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  1. Titan8425

    Bills Week

    Ideally I'd like to get the coin toss, let the D come out, they get a bone crushing lick or two on Allen and put the fear of God into him(via JC, Landry, Brown, or even Evans), and then Mary and the "O" paint 7 on the opening O drive. Wet dream would be the D gets a pick 6 or turnover on the opening drive after getting that one or two licks in on Allen! I honestly think this coaching team will prepare the team, but that Old Titan fan in me still fears "TRAP GAME"
  2. Titan8425

    Seahawks Sign Former Titans CB Kalan Reed

    Didn't he get off at the preseason stop and switch to the NO train?
  3. Titan8425

    Bills Week

    Exactly! I think it will also tell us if this team is playing to win vs playing not to lose.
  4. Titan8425

    Fran Duffy shows how Titans beat Cover 3

    It's refreshing to see our OC continually make in game adjustments. Not just make an adjustment and if the opposing D counters it keeping pounding hoping that it works.
  5. I'm very curious about this week. I feel we should dominant the Bills, but in the past it's games like this week's that have me pissed and scratching my head. I have a very faint vibe that this team is different (might be the homer in me but we'll see)
  6. Titan8425

    Bills Week

    Wow! You should probably see someone about that anger (and maybe medication therapy). Here's an idea... the next time you need to vent...run up stairs and talk to mommy (and remember like she always says..."your good enough, your smart enough, and gosh darn't people on football forums like you" p.s. Thanks for finding my posts valuable (see bold)
  7. Titan8425

    Bills Week

    WTF is up your panties Nancy? Half the shit on this board is unvaluable posts. I appreciate your input, and in the same theme as your post-try not to inject your own insecurities in post (oh and GFY!)
  8. Titan8425

    Bills Week

    Ok, Ok. I give; you win @JoelinBellevue the depth of your stupidity and inept humor is boundless! Seriously, wouldn't you be happier and fit in better at GoTitans?
  9. Titan8425

    Bills Week

    See there you go again
  10. Titan8425

    Bills Week

    It seems every post I see of yours I think: "Wow! This guy can't get any more stupid than this post"...and then I read your next post and you prove me wrong.
  11. Titan8425

    Media loves Vrabel

    Then just go away dude. You admit to being a half assed fan and jumping ship. Just leave the forum, too.
  12. Has the team said anything about just letting him go???? I just don't see JRob letting him walk vs working some trade. Nothing JRob has done would suggest the former
  13. “You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.”
  14. No offense TitanicoNFLriotFan, but are you hammered or just retarded?