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    in those drills on the outside
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    Zay Jones looking good as well
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    Cooper Kupp destroying the DB's in drills, easily beat King and Lewis
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  6. how is this scenario, they trade Brown and with the first rounder they get for him they use it to draft the QB of the future. I don't think Big Ben retires this year but know the thoughts are in his head it won't be long before he gives it away, the Steelers need to start preparing for the future.
  7. great talent but would Mularkey/JRob want the circus that comes with him. could see teams like the Eagles/Redskins in front of line should he truly become available.
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    likely he is just venting his frustration after a disappointing end to the season. that being said he doesn't have that many years left, he has taken plenty of punishment over the years and his body just keeps breaking down.
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    in today's Titans in Two Mike Keith once again mentions JRob's love of analytics, seems to be a theme this offseason, can't remember it being that much of a topic when he first took over. sounds like the late round slot receivers are going to be an area of focus at the senior bowl.
  10. lots of talk DeShaun Watson is trying to pull and Eli Manning and avoid being drafted by the Browns.
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    with the Eagles sitting at 14 or 15 depending on the coin toss, and their absolute dumpster fire situation at WR, its hard to see the 2nd WR whether it is Williams or Davis making it past the Eagles.
  12. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000778266/article/threeround-mock-draft-deshaun-watson-goes-no-1-to-browns not one of the better mock drafts I have seen, has 3 QB's going in the top 6. also doesn't have us getting a comp pick from the Rams but their early 3rd rounder. has us picking 5. Jamal Adams 18. David Njoku 69. JuJu Smith-Schuster 83. Kevin King the main reason I posted the link was to highlight the ridiculous depth of this draft class in the 2nd-3rd rounds, just look at some of the possibilities if we attain a 2nd rounder. its no surprise JRob wants a 2nd rounder when you see guys like Desmond King/Caleb Brantley/Fabian Moreau/Jourdan Lewis/Montravius Adams who could be available.