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  1. Is it possible that was an option route?
  2. This shit is so simple to me... the play to Nick Williams is designed as a big gain play... look at the route by nick and the angle the db’s had to take to catch him!!! Marcus simply went for the big play... the big run after the catch play!!!! This is so easy to see.
  3. Karkosa

    Mariota consulted with a former MLB pitcher

    It is ok my child
  4. Karkosa

    Nice Video

    Texan fan with a pretty good breakdown of our team https://reddit.app.link/C7TRysERGN
  5. I’m just wondering how many of you opposers of the anthem protest actually said something to people walking around, on their cell phones, coming from or going to the concession stand.. This issue only became so important to you guys after the president and media got a hold of it.. that’s why you guys are hypocritical as hell... YOU WERE TOLD TO BE OFFENDED, BY MEN MAKING A STANCE FOR THEIR COMMUNITIES... AND THATS THE REASON MOST OF YOU ARE OFFENDED!!
  6. Why can’t yall understand it is an issue.. just not an issue for you guys.. communities of color has ALWAYS had issue with the police force... because bullshit ass officers are protected.... so now any clown that’s drenched in racism can join the force and be in wonderland.... why do you guys refuse to believe this.... no one is making this shit up Bullshit cops are protected by other cops that claimed to be good cops and they are protected by you guys that believe everything that comes from the blue wall of silence...
  7. Ha! Some truce there bud! I hope all of them sit out.. you worried about the players salary.. what about the owners income?
  8. Police departments are a fucking Sham !!! All departments know who the shitty cops are there making them all look horrible... what do these departments do in turn? they try their best to shield those assholes!! So yeah most if not all are culpable... If a dirty ass cop do something crazy and another cop told on him... YOU KNOW WHAT WOULD HAPPEN TO THE COP THAT TOLD RIGHT? This is the environment throughout ALL departments
  9. Where them where is your video that makes you believe the cops? This is Texas police doing Vegas police a favor clearly... no way in the ruck you will get me to believe he purposely push and knocked an old lady down on purpose.... you guys are fucking retarded for believing this shit.... Cops trump up charges all the time... this case is no different
  10. I just was running around the house screaming and yelling and now everyone’s in here laughing at my shame
  11. I can’t understand you mfs make an account just to bitch on every post
  12. Man go back to Titans online... what Qb besides Garoppolo did anything against them... quit being dumb
  13. Some of you fuckers act as if the Jags defense wouldn’t cause Brady or Brees problems .... but you want Mariota to go for 275 and 3tds.... man wake the fuk up