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  1. Ed Warinner New OL Coach?

    Because if they don't come from winning teams like the Rams and the Eagles they must be reaches.
  2. Ed Warinner New OL Coach?

    We haven't had one confirmed hire yet for his staff and people are losing their shit over what ifs and crazy scenarios. I like to see who he actually hires before I criticize it.
  3. This is what I don't get, they guy has one down year after coming off a broken leg and running an offense we all know is wack plus got figured out at the end of last year. Every QB goes through these ups and downs if they play long enough, you dont throw the baby out with the bath water.
  4. The Patroits can do that because they play with a lead most of the time and have Bill and Brady. I agree with your premise but the Pats are outliner.
  5. The jags run one of the most vanilla defenses in the league, its all about getting good players to play fast.
  6. Vrabel fits the Jrob mold it seems I think it just depends on what coordinators he can bring with him.
  7. The comment had more to do with his scheme being good but not overly complicated to learn not a negative at all. Wade Phillips runs a pretty straight forward easy for new players to learn defense.
  8. It sucks that we have to wait till a new head coach is hired before we can even speculate as to what new players they may want to get or let go depending on the scheme they bring with them. Its like we are in NFL limbo for for the next week but I'll take that over knowing exactly what to expect from MM and crew.
  9. I'm pretty sure Jrob and him would have had that discussion already and have a assistant ready to take over.
  10. I see what you did there, just go away.
  11. Potential McDaniels Staff?

    Agree McCoy is in over his head as a OC and wouldn't touch Dennison either.
  12. Woke up rolled over and turned the TV on and guess what I saw scrolling at the bottom, better then a double shot of espresso in the morning.
  13. He got a lot out of Blount.
  14. Lets get this party started.
  15. Pats Playoff Predictions & Poll

    Titans 27 Pats 24