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    Definitely not the same style runner, but as far as white running backs for the oilers go, yall remember Rob carpenter? I liked him
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    Very good cover corner pro ready
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    Shreveport kid got to see him play high-school ball and at LSU while working for USPS here in shreveport.
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    I think that Sashi Brown is this year's victim, with his money ball strategy and lack of football knowledge, Robinson will fleece him for everything he's worth, and he won't even see it coming.
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    I agree after that Bishop Sankey fiasco, first running back drafted that year my ass.
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    I like this kid too, actually voted for him in one of those polls on this site. Looks to be just as quick as the kid from University of Washington
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    Didn't want him, but Aiken is signing with the Colts
  8. Johnathan Allen and Corey Davis
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    Just the Titans luck, 2 first round picks and not one clear cut # 1 receiver on the board one thing is certain though we need to upgrade that position immediately.
  10. I think that we need to lock up Mo Claiborne, but Butler would be nice
  11. I think that we need to lock up Monday Claiborne, but Butler would be nice
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    When you look at that draft, and see that we lost an entire year of progress coupled with two failed attempts at drafting a franchise quarterback, the fact that we managed to win 9 games this year is amazing.
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    Yeah they must be crazy, but who would they take at #1 I wonder?
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    Colts and Titans playing it safe, maybe these two up and coming GM'S know more than the rest