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  1. MikeTn

    Training Camp Discussion

    Uh....I thought that was Kerry Vodka Collins.....
  2. MikeTn

    Titans 2018 Draft Picks

    Well, if nothing else, you are consistent. It's almost like you are possessed - possibly channeling Ruston or Floyd. Your schtick, at first was quite humorous, but now has become quite boring. I do compliment you on your consistency.
  3. Me too...That is why I visit here.
  4. MikeTn

    Who is your guy at 25?

    M. Jefferson after a trade back - saw it in a dream....or nightmare........still undecided. This could have been the effects of too much Jeremiah Weed Spiced Whiskey.
  5. MikeTn

    Who is your guy at 25?

    Those sons-a-bitches! How dare they highlight 50 players that the Titans have no interest. Is this another Jim Wyatt special?
  6. MikeTn

    Who is your guy at 25?

    Listed on the Titans website as one of the "Names To Know" Secret meeting?
  7. 90 million guaranteed due in full over the 5 years even if he gets an OG to roll on one of his knees and ends his career. RISKY BUSINESS. I've got two steel knees and it would be totally worth it. Another thought, good for JG, I'm envious.
  8. MikeTn

    Realistically who do you want at 25?

    Whether Jrob/MV select a ILB, G, S, CB, etc., I just want a football player. Not some dude with marked potential,. overly hyped by the MSM, or is an athlete at the combine. I want a guy that loves to play football and is tough, smart, and teachable.
  9. Those color rush "blue" uniforms are properly childish, but are the biggest smurfs I've ever seen. But I think they are better than some of the other color rush unis - those jail-stripped unis of the stoolers for instance. There are probably some worse, but to a guy who is color blind anyway - I really dont give a crap what the new unis look like as long as they end up in the end zone more than their opponents.
  10. MikeTn

    Mariota going through radio row at the SB today

    Marcus on the Zone now
  11. I agree with this. I doubt the final decision on the coordinators was made exclusively by JRob. I believe a mutual agreement was definitely in situ, but that MV made the final choices for his staff. BTW: I find it seriously funny that once the coordinators were announced, the conspiracy theories on "king of the mountain" battles emerges. However, this is TR.
  12. MikeTn

    Dean Pees Possible DC

    We do not need, can't use, or will tolerate another geriatric coach. I vote no. (Take note Vrabel if you are reading this)