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  1. How far off is Indy if Luck is healthy?

    If Luck is healthy and back to form they are contending for a playoff spot. I don’t think he will be himself though so they will need to build up around him.
  2. Really was perfect timing for Jimmy G and 49ers. They have a shit ton of cap. Lock him up for the future with a front loaded contract and when he is his prime they will be paying him nothing. Having him under a long term contract makes them more attractive for FAs too. Paying him was a no brainer.
  3. Thoughts on Nick Foles

    Ya the market will be interesting. There is a decent QB FA class this year too.
  4. Thoughts on Nick Foles

    Foles was slinging the ball. He had several impressive throws last night. Philly does have a QB friendly offense but so do several other teams around the NFL. At the end of the day you still have to make the throw and he did that all game.
  5. Thoughts on Nick Foles

    I think you have to hold onto him until Wentz gets further along in recovery. Is a late 2nd or early 3rd worth having Nate Sudfeld potentially as your QB to start the season?
  6. Thoughts on Nick Foles

    This is what I was saying last night. Doesn’t make sense to trade Foles.
  7. RBs who could be traded for

    Hopefully they don’t find the I need help thread in the off topic forum
  8. Should Marcus be paid top 5 money?

    Based on the QB market he will more than likely get top 5 money. The market just keeps going up. The guys that sign contracts after him will be higher than him more than likely too.
  9. Will we ever hear from Mularkey?

    If he wants to continue to coach I doubt he says anything bad. Might get a fluffer piece somewhere talking about how he enjoyed his time in Tennessee and it’s a business talk.
  10. I need some help...

    Kyle I recommend plugging your laptop to a power source, get a massive bottle of lube, full box of kleenex, open up that nfldraftbreakdown database and get to jerking off.
  11. Chiefs trade Alex Smith to Redskins

    Cousins wasn’t going to stay in Washington is why Smith is better.
  12. Titans to Hire Matt LaFleur for OC

    Watkins wasnt exactly a top target for the Rams offense so I dont think Lafleur will want him. Assuming Lafleur runs a shanahan type offense the big thing is an X WR. I think we get what we wanted out of Corey Davis now.
  13. Titans to Hire Matt LaFleur for OC

    I said from the beginning Flip was a long shot. Lafleur comes from great coaching ties. Hes been apart of some really good offenses so hopefully he can bring that to us. Who really knows how he will be as he hasnt called plays before. Hopefully we can hold onto him for atleast a few seasons.
  14. Rumor: Leaked Details Of New Uniforms

    Teams put money into their facilities every year. Changing out a logo isn’t that big of a deal. Hell raiders put $10+ mil into their alameda training facility just to announce they were going to Las Vegas a year and a half later.
  15. Rumor: Leaked Details Of New Uniforms

    I really want our uniforms to be over the top ugly. Something everyone hates but we love. Kinda like how Oregon does with all their uniforms. So ugly they are actually pretty cool.