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  1. Somedude

    Uniforms - Poll

  2. Somedude

    Lewan crushed JPP

  3. Somedude

    Lewan crushed JPP

  4. Somedude

    Uniforms - Poll

    Titans/Seahawks all navy my fave in the NFL.
  5. Somedude

    Training Camp Discussion

    The 2008 team missed the playoffs.
  6. Somedude

    Is it time to panic?

    Sadly yes.
  7. Somedude

    Uniforms - Poll

    Go suck your second moms dick.
  8. Somedude

    Is it time to panic?

    0-16 Browns of 2017. 4-0 in Preseason. 1999 Titans. AFC Champs. 13-3. 1-3 in Preseason. 1990 Buffalo Bills 13-3 AFC Champs. 0-4 in Preseason
  9. Somedude

    Uniforms - Poll

    They are great. Stop making threads. Fuck off.
  10. That's expensive and not everyone can afford it. Also, more and more people are cutting cable. Your civilization is rapidly becoming ancient history.
  11. Somedude


    Unless you're Dion Sanders.
  12. Somedude

    Training Camp Discussion

    Shut yo mouth....
  13. Somedude

    Jalen Ramsey has some things to say...

    The guy with an avatar of a California raisin from space taking a big poo.