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  1. CaliTitan3518

    2018 TR Survivor Pool II Week 11

  2. CaliTitan3518

    The Game of Thrones

    Was this not the announcement for the final season start as well? All the reports I heard before this was just a vague sometime early 2019.
  3. CaliTitan3518

    The Game of Thrones

    Literally just saw this online and came here expecting a bunch of posts about it
  4. CaliTitan3518

    LaFleur is likely a goner

    LaFleur isn’t a lock to leave. There are several quality HC candidates out there and he just happens to be one of them. Absolutely a possibility but who really knows.
  5. CaliTitan3518

    LaFleur is likely a goner

    Sorry misread that as OC.
  6. CaliTitan3518

    LaFleur is likely a goner

    Defilippo and LaFleur are likely the two top young offensive minded HC candidates this off season. We would be in the same exact position with either guy.
  7. CaliTitan3518

    Henry’s legs are why he’s not a power back.

    Henry just isn’t very good
  8. CaliTitan3518

    Sit/start questions

    Well jets sure did shit the bed
  9. CaliTitan3518


    I just did DJ for OBJ and Alshon. I feel really good about my team. I’ve got Mahomes, Gordon, Chubb, Kerryon, Ingram, Drake, Thielen, OBJ, Baldwin, Marvin Jones, Alshon, John Brown, Burton. I agree it’s harder to get trades done. This is the first trade I have done in a long time for fantasy. The thing I hate most in leagues is when teams who are bottom of the standings refuse to make trades that will make their team better just because they don’t want to make a top team better. This is why I am a big advocate for last place championships. There needs to be a punishment for being last place. I hate being in leagues where teams give up and let teams get easy wins because they don’t set their lineups or stop adding/dropping players.
  10. CaliTitan3518

    Sit/start questions

    Joe mixon Jets pretty easy decisions IMO
  11. CaliTitan3518

    2018 TR Survivor Pool II Week 10

  12. CaliTitan3518


    I wonder how Marshon Lattimores hamstring is doing.
  13. CaliTitan3518


    But what about Zay Jones......
  14. CaliTitan3518

    Bruce Irvin waived?

    How does a pass rush specialist never get to double digit sacks?
  15. CaliTitan3518

    Bruce Irvin waived?

    Irvin is trash