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  1. Huston

    Thoughts on offense

    Recapping Matt LaFleur’s play calling against the Buccaneers https://www.musiccitymiracles.com/2018/8/19/17756568/recapping-matt-lafleurs-play-calling-against-tampa-bay Nothing earth shattering
  2. They still need Mathews, Davis is more likely to miss games at this point then Marcus even.
  3. He has easy speed, still looks like he has an extra gear.
  4. He is realy learning to turn his leverage into power when rushing and tackling, much more physical so far then last year. Didn't see him as anything more then just a nickle linebacker last year, imaging him and Evans on stunts and blitz from the A and B gap.
  5. Corey Levin still getting it done.
  6. Huston

    Titans Final 53 (SWAGGY)

    Williams is not starting material and at this point Mathews is the third wr with all the time he has missed, plus he doesn't have the speed needed to stay on the field for all 3 downs in this offense.
  7. Huston

    Around the NFL: preseason

    The crosser was wide open right in his line of sight.
  8. Huston

    Thoughts on offense

    Didn't stop you from posting a clip of Jimmy G in preseason tying to show how good he is lol, cuts both ways.
  9. Huston

    Thoughts on offense

    Superhorn‏ @Super_Horn 4h4 hours ago It’s just preseason, but Taywan’s play last night just reinforces issues with previous Titans staff. Good coaches find ways to get good players the ball. Coaches often unnecessarily complicate this issue. Bottom line, it’s their job to find a way.
  10. Huston

    Thoughts on offense

    It was a very simple play, Mularkey could have found more ways to get him the ball plain and simple.
  11. The Williams play first preseason game plus the Taylor screen and pass over the middle to Lewis are pretty good examples of that putting play-makers in space. Mularkey and Robiski didn't do this nearly enough.
  12. Huston

    Is it time to panic?

    We need a minimum requirement test.
  13. It's amazing what a little confidence will do.
  14. Who was it that was all over Jrob for not drafting Spence.
  15. Johnny Kinsley‏ @Brickwallblitz 11m11 minutes ago Preseason, but Matt LaFleur's game plan tonight is further proof that Mike Mularkey/Terry Robiskie were awful for Marcus.