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  1. Munchak Turns Down 2nd Arizona Interview

    I like being screwed from different angles.
  2. Titans to interview Mike Vrabel for HC job

    I wish I could've been a fly on the wall in that room.
  3. Paul Kuharsky Is Such An Idtiot!!!

    Time to change the profile picture bud.
  4. Titans Sign 10 to Futures Contracts

    I want to see that 6'8 TE out there blocking and fucking people up. I was a big fan of the signing last offseason
  5. Titans Sign 10 to Futures Contracts

    malarkey fire wasn't good news?
  6. Just enjoy the journey

    I'm proud to see you make a reasonable post on these forums. It's been too long. I agree about QB evaluation, they really need to consider possible backups and get rid of the clipboard holders we currently have.
  7. Paul Kuharsky Is Such An Idtiot!!!

    I just get triggered by idtiots, sorry.
  8. Paul Kuharsky Is Such An Idtiot!!!

    TitanRein27 is such an Idtiot!!!
  9. reminder of the fire mularkey gofundme billboard

    Honestly these people need to get a life.
  10. Poll: Should the Titans fire Mike Mularkey

    If mcdaniles, yes. If not, no. And I doubt we'd get mcdaniels, so no. If robiskie is still the OC I will probably stop watching the NFL... I'll definitely stop being affected by W's and L's.
  11. When we winSaturday who would you rather face next?

    Pats. No question. Going to Foxborough, in the playoffs. I don't care if we lose. If we score it'll be such a great feeling. I know it sucks to be content with an L, but I think we've made it as far as we will this season. I'd rather go lose to that Pats.
  12. Mularkey Feared the Worst, Had No Assurances of Job Security

    At this moment, malarkey thought his career went down the shitter. It's humiliating to even watch, he lost his masculinity right there. Yikes
  13. Do you want the TITANS to Win or Lose?

    You mean Week 17 2017 Mariota??
  14. Do you want the TITANS to Win or Lose?

    @Cam. Fuck yourself.