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  1. Ricky

    Ravens predictions

    Titans 17 ravens 13
  2. Ricky

    AFC South Contest - Week 6

    Titans jags Texans jets
  3. Ricky

    Buffalo predictions.

    Titans 27 bills 13
  4. Ricky

    AFC South Contest - Week 5

    Pats cowboys jags titans
  5. Ricky

    Bills Week

    We will see if team really coached well. Mularkey team would go into overtime to win or lose this game. We see how we do this Sunday. Remember the browns game last year. Had several DB’s hurt and we run run run the ball. Totally stupid. We were lucky to win in OT.
  6. Ricky

    Change of Plan

    Titans were limited the first three weeks because of injuries to QB and OL. Think this the offense they wanted all along but were not able to being limited due to injuries. Main thing we adapted around the injuries and still won games. Too be that is the impressive part. The coaching has been really good thus far.
  7. Ricky

    Eagles - Titans Predictions

    Titans 24 Eagles 21
  8. Ricky

    AFC South Contest - Week 4

    Titans colts jags
  9. Ricky

    Who Do We Sign at QB?

    Thought we had an open spot on the roster.
  10. Play the one who gives the team the best chance to win. Mariota obviously still not 100%.
  11. Ricky

    On to the Jaguars.

    Conklin playing next week.
  12. Ricky

    AFC South Contest - Week 3

    Titans eagles texans.
  13. Ricky

    Titans @ Jaguars prediction

    Titans 17-13
  14. The #Titans are waving Aaron Wallace, activating RB Dalyn Dawkins.