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    He almost went to the Pro Bowl. He was selected as an alternate. Pretty good year for him. If he can get more consistent he would be a good CB1 or 2
  2. M

    Marcus Cooper is one of the best on the market. If we can't get Bouye I want him.
  3. M

    Hightower Cyprien Marcus Cooper Sheppard Idc Idc
  4. M

    Good. Tony Jefferson won't get tagged either since they said they should tag Jones. Those two would be huge for us.
  5. Not really what I said at all. Also first round talent is rarely complete package. There are only like 3-5 complete package guys per draft. I'd argue that Allen, Hooker, Adams, and Foster are the only guys who are a complete package. There are reasons that many late round TEs, WRs and RBs succeed. There is no drop offf athletically and each position is 90% athleticism. Thus you are drafting hundreds of picks apart on at most 10% of a players skill. Defense requires high level instincts and intelligence that can really set apart the great from the average. Athletically many CBs are the same but coverage ability heavily dictates where they go since athleticism is only a small part of it while it is a huge part of the aforementioned skill players.
  6. The only offensive positions needed in the first are tackle and QB and we are good at both. Going TE is just stupid no matter who it is; sure you may get lucky but so many wary rounds TEs bust that it isn't worth it. Going RB early is dumb as well since UDFAs are often some of the best in the league. You can make a case for WR but there are always gonna be tall and athletic guys at any point in the draft. The only benefit of taking a WR early is getting a guy that is already a little more polished than average though his ceiling is still similar to later round guys.
  7. We gave someone else herpes and are benefitting heavily from it?
  8. M

    I like it though it is very unrealistic
  9. M

    I want Marcus Cooper. He could be nice for a cheap price. WF must not know who he is since he is ranked 27th. He was a pro bowl alternate this year.
  10. I'm not saying we are gonna win but our chances are a helluva lot better than 50/1.
  11. M

    They were up 25 in the second half. Decent clock management wins the game. It's literally the definition of choking.
  12. M

    I wanted us to get Deion's Jones last year. A player like him would be huge for us. We need an ILB than runs around like cinder blocks aren't attached to his feet.
  13. M

    I've scouted CBs more than any other position and liked Lattimore the most. He should blow up the combine.
  14. M

    Patriots probably thought he played for the Falcons.