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  1. Vrabel OTA press conference

    Fisher conducted himself well as pressers and got his teams to 7-9.
  2. I got fired

    What you get for jacking off to the kids ward.
  3. The cameraman filming others teams practices. You know they still do it. They won by cheating. Fuck em.
  4. The Walking Dead Thread

    TWD will learn Daryl is the Kurt Angle of the show. You can turn him heel but people will still cheer.
  5. Broncos releasing CJ Anderson

    I hope Booker gets the starting spot and does well. Really liked Booker as a Ute. Guy really ran hard.
  6. Matt LaFleur emphasis on speed

    Couldn't care less. Get it right.
  7. Double Down?

  8. Jets cut Langford

    Could not find a silence of the lambs pic..so Dwight will have to suffice
  9. So who won?

  10. R. Lee Ermey dead at 74

    Now I can fuck his sister!
  11. Who is your guy at 25?

    Leon Sandcastle. He's not just a fan. I promise.
  12. Matt LaFleur emphasis on speed

    Outside of size he and Eddie are different players entirely. He's closer to CJ than Eddie.
  13. Henry is good enough. Who cares if it is elite or not. Still a very good RB. Defenses won't like facing Lewis or Henry. Both are fast. One will run right by ya and the other will still fall forward 3 yards when tackled. He doesn't need to be Gurley.
  14. Jets cut Langford

    Already busy carving people up using their skin for lampshades.
  15. Jets cut Langford

    You people need to learn to put first names in front of last names. Not everyone follows every god damn player in existence. I'm also kinda lazy and don't want to google everyone.