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  1. We also have 3 2nd year receivers (counting Sharpe redshirt year) who can't get any separation and no Delanie Walker.
  2. Tomachek

    Rashaan got some things to say...

    Where's all the people at that thought Evans was a lock in as a starter this year playing near 100% of the snaps at ILB? Injury aside, Evans is still far away from being an every down player.
  3. So we have Taylor Sharpe Jennings Davis As our only active receivers right now, bringing Batson or Hansen up from the practice squad isn't going to help much. Free agency is trash right now, I'd hope to hear a trade soon for a vet receiver.
  4. Tomachek

    Week 5: Titans @ Bills Game Thread

    Surprising to see the newly added NT active today, Kilgo.
  5. Tomachek

    Week 4: Eagles @ Titans Game Thread

    Go to the Titans vs Eagles reddit gameday thread, they post all the links to the game.
  6. Ill always be a believer in drafting a QB late every year, especially when you have a solid team with very little holes. Ryan Finley is the guy to watch this year, but he'll likely climb draft boards come draft time.
  7. He could easily stop trying after getting paid, he does not fit JRob type of player.
  8. Bell wants 17 mil a year, no one is going to pay a RB that kind of money...
  9. Tomachek

    Landry III + Correa

    Correa has been a pleasant surprise, a sack each week so far.
  10. Tomachek

    Wtf is Jrob doing?!

    So a QB and a Tackle is going to come in within 1 day and learn the system?
  11. Landry Jones is about the best available QB at the moment, and that's not saying a whole lot.
  12. Tomachek

    Week 1 Preview Thread: Titans @ Dolphins

    I expect a heavy dose of Derrick Henry today
  13. Tomachek

    Proehl released, Stringfellow added to PS

    He can't help it the dolphins claimed him, JRob must of liked him enough to draft him when we only had 4 picks.
  14. Tomachek

    Proehl released, Stringfellow added to PS

    I would expect Falk back on the PS as well after the Dolphins game.