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  1. And yet I said it. I will say it again. Hope he gets killed.
  2. Williams strikes me as media darling. Davis for me.
  3. Have you ever walked into a elevator full of people let a big one rip then walk out? You should try it sometime.
  4. Funny enough this is the same amount of naked women Tux has ever had.
  5. Nah. Freedom of speech yo Not my president and hope he gets assassinated with ricin like Georgie Markov.
  6. I wish he did die.
  7. All I can think of is the episode of Coach where the Orlando Breakers get in the playoffs against Buffalo and a local place they eat at poisons the wings.
  8. Matt Millen looking for a job?
  9. Kiper is someone I have no idea why he still has a job.
  10. I would love it. With that crap QB. Would make for a fun show. Wash up with a bum.
  11. Yes I am because I am playing some new games on my PS4. Gravity Rush 2 is great!
  12. Yes from western no to Japanese. This thing will sell in Japan and Nintendo handhelds always have good support. It won't get Battlefield but will get SMT,Monster Hunter plus Pokemon is a big seller and Dragon Quest. It will have good Japanese third party support but yeah western I doubt it.
  13. I honestly expected us to suck even worse. I was surprised but now he needs to prove he can do better with more wins and a division title. 8-8 or less will not cut it.
  14. Which ones? CGI ones or the sewer trash that is the Paul Wes Anderson ones with Mila? CGI ones are decent. Live action ones are not RE at all but in name. They are pure trash.
  15. Yeah Gravity Rush 2 releases. I'm ready for it.
  16. XFL had better starting QBs.