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  1. Louis Riddick absolutely raves about Georgia HC Kirby Smart, thinks he will be an NFL HC one day.
  2. if Flores is that highly regarded, he might be another one, however the Patriots making the SB could be an issue for him. would really suck if the Eagles win this weekend, has the potential to slow down the entire hiring process.
  3. PFT suggesting here we could have real interest in the 3 Eagles guys Schwartz/Reich/DeFilippo.
  4. I want this guy developing Mariota, if it means he gets hired for a HC gig one year early, so be it, get an experienced head at DC and assistant HC/OC to help him grow into the HC job.
  5. this approach won't work in the modern NFL, once a coach loses the locker room things fall apart very quickly, you simply can't scream louder when things aren't working, that fixes absolutely nothing.
  6. all things mock draft related

    i'm not a huge fan of Evans, not in the first round anyway, maybe if we traded back a bit. my evaluation is biased because I absolutely love Tremaine Edmunds and Roquan Smith
  7. they didn't he is still their DC
  8. its not just the fan sites, every time there is an article posted about Vrabel the Texans fans pop in commenting on how much they want us to take him. its the opposite for Wilks, the Panthers fans absolutely love him. once again this should not form any basis for JRob's decision, but I would be extremely nervous appointing a 1yr DC that led the worst scoring defense in the NFL.
  9. I have mixed feelings about Vrabel, I like that he has a positive history with scouting/recruiting at Ohio St, on the negative side, his 1 season as an NFL coordinator he had the worst scoring defense in the NFL. yes there were injuries at the Texans that played a part but they were still more talented than some teams in the NFL. fan reaction should never be used as a franchises guide to any decision, but there is something in the Texans fans happy to see the back of Vrabel while the Panthers fans don't want to lose Wilks.
  10. don't know much about Kris Richard, could he be a possibility as a DC under whoever gets our HC job.
  11. Titans to interview Mike Vrabel for HC job

    Haley is a headcase, don't want him anywhere near this team
  12. Wilks hasn't left the Panthers, he is still their DC, their fans are hating the prospect of losing him.
  13. Titans to interview Mike Vrabel for HC job

    if JRob believes DeFilippo is the best qualified person the fix Mariota he needs to make him HC and let them have a few years together to grow. appointing Vrabel or Wilks and having DeFilippo as a short term (1yr) OC doesn't help Mariota having to learn yet another system for 2019.
  14. according to Rapoport, Wilks is also interviewing today.