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    Both are shitty options. I guess Henry hoping he gets 4th quarter carries.

    Derrick Henry or Doug Martin?
  3. Giancarlo Stanton to the Yankees

    The Yankees should hit 1000 homeruns as a team now. If they can upgrade their pitching they could be scary. The young bats in their lineup should provide some excitement. As a Giants fan im disappointed he rejected a trade offer to us. I actually take some fault for it. On April 23, 2016 I was sitting in the first row on the right field wall. The whole game we harassed Stanton and he was clearly uncomfortable going 0-4 with 3 strikeouts. He obviously didnt want to come play for fans that were so obnoxious towards him at one time.
  4. Cmon guys...

    Can we suspend @Kyle021 for being such a pussy? He sees people die every night in STL so you would think he wouldnt have such a heavy heart. Do you go out in the hood of STL and ask for all the gang violence to stop too??
  5. Cmon guys...

    He won't come on the podcast until you guys meet his financial demands.
  6. Ben Simmons: Beast Mode

    lol you get the point. The greatest shooter of all time would never come down and post people up. Shaq wasn't popping out and throwing up 3s. Rondo was never taking shots. I'd much rather my young star average 20 points a game playing to his strengths than averaging 9 points a game throwing up bricks.
  7. Ben Simmons: Beast Mode

    I dont see how a player playing to his strengths is a bad thing. Maybe Curry should start posting people up in the paint.
  8. This is my big money league. Really didn't change much besides streaming def and a couple different bench players. I ended 9-4 and locked up the #2 seed getting a fist round bye. Thielen Dak and Ertz were all complete steals. Dak has sucked at the end but he had some huge consistent weeks when Zeke was around still. Keenan has been my top performer as of late. I need my RBs to figure their shit out if I want a shot at a championship.
  9. 10-3. Ended up trading Hunt for AB after week 4 hoping Doug Martin would rescue me. Luckily someone dropped Kamara early on and I snagged him.
  10. Terry Robiskie...Potential HC Candidate?

    Ya no chance he gets a job as a HC. It's rare that super old coaches get a crack at a HC job with no inside leverage or real HC experience.
  11. This Season Has Been Weird AF But Geez Guys

    Both solid teams but I wouldn't say they are a step ahead of us. Seattles offense just wasn't playing well. Oakland week 1 was ahead of us. Texans with Watson was a tough matchup for us. No surprise we lost to Miami with Cassel. Clearly Pittsburgh is a step ahead of us.
  12. Russel Wilson: MVP?

    Wilson should be the favorite. If Seattle can steal the division it will be hard to pass on him. Wentz and Brady are having great years so I could see voters giving it to them due to their teams success. Wilson is falling into the Aaron Rodgers caregory where he is the only reason the team is having the success they are having and voters might under value that compared to a QB on the "best" team.
  13. This Season Has Been Weird AF But Geez Guys

    We beat the teams we are suppose to beat and lose to the teams we are suppose to lose to. I guess we can hope to make it to the divisional round.
  14. Rishard Matthews to Wear Colin Kaepernick Cleats

    I thought we hated Kaepernick because he united with BLM? They probably support his foundation so in away Rishard is just supporting BLM....I could be way off here as this isn't something I really care about.
  15. Dear Titans... I’ve been cheating on you

    Every year I try to pick a team or two that could really surprise people and may place a bet on them winning their division . The Rams and chargers were those teams this year.