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  1. Saw some film on ardarius stewart after cosell mentioned him today, any of you know the story on him?
  2. O

    I don't think we touch either of these receivers, I think J Rob stands pat and bolsters this defense with 5 and 18 , and then gets a legit slot receiver in the later rounds.
  3. I just don't like rookie receivers, I guess because we've never been able to draft a game changing one ever in the oiler/ Titan history. I want Adams at 5, and idk at 18.
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    Thar hour long half time performance didn't do atlanta any favors either, momentum is important in games like this
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    My parents had season tickets from 76 to 95 , I watched them leave but I followed the team to Tennessee. It still amazes me that the Texans have such a huge fan base, like who did they root for before the texans came along? Luv Ya blue baby
  6. Yeah as much as I like Morgan, he's just not dominant he sets a good edge and I do believe he plays hard but he's definitely not a dick lebeau style defensive end.
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    When keeping it real goes wrong
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    I'm here in shreveport, and I've seen the Grambling kid play all season he is legit
  9. Yeah some people are talking about trading #18 for brown, why don't we trade the pick for whoever is responsible for evaluating receiver talent for the steelers
  10. I'd also love to have o.j. howard, corey davis, Christian McCaffrey, juju smith and a host of other players on offense
  11. I agree with O- man and bongo about defense, Houston is loaded at receiver and if they ever get a quarterback to go with that defense they will continue to own our division
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    Now cook wants to be clutch, punk ass. Lol
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    Wasn't his fault they were dropping every ball thrown to them
  14. O

    Morgan almost got him
  15. O

    That's how you know he's garbage, far too excited. Kmsl