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  1. Steelers Week

    I really believe the hype train is in full motion. The steelers are a 7 point favorite; lets say 3 for home field and 4 points due to vegas odds. It would be a super win if the team pulls this one out and I believe they know what this game means to reaching post season. Lets hope they bring their "A" game. Regardless, this will be the best match up so far on TNF.
  2. Steelers Predictions and Poll

    Titans - 38 Stoolers - 23
  3. Steelers Week

    I think the smurf blue is kinda cool.
  4. Parking for Titans games?

    $10/person shuttle at 10th & Charlotte...ride to and from stadium........easy/peasy.!!!!
  5. Going to the game fellas, any tips?

    And a 20 oz Dasani is $5. You can catch the $10 shuttle to and from the stadium and park for free at 10th & Charlotte. Have some peanuts - also $5......
  6. Marcus on going into the up tempo offense

    If indeed Marcus changes the play at the los, then whatever the play he changed from would have to utilize the same personnel (duh) and the switch could be described/seen as player(s) in motion. Or it could be something as simple as changing from the right-side to the left, or curl to dig or seam route. In any case actually determining if he did make a change may not be that obvious.
  7. Bengals Predictions and Poll

    Titans 42 Bungles 17
  8. This Is A Good Read

    Yeah okay....I'm sufficiently sold. He's a clown.
  9. Pick'Em League on Yahoo (Updated - w Prize! )

    Hell, I am old - could have just been reading more into what he said.
  10. Pick'Em League on Yahoo (Updated - w Prize! )

    Harbreath has said he is playing , Monday. Strange that nothing has updated.
  11. Ravens Week

    I get 7th for pass D and 31st for run D, but close enough. http://www.espn.com/nfl/statistics/team/_/stat/passing/position/defense
  12. the Browns are an absolute circus show

    I am one of these, but if I had lived in Houston, my feelings about the Oilers staying in Houston might be as the same as the Cleveland fans. If the Titans move from here, I'd want the name to stay here, but that is just me. Strange how you can have mixed notions about your football team. As an out of town Oiler fan, I was ecstatic when Bud moved the franchise 21 miles from my home.
  13. Ravens Prediction and Poll

    Raven 17 Titans 31