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  1. Passepartout

    Week 10: Patriots @ Titans Game Thread

    Marcus M is coming down clutch these past couple of games when it is needed. Good for him!
  2. Say what you will about Mueller but it is wrong about trying to lie as that woman either wants publicity or that of being a Democratic hater.
  3. Ready for Halloween!

  4. Yeah as first Mack, maybe Cooper. Raiders going in a new low.
  5. Breast Cancer Awareness!

  6. Passepartout

    Phil Simms: I believe in the Titans

    They are indeed for real there! Good for them! May not had been a big fan of Phil but really glad he said that.
  7. Ready for October Skies!

  8. Passepartout

    Who thinks Marcus is a bust?

    Just hope he can revive his career. Gifted QB and runner but really injuries have doomed him like that of Robert Griffith III.
  9. Really what happened in the preseason for the Titans and the QB, hope the real Marcus M shows up before the season is doomed.
  10. Passepartout

    Pick'Em League

    Just did thanks!
  11. Passepartout

    Around the NFL: preseason

    Yeah as heard it is nothing really to do with money but with that of Gruden and Mack not seeing eye to eye.
  12. Ready for School!

  13. Passepartout

    Urban Meyer put on administative leave

    Yeah as really he sadly did this to himself. As time for those innocent women to move on as well. Get their justice done. But get some closure.