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  1. The option for no is the highest vote since Ronald Regan! That's the information I was given.
  3. That's the joke. Maybe you don't remember last year he said he still thinks he will make it to the HOF.
  4. Oilers was just a Wild Card game. Oilers were great at blowing shit anyway. Was their specialty and continued to the Titans in the Super bowl and Pats in 2004. Falcons had it all in the palm of their hands. They waited 18-19 years to get back and well we know the rest. Sadly if they lost 46-3 would be less embarrassing than LI.
  5. Fuck yes! Please! GD has become TOMB/GoTitans levels of shit.
  6. Meh Trumpcunts,if they ever had an original thought they would die of loneliness.
  7. I hope he streams it online. I will have popcorn ready.
  8. Does this mean his HOF is in danger? He's so close to becoming an all time great cunt!
  9. ^ shame. Picard laughs at you. Asd for Running man fans this was a gaming stream of a website called Giant Bomb one of them was talking about the movie and the guy you hear guessing never saw it. They were talking about the villains and he had to guess this one named Fireball. What happened next is the stuff of legends. This is audio from the video.
  10. ...oh's offseason isn't it....shit
  11. He's proud of his gun and he pooed in space.
  12. I think the director said something to the effect a couple years ago he never meant for his film to become a documentary. We may have the first ever film to turn into a doc.
  13. Lol he won't even be president by end of year. He will be a prison bitch next year.
  14. I hope the Texans sign him and make him starting QB. That would be funny.
  15. This entire regime will be out by years end.
  16. No this is the future of the NFL.
  17. I see you are writing your fan fiction. Just don't post your deviant art here.