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  1. I’ll take the naked aggression of Butler and all the highs and lows it entails every time over the 8 yard cushion Mccourty shit I had to endure for years.
  2. Cajuntitan

    Kavanaugh will probably not be confirmed now

    As a Democrat it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy when the GOP continues to line up behind sexual harrassers and rapists. Forty percent of our nation are just flat bonkers.
  3. Cajuntitan

    Around The NFL...

    Yeah but there was that performance versus the Bills in the first round...
  4. That Bill’s locker room must have some seriously bad mojo going on. It’s embarrassing how that team has been handled since their playoff berth last year.
  5. Cajuntitan

    Week 2: Texans @ Titans Game Thread

    I need a win this week... Come on boys!
  6. Cajuntitan

    Texans @ Titans predictions

    The Miami game was the worst game I've ever experienced. Refs fucked us, the Dolphins fucked us, and the weather fucked us. Considering all that the staff kept it together and the team didn't quit. So this week I pity the Texans. Assuming Mariota plays all game, we're gonna pummel them.
  7. Cajuntitan

    “We Stand For” campaign

    Blah blah blah
  8. Cajuntitan

    Episode 163 - Loss To Miami, On To Houston

    Haven't been this torn up by a loss since the Locker era. Takes some serious discipline to hop back in and give us the weekly podcast. It's appreciated.
  9. Cajuntitan

    Thoughts on offense vs Steelers

    That’s right on. Instead of the excitement Elway, Vick, or Wilson created when they extended a play, Mariota causes me to cover my eyes with both hands out of fear.
  10. Cajuntitan

    Thoughts on offense vs Steelers

    It was a shit game coming off a shit year by our qb, and yes it’s worrisome. The overthrow to Davis simply cannot happen. The underthrow was a shit read by wr or qb, so I’m letting it go. Wasn’t great for sure, but on the bright side I never saw receivers open like that last year. If coaching is consistently breaking guys open like this in the regular season we have lots to be excited about. If Mariota’s not up to the challenge this season then I’d be shocked if we commit long term. He’s clearly frustrated with his play, and he should be.
  11. Cajuntitan

    Episode 160 - Discussion with Paul Kuharsky

    Good podcast. I’ve finally decided to shell out the cash and join his website. It’s been on my mind for the last few months ever since I signed up with the Washington Post. Signing up at the Post has reinforced my growing opinion that sometimes it’s ok to pay for quality, especially about things you actually care about.
  12. Cajuntitan

    Will we extend both Lewan and Conklin?

    Lewan will be extended but his play has been far from stellar. He's not a top 5 tackle, not even a top 10. He routinely gets beat in pass protection, and his run blocking is hard to comment on because he's next to Spain and the jail breaks on the left side of the line have been so commonplace. Overall I'd rank him in the top half of left tackles in the league, but he will get paid like a top 5 due largely to his importance to team chemistry and franchise marketing (he's the guy on the billboards after all). Conklin has been the better lineman since he's arrived here, so don't be shocked if in a few years the front office behaves as such.
  13. The only counter to CTE in the game of football is to disallow contact. When you consider the practices and games leading up to an NFL career it's safe to assume that brain damage has already taken hold in any one of the 10,000+ collisions that occurred before NFL rookie minicamp. This move just reeks of the NFL trying to distance itself from further liability.
  14. I agree here absolutely. The eat W's stuff just finally gave the guys on the team who were already out on him something definitive to point to. Everytime I think of Winston and that fake rah-rah stuff my mind automatically snaps to the block by Mariota in the KC game, and how our team went insane on the sideline. Just goes to show you can really only fake it for so long.
  15. Cajuntitan

    Should We Be Interested in Richie Incognito?

    Sign that fucker up. Better than Spain all day long.