will not throw for that many TDs or play a full 16 games. And AJax will not get 5 picks. Don't post shit if you don't want it examined.
  4. GOAT9

    The constant escalation

    Democrats have been losing the recent elections because of their platform. Obama won because the Economy was sinking fast and he preached change. Obama won re-election because the Economy stabilized. Democrats got comfortable and ignored the fact that while the Economy was recovering, it was very slow, and that good jobs with good wages were still non-existent. Democrats lost to Trump because they were obsessed with social issues and mudslinging, instead of concentrating on the needs of the Working Class. Look at the key states that Trump won that gave him the election. Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania. All of those states were states that were once the industrial, mining, and manufacturing heartland of this country. Those states have been completely devastated by things like China, NAFTA, war on coal, etc. Trump won those states because he told them he was going to fight to get those people their lives back. No matter how stupid Trump may be, at least he was smart enough to run a successful campaign. Democrats are so smug, blind, and stupid that they have to blame the loss on Russian Propaganda.
  5. GOAT9

    My way too early season predictions

    All signs tell me that Mariota is going to be throwing the ball more. Conklin is still recovering and his status will be shaky. Even if the offense does give Mariota better passing options so he doesn't take as many sacks, I bet he still gets hit more and gets hurt. Also Davis didn't get in the End zone once last season but he is somehow going to get there more than Walker? I don't think so. Walker will still be the redzone threat. Switch their TD numbers. And then AJax getting 4 FF and 5 INTs. I don't think he does that much. Im kinda hoping Landry comes out explosive and has a Kearse kind of rookie season. It would be ideal for me.
  6. This thread must have brought him back to life because he liked it lol
  7. I think the wall is a waste of resources. Im okay with a temporary travel ban. I was okay with a tax cut to the middle class. The upper brackets should either have stayed the same or increased.
  8. I don't think anybody in Washington is interested in what's best for America.
  9. Awww what did you ban him for? I never got to figure out what movement he started.
  10. Not sure what youre getting at. Dems are attacking Trump. Trump is attacking Dems. Nothing new. Typical political banter been going on for a decade.
  11. Ehhh theres a problem with it. The Justice system doesn't do the best job of figuring out who is guilty and innocent. Guilty people run free and Innocent people end up imprisoned in this country all the time. If its something clear cut like a 40 year old messing with a 13 year old, then okay. But I would guess that there are a lot of cases where its something like a 20 year old with a 16 year old who actually knew each other in school, Mommy and Daddy found out, got angry, and pressed charges. I would bet that makes up a lot of underage sexual crimes.
  12. Dems know what direction they want to go. They went the Russian Conspiracy Theory direction. In the meantime Trumps team is ranting about the Red Hen. Until tomorrow it will be something else.
  13. GOAT9

    Body found at the home of Janoris Jenkins

    Aaron Hernandez did it. I know What You Did Last Summer Pt. 4. Coming to a theater near you.
  14. Come here for all the latest and hottest news trends going on in Titans Report! Well its been another tumultuous offseason. As posters get bored, they begin their typical mudslinging. But this year there is a lot of extra poop to go around folks. In football corner of the forum we see many fans excited for the upcoming season now that Mularkey and company are gone. But people are too bored on Titansreport to stick to the Titans topics and have mostly ventured off to other parts of the forum for the offseason. The political forum rules the day as the typical die hard libs have grown uncontrollable boners over the Mueller Inspector Gadget Party. On the other side the right wing, Trump wing, or whatever the hell they are now, are continuing their directionless rants. The offseason continues as we wait for answers to the long list of questions still abound. 1) Can ManningEnvy conquer CTE, get off the PUP list, and form a coherent post? 2) Will Rolltide make it to the regular season without a suspension or ban due to excessive racism? 3) How many black dicks will Jamalism suck before opening day? 4) Where has Bergerking and Duckfan gone? Stay tuned folks.
  15. GOAT9

    Tesla's Future Poll

    When I look at their financials, there is little doubt that TSLA is way overvalued. Yet Tesla has been one of the biggest gains over the years. It goes against every investing philosophy I have ever applied. I think that's why it grabs my attention. I am way too interested in seeing how it all unfolds and if I need to re-evaluate some things.