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  1. AussieTitanFan08

    Is there a chance we trade for a WR

    FWIW on the Midday180 today Mike Keith was absolutely raving about how good Corey Davis has looked this offseason until he got banged up over the last 1.5 weeks of the offseason program. he also mentioned Taywan Taylor has made a massive improvement understanding the offense from the start of the offseason program to the end of the program. wasn't as positive about Tajae Sharpe though, said he has looked very rusty and not impressive so far. away from the WR's, he mentioned Rashaan Evans hasn't been practicing with the first team, this goes with the commentary about how good Jayon Brown has reportedly looked so far, although its unlikely Brown would be in on first downs, it certainly sounds like right now he is in the box seat to get "starter" game time early in the season. he also mentioned how ridiculously deep the CB position is this year, how the 4th/5th/6th guys Sims/Smith/Hurst have started games in the NFL, and guys like Kalan Reed and Joshua Kalu have looked good this offseason. have to wonder whether we might be able to pick up a 7th rounder for a couple of the CB's who look like they won't make the roster this year, each year you see 15-20 trades around the NFL at roster cut down for 6th-7th round conditional picks for guys like Reed/Hurst, JRob did it for David King last year.
  2. looks like the Titans will be producing their own version of Hard Knocks by releasing a weekly show throughout the offseason.
  3. AussieTitanFan08

    around the NFL offseason talk

    following on from hinting about retiring in the final episode of Tom vs Time, Brady in an interview with Oprah has once again suggested the end is near for him. he is no longer talking about wanting to play into the mid 40's, wouldn't be at all stunned if this is his final year in the NFL. there is going to be a window opening up soon in the AFC where there isn't a dominant team anymore.
  4. AussieTitanFan08

    Henry and Lewis

  5. AussieTitanFan08

    Lewan holding out and not attending mini camp.

    JRob has a tough balancing act next offseason, there are 18 UFA and 4 RFA, out of our upcoming FA 7 would be considered starters, Lewan/Orakpo/Morgan/Walker/Logan/Matthews/Spain.
  6. AussieTitanFan08

    OTA Updates

    a summary of that Cameron Wolfe offseason wrap video - feels the offense still lacks speed and players struggling with the long playcalls - Mariota will benefit from the work improving his footwork - the defense has a chance to be special this year - mentioned a conversation he had will Lewan who made it clear he is chasing his money in this new contract - Dodd is 10-15lbs heavier when he turned up - safety depth could be an issue - look for Lewis to line up at WR frequently in LaFleur's offense - also mentioned the possibility of a 4 CB defensive look - Henry looks trimmer and is moving extremely well (others have mentioned that he has lost 10lbs) - LeShaun Sims has been a standout this offseason.
  7. AussieTitanFan08

    OTA Updates

  8. AussieTitanFan08

    OTA Updates

    Lewan has been there for pretty much the entire offseason program, he really only missed the two mini camp practices. those who have attended practice have said the offense has looked like trash even when Davis/Lewan were participating.
  9. AussieTitanFan08

    OTA Updates

    reading through a lot of the OTA coverage, it seems LeShaun Sims, Jayon Brown and Aaron Wallace have performed the best during the offseason program. hopefully that continues when the pads come on in training camp.
  10. AussieTitanFan08

    OTA Updates

    no one is surprised that the offense is behind where the defense is, as you mentioned that is expected. it is more the degree of issues the offense is having, the impression is that it looks far more clunky than it should at this stage of the offseason. good thing there is plenty of time to rectify the issues.
  11. AussieTitanFan08

    Lewan holding out and not attending mini camp.

    if he signs a 6yr deal that won't be too far away from the final numbers, question is do the Titans have the available cash on hand to put that guaranteed money into escrow as is required by the NFL. the only certainty is he won't sign any deal that doesn't pay him more per year than what Solder just got. Tom Condon is going to try and reset that LT market again.
  12. AussieTitanFan08

    Lewan holding out and not attending mini camp.

    important to remember Solder's deal was only for 4yrs, hence the lower guaranteed money. assuming Lewan's management will be pushing for a 6yr deal for him, like they got for Martin. he probably ends up somewhere around $16 million a year.
  13. AussieTitanFan08

    AFC weak spots by Greg Rosenthal

    hopefully the defense and running game can keep us in games until the whole offense can start to click.