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  1. TitanDuckFan

    4th Quarter Mariota

    Put the drops in the completion column and he throws for 84+% today. That's not a QB who is failing to make reads. The hyperbole around here is becoming unbearable.
  2. TitanDuckFan

    4th Quarter Mariota

    Nether did I dumbass. The 4 pass plays I explained. You don't know how to count any better than you do analyze football. http://www.espn.com/nfl/playbyplay?gameId=401030792
  3. TitanDuckFan

    Marcus is a one read QB

    If not dropping every 4th or 5th pass is what you consider perfection, you're fucked in the mind and have no clue about this game.
  4. TitanDuckFan

    The good news is...

    Where's all the Naysayers that said this was gonna be an ass-whoopin' of epic proportions? And yes, this team needs a real TE in the worst way. A WR coach that can teach the art of catching would be a big help.
  5. TitanDuckFan

    4th Quarter Mariota

    And the failed conversion attempts still come down to the fact there's a 250 RB on this team that can't get one yard when it matters. That's embarrassing. It's obvious who Vrabel has no confidence in, and it's not Mariota. JRob needs to go get Cooper and Bell while he can.
  6. TitanDuckFan

    4th Quarter Mariota

    You're full of shit. 7 runs that weren't Mariota. 1 Mariota scramble 1 Mariota run. 4 pass plays. 2 were for 1st downs and one was for a TD, one INC to Corey. Two conversion attempt passes. You suck, and your narrative sucks worse.
  7. TitanDuckFan

    Week 7: Titans @ Chargers Game Thread (London)

    Best post in the thread.
  8. TitanDuckFan

    Marcus is a one read QB

    75% completion rate, counting the drops, yet another 4th qtr comeback, and there are still idiots on this board that think Marcus is the problem. Y'all are stuck on stupid.
  9. TitanDuckFan

    Chargers Week

    That may be, but,... If you go back to his earliest days and watch some of the games he's played in where the offense was sputtering, from college to the league, you'll find he loosens up and starts playing better after he runs a time or two. I don't know what it is, but it seems to work. It's almost like he gets the early game jitters and running the ball gets him out of it.
  10. TitanDuckFan

    Chargers Week

    In all honesty, that's most likely what he needs, or close to it. Whenever Marcus has been in a slump, running the ball will get him out of it quicker than anything I've ever seen. He seems to get loosened up by it, and gains confidence. So, run him half a dozen times if that's what it takes. It loosens him up, and usually loosens up the underneath coverage as well.
  11. TitanDuckFan

    Chargers Week

    I wouldn't bet on this. Marcus has 39 fewer rushing yards than the great Dion Lewis so far this season. Even after missing a game and a half. Marcus = 147 yds Dion = 186 yds. They'll run Marcus if that's what it takes to win. Knowing Marcus, he'll run himself if that's what it takes to win.
  12. TitanDuckFan

    What is your favorite excuse for Mariota?

    Exactly. Who do you think was Marcus' QB coach for his first two years at Oregon? Kelly called the plays and was the true OC. Scott Frost was still the receivers' coach. Helfrich was the QB coach and was up in the coach's box during the games. He'd spend time on the phone with Marcus when the defense was on the field.
  13. TitanDuckFan

    What is your favorite excuse for Mariota?

    Remember how astonished everyone was when Levitre went to Atlanta and people were talking him up and he was earning good grades from PFF? He went from a Power scheme in N'ville to a Zone scheme in ATL. Power and Zone schemes are very different and not every player is well-suited for both systems. Especially the interior guys. Tackles have room to move, but the guards and the center have to do their jobs in a phone booth. Couple that with a pair of RBs that are marginal in pass pro and you get what's going on here and now. After watching the all-22 from last week it's pretty clear that even in pass pro there's zone concepts being employed now.
  14. TitanDuckFan

    Offenses with a Worse Supporting Cast

    I think too many people are putting too much stock in what is basically a rookie receiving corps. The most experienced pass-catcher on this team is Luke Stocker, followed by Lewis. Both 2nd year guys that were here all of last year didn't play a whole lot of snaps last year. They are all essentially rookies when you consider the fact they are all learning a new system.