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  1. Ed Warinner New OL Coach?

    Yeah but he was divinely inspired, was JRob?
  2. And WR's. Notice how quick and fast those Pats wr's are. And the catch mostly everything even when Brady didn't throw perfect passes.
  3. Sam Choy is not a good cook/chef, yet he attained some success. Ate at his upscale restaurant and was not impressed. Who knows if Vrabel is going to be good but he got to be a HC b/c of his connections. Lets' see how his food/product comes out.
  4. Vrabel named Titans HC

  5. Texans fans jumping for joy!

    This looks a lot like how the Jags fan laugh at the Titans for choosing Mularkey.
  6. Trent Dilfer said that Tua is the best he ever seen in Elite 11. He checks out every category except height. He said at Tua's age, he was way better than Aaron Rodgers as a youngster.
  7. PK: Cassel Unlikely To Be Back

    Would've been funny if PK had a Correction... PK: Mariota Unlikely To Be Back.
  8. Vrabel named Titans HC

    Would've been great if they showed the interview on the Titans website or a fly on the wall.