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  1. AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    Brady Brees would have been good.
  2. Fournette cried like a bitch!!

    The Jags defense seems like the type to turn on the offense when they don't win. Toxic personalities there. Florida in general is full of the same.
  3. AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    Synchronistic jinx in effect. HAAH
  4. AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    I remember Keenum being really good in college. Don't know stats but he was a baller. He may just now be hitting his stride really.
  5. AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    I know and I hate that too.
  6. AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    And just to be safe. Drain all of his blood boil it with a chicken foot.
  7. AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    I hate him. I hope that I never turn into the guy that tells some youngster "you should have seen him, he was the GOAT!", .....but I probably will.
  8. AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    I think Bortles has been playing in the playoffs with the mindset that no one expects anything. He has one last chance here
  9. AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    Interesting with Jack. He was high risk due to injury right? He seemed like a steal 5 minutes ago.
  10. AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    Romo must have had back pain this morning
  11. AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    Yeah Bortles has gotta be Bortles at some point
  12. AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    Ok I hate Brady more. I can't stand to see him do his usual thing here
  13. AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    So conflicted. I want to hate Jax but oh I hate me some Brady too.
  14. What's the saying " No risk no reward. The important thing to remember is that Jrob is the one taking all of the risk, and I am glad that he is willing to do it. Most GM's, and especially new ones, don't have the balls to even try it and many of those aren't lucky enough to have an owner that would allow it. I feel like we are really lucky as fans to have those two in place. We as fans have already shown that we want more than mediocrity, fortunately for us Jrob feels the same. Now is the time to just hang on for the ride. We don't have anything to lose since we are not going to be happy with anything less than Championship level football. You don't get there by playing it safe. Mularkey is safe. White rice is safe. Give me some fearless young gun looking to prove something. Give me a straight ghost pepper with no chaser. I'd rather go down in a flaming,out of control, B52 bomber than to be safely grounded in a Cessna waiting for a the clouds to break.
  15. That does make Fish look bad for me, the thing that really puts the nail in the coffin for Fish is his inability to get anything out of Todd Gurley. This guy has got to be one the most versatile and impressive backs to come along in a while and Fisher couldn't do anything with him. That's so sad.