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  1. Touched: The Jerry Sandusky Story - Jerry Sandusky ....oh fuck.
  2. This probably isnt true, I'm sure politics being gone would freshen it up and get people posting
  3. It'd probably make you like him more.
  4. Would you take Jake Locker over him?
  5. ... "for years" Did I say it right?
  6. Suuuuure. Some real reliable info right there
  7. What's so great about him?? yawn.
  8. I'm sure something will come out in the next few months to show they cheated again this year too.
  9. Some people cannot handle the fact that they lost. I expected more from you people, we're titans fans after all. We have a fair amount of experience.
  10. Still better than the jake locker pick.
  11. ..and with the 5th pick in the 2017 NFL draft, the houston texans select...
  12. What the fk is that supposed to mean?
  13. How are these cases related at all? It makes 0 sense to compare TE's in past draft classes to this years draft class.
  14. But you still felt the need to respond?