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  1. Tormentedrose

    Inexcusable by Vrabel

    Bad call. I don't hate the decision. He is a first year coach. We are going to get some of this
  2. Tormentedrose

    Chargers Week

    I dropped a bone on the Titans +7. Never felt better about it. I thought about taking the money line but thought that might be pushing it
  3. Tormentedrose

    Being a Titans fan is like ____________

    Like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’ll get
  4. Tormentedrose

    Chargers Week

    From a gambling stan point, this game has Titans all over it. Wait till it goes to over a touchdown abd hammer the shit out of it. You gotta have some balls but if you do, you can thank me later. Free $$$$
  5. Tormentedrose

    I blame - Week 6

    It was all bad. You want to know how bad? The chat talked about hookers, strip clubs and the subtle differences between local college girls...for almost the whole second half. And, it was way more entertaining.
  6. That's too far...........Ok no it's not
  7. It's like you peered into his soul and saw nothing but emptiness. You are a true sear Joe
  8. I'm really at the point where getting being upset is just not even an option. It's that bad. I may just start hiking on sundays and be thankful for it
  9. Tormentedrose

    2018 TR Survivor Pool II Week 6 OPEN TO ALL

  10. Tormentedrose

    Will they go full Mularkey?

    Everybody know you never go full mularkey. Everody know that
  11. I'm losing hope for Henry but this run blocking has been very poor this year
  12. Tormentedrose

    Thoughts vs Bills

    I looked it up and am shocked really. You are right, but I'm not sure if your know how right you are. We are the second oldest team by average age. Hard to believe. I stand corrected.
  13. Tormentedrose

    Thoughts vs Bills

    The offense is really young. Delaney was the only real vet.
  14. Tormentedrose

    Thoughts vs Bills

    Just an off day. If there was a day to lose, this is it. Colts and jags lost. I’m not concerned. You can try to avoid let downs after big wins but it’s always tough. Especially with young teams. Next week
  15. Tormentedrose

    Corey Davis

    I've always been on the Davis bandwagon. The thing that I really did not know about him until this years is how physical he is. He blocks with anger and runs the same way. He is a physical freak too and I can't wait to see him once that he gets even stronger. You can see his confidence growing. He's just now getting to the point of being really healthy and you can see the explosion in and out of his breaks. I can see glimpses of truly elite and it's exciting. Titan's have never had an elite reciever and like it or not, that's what moves the needle on sports center and that gets national recognition, so for everyone that feels slighted by the lack of respect, it may be in the future.