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  1. Vrabel OTA press conference

  2. Vrabel OTA press conference

    Vrabel is certainly the polar opposite to what Mularkey was. spent a tonne of time highlighting that he is telling the players it will never be perfect but it is just about making a play. also mentioned how he focused on hands on coaching of the ILB/OLB/Special teams.
  3. 2018 NFL Draft Rumors & Speculation Thread

    Matt Miller is reporting that 5 teams have taken Leighton Vander Esch off their boards due to that neck issue. also mentioned that many teams feel Josh Sweat's knee injury is degenerative, fears are he won't see a 2nd contract, mentioned both us and the Patriots as being interested in him.
  4. Prediction Time: Who Will the Titans Take at 25?

    that stretch between 20-24 is going to be really interesting on thursday night, the Lions, Bengals, Bills, Patriots, Panthers all have needs at OL. there has been a lot of rumors over the last 48hrs that there is going to be a run on OL right before we pick. if a couple of those teams do actually go OL, there is a decent chance an ILB/OLB we covet will make it to us at 25.
  5. NFL Nation Mock Draft

    here is the full ESPN Nation mock draft, interesting point that it tied as the most accurate major media mock draft in 2017, picking 8 correct team/player picks.
  6. NFL Nation Mock Draft

    did LVE go to the Cowboys at 19?
  7. NFL Nation Mock Draft

    pretty much what 95% people on TR think.
  8. Cryptic tweet from Delanie

    this might be angling for a contract extension to lock in some guaranteed money before the grind of the offseason kicks in.
  9. if the run of OL does happen in the early 20's, teams like the Vikings at 30, Patriots at 31, Browns at 33, Giants at 34, Colts at 36 and 37 might start to get a bit nervous about missing out.
  10. Prediction Time: Who Will the Titans Take at 25?

    its only one person's opinion, but I find it interesting how Mayock has ranked the 4 guys that are most likely to be our pick at 25. Rashaan Evans 13 Sam Hubbard 57 Justin Reid 61 Josh Sweat 91
  11. Prediction Time: Who Will the Titans Take at 25?

    Colts looking to trade back into the late first round.