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  1. Go get me Lane Kiffin

    Excuse me Ben, but where, outside of 'Bama might LK EVER be considered a top offensive mind? In Oakland? At USC? Rocky Top? Saban has a huge recruiting advantage over 97% of CFB. Take that advantage away from Kiffin and see how he looks. The man is borderline incompetent. And please don't think his first season at FAU is any indication of a "top offensive mind." After his performances elsewhere, that's an insult to the sport of football. Being left at the airport in Los Angeles by the USC athletic director on the team's trip home from AZ, and being relieved of his duties by Saban, are far better indicators of who LK really is than winning the Boca Raton Bowl with FAU.
  2. Just to bring this analogy back to football,.. Can you do it with a Maitre D' or a manager that wears hoodies with the sleeves torn off? It's a matter of priorities.
  3. On its face, it doesn't make a lot of sense. Digging deeper into Day's resume', I think he's been trying to bring NFL elements into tOSU's college game.
  4. Darell Bevell-OC-now!

  5. I think that was part of my realization that I didn't belong there. I saw food that really impressed me, but that didn't interest me beyond the second bite. I tasted a food that blew me away, and didn't care if it was served on chipped stoneware. But within that world, or what passes for judgement of that world, the looks usually overrode the flavors. That juxtaposition created a conflict/dichotomy that I couldn't get past. Don't get me wrong, I've seen both come together and if that's what you do, my hat is off to you. But my favorite example of taste vs presentation is always great, old-school Mexican food. The presentation may suck, but it's out of this world good, and everybody leaves the table stuffed to the brim because they couldn't stop eating. There's this old pink stucco restaurant on the outskirts of Sierra Vista, Arizona,............
  6. I cooked my way through part of HS and most of college. I can cut shortening into flour (manually, no food processors allowed) with the best of them. Sous chef no prob. Good but not great over a grill or a saute pan. I own plenty of cast iron to this day. And I did a few recipes. Simple food to the Nth degree, it was all about the flavors, in part 'cuz I shopped my own groceries. But I never mastered the art of "putting the ambiance on the plate" as my mentor used to say. I ain't the egg. But any way you want it, I can pretty much fix you up. Just don't ask me where to put the garnish. That was the job of the exec.
  7. They're far more effective when the middle of the field isn't a clogged up mess and a traffic nightmare. You don't open up the crossing routes from condensed heavy sets that allow the defense to drop 6 into coverage from a loaded box.
  8. Mariota opens door for Tagovailoa

    In the picks I saw of him with Oregon guys, I have serious doubts about him being 6'1. I would guess he's closer to 5'11". But, if he's with Saban and 'Bama, I'm sure he has the HGH option available. LOL
  9. Darell Bevell-OC-now!

    I'm not big on style points. Mariota ain't Wilson, but neither is Favre. Bevell worked with Favre in both GB and MINN before working with Wilson, so he knows how to build an offense and call plays for both mobile QBs and pocket passers. I happen to think he'd be great here.
  10. I tend to agree, with a caveat. I can see how it might work, and I'm less inclined to believe it will fail, but I don't have a lot of confidence in it working to the extent we want it to either.
  11. Yup. But we knew that going in. What I'm saying is, the "upgrade" isn't going to look like many people thought it would, if this run game relies on the blocking schemes in that clip, or what Chip Kelly runs, or what most spread-to-run concepts incorporate. For instance, if Levitre had come into the scheme shown above, he wouldn't have flamed out in Nashville. My guess is he would have fit right in.
  12. I'm not worried about Year1. I'm concerned with Year2 and beyond, and the ability to adapt. You know, once DCs have a few hours of tape.
  13. Holy Shit! Watch the blocking schemes in that clip! He's bringing pullers from everywhere. We're gonna need Fasano back, and Stocker to step up, bigly. And big Jack's got some work to do too. That shit is second-level zone dominance. Are Jones and Spain and Kelly/Kline the guys to make this work??? I have my doubts. Schemes like this one work very well with athletic O-Lines. But those guys tend to be smaller and usually don't pass protect nearly as well, which is why the pass game has to be quick strike with a ton of timing routes. Those of you who love the 9 route and the deep ball better temper your expectations for this offense. And like I said before, this team needs some pieces that we just don't have yet. Expect FA and the draft to look very different this off-season (or next) if this is the way JRob decides to go.
  14. Untrained and unrestrained ambition is not a sign of intelligence or innovation. It's most often an indication of naivete and ignorance. Remember, that as much as JRob has shown signs of football wisdom and knowledge, this is still his first stop as a GM. Somewhere between Mularkey and Robiskie's stale, easy to defend concepts and a full blown spread-to-run college scheme is where I believe this team needs to go. Swinging the pendulum too far one way and then the other is like going from Bush to Obama to Trump. One of them is bound to upset somebody, and not all ideas from either will work. And the implementation is bound to look messy at times. Sorry for the politics but that's how I see it.
  15. That's the part everybody misses about Kelly's game. Everyone thinks it's about the passing, but it's not really. Kelly's scheme is power run from a wide/spread field that forces the defense to commit to stopping it. Once they do, then he goes to the pass. Classic "run to set up the pass." But even at Oregon, with Marcus at the helm Kelly was run-first. The key will be if that can be done without the QB running the way Kelly did it with Foles in Philly. So again, it will come down to the O-Line. This team has a ways to go before we get to the level of Kelly's first O-Line in Philly. And don't forget, by the 3rd year even the vaunted Philly O-Line was rebelling against the Kelly scheme. The keys still come down to the quality of the O-Line and the ability of the RBs. There's some missing pieces in this offense, and they aren't skill players on the passing side.