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  1. XanderMXIX

    Backup: Locker vs Mariota.

    Anybody have the stats comparison? I’m sure locker sucked way more
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  3. XanderMXIX

    I blame - Week 6

    Do we know if those other qbs for sure won’t come out after this year?
  4. XanderMXIX


    Between you and I I’m sure there’ll be a lot more in the coming weeks lol
  5. XanderMXIX


    Yeah it’s ridiculous.
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    I guess time will tell. Hopefully it’ll get turned around.
  7. XanderMXIX

    Maroita is killing the franchise

    Don’t joke about him being on the team next year. He needs to be in Hawaii watering plants and and that’s it.
  8. XanderMXIX

    Maroita is killing the franchise

    That makes me want to barf. How many backup QBs could put up those numbers? That is so fucking disgraceful it makes me want to bitch slap Mariota.
  9. XanderMXIX

    Maroita is killing the franchise

    I used to love Mariota, but I’m at the point of no return. He has become absolute garbage. I do not believe it’s all on him, 3 HC, 4 OC, we effectively did to him what the 49ers did to Alex Smith. Regardless, this is where we are now, ja can barely pass for 150 yards, he only has 2 TD passes this year, constantly has some type of injury, and looks lost and uncomfortable. He absolutely does not deserve the 5th year.
  10. XanderMXIX


    Yeah, it’s a sucky situation to be in. Our online is good but this scheme does not play to their strengths. In terms of QB Mariota needs to be gone after this year.
  11. XanderMXIX


    Well we unfortunately signed him to align with Vrabels 5 year contract. Amy is probably tired of paying people she’s fired money.
  12. XanderMXIX

    Moving Forward

    I meant after this year. I doubt will do anything this year.
  13. XanderMXIX

    Moving Forward

    We need to dump Mariota. I understand there are other problems but he is just so bad now.
  14. XanderMXIX


    Yep I don’t get it. And stars really stupid us they can see it’s onviously not working and yet they keep running it.