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  1. OBJ to Colts: would you laugh or cry?

    That’d be golden. Their locker room would be fucked. I don’t see Luck ever coming back to where he could have been. Also, TY is close to OBJ talent so it would be an incredible waste of the sixth pick.
  2. Brett Favre's assholery actually played a huge role in driving Rodgers to be successful IMO
  3. A legend retires

    Fuck me I thought we had lost Mett for a second after I saw the title
  4. Vince Young is now in the Hall of Fame

    Geez. One hall of fame for VY. That's almost higher than he can count.
  5. Old becomes new

    What about Mett?
  6. I fucking love this man.

    Remember when everyone wanted us to draft Tunsil first overall because Lewan wasn’t good enough? Good times.
  7. Shaquiem Griffin

    Him not having a hand maybe loses him one interception every year or two. Maybe. Probably not even. This disability is incredibly overstated. He stills has an arm to wrap up; it’s not like that’s gone. This dude is an elite athlete, an elite player, and an elite worker. With that hand, he’s a top ten pick, and like I said, the hand isn’t gonna make that much of a difference. He will be a steal wherever he goes.
  8. Zach Mettenberger finally got a job!

    Calling Mett an "NFL quarterback" is very generous.
  9. Titans to sign Kevin Pamphile to 1yr deal

    We signed him so that we could we could convert him to DLine and then cut him to make room for Suh.
  10. I mean if I had Nathan Peterman throwing me the ball, there isn’t a chance I’m letting my brother stop me.
  11. Trumaine Johnson

    I think that’s the exact reason we should pursue him too though. Our top 3 CBs would be deadly.
  12. Trumaine Johnson

    Yeah I’m not sure why we haven’t been linked to Johnson yet. I think a lockdown corner would do wonders and even if Adoree is that, having 2 doesn’t hurt.
  13. TO probably was this dumb but there was it was a lot harder to record and publish to a mass audience.