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  1. 1yardshort

    More ridiculous: Suh Watch or Uniform Watch?

    I have loved these 2 distractions, they have made the offseason quite a bit more exciting. More please.
  2. 1yardshort

    John Ross faster than olympic sprinters?

    "J Rob faster than olympic sprinters?" is what my brain sees every time I look at this topic.
  3. 1yardshort

    **Titans Report Official 2017 Draft Day Thread**

    If Jrob continues drafting according to need, I would guess middle linebacker is the next pick. I have no clue as to who he picks but Woodyard and Avery are the next weakest links on D.
  4. 1yardshort

    **Titans Report Official 2017 Draft Day Thread**

    Our secondary cost us so many games last year, our next pick has to be corner.
  5. 1yardshort

    Titan time machine

    Quote: "any Titan/Oiler in their prime". No where does it say they have to be former Titans greats. Unless you wanna argue Mason's prime was superior to Moss??
  6. 1yardshort

    31 Glorious Minutes of Mariota Hype

    Mariota has: McNair's Heart Drew Brees' accuracy Dan Marino's release Vick's speed Manning's intelligence and work ethic You couldn't design a better QB in the lab. Yeah, I am full homer, it's funner to believe in something than to doubt it.
  7. 1yardshort

    Titan time machine

    Why not Randy Moss over Mason? He was technically a Titan.
  8. 1yardshort

    Titan time machine

    If you could go back in time and and bring back any Titan/Oiler in their prime to play this year, who would it be? For me it would be Pacman. He was a shutdown corner and an incredible return man (both areas that we need big improvement). I miss the excitement I used to feel watching returns. Too bad he was such a douche, because on the field he was an incredible talent. Honorable mention for Earl Campbell and Fat Al.
  9. 1yardshort

    Biggest impact for 2016?

    If you credit Mularkey for the Grimm hire you then to have credit Jrob for the Mularkey hire, and AAS for the Jrob hire. The pandora's box reasoning. For me, it's about the execution of the O-line. If they where playing poorly there is no way Murray and Mariotas production would remain the same. If they where playing poorly Jrob wouldn't seem as smart and the AAS would be under more scrutiny. Just my 2 cents.
  10. 1yardshort

    Biggest impact for 2016?

    Feel free to add anyone to the list. I almost added Robiske but I am not certain if he is running his offense or Mularkey's offense.
  11. 1yardshort

    Biggest impact for 2016?

    What has made the biggest impact for 2016? 1) Amy Adams - I give her a ton of credit, she knocked a home run with the Jrob hire. Even though many of us loath the HC choice, it does appear to be working out pretty well and was arguable the best option. If Tommy boy was in the drivers seat, would he have made the same choices? Most likely not. 2) Jrob - Trade for Murray. Get an additional 1st round pick for 2017. Cut a lot of dead weight (DGB, DMC, Hunter, Sankey, Sensabaugh and many more) Added a ton of talent thru the draft. Moved up to get Conklin. Even the haters cannot argue that a vast majority of his moves have been home runs. 3) Mularkey - The wrong hire would have set us back an additional 2-3 years and could have ruined Mariota's development. Hindsight is always 20/20 and I personally would not prefer anyone that was on the market over Mularkey. He has given the team continuity and an identity. The team seems to buys into his mentality and respect him. Without Mularkey we probably would not have DLB, Robiske, and Russ Grimm. 4) Mariota - Even when he is playing badly, he is head and shoulders above what we have had all the way back to McNair's MVP season. If he continues on his upward arch, he will surpass Moon as the best quarterback the Titans have EVER had. 5) Murray - He has been the best off-season addition and is arguably the teams MVP. Without a dominate run game, many of the things we do on offense would be shut down. PA, Option reads, and even the passing game all are much improved because teams have to respect his running ability. 6) Walker - He gets amped for every game and that has to be contagious. He is our top receiver and one of our most consistent players for years. 7) Offensive line - From one of the worst to one of the best in one season and with quality depth. Without the improvement on the O-Line, would we be talking about how good ANY the above have done this year? My vote goes to the O-Line. I give credit to AAS for hiring Jrob, and to Jrob for putting all the pieces in place, but at the end of the day it's about the execution. The O-line has far exceeded my expectations. They are the reason teams have to respect the run game and they have kept Marcus clean and given him time to get passes down field.
  12. 1yardshort

    Matte Black Helmets

    Love the look, too bad it will never happen.
  13. 1yardshort

    Mularkey: We're Close

    I get what he is saying and actually agree with it. If 4 plays had bounced different, we could be sitting at 4-0. - vs Vikings: 1) INT return for TD 2) FUMBLE return for TD -vs Raiders: 3) Mariota misses Douglas in endzone for game tieing TD -vs Houston: 4) punt return for TD I know, butterfly effect and all that, but it does highlight a point that we are a lot closer than it seems when watching them play. What really blows my mind is that we have been playing terrible for the most part.
  14. 1yardshort

    Live debate thread

    It's so f'n painful listen to Trump talk about anything, even when I agreed with something he says, I still want to punch him in the face for how he says it.
  15. 1yardshort

    Live debate thread

    There ya go twisting the truth, he also mentioned it applying to the Hispanics :).