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    apparently there is an interview with JRob to be posted on titansonline.com tomorrow from the owners meetings, where he once again goes into full sale mode on pick 5.
  2. a bit more of the interview with Marcus, apparently he was even throwing balls while still having to use the scooter. http://khon2.com/2017/03/28/mariota-says-brotherly-love-was-instrumental-in-recovery-process/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
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    can't remember a recent draft that 4 weeks out there is so much uncertainty, apart from Myles Garrett going number 1, there are still potentially 7 guys being linked to the 49ers at pick 2 Thomas/Lattimore/Hooker/Adams/Fournette/Trubisky/Allen, its impossible to predict whats going to happen in the top 10 this year.
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    the continued improvement from guys like Sharpe/Byard/Sims/Johnson/Henry/Conklin/Wallace and the return to health of Dodd are going to play a big part in whether we make the jump from 9 wins to a playoff spot.
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    like his versatility, can play ILB or OLB for us, if we take care of the pass catching issue after trading back from 5 then took Reddick at 18, there couldn't be much to complain about.
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    Cowboys shed a lot of depth this offseason, they are a prime candidate to slip back a bit this year. losing two of their starting OL won't help either, plus teams now have a whole year of tape on Dak to study and counter.
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    Mularkey certainly wasn't scared of calling guys out last year, was a little surprised to see him calling out Sharpe this morning, Sharpe seems to be a guy that already works harder than any other guy to make up for a lack of elite athletic talent. much like the OL/running game last season, it just seems that Mularkey is making it well known he wants the WR group improved/fixed.
  8. Jeremiah/Brooks take the top 2 picks for each team in the AFC South and try to come up with the ideal start to the draft for each team. http://www.nfl.com/videos/move-the-sticks/0ap3000000795858/Perfect-Pairings-AFC-South
  9. continuing on the offseason theme of being critical of the WR group, Mularkey making it clear at this morning's breakfast Q&A session that Tajae Sharpe, needs to continue to work hard to improve his game. we all know WR is now probably priority number 1 in the draft, will be very interesting how early/often JRob chooses to address the position. Mularkey is curious about second-year receiver Tajae Sharpe. "I think he needs to come back in here and show that he's been doing something this offseason to improve," Mularkey said. "I haven't seen him, so when he comes back here in April, it'll be a good chance to see what he's been doing to try to improve his game." http://www.espn.com/blog/tennessee-titans/post/_/id/22084/titans-not-worried-about-wearing-down-demarco-murray
  10. the entirety of the interview is up now, actually shows Marcus running on the beach and climbing hills. has also been playing golf, this surprised me a little, the torquing of the knees/ankles on a golf swing would certainly be putting stress on the injured leg, the doctors are obviously happy that structurally his leg has healed and now he just has to regain full mobility and strength.
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    apparently LB coach Lou Spanos spent considerable time with LB Tyus Bowser at the Houston pro day.
  12. one issue hanging over Hooker is his "love of the game" was reports that he wanted to quit football before last season, no question about his ability, but it means nothing if he doesn't have the desire to be great. below is a video discussing how he almost quit.
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    is he trying to create a bit of chaos at the top of the draft, many teams would have us pegged taking a CB or WR, by so publicly stating his desire to trade back maybe JRob will entice a team to jump up in fear of another team trading up to 5 and grabbing their guy. with our pick so publicly up for sale it pretty much puts any position other than OL(as there is simply no OL worthy of being a top 15 pick) in play at pick 5.
  14. Jeremiah/Brooks filmed a few State of the Franchise interviews at the combine with GM's around the league, the Titans one has just been released, with Jeremiah sitting down with JRob. it has been well documented but once again JRob speaks about his desire to trade back if he can. http://www.titansonline.com/video/videos/State-of-the-Franchise-Tennessee-Titans/2bbd21c7-2332-4f91-9ff7-4a9c6064408e