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  1. Nope, way to easy to point finger and nitpick now. I'm just going to sit back and see if they can fix it plenty of season left.
  2. Seemed to be pretty good when he played Wentz, Sunday was the first time he wasn't the best player on offense. That was a total team failure on offense and defense but I expect more fight from Marcus.
  3. That was about as pathetic a performance from a starting QB as you will see. He seemed to not want to be out there after awhile, have never seen that from him.
  4. Huston

    Ravens predictions

    As they should be, the Ravens Oline is bad and the Titans are hard to beat at home. Lafluer's game plan has been good enough to win every game they have played despite all the injuries they just need to settle down and make the easy plays.
  5. When your defense holds an opposing offense just 3.5 yards per play, you’re supposed to win the game. That’s not to say the Titans defense played a perfect game. They only forced one turnover and while the run defense wasn’t terrible overall, they allowed just enough on the ground that the Bills were able to keep the offense on schedule and keep 3rd downs manageable. But still, when a team only gives up 13 points despite the offensive turning the ball over three times in their own half of the field, it’s hard to place a lot of blame on the defense. There is a lot of good stuff that showed up on tape for the Titans defense, but let’s start with first round rookie Rashaan Evans. Rashaan Evans continues to be up and down The talk this week has been extremely negative surrounding the Titans rookie linebacker. Part of that is due to his post-game tweet about inside linebacker “not even being his primary position”. He’s since clarified that he meant that he’s a versatile player who can pass rush as well and is not just an inside linebacker, but it’s worth noting a couple pieces of context surrounding what we’re seeing from Evans right now. First, is the fact that Evans really isn’t very experienced as an inside linebacker. Going back to his high school career he had been a full time edge rusher until the spring before his junior season at Alabama. For most of his two seasons as a starter for the Crimson Tide, Evans played the Will linebacker position. He is now being asked to be a Mike linebacker most of the time in the Titans defense. Two seasons and change is not a lot of time to have played at a position that relies heavily on reaction and honed instincts to be effective. Second — and this has been mentioned plenty, mostly because it’s true — Evans missed most of training camp, all of preseason, and didn’t get his first defensive snap until Week 3 against the Jaguars. That’s a lot of missed install time, especially for a rookie who isn’t very experienced at his position coming in. https://www.musiccitymiracles.com/2018/10/12/17967996/all-22-review-titans-defense-continues-to-play-at-a-very-high-level
  6. Huston

    Ravens predictions

  7. Found this good post over there. Posted Monday at 02:37 PM (edited) If Marcus can't distribute the ball to average players that's one thing. Then he could be Dalton. That wasn't the issue yesterday. The issue was he successfully distributed the ball to his playmakers and they failed him with drops and turnovers. Even Brady isn't catching his own passes. What happened when all he has was Gronk at the start of the season? The Bills tried to take away Davis and Mariota's legs and make the other guys make plays. No one stepped up. How may possessions do you get in a game? Usually around 11 or 12? How many did we have yesterday? Our game was over 30 mins before the other early games, so probably around 9? Two were ruined by fumbles. One by an interception on a "slant". Another by a guy dropping an easy TD on third down. If you cut your offensive possessions in half with mistakes it's not going to be a good day offensively. Mariota made mistakes for sure, but there was a lot of ugly yesterday, even in the game plan which looked like they wanted to be conservative. You can't play conservative and turn the ball over. We have got to get better in the red zone.
  8. Huston

    The passing game/Mariota

    #Raiders Derek Carr - red zone QBR by year (source: ESPN) 2014 - 96.9 2015 - 51.1 2016 - 41.7 2017 - 29.7 2018 - 14.8 Wow.
  9. Huston

    The passing game/Mariota

    Davis would be WR1 with Adams at WR2 and Cobb in the slot. I didn't mention anything abut a trade whats this all hypothetical.
  10. Huston

    The passing game/Mariota

    And Marcus should have how may Td's in his limited attempt's.
  11. Huston

    Minnesota's WR/TE Talent

    Exactly, any sane person recognizes this.
  12. Huston

    Minnesota's WR/TE Talent

    Pretty much.
  13. Huston

    The passing game/Mariota

    I'm talking about the offense, put Cobb and Adams on this team and we are 5-0, my bad if I misinterpreted your post though.
  14. Huston

    The passing game/Mariota

    Please, OM and his ilk have been saying for years the QB's make wr's so whats Rogers excuse.
  15. Huston

    Ravens Week

    Wonder where he is ranked for the year.