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    so Dodd isn't even participating in walkthrough's. foot stress fractures are such a tough injury for big guys to recover from, just way too much load goes through the area, its not his fault but the odds are stacked against him even fully recovering.
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    wouldn't say things are good between the NFL and NFLPA right now, as always revenue/discipline/practice time will be the major battlefronts, i'm sure the NFLPA will be fighting hard over the franchise tag and drug policy this time around as well.
  3. Albert Breer raised a pretty interesting topic when discussing why the Derek Carr contract extension talks have stalled on periscope today, with the old CBA due to expire at the end of 2020, Carr's representatives are reluctant to let him sign a contract that goes past 2020 as the deal will run into the new CBA where there is so much uncertainty currently surrounding what may happen to the salary cap/franchise tag/practice time/drug policy etc. although this doesn't immediately affect the Titans, it could become an issue when Lewan/Mariota will need new deals. i'm sure when the time comes JRob would love to secure Lewan/Mariota on 5-6yr deals, will be interesting if their representatives are as eager to sign a long term deal without knowing the effects of a new CBA. with guys like Khalil Mack/Aaron Donald also needing deals shortly will be very interesting if agents will take the guaranteed money on offer now or sign 3yr deals for their clients and hope to hit the jackpot again under the new CBA.
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    seems plenty of reporters were surprised by just how physically imposing Corey Davis was when they saw him up close for the first time, was a constant theme in the coverage of day 1 of the rookie mini camp. hopefully that translates to the field this season.
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    some details emerging about the type of deal JRob turned down to take Adoree at pick 18. Peter King added another article on his 24hrs inside the 49ers war room on the first day of the draft, he goes into detail about the 49ers contacting every team between the Ravens at pick 16 all the way down to pick 31 trying to trade up for Reuben Foster. the deal offered to the Ravens was pick 34/66/111 for pick 16, same offer was made to the Redskins for pick 17. have to assume a similar deal was offered to JRob for pick 18, can understand why he wouldn't of accepted that deal, would of needed a 2018 2nd rounder as part of the deal to even consider it.
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    would expect to see Mularkey throw Adoree out on a few offensive snaps in the preseason just to give opposition DC something extra to think about in their game planning. wouldn't expect to see him much if at all in the regular season, he has enough to worry about adapting to CB in the NFL to be wasting time learning a few offensive plays. if we need to resort to playing Adoree on offense this season, something has gone horribly wrong, there are more than enough weapons now to create a diverse offense without using Adoree.
  8. Sharpe was already put on notice a few months ago by Mularkey, there seemed to be some friction back then regarding Sharpe not being contactable during the offseason. will be interesting to see what if any action JRob takes with these two.
  9. in one of his million media appearances today JRob, mentioned that Davis is real close to being full go, didn't say one way or another whether he was going to be a full participant this weekend.
  10. Mularkey just mentioned Marcus has been recently taking a few drop backs during phase 2 of the offseason program, expects him to be full go by training camp.