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  1. Tomachek

    Around the NFL: preseason

    Pretty sure we were rumored to be a trade partner for Hundley back in May.
  2. Tomachek

    Receiver Situation. Who will make the team?

    This is how I also see it playing out. Burnett is also only 20 (turning 21 in Oct). Has a lot of time to grow yet.
  3. Tomachek

    Training Camp Discussion

    I think Sims and Smith will be hard to beat out, because they both have solid starting experience. The 6th is going to have to come down who can help most on special teams. Might see the end to a fan favorite in Kalan Reed.
  4. Tomachek

    around the NFL offseason talk

    What's the point of signing long term contracts anymore if players are just going to hold out with 3 years left on the deal.
  5. Tomachek

    Training Camp Discussion

    This is exactly what Evans needs. Let him do what he's good at and build from there. I think he'll get more snaps than that a game though. We have plenty of Vet linebackers on the field to call the defense and make adjustments.
  6. Tomachek

    Training Camp Discussion

    Definitely some interesting camp battles about to happen this year. A lot of depth/talent at linebacker and corner this year.
  7. It really is amazing how much endurance, strength, and quickness he really has with such a sloppy body composition.
  8. Tomachek

    OTA Updates

    NFL vets I'm not so concerned about, but it's going to be a great asset to our younger players.
  9. Tomachek

    OTA Updates

    One thing that I've liked about Vrabel is the emphasis on teaching players. I think we've lacked that with the previous coaching staffs.
  10. Tomachek

    Guys I want signed prior to TC

    Eli Rogers is still out there, recoverying from injury. He says he'll be ready for training camp, would be a nice 5th/6th option with the ability to start down the stretch if their are injuries.
  11. Tomachek

    Guys I want signed prior to TC

    No need for Walden, plenty of young guys on the roster. Pass on Maclin Hankins wants starter money when he'll be a rotational guy here. Boston is the only one who kind of makes sense, but hes is looking for a big pay.
  12. Makes sense. Latin symbol for anally pentrating men which I'm sure he does on the regular. Probably giving the finger to the posters he "like likes".
  13. What have you actually done, and what did it actually accomplish. I'll wait.