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  1. Started An NFL/Titans Blog

    So you’re basically starting a website for your threads?
  2. If this kid made it to the 5th round I'd be intrigued. Saw him play once and he flat out dominated. Big and fast, cannot believe he hasn't been picked yet.
  3. Round 2 options

    I can't believe that Vaccaro and Reid are still available through FA. Makes the need to draft one much less dire; although, there's gotta be some reason so many S still haven't been signed in FA with a weak S draft overall.
  4. Couldn't find a time for him. Thought he was in play as OLB not DE. We don't need DE
  5. Dude. No shit. I'm just saying his form/start could've definitely made a difference in his time. He's clearly fast. Fast guys run slow at the combine all the time. There is a difference between game speed and timed speed. This is a pointless argument at this point. He's already on the team, doing a good job at that.
  6. So maybe this means they view Hubbard entirely different than we had thought leading up to the draft?
  7. With something that’s mostly about form and start, it can certainly happen.
  8. I would say pro day 40s are just as accurate. Especially at a program like UCLA. Not like they're hand timing this and its being reported as official.
  9. He ran a 4.53 at his pro day actually.
  10. This is wrong. Pretty sure he ran 4.4 or 4.51. Did everything last year you were saying Evans can do, which he can! But Brown was a great nickel LB last season and will only get better this year.
  11. Time for someone to work their magic and figure out what those boards in the background say!
  12. Thats purely based on what someone said in the chat. It was so quick I honestly didn't see them say anything about the pick because I was celebrating us getting Evans.
  13. Apparently he ragged the pick in the short short window that they gave the titans. If the pats or Steelers had gotten him they would’ve gone on forever.
  14. 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    Yes... he didn't start until this past year so he has less wear and tear than most players coming out... He has been unlucky with a couple injuries as well.