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  1. 8MM

    Dan Orlovsky talks Mariota

    This part reminds me so much of June Jones Run n Shoot. He has always stated that his teams rushed for more than a thousand yards.
  2. 8MM

    Dan Orlovsky talks Mariota

    I don't think it was a fake run. He was about to run but as most times, he keeps his eyes downfield. He saw Davis start to get open and threw it instead. He's always done this.
  3. 8MM

    Colts Week

    Part of it was his shoulder and part of it was the coaching to prevent him getting sacked so much.
  4. 8MM

    Our Logo

    What I found about something that was interesting reading about Hawaiians is that there was an Egypt voyage that traveled thru Polynesia and landed in Hawaii and that's how it became to be.
  5. 8MM

    Our Logo

    Around 30 yrs ago. I came across this lady, Ruth Montgomery who is an author of some books on spirituality. She did automatic writing, if you're aware of that. Well one of the books, The World Before, talked about the history of the world. You really need to be open minded reading that b/c there is so much stuff that explains how the world started. I found it insightful and interesting.
  6. 8MM

    Our Logo

    I think Greek mythology is so awesome.
  7. 8MM

    AFC Playoff Standings

    I think the Titans have a better chance at winning this game and not the Texan game, just b/c the Texan game is a payback game.
  8. 8MM

    Maroita is killing the franchise

    I better and more appropriate name would be Simple_Ass_Jake. Cause his posts smell real bad!
  9. 8MM

    Colts Week

    A moderator here and many TR guys couldn't see it, so how can anyone expect the media to get it.
  10. 8MM

    Colts Week

    These 2 guys are ignorant and clueless.
  11. 8MM

    Colts Week

    Listening to some of the predictions on youtube, one said that all the signs point to the Titans winning this game but he couldn't see them winning so he picked the Colts. Most others picked the Colts too. This game the colts run out of luck.
  12. 8MM

    Media Recaps

    Found this on Reddit and I know it was last year but it's pretty funny.
  13. 8MM

    Finally...Corey Davis shines

    https://omny.fm/shows/rap-sheet-friends/ep-11-stefon-diggs-corey-davis-and-ians-psychic-po Corey Davis at 50 min. Corey calls Marcus Ocho.