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  1. That flag came in after the play. Fucking bullshit call.
  2. Stan17

    The offensive line needs to go to a brothel...

    I saw that. But I doubt it as the game had just ended based on the timing of your post. And no... its not.
  3. Stan17

    The offensive line needs to go to a brothel...

    I'm clueless because you said you were at the airport in Hawaii or some shit but somehow managed to watch the all the sacks right after the game was over. Right. You just think your opinion is better than everyone else's. News flash, it's not. Act more like you do on the podcast, instead of some arrogant asshole behind a keyboard.
  4. Stan17

    The offensive line needs to go to a brothel...

    My thought exactly.
  5. Stan17

    Week 6: Ravens @ Titans Game Thread

    Do we know why that is? I'm assuming they don't trust Evans in those situations?
  6. Stan17

    Time to start Sims

    Our O Line is just downright terrible. Hard to watch our offense, and Marcus is bailing even when he does have time.
  7. That is an incredibly telling stat, and one that I'm sure other teams have picked up in by watching film on us. Tipping our hand so heavily is undoubtedly having a negative affect on our run game.
  8. Stan17

    Week 5: Titans @ Bills Game Thread

    I feel like Brown has absolutely earned a starting spot. Continues to be a force out there!
  9. Stan17

    Week 5: Titans @ Bills Game Thread

    What a killer. 3 and out then big completion to Corey. Now a fumble. Goddamnit.
  10. Stan17

    Week 5: Titans @ Bills Game Thread

    Bills came out hungrier than we did. This is weird but for the first time in idk how long, I'm not worried about being out of the game already. We'll weather this storm and come back after some adjustments.
  11. And upper body only does not translate well to playing football, clearly. That was one play. Once again, terrible take.
  12. I'm not sure that Henry has much power as a runner tbh. He's got power in the weight room, but he goes down far too easy for that frame.
  13. Just because you're from somewhere doesn't mean you aren't simple. And if you want to have the pissing contest, that's where I reside so. Try again.
  14. Nah, you make me embarrassed to have lived in Bellevue. There is a true mix of upper middle - low class in bellevue, easy to tell your on the lesser end of this stick.
  15. This is honestly a great idea, and is something that I've seen from one team this season. I can't remember who, but they rushed 5-6 on a Hail Mary play and QB didn't even have time to throw the ball. Sacked and clock ran out. Way more effective than praying they don't catch it or even worse, catch the ball on the bat down.