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  1. around the NFL training camp observations

    OBJ so lucky his season wasn't just ended, if his foot stuck on the field there he would of ruptured every ligament in his knee.
  2. around the NFL training camp observations

    that Giants OL is simply putrid, no point having all those offensive weapons if the pocket gets collapsed on every snap.
  3. around the NFL training camp observations

    on MNF Countdown Schefter mentioned if Bortles does lose the starting QB job to Henne the Jags would look to trade Bortles rather than cut him. obviously the Jags wouldn't get much for Bortles but I could see a team like the 49ers or Jets offering a later round pick and taking a flyer on Bortles.
  4. teams will quickly learn that they can't stack the box to contain our running game like they tried last season.
  5. Who wishes we took Jaylon Smith last year?

    Jaylon Smith still has a long road ahead of him to have a long term career in the NFL, it was great to see him back on the field over the weekend but he is no where near the player he was pre injury. looking at our roster Noah Spence is the guy I wish we took instead of Dodd, given his off field history I can understand why JRob stayed away from him though.
  6. Hot Take: Wallace >>>> Dodd?

    Dodd could be headed for DE in our 3-4 if he doesn't get some of the mobility he showed at Clemson back, at the moment all he has is his power, he wouldn't scare many decent RT with his lack of mobility. hopefully as the season goes on he can find his confidence again.
  7. around the NFL training camp observations

    Boldin was out the second the Bills traded Watkins to the Rams
  8. Preseason Week 2: Panthers @ Titans Game Day Thread

    you know the hype for the Titans is out of control when guys like Prisco jump aboard the hype train
  9. and is why at the beginning of the preseason Mularkey said he didn't envision any starters playing week 4, this shouldn't change to try and get Davis some live reps with the first team offense.
  10. I hope the prospect of Davis playing week 4 doesn't change Mularkey's initial thinking that no starters will play that final preseason game. the entire starting offense/defense shouldn't even board the plane for Kansas City. just let Davis have a few snaps with the backups.