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  1. Marcus Mariota is Better Than Jameis Winston

    Lets just start comparing dick sizes. Mine is huge.
  2. First Team Offense vs Panthers

    I agree, when the play started I was seeing everything in slow motion and thinking "Noooooooooo!" I like the confidence though. If they let him do it in the preseason, he'll be doing it in the regular season. I see it as a message that they aren't going to try to mold him to be something other than what he has been. I still think he's going to improve in areas. Even though injuries can't be predicted, I don't see another one happening. Surely every player on that offense is wired to prevent that from happening again
  3. In case you missed the first couple drives or wanted to rewatch, here you go. Just a couple good things I saw: The Mariota keeper looked great and finally reassures me that he is 100%. Hard not to stay skeptical after a break. O-line did good. Jonnu Smith kept impressing play after play, and minus the couple penalties he's drawn so far he was doing perfect. Also loved the energy from Lewan on that 4th down conversion. Just classic. (edit: Missed the 1st play of the second drive, was a 1 yard run by DHenry)
  4. In case you didn't get to watch it. Sorry for the low quality
  5. Steve Bannon isn't alt-right

    Don't reply to me if you're butthurt please.
  6. Rumor: Craig Stevens To Unretire (PK says false)

    Not buying it.
  7. Beast Mode Sits During National Anthem

    But you are too much of a bitch to do that, kid. shut the fuck up
  8. Boring game. All I wanted was an adoree return
  9. Nice pass from Ferguson but bad choice. I don't think he was trying for the 1st
  10. I wonder how many variations of an autocorrected "Adoree" we'll see throughout the season
  11. That first Mariota play was a huge relief. He looked just as quick as last year. Shit drive other than Mariota and Henry
  12. Time to see our all star offense.. lets go boys, it's been TOO long!
  13. Bullshit drive.. Glad these mistakes are happening now so they can try and stamp them out
  14. Adoree, Dodd, Tanney, Henry, Taywan Taylor, O-Line on Leonard Williams
  15. Titans won't win a SB with MM

    I wanted to say something similar but I was worried about it being too far. I highly agree with the above post