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  1. 8MM

    Titans doing their own version of Hard Knocks

    Really makes you feel that this year will be special.
  2. 8MM

    Jeff Fisher. Fox Gameday Analyst?

    Didn't Ndamukong Suh sign for less with the rams?
  3. The question is most to prove not who needs to play better. Or who needs to be more consistent. IMO Marcus proved he can play so he doesn't have most to prove.
  4. 8MM

    Eagles offense

    Pederson is a great mind.
  5. 8MM

    Why Pacman Jones Hit

    I'll crush his skull..."
  6. I think what you're talking about is not bad kids but kids who go through a phase. Yeah many kids go through that phase. But many kids who continue to do bad shit their whole life's, had parents who were either absent and/or didn't have a clue. They let their kid go out, not knowing where they go or who they go with. These types can be decent people but not fit to be a parent. You will find parents out there who are too stressed out from work or making ends meet to not have the time or the energy to properly take care of their kids. And parents who don't know how to love, give affection, attention, and just being there for the kids. It was said that in this world everyone is doing the best they can with what they can. I can agree with this but sometimes it's not good enough.
  7. Wasn't it one of the questions asked to him regarding saying what he likes or don't like? He said it's too early since he's still learning it like everyone else.
  8. You are missing the point. Not all kids are the same and not all siblings turn out the same way BUT the parents are still responsible for the ones that don't. Until they reach 18. Not one of my siblings got into trouble but that doesn't mean my parents were good parents. Anyone who thinks this is the dumbest shit they ever heard, is why America and the world is fucked up.