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  1. Stan17

    Training Camp Discussion

    I mean, some people were over the fucking top with it. Obviously this doesn't mean shit when season gets underway.
  2. Stan17

    Training Camp Discussion

    Oh and didn't some swear that Lewis was going to be the #1 back no question? Suck it.
  3. Stan17

    Training Camp Discussion

    He absolutely blows Wolfe out of the fucking water!!! Real analysis, this guy won't be here for long unfortunately. Too good.
  4. Stan17

    Does Kevin Dodd make sense for the Jaguars?

    If he can help the Jags rot, I'm all for it!
  5. Stan17

    Dodd Released

    And you are a useless individual. Fuck off
  6. Stan17

    Cameron Wolfe Leaving Titans Beat

    Was never overly impressed by his work anyway. Bring on the next espn scrub.
  7. Stan17

    Titans Announce Official Podcast

    Football and other F words is hands down the best Titans podcast out right now, especially since the guys here have taken a leave. OTP is pretty cheesy, and Mike Keith loves to hear himself talk.
  8. Stan17

    A talented WR is a FA

    I clearly missed that boat. Thanks for the info.
  9. Stan17

    A talented WR is a FA

    Martavis Bryant has the speed that we've all been desperately wanting at that position. But that attitude. Damn.
  10. Yea, because going through non contact practice at half speed and tearing your ACL isn't a freak injury or anything...
  11. You're overreacting to something that neither of you can remotely begin to prove.
  12. Agreed. He got stupid lucky during that hot streak he had.
  13. To be fair, this is one run. Allowed me to understand the zone running scheme a lot more though. Hell of an article.
  14. You shouldn't worry about it. They got someone dynamic and with an opposite skill set. Just sounds like a smart move if you ask me.