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  1. Is Trump trying to get removed from office?

    He's nothing more than a windsock for public opinion. If dems take control of the House this year, especially if they take the Senate, too, Trump will basically become a dem himself. He will abandon his base and go for the middle of the electorate in an effort to shore up support for 2020.
  2. I assume he has his agent in tow and if Juan Robertoson drops an incredible offer, his agent will quickly let him know that it ain't going to get any better than that. We sign him tomorrow night, imo.
  3. Lewis vs Adoree (New kick return man?)

    Exactly. How about we go with "neither"? Didn't we pick up a vet return man last season...from Atlanta maybe? If he's retained this year, let him be the returner. Save Lewis or AJ for high pressure situations when we need a shot at a great return to extend a game.
  4. You don't think the new fans would offset those numbers? It's not like the Titans are selling out every game and have huge jersey sales. I think any PR bump where, literally, an entire race of people appreciate your team bucking the trend and standing up for what's right, is good for the franchise. Again, remember you're dealing with a vocal minority when you talk about Trump, anthem kneeling, Benghazi, etc. Their amplified voices deceive us to believe they're the majority. They're not. They're not even close to being the majority.
  5. The NFL's inability to clearly state that, in these times of heightened political and social awareness, they support players' rights to express themselves in a professional manner is what caused the damn nightmare. Kaep got the kneeling idea from a retired Navy Seal...the purpose of the kneel is to make a statement while still showing deference to the flag and anthem.
  6. And you may be right. I truly hope that's not the case. I really believe some team is going to snag him and that franchise will benefit GREATLY by the decision to do so. Jersey sales out the ass. Media coverage out the ass. You instantly become the owner who has "social values" which, really, has a lot of value outside of the Trump fuckers (vocal minority). It's an enormous opportunity and I really wish the Titans were the team to take that chance.
  7. Meanwhile, Kap is down in Houston practicing everyday, just waiting for the call from some franchise. I mean it's not like he'd come cheap. It's not like he's hungry to prove he's a goddamn good QB. It's not like he hasn't been punished enough for speaking out about something very important to him. It's not like it'd be a PR coup on the NFL to be the team to sign him. It's not like he's a similar QB to Marcus. I sure am glad they're looking elsewhere.
  8. I don't know where you came from originally but I think wherever it was is skewing your opinion of NYC. First off, why the hell are you driving anywhere. Also, if you're a native, what are you doing in Times Square? NYC is THE premiere city in the world. So much culture. So much amazing food from around the world. Music. Arts. Business. Absolutely NO need for a car. I may be biased as having never lived there and just experienced the city visiting with locals but, christ, it's a helluva city, man. 3am and you're walking around the city drunk? Oh, here, let's have one of the greatest slices of pizza we've ever had in our lives! Nowhere else in the world is like NYC.
  9. My darkhorse/sleeper 1st round pick

    As mentioned in the other thread, I'm a huge UGA fan. I'll pass on Lo Carter. He completely disappears in critical situations. All the talent in the world but doesn't know, or perhaps care, what he does with it. Hard pass unless you're talking about a 7th or 8th round pick (which, of course, he won't be).
  10. Titans reach multi year deal with DaQuan Jones.

    Wheelin' and dealin' to be able to draft Roquan Smith and, suddenly, our defense is pretty fucking good heading into the season. ETA: To elaborate, I'm a UGA fan and have watched every damn UGA game since Roquan was a freshman. This guy....I'm 41yo and I haven't seen a single defensive player have an impact on games like Roquan many times in my years of NFL and NCAAF fanhood. This guy is absolutely a day one, legit, standout starter on this defense. If JRob has to give up our this year's first and third along with next year's first or second, you fucking do it. Roquan is the real deal....great attitude, great athlete, very speedy, technical tackler, reads plays, good in coverage, loves the game. Maybe some other UGA fans on the board can chime in on how special this kid is.
  11. Will Trump finish his first term?

    He'll resign or be impeached...no way he finishes his term. The public will not watch this buffoon fuck up our country for 4 years without a considerable act of civil disobedience. The guy still hasn't cracked 50% approval and our economy is currently killing shit (thanks Obama!) with full employment, a booming stock market, no active wars, wages increasing, a HUGE tax cut, and his party controls every bit of government. A normal president would likely be around 60%+ approval in this situation with direction of country sky high. The public hates him. This November will be an absolute bloodbath (unless it's hacked) and as soon as he loses the house his approval will plummet further as he shows his inability to be a 'dealmaker'. Notice I didn't say anything about Russia. He's SOOO fucking bad that you can completely ignore the fact he's under investigation for treasonous behavior and still show how bad he is.
  12. I hear ya, bud. Especially your point about Brees...there's really no reason Luck should still be on the shelf. Really makes you wonder if someone screwed up his surgery. I guess I'm just putting more weight on the fact he's still not picking up a football to throw since his first setback...that would make me nervous as hell as a GM and would force my hand to start making contingency plans. Half glass empty, half glass full...just a matter of perspective, I guess.
  13. That's my point, man. He's already broke down and no doctor seems to be able to tell him what the fuck is wrong with his shoulder. How can he break down again other than his arm falling off?
  14. Once he lost that streak of 50 straight (or whatever it was), he really did seem to kind of drop off a cliff. He was Mr. Automatic to that point and, out of nowhere, you couldn't help but hold your breath a little bit when he was kicking. Seems like just a mental letdown to me...I think he'll be fine and like the signing.
  15. Not just no, but hell no.