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  1. Yes from western no to Japanese. This thing will sell in Japan and Nintendo handhelds always have good support. It won't get Battlefield but will get SMT,Monster Hunter plus Pokemon is a big seller and Dragon Quest. It will have good Japanese third party support but yeah western I doubt it.
  2. I honestly expected us to suck even worse. I was surprised but now he needs to prove he can do better with more wins and a division title. 8-8 or less will not cut it.
  3. Which ones? CGI ones or the sewer trash that is the Paul Wes Anderson ones with Mila? CGI ones are decent. Live action ones are not RE at all but in name. They are pure trash.
  4. Yeah Gravity Rush 2 releases. I'm ready for it.
  5. XFL had better starting QBs.
  6. Red is carried over from Oilers but the Oilers are long gone. The red ads nothing to the scheme. In fact it's a distraction in the design. They should remove the red period.
  7. You know he was a murderer right? He killed his GF in 1983. Everyone in the business has known it for years. Glad he's dead.
  8. I thought Titanfire was dead. Don't resurrect the dead.
  9. Won't upload right on this board. So here
  10. My brother got a Dot. Meh it's ok. My PC is always near me so I just use Cortana.
  11. He will never coach as long as he has a job at ESPN. Making the same money for doing a fraction of work he used to do.