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  1. Preseason Week 1: Titans @ Jets Game Day Thread

    Uh horse collar maybe! Damn
  2. The dude runs nice crisp routes, but I am concerned about the timing with Marcus that could be an issue early in the season.
  3. Now I'm hearing that Murray has tweaked his hamstring as well, these cats need to be careful and stretch better
  4. Biggest Roadblocks to the AFC South Crown?

    The only thing that stops this team, is the same thing that has stopped them for years it's not knowing how to win. Winning is an attitude and a culture that they have yet to aquire I do believe however that this is the year they begin to exercise those demons.
  5. Titans Fanbase ranked 30th

    I think that the ranking will always be skewed because the fan base involves, or includes two different states Texas , and Tennessee.
  6. Eric Decker Signs w/ Titans - One Year Deal

    I would still like to see another proven veteran corner.
  7. Matt Cassel Out 6 Weeks

    I don't care who we get, but we all know that we need a more capable backup for Marcus.
  8. I see 10 - 6 by splitting with indy and Houston and losing to the AFC north.
  9. 2017 concerns

    Yeah they just messed around in that jags game and got desperate to make a comeback, that injury was purely on the coaching staff for not having them ready to play that day
  10. Round 7, Pick 227 Overall - Josh Carraway OLB TCU

    What's the story on this guy, does he look like Tarzan and play like jane or what?
  11. **Titans Report Official 2017 Draft Day Thread**

    Detroit just took Teez Tabor, I wanted him. Oh well
  12. Overall thoughts

    Gary barnidge anyone? Just got cut by the Browns
  13. **Titans Report Official 2017 Draft Day Thread**

    We are going to be a problem for defensive coordinators, with matthews,sharpe, Davis, Walker, and a little adoree jackson from time to time. That special teams unit is going to be special as well, will definitely win us a game or two.
  14. What will the Titans do rest of the draft?

    Slot guy, another corner, and another line backer bcuz you can never have too many 3-4 linebackers
  15. Round 1, Pick #18: CB Adoree' Jackson, USC

    Can you say Swiss army knife, something we haven't had since ever.