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    They didn't even mention how historically talented our special teams.
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    Can he play special teams? All I really care about.
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  4. M

    About as good as we can hope for without a trade down. I personally think we trade down twice in the first round but that is just me
  5. M

    He's primarily zone and aren't we primarily man? I wouldn't risk giving up too much value for him.
  6. Not this again. If your gonna do a mock just do a mock. Don't do like 20 threads on each individual pick.
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    This is the TE I have wanted all drafted. He is a first round talent that will go in the third.
  8. M

    I mean I'd do it but I don't feel super great about it either way.
  9. M

    I'm not sure he's worth a 3rd
  10. What a shame. He was talented
  11. M

    Expected. If he can't play special teams, he can't play here.
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    If he can long snap, he would be another piece in JRob's wet dream of the greatest special teams ever assembled.
  13. M

    Thank the Lord we don't sign people to make up for those classes
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    "Sure we have glaring holes at some of the most important positions on the field but good fucking luck beating us on special teams."
  15. I think that literally putting $60 million of cash on the field rather than spending it on an actual player is a good idea. JRob is smart.