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  1. What is a troll?

    There we go back to normal old boring ME. I will answer as soon as you litter this forum with the most disgusting porn you can find and of real people's mutilated corpses. Prove you are a real troll. TBH I don't know who is a mod outside of Guru and Oman and Oman is a cunt all by himself he doesn't need an alt. I have a couple ideas but waiting for you to prove yourself as a real troll, not an alt.
  2. What is a troll?

    Can you get more boring?
  3. What is a troll?

    Ah, he said shit for brains. Something different for once. Grand total of 2 lame insults. Props to you.
  4. What is a troll?

    I won't be the one to do it but it would be funny if someone made a topic "Titans looking to sign Teddy Bridgewater after Mariota Car Accident." Some might know it's BS and others might have their heart drop to their stomachs for a brief moment.
  5. Titans Sign Tim Shaw to One-Day Contract

    Your name is Tod. Shut the fuck up.
  6. What is a troll?

    Case in point. The thing is ME is a very terrible troll because no one actually gets upset over this moderator's alternate account. Too much of a pussy to litter the forum with scat porn or tubgirl like some of the best trolls I ever knew. Oh, it grossed me out but applauded some of those guys for how far they went. Even having the skills to hack the forum and every word said was their name and any emoji was goatse. At the time It was annoying and gross but again they did an admirable job trolling the place. ME here is just really boring. All he can say is fistshaker which is the lamest attempt at an insult since someone called a white guy a cracker.
  7. Just fuck a plastic bag. She's so full of plastic at this point there is no difference. She's more expensive than a real doll and a real doll is more real.
  8. No, I'm not complaining about Netflix content. If you ever liked the show Freaks and Geeks it's back sorta. Everything Sucks is Freaks and Geeks set in 1996. It's about some geeks who become friends with some freaks from the drama club. Oh and one of the geeks is Dustin from Stranger things after a sex change figuring out she is a lesbian. It's a kinda neat show but even though this is more form my time period as a teen and not bad, it just doesn't have the charm Freaks and Geeks had. It also needs more Linda Cardellini who as 26 at the time she played a teen so it was ok to masturbate to her. This show has the bully blond as well and nice huge tits they like to show her in a bra often. Good thing the actress is 20. So has anyone watched Freaks and Geeks The Next Generation on Netflix?
  9. Cobra Kai

    YouTube Red. That's where you lost me.
  10. It's a terrible song anyway.
  11. Do a Eli Manning. Refuse to play for the team that Drafts you.