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    the Bucs fans are all butt hurt because there are 22 players ahead of Winston in MVP betting, and especially about Marcus being half the price of Winston.
  2. Cousins lost his top two WR's in the offseason, not going to be as easy to pad those stats this year.
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    its a shame we don't play the Bucs this season, would of loved to see Marcus beat down on Winston again.
  4. for those with access to the NFL Network, the Titans Season Preview is on Total Access tonight.
  5. love the flexibility we have on offense now, can still play bully ball out of the 3 WR sets if we want to.
  6. they are absolutely drooling over the Titans on @GMFB on the NFL Network just now. it wasn't really about the Decker acquisition but more all the offensive pieces JRob has added as a collective over the last 18 months. i'm really interested to see how teams defend us early in the season, will they still sell out and try and stop the run and risk leaving themselves wide open to our new weapons on the outside.
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    can't win it if you can't get there.
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    its related to the Patriots, hard to see any other team making it out of the AFC. there is a more even spread at the top of the NFC, hence a better chance for the Bucs.
  9. the loss of a true dominating blocking TE was going to alter the offense slightly anyway. I really hope Mularkey/Robiskie take advantage of the added weapons, and aren't stubborn with their run first mentality. would love to see more hurry up/no huddle, especially when we have created an exploitable mismatch, don't let the defense substitute.