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  1. Eric Berry spotted back in KC yesterday, wonder if he was there to sign a new deal with the Chiefs.
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    Trevor Matich was on 102.5 The Game yesterday and he was saying Adams looks great flying all over the field but does he really impact the game enough to be a top 5 pick. his final CFB season 12 games 1 INT 1 FF 1 FR 7.5 TFL 1 sack 76 TKL's for those willing to crucify Ramsey last season for lack of game changing plays, the same can be said for Adams.
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    doesn't make much sense, but I guess they have kind of backed themselves into the corner, if they aren't willing to pay Cousins they really do need to trade him and get something for him now.
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    that's what I initially was thinking as well, but according to what Jeremiah/Brooks are hearing the Redskins would be happy to go with Colt McCoy and use pick 2 to help fix the defense.
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    question for everyone, how does the top of the draft change if the Redskins held the number 2 pick. listening to the Move the Sticks podcast, Jeremiah is claiming his NFL sources are suggesting there is a greater than 50% chance Cousins gets traded this offseason as the Redskins simply don't want to give him Andrew Luck money and they fear he walks at the end of next season as a FA and they want to get something for him.
  6. hope they don't, one less good CB on the market would drive up the competition for the others.
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    there is absolutely no chance Kelly and the circus that surrounds him ends up in Nashville.
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    lol you really think JRob will draft a guy with so many off field concerns his combine invite was torn up.
  9. Rapoport and Breer both reporting today that Tyrod Taylor now likely to stay in Buffalo, if this happens it would be a big blow to our chances of getting a decent trade down from 5. Schefter reporting JPP plans to visit the Dolphins once the legal tampering window opens up.
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    Logan Ryan's links to JRob make him the obvious candidate should he make it to FA. if we managed to grab Bouye and Ryan it completely opens up what we can do in the draft.
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    FA in a little over two weeks will give us a much clearer idea of how the draft may go.
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    certainly a solid plan, only issue is as long as Williams doesn't completely bomb speed wise at the combine and Davis' ankle checks out fine its unlikely either are there at 18, there are way too many WR needy teams between 5 and 18. the CB depth in this draft means you can get a CB in the 2nd/3rd rounds, after Williams/Davis there is a dip in the WR talent.