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  1. Titan8425

    Lewan crushed JPP

    Probably should have used his "strong hand" more
  2. Titan8425

    Lewan crushed JPP

    Wonder if he's in charge of taters on Thanksgiving.
  3. Titan8425

    Is it time to panic?

    Hell some of these Nancies have been in panic mode since Day one of TC. It's been so bad there has been a couple times I thought I was on GoTitans
  4. Casey Jones use to have a wicked all you can eat breakfast buffet. First buffet I'd seen with grits and REAL red eye gravy sitting right by some big 'ol country ham steak. Real biscuits and real sausage gravy was just up the tracks. Dude, I probably restricted 33% of my arteries and took 20 years off my life hitting that place after nights drinking. Is it even there anymore? Haven't been through Jackson in like 25 yrs..
  5. Denial and drugs is how I blotted it out!
  6. Your first fact check is YouTube? That's some real MIT shit there! You actually found a "Dick and Jane" book on Vegan dieting? Surprised you can actual read to check the YT facts.
  7. I have no problem with the vegan diet; actually BUD I do know the scene behind it. YouTube as your "source" is like saying "I saw it on the internet it has to be true". Not the most reliable source...BUD!
  8. Well shit if it's on YouTube is got to be science!
  9. Titan8425

    Opinions on Vrabel's style, what to expect?

    I don't care if he puts on a Belichick mask and dances around the house naked doing the "Girly Man" dance from Silence of the Lambs as long as he wins. Maybe he'll try to emulate BB's game planning skills, utilization of players' talent, and push his coaches for in game/half time adjustments to exploit the weakness they see in the first half. Like Bill or not, like New England or not, consider Brady the GOAT or not, think they're the only ones cheating or not..they are doing something right! If you don't think so you're either delusional or just completely bias.
  10. Titan8425

    Sports Betting Legal in MS

    Their sisters or the family's prized 4-H hefer (sometimes that's one and the same).
  11. What is this foolishness that you speak? Everyone knows the FIRST WEEK of training camp tells you all you need to know about how the season will play out! Hell, some of these "all knowing fans" were throwing in the towel day one and two of TC.
  12. Titan8425

    Thoughts on offense

    Totally agree with bolded. For this organization and the last two coaching regimes I'd say this is a new concept. Don't think Whiz or MM were much into adapting to the players. It was back passwords. They couldn't figure out that adapting and molding to players strengths isn't the same as total philosophy change. Don't know...maybe we've got two totally different views on just how fucked up the coaching has been with this team since about mid to end of Fisher era.
  13. Titan8425

    Thoughts on offense

    This interview was before training camp (should have clarified "early on" in my original post). Think it was right after the draft; maybe at rookie camp. One of the first interviews he gave as OC. I think the staff is and has done everything to accommodate making the transition as smooth as possible.
  14. Titan8425

    Thoughts on offense

    LeFluer had an interview earlier on and they brought this question up. He said that "Yes" his verbiage is quite different and he's using it, but if the consensus is the players are all use to the same different verbage then they (coaching) are the ones that will learn/use new verbiage. Blew my mind that we have a OC that #1) spoke intelligently and #2) was willing to admit he's the odd man out and it's easier for him to change/adjust. Novel concept to adapt coaching/plays/philosophy to your players instead of pounding square pegs into "your" round holes. (pounding holes was for you Woolf...)
  15. Titan8425

    Training Camp Discussion

    Remember the Titans???