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  1. Thiese ratings are a cataclysmic insult of epic proportions. As Titans fans we are used to being disrespected but this is the icing on the cake. Mariota and and Lewan should asked to be removed until corrections are in order.
  2. Tormentedrose

    Why Pacman Jones Hit

    That has to be an urban legend. There is just no way with head dropping like that.
  3. Tormentedrose

    Why Pacman Jones Hit

    I hate to say it but I'm 45 and i really like my chances of knocking PAC out in a street fight. Terrible form
  4. I'm just excited to have an OC that runs screens and have a back as good at it as Lewis. He can only help Henry learn the ins and outs of the screen game. I could see Henry getting the hang of it and busting massive gains. All he has ever needed is a touch of space and Mularkey,s bs plans never gave it to him.
  5. Getting out of this division is going to be tough. I think we can be really good but we will have to be now.
  6. Tormentedrose

    "Those Jobs Are Not Coming Back" - Barack Hussein Obama

    The cost of living has skyrocketed and that job growth is skewed because in order to create a living wage many people need to work two jobs.
  7. Tormentedrose

    Warriors sign DeMarcus Cousins

    Haha. Poor Lebron.
  8. Even more true when you consider that it was really must win game. They completely choked when the pressure was on.
  9. Tormentedrose


    I don't see it
  10. If somebody like trump sits next to me at the bar, I go to a different bar.
  11. Tormentedrose

    Is this really true - I really Don't Care

    Oh is it? She goes missing for 3 weeks and when she shows back up she pulls this shit. She wants out of this. This is her trolling the orange turd. She is not very sharp and didn't really think this through but I see this getting worse. Pretty soon the turd will be saying he hardly even knew her. This thing is going down like the titanic. What will you guys do when you lose your captain Simple Jake?
  12. Tormentedrose

    The FBI's fractured fairytale... Enjoy!!!

    I find it odd that you think I am so worked up. I asked a question because I wanted to understand the other side. I've been civil. At some point, we are all going to have real discussions about our differences instead of insults and "well what about so and so's ", or we are done as a democracy.
  13. Tormentedrose

    The last 7 days - what a flip flop

    Endangerment? I'm more worried about some wild eyed white boy wielding an AK than I am some migrant family.
  14. Tormentedrose

    The FBI's fractured fairytale... Enjoy!!!

    Sorry, I meant to respond to you but work is crazy right now. You want me to give you the worst lie that he has told. My anwser is how would I know? The point that I am trying to make is that when he or anyone that lies as much as he does, I cannot tell the truth from the lies. Even if I were to try and come up some lie that he has told that has been proven to be a lie, I still cannot pick one because I don't know all of the consequences for what he says. For example, Trump lied about being in New York when the twin towers went down and seeing thousands of Muslims celebrating. This was not true. Now did it affect me negatively? Not really, I had no real skiin in the game other than generally caring about people, but I don't know how that afffected others. What if what Trump said fueled someone's anger and they attacked an innocent peroson, or if it led to some AMERICAN muslim kid being bullied and ridiculed and they couldn't handle it and killed themselves? The point is we don't know what the outcomes of lying are, so just because it doesn't personally affect us, doesn't mean that it won't affect the world that we live in. What's your lie?
  15. Tormentedrose

    The FBI's fractured fairytale... Enjoy!!!

    Really? I thought that you guys loved him because he wasn't a politician. I'd say he has it figured out. He can lie, cheat and steal with the best of them.