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  1. RB Revisit

    Should have kept Fowler and traded Henry. Unpopular I know, but in hindsight, it works better on paper with Lewis in the stable. And Nudie was a reliable outlet in the passing game.
  2. No, I just don't trust anything YOU say. You've been full of shit about pretty much every topic we've ever discussed SK. And you're full of shit about this one too.
  3. LOL When it comes to this topic, I think the world will understand my willingness to believe Elon Musk before I believe Starkiller of TR. Fool.
  4. Musk's statement at 1:11:49 or so, about AI becoming "an immortal dictator" is about as scary as it gets. Global warming's got nothing on this threat, considering how much data has already been accumulated, and how many profiles have already been built, and how easily measured the predictability algorithms are, in terms of how successful they are and how to fine tune them. It might be worthwhile to watch Minority Report again, after watching this. Of course, you might not ever sleep again. LOL
  5. Too late. It's here and it's already grown too big, and too profitable, to stop. Thanks JB. I think.
  6. 1980’s Music

  7. These inspire a huge meh IYAM. New and different is good I guess. But I am wondering what will become of the "men in two-tone blue" meme. Do we switch it up to "men in monochrome Navy?"
  8. I wonder if @Justafan sent that T-shirt to Byard.
  9. They're gonna milk this shit to death.
  10. Last Year's WR Coach Frisman Jackson Interviewed

    Four of them are in that thread alone. And none of them were less than 15 yard pass plays. I'm pretty sure there were at least three more drops that would have been TDs. Then there was the flukey shit, like Davis' fumble at the goal line that meant a safety instead of a TD. In all fairness that was due to Davis' RAC ability, but it was still a fluke.
  11. Last Year's WR Coach Frisman Jackson Interviewed

    II didn't put that link up so much to defend Marcus as to point out the receivers Frisman Jackson was supposed to be coaching, all developed a case of butterfingers under his tutelage. Here's hoping it was just a fluke. I think Fahey could have put up another thread just with Decker's drops alone, and it would have been just as long. But some of these were just incredibly bad, and absolutely horrible timing, in games that could have and should have been won.
  12. Last Year's WR Coach Frisman Jackson Interviewed

  13. Gimme a perfect album

    Ledbetter Heights. Prodigy blues guitar playa,... the great Kenny Wayne Shepherd.