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  1. Yeah I just hate people who want to play good. They make me sick.
  2. He made one mistake off field. He was in the moment. Other than that he is one of the hardest working team players that there is. He worked from a sixth round prospect to the best wideout in the league. Give him a break.
  3. He is a good passer IMO. I hate the idea that just because someone can run means they automatically aren't a good passer. Sure he misses some deep balls but so does everyone not named Brady or Rodgers.
  4. Since when was Taylor a bad QB? His stats are good. He seems to be a leader. He looks even better than his stats when watching. I don't understand the hate. You could definitely win a SB with him. He won't do it by himself but he wil be a positive.
  5. CB is easily the most available position in both FA and the draft. Don't waste the 18th on a big contract to a guy who may just fit a system well. OTOH, if I'm Green Bay, I'm licking my chops to go after this guy. Sure some guys might get there in he draft but the 29th pick for Butler is definitely good for them as they don't have an NFL corner on roster.
  6. M

    Generally my thoughts. Could rotate with the other two though if we do decide to get him.
  7. M

    If Williams runs slow enough there may be two WRs there
  8. M

    Ehh. Maybe.
  9. M

    Onwards to Hightower. Since he isn't likely then onwards to Foster.
  10. M

    Davis because he can get separation. Williams' game doesn't translate amazingly to the NFL though he he still have better strength and ball skills than Davis.
  11. M

    Pagano for GM
  12. M

    So do I. Better chance than Cutler, Kaep, Hoyer, Barkley, and Glennon though.
  13. M

    None of those guys can win a super bowl. No one has the goal of mediocrity
  14. M

    No one could have a good season with their clowns at QB
  15. M

    Sheperd is actually pretty good. He is my top guy after Woods.