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  1. GFY. Free forum and my right to free speech. You can highjack every thread you jump in on. I can call you on it.
  2. Titan8425

    Henry and Lewis

    I think that vid review by the Texan fan is spot on...this offense and blocking scheme should play to Henry's strengths. If the blocking is there I could see Henry getting some crazy runs, and the RB tandem with Lewis being ridiculously good. But only time will tell; as in we don't know shit yet until we see some pads and real games!
  3. Titan8425

    Lewan holding out and not attending mini camp.

    Delusional thinking for a second contract lineman on a team that has yet to prove it's a contender. This will be the contract TL looks out for his and his family. He's a silly, cut-up dude but not an idiot. No guarantees in live especially in a billion dollar industry when your considered an expendable piece of the product by the owners.
  4. Titan8425

    the WR group feels like a disaster waiting to happen

    Matthews probably is just "identifying" as a protestor
  5. Titan8425

    the WR group feels like a disaster waiting to happen

    Watch Davis have a Hammy
  6. Titan8425

    the WR group feels like a disaster waiting to happen

    Any official word on what's held Davis out?
  7. Titan8425

    OTA Updates

    IT'S THE SECOND DAY OF MINI CAMP. Everyone knows now is the time to size up who's going to win the SB. The only more telling sign is the first preseason game!
  8. Titan8425

    OTA Updates

    He might just "identify" as a woman
  9. Titan8425

    OTA Updates

    PK is knocking the team and feels slighted when a Titan doesn't talk to him...that's new
  10. Titan8425

    I'm back (well sort of)

    and let me guess Married to your sister (or brother), and your parents have been related since birth.
  11. Titan8425

    Vrabel Media Honeymoon Already Over?

    HA! Anybody body else find it funny these "media" guys sound like some whiny ass TR members?
  12. You better stream that shit live on a forum pod cast
  13. Reading a lot of these comments is like watching the bored neighbor's kid that's not to bright do stupid shit
  14. OP should change the title to... "Am I a Nancy or Troll...you decide"