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  1. If you want to be technical the fact that you at all acknowledge that a female announcer is at all different from a male announcer is inherently sexist. The fact that this is news is a sexist. If sex didn't matter like you say then why are you talking about it. I'm not saying that women can't announce or analyze. Actually women are generally very good at football. Stephania Bell and Sara Walsh (who got fired; that pissed me off) are two of the best in there are for my money. I'm just saying that objectively, Mowins is not an exciting commentator compared to the other people that ESPN could field
  2. There is a reason many fans call her college football announcing "Death by Beth." It's just not all that interesting. Gruden is the best in biz. Let him and Tirico or whoever do their thing.
  3. Josh McCown was never good so it'll be interesting to see how 38-year-old Josh Mccown is.
  4. M

    Agreed. He's better than those sorry shits.
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    In a few months we will trade him for a backup tackle and everyone will call JRob a god.
  6. Damn. Kelvin Benjamin weighs more than Adoree and Ryan combined.
  7. If he makes the roster then I'd be willing to bet that he has at least one TD catch this year. #exoticsmashmouth
  8. Agreed. The whole Bosa thing last year was pretty interesting though.
  9. It could be worse. He could have driven him to an abandoned industrial park to shoot him execution style.
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    Say what you want about him but We star was polarizing 5% of what he did was really freaking good. Sadly this is overshadowed by the 95% of pure and utter shit.
  11. Kyle was offered the job but he turned it down as he is the heir apparent to Belicek
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    They just let go of Sara Walsh. She was on maternity leave.
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    Charles Davis is really good (not a Tennessee fan so no bias). That's a really good hire. Cutler is likely just gonna be depressed all the time.
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    Once Shefter retires or leaves they may as well change their name to NBA News Network. They are shit at everything else.
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