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  1. CaliTitan3518

    Washington signs Adrian Peterson

    Guice out for season and Perine tweaked his ankle. I don’t really see the scheme fit. Surprise they didn’t wait for teams to make cuts.
  2. CaliTitan3518

    Uniforms - Poll

    If only they could fix them on madden
  3. CaliTitan3518

    Uniforms - Poll

    I also think we’ve seen the worst looks with the white tops navy pants and navy tops white pants. @japan the all navy’s, all whites and any combo with the Columbia blue will look way better than white/navy blue combo. So don’t come at me with this wtf nonsense
  4. CaliTitan3518

    Uniforms - Poll

    I went mehhh. I don’t love them but I definitely like them. They aren’t as flashy as I wanted but they are clean. There is a lot of all details that just don’t show up when watching. I’m looking forward to the Columbia blues.
  5. CaliTitan3518

    Allen’s 2018 Titansreport fantasy league thread.

    I agree. Makes no sense to do the reverse.
  6. CaliTitan3518

    Titans/Bucs Week 2 Preseason Expectations

    Log into your account and transfer the tickets to your email
  7. CaliTitan3518

    Might Bridgewater be traded to the Eagles?

    Bridgewater>Collins. I get what you are getting at with a lower tier QB leading a good roster to a good year but cmon.
  8. CaliTitan3518

    Might Bridgewater be traded to the Eagles?

    If I’m the jags I’d offer a 3rd rounder for Bridgewater.
  9. CaliTitan3518

    Saints vs. Cardinals

    Executing a pro style offense in college definitely helped him. Has shown he can go through his reads. I like mayfield but he’s a specific type of offense type of qb at this point. Rosen has a HOF WR and one of the best RBs in the game. Cardinals OL is filled with talent but has struggled with injuries. I wouldn’t be surprised if they ended up being a top OL. Not really sure how your example of Mayfield being a scrambler makes him more pro ready.
  10. CaliTitan3518

    Saints vs. Cardinals

    He is in the best situation. IMO he was easily the most pro ready.
  11. CaliTitan3518

    Digital Tickets?

    Not sure if it’s true for every team but I can confirm the 49ers season tickets are this way. Our season tickets are a lanyard with a plastic ticket that we use for every game. We usually print them out when giving to clients but we now have to email them.
  12. CaliTitan3518

    Corey Levin earns high praise from Mike Vrabel

    Loved Levin as a late round interior OL prospect. Worst case scenario he is a great bench OL who can play 3 postitions.
  13. CaliTitan3518

    Opinions On CB Malcolm Butler

    Lol this is 1 on 1s a legit receiver should be beating the CBS almost every time.
  14. CaliTitan3518

    Kawhi going to Toronto

    It’s more so the potential roster they could have due to money and young talent they could ship off to bring in more that attracted him to the lakers roster. If winning was Lebrons #1 priority he would not have gone to the lakers. He’s not winning anything with what’s currently on the roster. He “considered” philly and Houston because he wants to win but ultimately his off court life at this point in his career is a priority. He already has a home and life in LA it just made too much sense. clippers are one of the worst rosters in the nba and no one wants to join a losing organization. Lakers are still the lakers even when they suck. I’m not saying you guys have a shitty roster. You just have a young inexperienced team and Lebron doesn’t come in and make them star vets right away. The team has shown flashes of things but nothing significant to make me think they can win a title next year. Now add another max contract player and a year or two and who knows. My comments are all about what is currently there.
  15. CaliTitan3518

    Kawhi going to Toronto

    I would say lakers current roster played one of the smallest roles in his decision to come to LA