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  1. I'm no pro athelete but I have a quick release and always was kinda proud of it. As a teen the measuring stick was Marino so I tried to work on it as well. When I watch Mariota it's mesmerizing how fast his arm throws that ball.
  2. I posted this and no one responded just a few days ago. Anyway I agree. His best play is against the jags 87 yard run. Rarely see anyone run 80+ yards for a TD esp a QB.
  4. Oh good another place the Pats can cheat to win.
  5. Are you a 98 year old grandma using the computer for the first time?
  6. All the hype has me worried.
  7. All he needs to prove in 2017 is that he can play 16+ games. Other than that he doesn't need to improve that much.
  8. Who fucking cares!?
  9. Actor playing Chuck already confirmed Chuck is dead.
  10. Lol Oh man Tony was such a bust for Houston. Didn't even play and retired soon after.
  11. You are the same cunt who posted a pic of himself as a wigger in his grandma's flower wallpaper bathroom. Your booger eater isn't even playing in the NFL. His next job is likely Burger King and those are not small pickles.
  12. The Green Bay pass looks like it's hovering waiting to be picked up not caught.
  13. Football 1998. NFL August 1999. Had Cable from 2001-2010. Iknow of the Supplemental draft and people like Kosar came from it. Just the way it was worded in OP and seeing players we have was a bit confused.
  14. Well I'm ambidextrous.