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  1. Yeah Randy Moss and his 84 yards made us such a great team! Kevin Carter and his disappearing act for half of the season and his amazing Saxophone skills. Carl Pickens wow he did so much for us! I am sure the Redskins didn't regret Albert Haynesworth.
  2. It has ARMS,Splatoon 2,Mario Kart 8 and Mario Odyssey as the big hitters so far this year. Rumor that Dark Souls III is running on it along with 1-2. Skyrim will be out maybe in summer. If you want a RPG it has Xenoblade 2 this year.
  3. Yup. Save your money. It's so terrible lol. Beyond bad animations is a very bland story bland characters awful voice acting and terrible dialogue.
  4. Should have burned it.
  5. Some had the same concern after Steve Smith neck injury in college. Is it a similar injury?
  6. qwertyuiop[]asdfghjkl;'\zxcvbnm,./1234567897894561231234567890-=/.,mnbvcxz\';lkjhgfdsa][poiuytrewq
  7. He really just wants to be in the 10K club.
  8. They got Utah wrong. We don't know of the concept of Bar other than Candy Bar. Once they figure dit out not a chance in hell they would even hang with a bunch of drunks let alone be the DD.
  9. Some highlights as a Titan
  10. Thor is hammered. Go home.