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  1. AussieTitanFan08

    current 2019 NFL draft order

    Draft Order after Week 10 1. Raiders 2. 49ers 3. Giants 4. Cardinals 5. Jets 6. Bills 7. Lions 8. Broncos 9. Jags 10. Bucs 11. Browns 12. Colts 13. Raiders (From Cowboys) 14. Seahawks 15. Falcons 16. Ravens 17. Eagles 18. Dolphins 19. Packers 20. Titans 21. Bengals 22. Vikings 23. Texans 24. Redskins 25. Raiders (From Bears) 26. Panthers 27. Patriots 28. Chargers 29. Steelers 30. Packers (From Saints) 31. Rams 32. Chiefs
  2. AussieTitanFan08

    Fluelen update.

    a knee injury (not ACL) currently expected to be out for a few weeks (as per Vrabel at his press conference today)
  3. AussieTitanFan08

    MNF Giants vs 49ers

    Kyle Shanahan doing a really good job working with undrafted and late round guys, Mullens and Breida both UDFA and Kittle a 5th round pick are the key guys on this 49ers offense.
  4. AussieTitanFan08

    Jalen Ramsey is ridiculous

    1yr plus the 5th year option, won't stop him agitating for a new contract though.
  5. AussieTitanFan08

    MNF Giants vs 49ers

    George Kittle having another big game early against the Giants.
  6. AussieTitanFan08

    Jalen Ramsey is ridiculous

    he is eligible for an extension after this season.
  7. AussieTitanFan08

    LaFleur is likely a goner

    was recently checking who was loaded with draft picks this year, the Browns currently hold 11 picks.
  8. AussieTitanFan08

    Jalen Ramsey is ridiculous

    can see Ramsey agitating for a big money deal this offseason, wouldn't be surprised if he sits out until he gets one.
  9. AussieTitanFan08

    Colts Week

  10. AussieTitanFan08

    Colts Week

    he returned to the game a few plays later, looked fine when he returned.
  11. AussieTitanFan08

    LaFleur is likely a goner

    Two names to keep an eye on if we have to replace LaFleur this offseason are Rams QB Coach Zac Taylor and Rams Passing Game Coordinator Shane Waldron, both are highly regarded young offensive minds and are being developed by Sean McVay.
  12. AussieTitanFan08

    Colts Week

    Need to keep the momentum we have built up over the last couple of weeks rolling against the Colts, sounds like Morgan/Taylor/Conklin are likely to return, unfortunately Fluellen will be out for a while with a knee injury, means we could be without 2 of our better special teams players in Cruikshank/Fluellen. While it seems the Colts have been improving over recent weeks its hard to gauge exactly where they stand as their 3 consecutive wins are against the Bills/Raiders/Jags who have a combined 1 win between them in the last month of football. The Colts currently sit 6th best in scoring offense and 6th worst in scoring defense. Obviously limiting the damage Luck does is going to be key to us winning.
  13. 4. I think Tennessee’s going to be in the pennant race in late December, for one important reason an NFL GM enunciated for me the other day: “Playing against them makes your offense feel like it’s playing in quicksand. Just hard to get anything going consistently against them.” New England had won six straight. The Pats had scored an average of 35.5 points a game in that streak. And Tennessee’s front just throttled the Patriots, who had zero points in their last nine possessions. For a Josh McDaniels/Tom Brady offense, that’s borderline unprecedented. Significant praise for Pees and the Defense there.