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  1. When a 300lb DT jukes a RB out of his socks, that's gold. Pure. Fucking. Gold.
  2. Don't look now, but those bots are watching YouTube videos too: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=brandon+straka
  3. You putz. 3 million is 1.5% of registered voters and well under 1% of the population. Hence,... 1.5% is well under "mandate" status. Everyone knows the electoral college determines the winner, you included. There's even a thread around here where all you putzes got together to predict how big hillary's EC win would be. This country is not a democracy. GTF over it.
  4. TitanDuckFan

    What ever happened to Russia hacking the election???

    I will NEVER finish blaming obama. The man was most likely the worst president in the history of the United States. But that's less of a problem than the idiots who elected him, and continue to defend him. They, you, are the problem. A problem this country may not survive. #WalkAway
  5. TitanDuckFan

    What ever happened to Russia hacking the election???

    No actually, it's not the least bit funny. But you and you idolatry for all things obama are beyond the pale. We are in this mess because of obama, and hillary, kerry etc. not Trump. Trump got handed a shit sandwich, and all you guys do is dress it up with condiments and garnishes, one after another. Read and learn dumbass: http://www.saulmontes-bradley.com/the-russia-canard/
  6. TitanDuckFan

    What ever happened to Russia hacking the election???

    Oh I give a shit. But the guy who gives his enemies ammunition by the truckload shouldn't bitch when he gets shot at. That's just dumb. If the Russians had any significant impact on voter turnout, they did it using documentation of the Democrats' own misdeeds, that the media and the Dems themselves compiled. Your refusal to acknowledge that speaks volumes about you and your pitifully constructed bullshit outrage. Then there's the inept putz that told our cyber security team to stand down, in the midst of it,... You can't make this shit up, and make it any worse. The Russians and the Chinese hacked our cyber-comms for YEARS during obama's reign of terror and you putzes refuse to hold him responsible for any part of that. GFY
  7. TitanDuckFan

    What ever happened to Russia hacking the election???

    Well, it is possible Russia swayed the election using evidence supplied by the HFA campaign and the DNC. By showing the world the evidence of the extent to which hillary and her cronies at the DNC and in the media rigged the primaries, and tried to rig the general. But only if you believe the word of Crowdstrike, (who was paid by DNC operatives) that it was Russia who hacked the DNC and Podesta. Trump supporters want to see the evidence because none has ever been shown. The best the intelco can come up with is a statement of "high confidence." They had higher confidence Saddam had WMDs. If the election was swayed by this, it's only because what kept Dems from voting for hillary, was the dishonesty displayed by her own party's communications. Can't say as I blame them. But then again, I knew hillary was a crook long before 2015.
  8. LOL Hillary is about as authentic as a $12 Rolex.
  9. I guess it's a good thing Lovie Smith was/is a racist. If he hadn't overlooked Winston's obvious personal and character issues, Marcus would be a Buc.
  10. TitanDuckFan

    OTA Updates

    I don't think Robiskie was calling the plays in 2016. It was still Michaels. Robiskie started calling plays in 2017. I don't recall any players bitching about Jason Michaels' play calls in 2016 either.
  11. TitanDuckFan

    OTA Updates

    This came through in his year-end presser. He was absolutely arrogant about the scheme and his assistants, as if they had made a SB run and come up just short. He wasn't about to change anything, even under threat of getting canned. Good riddance.
  12. TitanDuckFan

    OTA Updates

    If you want to see failure as a blocker, watch Henry in the open field. The guy is beyond worthless when things go off script. Watch Henry in the last Jax game and then the KC game. When Marcus is forced to take off, Henry is absolutely clueless about how to throw a block in the open field. It's pathetic.
  13. TitanDuckFan

    OTA Updates

    No, but I can blame Robiskie for the dumbass, momentum-killing playcalls.
  14. TitanDuckFan

    The Coming Collapse--worth a read

    LOL Fiction Fiction written to prop up the very system of well intentioned economic and social structure that got us to the point of electing a Donald Trump to the highest office in the land. Example: He decries the militarization of the police, and in the same article, calls for massive civil disobedience. Like most pie-in-the-sky nuts, he lacks the perception to understand cause and effect. He admits the Dems won't help and can't help because they built the system and enabled the carpet-baggers that are looting it. Then goes on to say we need to rebuild the system using the same model, even further to the left, but with lesser controls. That CAN'T work and the Soviets showed you why. The fool. The only fools bigger than the author(s) who wrote that tripe, are the ones who might believe it. And he predicates it all on the notion that dismantling what has been built heretofore in the last 50 years is a bad thing. As if that was all Trump's doing. Such is life on the foolish fringe.