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  1. Browns Predictions & Poll

    Titans 35 Browns 17
  2. Or he misjudged his speed.
  3. Gil Brandt is a POS

    I thought Garret rushed from the right side only.
  4. You guys need to stop before some people actually learn something in here.
  5. Like a runaway locomotive.
  6. And if Byard had gotten beaten like that he would be getting roasted on this board.
  7. Off tipped passes mostly not him really being a ball hawk yet, didn't think it was a bad game just not a great one like PFF said.
  8. Gil Brandt is a POS

    Right and Kizer is terrible, best they can hope for is he doesn't lose the game for them. I could see if they had some real weapons on the outside, cover Johnson out of the backfield and they wont be able to convert many third downs.
  9. Gil Brandt is a POS

    The Browns are a perfect match-up for the Titans before the bye. They cant move the ball consistently enough to put pressure on the Titans offense, with only one good pass rusher and linebackers that struggle in coverage. The Browns have a good running game but wont stick with it long enough to protect the defense. If the Titans sprinkle more passing early on like they did against the Colts this will be over by the third quarter, Kizer is the worst QB we have played by far.
  10. Who said anything about greatness, it was about what he has done not what he could be.
  11. Thats why they everyone should pump the breaks on Watson, he isn't anything we haven't seen before. Still undeveloped as a passer and will come down to earth soon.
  12. The big upside of the 3-4 is that its harder to identify who is rushing and who isn't. Big reason the Titans defense is still getting pressure because of the schemed blitz not so much the players.
  13. TNF Raiders vs Chiefs

    He was wrong over half the time.
  14. I would say helping turn this franchise around is something. This team goes as far as he takes it which was a game from the playoffs in his second year and first in the division near the midway point in his third.