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  1. Told you this wasn't going anywhere...

    So the Browns are kneeling. And they suck. Why am I not surprised that the Browns are kneeling and sucking?
  2. Who wishes we took Jaylon Smith last year?

    Myles Jack would have been cool.
  3. Philip: That would be a SuperNawt cool thing to do.
  4. I know. I was kinda joking just since there seem to be so many Kaep threads or threads that relate to Kaep in some way.
  5. Can we create a special Colin Kaepernick zone away from Titans Talk so that all these threads have a place to go.
  6. Seahawks vs Chargers

    The majority of "us homers" picked the Titans to finish worst last year then we did. Forgive us for the optimism.
  7. Seahawks vs Chargers

    Post on their boards then.
  8. Kalen Reed

  9. Titans won't win a SB with MM

    So only those four QBs have ever participated in the Super Bowl? Interesting.
  10. Zeke Elliot (Update: Suspended 6 Games)

    This is why Columbus police couldn't find anything.
  11. If you're the Broncos, you are a QB away from a Super Bowl. Your pick is gonna be in the 20s. Taylor is just as good and probably better than Noodle Arm Manning was his last year. I'd give up a first.
  12. And if they really want to get one of the three QBs next year then why not trade Taylor? I'm sure there is a team out there willing to give up a first or even multiple firsts. I bet the Jags would. Denver may. The Niners may if they weren't confident about getting Cousins. Plus if you trade Taylor, you lose more games which increases our own pick's value.