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  1. 8MM

    Who thinks Marcus is a bust?

    His fumble? Alrighty then!
  2. 8MM

    Civil Suit filed against Jameis Winston

    Again why come out now? Does it make sense to you she comes out now? There's more to this than meets the eye. Either she's lying, exaggerating, or getting paid off my the Democrats. All rapes should be reported or else how does one know it happened? So in your opinion, anyone can come off the street and claim rape or sexual assault years or decades later? If someone did that to you, fairly or not, wouldn't that bother you esp. if you held a prestigious position? And with no proof?
  3. 8MM

    Civil Suit filed against Jameis Winston

    Why didn't she come out 30 yrs ago if she felt that ruined? That's my issue.
  4. That's it!!! C'mon man, that's weak as hell. You should be doing twice that amount. I suggest spend more time training and less time here. Man you are shrimp!
  5. Sure b/c he's such a nice guy but don't piss him off. You think you would beat him working out?
  6. I admit I want him to go to your mail route and beat your ass with the mail bag.
  7. 8MM

    Civil Suit filed against Jameis Winston

    Yeah I know it doesn't apply to JW but to others it does. They gotta be joking to bring up something that happened in high school. Really?
  8. 8MM

    Civil Suit filed against Jameis Winston

    The biggest issue I have with women who come out years and years later, claiming this or that person sexually harassed them is that they should have some kind of statue of limitations. It's just not right for them to ruin someone's reputation if they want to choose to come out many years later. Especially if they have no proof. Women who claim that without proof should be jailed.
  9. I was right last week that he wasn't going to play and I don't think he's going to play this week. I hope I'm wrong though.
  10. 8MM

    Texan game post game analysis

    The beginning talks about Vrabel.
  11. 8MM

    Civil Suit filed against Jameis Winston

    Hurry up Jrob sign this guy up.
  12. 8MM

    AFC South Contest - Week 2

    What should I do with the people that didn't vote last week? Drop them out or include them. I hate to keep tabs on the guys who aren't going to keep playing.
  13. 8MM


    Again? He said that last week and we all know how that turned out, which means Marcus ain't playing.