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  1. Ricky

    Thoughts on offense

    And way to stubborn .
  2. They bunched WR’s together in areas. Plus it was run run pass. Made it really difficult to have any Continuity. Offense was predictable and not used to play to players strengths. Plus continuing to use Murray when either hurt or just not able to cut it anymore was absurd. But that’s history. New era for titans.
  3. One must catch the ball first to score. Decker had problems holding on to the football at times.
  4. Ricky

    Is it time to panic?

    Preseason just a warm up. Mainly to evaluate players. Can’t really tell how going to go just yet. But not reason to panic. Haven’t even started the season.
  5. No more Robitskie Mularkey offense. That’s the best thing in these games.
  6. Ricky

    Training Camp Discussion

    Mike Vrabel on @TheCDavis84: Timing with Mariota is improving. Said “he really showed up and did some nice things today.” @Titans
  7. Ricky

    Training Camp Discussion

    Would open the field more for Delani too.
  8. Ricky

    Training Camp Discussion

    Joint practices start tomorrow .
  9. Ricky

    Training Camp Discussion

    And Mularkey running Murray game after game after game when he couldn’t even run. Ready to see how this new offense looks.
  10. Ricky

    Training Camp Discussion

    Everybody has said he will struggle with this new offense. It’s new. Yes he maybe struggling but give the guy a break. It’s freaking preseason. Plus he has been redoing his mechanics. That also makes one struggle at first.
  11. Lafeur and O’hara Both said they wanted quick reads and quick passes. That play was about as quick and successful as it gets. O'Hara's drills focus on getting the quarterbacks to expedite the decision-making process and make the right reads. As the quarterbacks drop back, O'Hara claps his hands and points to the left or the right, signaling where they should throw the ball.
  12. Main thing was he got the job done. Who knows why he went there first. Maybe that was the primary target. It was open throw the ball get the first down. It’s not like he didn’t get the first down. Now we can nit pick any play to death. Only two people know why he went there, Mariota and the OC. He was quick decisive and made a good throw. End of story.