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  1. MariGOATa

    Is there a chance we trade for a WR

    I don’t mind Dez so long as we promise him he will he cut the second he starts complaining (assuming we are also able to get a contract with few guarantees as well).
  2. Out of curiosity how is it racist? This is a genuine question. If any person regardless of skin color is shot in a drive by gang shooting and then arrested for assault and positively ID’ed, I don’t think it is unfair to call them a thug.
  3. Who wouldn’t to spend a day in the booming metropolis of Canton, Ohio?
  4. MariGOATa

    Trump disinvited Eagles from White House visit

    Then why use the anthem as platform? Does it stand for inequality and police violence? If not, then why that outlet? Why not protest in front of police stations or the White House or the Capitol. Asking Americans to understand that you protesting the flag and anthem has nothing to do with your beliefs on the flag and anthem is nonsensical. There is no need to bear around the bush. Protest the stuff you are against rather than some unrelated thing that you decided you want to represent the stuff you are against.
  5. I have never understood this pick. I had done no research on him when we made the pick because I thought we would be smart enough to not take a 4-3 DE considering our scheme. I was wrong. However, that wasn’t what bothered me most. The kid was 24 before he played his first game meaning that he had very little if any time to transition to his new position effectively enough considering his age said he should be close to his prime. Furthermore, there were heaps of other players at positions of need when Dodd was picked. Sterling Shepard and Michael Thomas were both there. Hunter Henry and Myles Jack were there. Hell, even Noah Spence would have been a better pick. At least he plays the right scheme. This is really the only move JRob has made that I still question.
  6. MariGOATa

    Could we regret passing on Lattimore?

    I feel like this is a mock but for the past. This is like me filling out a bracket for the 2017 NCAA tournament right now and being like “Damn, I did a helluva job.”
  7. MariGOATa

    Time to buy low on titans offense

    Were there 17 teams with a playoff win?
  8. MariGOATa

    Time to buy low on titans offense

    The weird thing is that we made the playoffs last year while even winning a game there and according to most reports had one of the better off seasons of anyone, yet most of the media act like we are a sure 3rd or 4th place in our division. It’s like we were a top 12 team last year and after numerous improvements and no downgrades we are firmly in the 16-26 area.
  9. The last sixth round QB we had was a wild success. Can we expect Falk to live up to Mett's lofty expectations?
  10. MariGOATa

    Wasted 3rd round pick in Evans trade?

    That’s a @HOTT take.
  11. He plays like he is on cocaine. Very twitchy. I like it.
  12. MariGOATa

    OBJ to Colts: would you laugh or cry?

    That’d be golden. Their locker room would be fucked. I don’t see Luck ever coming back to where he could have been. Also, TY is close to OBJ talent so it would be an incredible waste of the sixth pick.
  13. Brett Favre's assholery actually played a huge role in driving Rodgers to be successful IMO
  14. MariGOATa

    A legend retires

    Fuck me I thought we had lost Mett for a second after I saw the title