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  1. I think Arizona will surprise everyone

    Ya but that’s more due to him signing the largest rookie contract in the history of the nfl. When healthy he isn’t bad. If I’m a competitive team with some cap space and need a stop gap QB I’d give Bradford a call.
  2. I think Arizona will surprise everyone

    And that still only makes him the 17th highest paid QB.
  3. I think Arizona will surprise everyone

    The only time Bradford has been paid "elite" money was in the first couple years of his rookie contract.
  4. I think Arizona will surprise everyone

    I was shocked Rams didnt address OLB early in the draft. I guess with Suh, Donald and Brockers they dont think they need elite outside rushers. Ebukam and Okoronkwo are young but could develop into decent rushers under Wade Phillips. When you have Peters, Talib and Joyner you are going to have people locked down. Can AZ stay healthy is the question. The OL needs to stay healthy. I think they will be that team that can beat anyone and lose to anyone. Id expect them to end up 7-9 wins. The secondary is a big time weakness. Peterson cant cover everyone. They lack depth at every position.
  5. I wouldnt say lucky. They should be right around that number. Anyone picking them to go to the SB are nuts though.
  6. The Spanos family are a bunch of cheap bastards who invested little into their players development. There is a reason they have key injuries every single year. I remember reading last offseason they finally took a long look at their training staff and ended up cleaning house. Wonder what they discovered.
  7. Kevin Byard draft profile - A look back

    Ya he deserves some credit but the credit he gets is based on him being open minded to others opinions. He isnt some mastermind one man show who pulls talent out of a hat.
  8. Kevin Byard draft profile - A look back

    Titans defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau said Byard impressed him the first time he met him, when team officials traveled to Murfreesboro before the NFL Draft to interview Byard. The Titans ended up selecting Byard in the third round after LeBeau said Byard “did as well in the Xs and 0s part of that interview as any player as I have ever done it with. “And as you can imagine,’’ LeBeau said, “I have done it with quite a few players.” Ya he played a role unless you dont think player interviews are apart of the scouting process
  9. Kevin Byard draft profile - A look back

    Ok so coach Ellis gets the credit. A lot of people had their hands in the pot in finding Byard. My point was that Jrob doesn’t deserve all the credit. He did the right thing and listened to the people around him though.
  10. Kevin Byard draft profile - A look back

    Ehh I think you are giving JR too much credit. DLB hand picked the guy and JR is smart enough to value his opinion.
  11. Kevin Byard draft profile - A look back

    Wasn’t Byard DLBs guy?
  12. The Dalton Scale

    We saw it come through at the end last year. I expect the offense to play with a whole new swagger and that will be led by Marcus.
  13. The Dalton Scale

    People just see the numbers on the front end and don’t actually understand the contract.
  14. The Dalton Scale

    Jimmy G is god in the Bay Area. 49er fans have no issue with paying him. They had so much cap and they front loaded the shit out of his contract. The contract has very little impact in their future when you breakdown the numbers.