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  1. actually more classic than responding with actual content.
  2. The titans posted this on Instagram at the start of this season's OTAs and after witnessing a good bit of shit talking towards the team on here I watched this for 5 minutes straight. I realized we're all titans fans are rooting for these guys at the end of the day. It'd just be nice if there could be one positive thread on TR without 3+ guys jumping in talking a bunch of trash towards Mularkey, mariota, etc calling everyone that doesn't agree lunatics. Heads up: we arent a bad team anymore. The more you talk trash the worse you're making yourself look. Now please, respond with a pessimistic outlook on the organization and the future, call me a blind homer & point out a couple weaknesses the team showed this year. Classic.
  3. I cant believe I found this, I didnt think I would. Did you guys see this? He should've taken Heisman.
  4. William hayes is older than this dude. Must be a weird feeling being older than your coach!
  5. I always get so confused when I hear that name, my baseball team has a player named Hunter Renfroe and you pronounce it the same way. Just looked it up and there was an article on it. I digress. Renfrow seems SOLID, I would be more than pleased to see him on the team.
  6. I'm pretty sure these types are common in today's world. We'll see more of them.
  7. Mike Williams Down?
  8. You're getting @OILERMAN confused with @BergerKing
  9. With the Jags at 6, the Colts at 5 and the Titans at 2, they're predicting the AFC south to really heat up next year. "Tennessee, which could have up to $100 million in cap space before signing any of their current free agents."