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  1. It's just shit. Probst is also a petty cunt. A fucking moron and a real jackass. Not allowed to say why to protect someone close to me but that dude deserves to get raped and die.
  2. Jamal?
  3. Should be on the back of the Quarter for Tennessee.
  4. Never combine really spicy chili and beer.
  5. It's your mom. I have to honor her memory. She was a valiant fighter but lost in a dog fight Micheal Vick was hosting.
  6. She watches grass grow then. I'd be dead inside if that's all I watched.
  7. No yours are South Korean cheerleaders.
  8. Stop posting your fantasies.
  9. Talk about a mountain out of a anthill problem.
  10. I have been a lurker there since 2003. The place never changed. According to them they will win the division every year. FBT will commit suicide now with the only thing in his life going for him is gone.
  11. Big Bang Theory. IT Crowd is so much better. Almost every US remake of a British sitcom. Any black sitcom of the 90s ESP on UPN. Full House. Small Wonder. Every single reality show ever. The View and every clone of it. The Chew. Heil Honey I'm home. Any CBS sitcom in the last 20 years. Tom Green. Saved By The bell and every teen show like it. Every teen soap opera. And the worst ever is..... Poochinski Cop dies and comes back as a dog who solves crimes. 1990 live action.
  12. Hopefully better because I don't want our RB to fumble the game away in the playoffs or have a 1-4 start with the QB hurting the last half of the season and done in the playoffs.
  13. Brother gave me his old gold iphone 5S. Never owned a smartphone before as I had no desire for one. I don't want to be one of those fucks who look down at these things in public. Dunno what I will do with it. I guess just use it for Uber. That is one thing I would like. Taxi's are getting expensive.
  14. Heart attack on the go.
  15. Hated him in the Pac 12 love him as a Titan.
  16. 34 years old and I still look 17. No joke. I do sleep it's just 3-4 hours. Dad was like this and I always have been. Can see my post history as long as I been here. Mornings,afternoon and very late at night...well my other account you can't read the posts but it was the same way.
  17. Shit for brains. Here a fresh new pic for you.
  18. Look at the time stamps cunt. I am done here.