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  1. And brady too! Imagine if he'd never gotten the chance to play. I can imagine many would-be "goats" never got the right chance and failed.
  2. Largest Black Lives Matter Facebook Page is Fake

    fuck charlamagne.. ahem
  3. Why you shouldn't post the jersey (my opinion)

    Can I get a peek??? Much appreciated Nevermind, just saw it on twitter. The pic I saw was just a home mariota jersey. Exactly the same design as was described by the nike employee. It isn't anything "nobody has ever seen before" as we've been told. Still new, it's just OK. Kinda cool
  4. Maybe they should prohibit hitting the opponent's head in boxing next. Half the sport dies with changes like that. May as well build the team around speedsters if rough contact is being outlawed.
  5. Around the NFL FA News & Signings

  6. What does a dangerous drug have to do with the titans' secondary again?
  7. Malcolm Butler to the Titans

    Edit: fucked up a gif link meme ruined.
  8. Malcolm Butler to the Titans

    Mularkey wouldn't be making these moves. It'd be another yawner of an offseason with little to no moves outside of the draft. This is tha SHIT!
  9. I Asked Jim Wyatt About Suh

    Once a stomper always a stomper. Fuck this manchild. He can't even get the lie out fluently because he knows how stupid he sounds.
  10. Titans Release DeMarco Murray

    Derrick henry is a really good NFL running back. He is also very muscular and tall. Did that do the trick?
  11. Guess how our uniform will look

    k. just don't click on the fucking thread if you don't care about the unis for christ sake
  12. Vrable's D

    It's times like these that I wish we had a Rainbow reaction on this board
  13. Which FAs Can Be Difference Makers?

    I'm begging you to change your profile picture. I don't know how many more times I can look at that face without it killing my brain
  14. Titans Sign Tim Shaw to One-Day Contract

    When I was a kid I said "Screw god Screw god Screw god" 3 times in the bathroom with the lights off and when I turned the lights on I wasn't struck by lightning. He doesn't exist, let it go.