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  1. Paging Brian Orakpo

    Dragon's breath fire but do they fart fire? If they breathe fire and fart at once is there an explosion?
  2. Leave Marcus in the pocket

    Nothing to do with the topic. Just wanted to post this.
  3. Whatever happened to LegalTitan?

    He turned out to be the killer on this weeks, Perry Mason.
  4. https://imgur.com/gallery/h9THivQ Ah, hell just make her the starter. Hotter in tights.
  5. Let's all remember who are coach is..

    Stans the man without a plan, he should be banned.
  6. Let him sit and just hand the ball to Murray/Henry.
  7. The only thing that concerns me in 2048 is tuning up my car.
  8. The GIF Thread

  9. Star Trek Discovery

    Been a fan for almost 30 years and I fucking hate this show. It shits on everything Trek. I'm tired of going into detail every time but I will just say the first 5 minutes of the first episode breaks the number 1 rule in that universe. The PD. I take up many issues with it. Glad this POS will fail. Orville is more Trek than this. That's sad.
  10. Let's all remember who are coach is..

    "are coach" what? Do you mean Our Coach?
  11. Titans @ Texans Official Game Thread

    I tuned out of the game in the first qtr. What happened to MM? is the season done then?
  12. Oj Howard= Ben Troupe.
  13. Super Bowl

    Go fuck a platypus, asshole.