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  1. Maybe change the battery? Maybe clean the lens? Mouse broke? Driver issue in windows? Had no issues.
  2. Hope it's not United Airlines.
  3. He won't make it that far into the season.
  4. I am not going to piss my pants with glee after a a 9-7 season and no playoffs. I expect with this draft Jrob to help us get to 11-5 and make the playoffs before I start truly being excited again.
  5. Dance for joy like only a white man can!
  6. Release him so Pats can sign him where he plays for 10 seasons gets a SB ring and goes to the Pro Bowl a couple times. Maybe.
  7. I would have thought it was either when Webster was fired or Mularkey was kept. What happened on July 2nd that was so big?
  8. Do you fuck people who don't exist and corpses as well? Stan is this guy
  9. Wasn't there some people matching his initials with Barry Sanders when he was drafted?
  10. Not hard to do when you have a huge wang. He fucks himself softly to sleep every night.
  11. Right here. Surprised people don't know,the constant use of the word cunt not a giveaway? lol at 520. Indeed it was and was never serious. I never am. I can still access that account but started over after Guru had enough of the bullshit.
  12. I found a pic of Bongo from his TOMB days. Oh yeah dat del greco jersey.
  13. Not worried about the first game. I'd be worried if he missed the 16th game and we had a shot or clinched the playoff spot.