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  1. originaloiler

    Luck Named XFL Commissioner & CEO

    Ex oiler backup QB
  2. I expect this offense to be spectacular, they are loaded on paper and even though the focus is going away from walker he's still a force and demands bracket if not double coverage.
  3. If Henry acquires that one cut and go style instead of looking to bounce everything outside he'll be unstoppable, he just needs to press the hole and go, if not Lewis can and will
  4. Can we come back up and get Hubbard?
  5. Trader Jon is on his game this year
  6. originaloiler

    Gronk Traded?

    If we had walker and gronk , omg ! championship
  7. originaloiler

    So who do we sign Hankins or Logan?

    I was hoping for another line backer like Johnson or Bowman, but I guess Compton is our guy
  8. So what time is the unveiling tomorrow?
  9. I just have a feeling that they are too clever to allow the jersey to be leaked early, that's the one they want people to see. I hope
  10. originaloiler

    Fans of Relocated Franchises

    i grew up in the luv ya blue era and my fandom has continued on to Nashville
  11. Why not try to sign him, i would like to see an incentive laden deal with a sizable signing bonus. He's dominant
  12. originaloiler

    Titans @ Dolphins Game Thread

    Tuck rule he used to be a patriot
  13. originaloiler

    Titans @ Dolphins Game Thread

  14. originaloiler

    Titans @ Dolphins Game Thread

    Weak sauce right there