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  1. mychal Kendricks anyone?

    We are in for a long season if one or both have to start the entire season....
  2. mychal Kendricks anyone?

    Evans played Will most of his career at Alabama, he didn't move to the Mike position until his junior year during the playoffs when when Hamilton got hurt. Even in 2017 he mostly played weakside again until yet again injuries moved him back to Mike. This is the classic example of fans over-hyping a Titan player, just because he's a Titan. He was predominately an edge rusher his entire career at Alabama but due to injuries he got experience playing Mike. He's too small to play edge in the NFL that is why he's moving to the inside now. Their are a ton of concerns regarding his coverage ability, not necessarily saying it's a weakness he just wasn't asked to do it enough at Alabama to confidently say he'll excel in the NFL doing it without taking a snap at this level. Putting the Evans argument aside, their is still a glaring need beside him if he is indeed a 3-down linebacker in the NFL. Jayon Brown is a niche linebacker, he doesn't have the size to play the run. He's a very good coverage linebacker and excels at his role, but he's not taking over the 93% of the snaps Woodyard played in 2017. Not a "super fan" of Kendricks, but it's not very often a linebacker like him hits the open market.
  3. mychal Kendricks anyone?

    Care to elaborate what concerns Landry has and how Evans is a complete linebacker without concerns ? Do you really see Brown being able to play the run on a consistent basis?
  4. mychal Kendricks anyone?

    So 19 spots is the drop off from starter to rotational player, gotcha. Competition is not necessary unless already on the roster, and Woodyard expiring contract next year is not a concern. Gotcha. Orakpo and Morgan (14 games) played 77% an 66% respectively of the snaps last year. Evans could very well beat out Kendricks if he's brought in. Kendricks is a luxury to have, and is a replacement for Woodyard in year 2. Why you can't see that is beyond me. A rookie shouldn't be guaranteed anything, no matter what position drafted.
  5. mychal Kendricks anyone?

    With this sound logic, why is Landry wasting a year behind Orakpo and Morgan? I mean we traded up for him in the second, and he was considered a first round pick. Shouldn't our second round picks also be impact players early?
  6. mychal Kendricks anyone?

    And saying a linebacker that never took an NFL snap, who took 4 years to become a full-time , starter who predominantly rushed the passer is an automatic lock to become a bonafide 3 down linebacker who should never come off the field? Don't get me run I'm a big Evan fan, but I'm not naive he'll need time to adjust to the NFL. Kendricks is a move to replace Woodyard in year 2, while allowing Evan to adjust to the NFL while getting adequate snaps.
  7. mychal Kendricks anyone?

    Until Jayon can play the run game better, he's better suited for his role now.
  8. mychal Kendricks anyone?

    Wanna bet Evans is not playing 100% of the snaps this year?
  9. mychal Kendricks anyone?

    I think it's going to be hard for Woodyard to replicate his 2017 success, he was barely playing 50% of the snaps here before last year. Jayon Brown was average in the run game last year. I am a big fan of Evans, but he has a lot to prove in his overall game. I think he'll get plenty of playing time even if we brought in a starting caliber vet to compete. (Compton is not a starting caliber vet).
  10. mychal Kendricks anyone?

    They don't want his contract anymore, we wouldn't pay what they are paying him now. Evans is not playing 100% of the snaps this year, he'll get plenty of snaps rotating in with Woodyard/Kendricks.
  11. mychal Kendricks anyone?

    No shit. It still would do him good to learn behind two solid vets that can play 3 downs, especially when we are going to a multiple front defense. He'll get plenty of snaps his rookie year. Kendricks is a replacement for Woodyard when his contract runs out.
  12. mychal Kendricks anyone?

    The way I see it is it gives you two proven vets a ILB. It allows Evans to redshirt a year to learn the defense while doing what he does best and get after the Quarterback. Following next year we end up with Kendricks and Evans as starters (Woodyard will be 32/33 with an expiring contract) and Jayon Brown (has not proven to be an every down linebacker) as a rotational linebacker .
  13. mychal Kendricks anyone?

    Whose playing next to him after Woodyard contract runs out?
  14. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000933857/article/eagles-release-inside-linebacker-mychal-kendricks
  15. What does Malcom Butler will add to the defense

    I think Butler is going to frustrate a lot of people this year, he's a good corner but gives up a lot of big plays. However, he can play press man and I'm tired of this off man bend but don't break shit we've seen. I can live with the big play here and there if it means shut down top QB's consistenly.