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  1. Gronk Traded?

    If we had walker and gronk , omg ! championship
  2. So who do we sign Hankins or Logan?

    I was hoping for another line backer like Johnson or Bowman, but I guess Compton is our guy
  3. So what time is the unveiling tomorrow?
  4. I just have a feeling that they are too clever to allow the jersey to be leaked early, that's the one they want people to see. I hope
  5. Fans of Relocated Franchises

    i grew up in the luv ya blue era and my fandom has continued on to Nashville
  6. Why not try to sign him, i would like to see an incentive laden deal with a sizable signing bonus. He's dominant
  7. Titans @ Dolphins Game Thread

    Tuck rule he used to be a patriot
  8. Titans @ Dolphins Game Thread

  9. Titans @ Dolphins Game Thread

    Weak sauce right there
  10. Titans @ Dolphins Game Thread

    They won't score but they have flipped the field
  11. Titans @ Dolphins Game Thread

    Why didn't he throw that away?
  12. Titans @ Dolphins Game Thread

    Jayon Brown is cat quick
  13. Titans @ Dolphins Game Thread

    This will be like watching paint dry, however if they run the ball well, and play average defense they win easy. TITANUP, and go Astros
  14. Titans @ Texans Official Game Thread

    Inspiring Yes