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  1. Titans @ Cardinals Game Thread

    Dude..we are going 8-8.
  2. Titans release Fowler

    What a stupid move. Should have used him more and Smith less. I really like Smith at TE and in the future will be making great plays consistently similar to Walker but using him over Fowler for RB was just silly. Glad we got Luke at least.
  3. Cardinals Predictions & Poll

    Cards 24 Titans 21
  4. Nintendo Switch Thread

    Glad to see Bayo 3 announced. Honestly, they play better than DMC series. I have been taking this thing on the go and playing something as good looking as MO on the go still amazes me.
  5. NFL poised to lose half a billi

    So you do still care a bit.
  6. Many things make you gay. This is just one of them.
  7. Nintendo Switch Thread

    Got one a few days ago. Finished Mario Odyssey and Fire Emblem Warriors. Great system. There has not been a Nintendo system this good since possibly SNES.
  8. Titans/Steelers TNF Bold Predictions

    Marcus doesn't throw an INT.
  9. No. I'd rather bring Collins back than keep him as a legit backup or Cassel.
  10. The Titans are the only franchise....

    That 2003 game was so sweet. They were undefeated and were acting like they were the defending SB champs. We served them some delicious humble pie. I'd be arrogant as well if Jake Delhomme was my QB!
  11. Steelers Predictions and Poll

    Steelers 27. Titans 17