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  1. 9 Nines

    2018 Titans Report Dynasty League

    you. Please note for clarification, I am not responsible for misreading the ticket.
  2. How crowded was it?
  3. 9 Nines

    Wrong forum

  4. ROS Cooper will have 780 yards and 7 TDs
  5. 9 Nines

    Beddingfield: Davis’s ceiling is a good #2

    Does he take a gun? .
  6. As I understand it, in the NFL: If a QB does not indicate intention to throw the football, and is tackled for lost yards, it is not labeled a sack and the yards are deducted from the both the team's and QBs rushing yards. If a QB does show intentions to throw the football, and is tackled for lost yards, it is labeled a sack, and the lost yards are recorded as negative passing yards to the team, but not player. So if the NFL makes those discrete distinctions, why not have one for kneel-downs. Just as a sack vs lost rushing yard is determined, it would be simply to determine if the QB shows no indication to run or pass run or pass - he is clearly kneeling down to take time of the clock. Then the lost yardage could be subtracted from the team's rushing yards but not the QB, similar to how sacks are handled on passing yards.
  7. 9 Nines

    2018 Titans Report Dynasty League

    I have seen this before. Football should have a different classification QB kneel-downs.
  8. I got lucky. I did not know Melvin Gordon was injured nor that he had a London game, so I locked a 0 into my lineup (had I known, I would have started Hilton, who scored over 14.) I thought for sure I would lose by less than 14 points making my mistake hard to take but I wound up winning by a few points.
  9. 9 Nines

    Beddingfield: Davis’s ceiling is a good #2

    What does a #2 WR, in regard to average NFL tiers, mean when he is his team's #1 and his QB is a #3 , in reference to NFL tiers, at best and possibly a #4 or #5 (backup quality)? A #4 WR???
  10. 9 Nines

    Giants trade Eli Apple

    Did Eli get married? Why did he drop Manning - not proud of name?
  11. This probably means both teams got value in the Cooper trade. Dallas needs a WR and evidently Cooper is not the problem, Carr is. So Dallas got a young WR that has shown he can be a top WR in the NFL for the pick they would have used on a rookie WR from a what is perceived as being a below average receiver draft class. So Dallas got Cooper instead of a rookie from a poor class. Also Cooper agreed to no new contract now, so unless Cooper shows he is worth a long term contract, in which case Dallas did good in the trade, the Cowboys only have to pay him what a rookie would demand for 4+ year for 2 years. So financially, Cooper is less risk than 1st round rookie. Raiders knowing Carr was the problem, held out for a 1st because they knew Cooper was worth holding for anything else but if they could get a 1st, it improved the team's position for landing a future QB so great value for the Raiders.
  12. I do not think Mariota is a starting quality NFL QB but I do agree with this.
  13. https://www.vox.com/2018/10/23/18004478/hack-gap-explained Matthew Yglesias: “The hack gap explains why Clinton’s email server received more television news coverage than all policy issues combined in the 2016 election. It explains why Republicans can hope to get away with dishonest spin about preexisting conditions. It’s why Democrats are terrified that Elizabeth Warren’s past statements about Native American heritage could be general election poison in 2020, and it’s why an internecine debate about civility has been roiling progressive circles for nearly two years even while the president of the United States openly praises assaulting journalists.” “The hack gap has two core pillars. One is the constellation of conservative media outlets — led by Fox News and other Rupert Murdoch properties like the Wall Street Journal editorial page, but also including Sinclair Broadcasting in local television, much of AM talk radio, and new media offerings such as Breitbart and the Daily Caller — that simply abjure anything resembling journalism in favor of propaganda.” “The other is that the self-consciousness journalists at legacy outlets have about accusations of liberal bias leads them to bend over backward to allow the leading conservative gripes of the day to dominate the news agenda.” The last point is the main one and what I have thought for a long time. All media is biased, in how they present the news, in favor of conservatives. The self evident right-wing media is easy to spot in that light but mainstream media is in practice for the reason quoted above.