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    Now cook wants to be clutch, punk ass. Lol
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    Wasn't his fault they were dropping every ball thrown to them
  3. O

    Morgan almost got him
  4. O

    That's how you know he's garbage, far too excited. Kmsl
  5. O

    Was he down?
  6. O

    Hey, do you still get a Monday night game if you win at least 8?
  7. O

    That kid #9 @ Alabama looks like Henry 2.0
  8. O

    Henry's a big old beast
  9. O

    Michael Floyd just slobber knocked a dolphin db
  10. O

    He looks good O. You might be right.
  11. O

    Interested to see if we bring in a proven #1 receiver or get one via the draft. Matthews, Sharpe, and a stud could be an exciting trio
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    Obvious PI
  13. O

    BOB is not too bright, is he?
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    Damn stadium would have been busting at the seams, had we taken care of business last week. So dissapointing
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    Wasn't meant to be. Damn