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  1. OK, I understand “the storm” now

    As that scholar stated, it is has always been part of the psyche of a minority, but measurable number, of people in the US (probably the whole human race.) I suspect that it got amplified under President Obama's tenure because there was a much larger percentage, than the normal amount of conspiracy followers, who could not mentally handle a black man being President therefore they got involved in these movements as a means to cope.
  2. Tariffs

    If your neighbor often came over to cut your grass, to bring you dinners and other gifts (i.e. real good and services) and you rarely gave the neighbor anything and the neighbor asked for little to nothing in return, would you tell the neighbor you want less stuff going forward and to quit cutting your grass and bringing you free items until you give the neighbor equal amounts of goods and services? That is what the US is doing by putting tariffs on those goods - it is taking an action indicating that we do not want as many of those things are you China used to trade to us (i.e. we want to consume less) and Americans consumers are now poorer (less goods and services to consume) going forward.
  3. Another rat jumps ship.

    The last sentence is interesting: "Mr. Dowd, who took over the president’s legal team last summer, had considered leaving several times in recent months and ultimately concluded that Mr. Trump was increasingly ignoring his advice, one of the people said. Under Mr. Dowd’s leadership, Mr. Trump’s lawyers had advised him to cooperate with the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, who is investigating Russia’s election interference and possible ties to Trump associates as well as whether the president obstructed the inquiry. The president has instead in recent days begun publicly assailing Mr. Mueller, a shift in tone that appears to be born of the president’s concern that the investigation is bearing down on him more directly. He has also privately insisted he should sit for an interview with the special counsel’s office, even though Mr. Dowd believed it was a bad idea." I suspect Mueller would just sit back to let President Trump say dumb thing after dumb thing.
  4. The Trump Storm(y) has arrived

    A judge rejected President Trump's immunity claim, and is letting a sexual harassment lawsuit against him proceed. So unless something changes, he will be requested to testify in court (I assume that his legal team will probably figure out a way to get out of it.) https://www.politico.com/story/2018/03/20/trump-summer-zervos-lawsuit-474026
  5. GOP found a way to deliver middle class tax cuts

    The bonus itself is only 50 cents/hour if an annual bonus on the standard 2000 hour work year. It was likely calculated that way.
  6. Starting at :40 mark, Oilerman is the second player to say what he would do (throw a rock at him and laugh) after finding a small child stuck in a well:
  7. Terrorism in US on the rise

    Another package explosion in Texas this morning and another school shooting in another state. Frequent school shootings, church shooting, cars as weapons (white supremacist at end of Summer is not only one - been some vehicles intentionally used to strike protesters), and now these package bombs. I thought Trump campaigned on the idea that terrorism would end under his presidency?
  8. Cambridge Analytica

    Might be the direct collusion link => Facebook vendor shared restricted information of Facebook users with this group (this is known via the recent Facebook announcement about the ban on the vendor) and then this group possibly shared it with Russia for more precise targeting of pro-Trump propaganda (link.)
  9. Is Tux Retarded?

    Can one change his vote? I meant a different person for the 2nd part.
  10. Huckabee-Sanders

    This is a very powerful picture and very apt comment:
  11. 2018 Titans Report Dynasty League

    I would like to trade my 2019 1st (next year) for an early 2nd or late 1st this year.
  12. Mueller to be fired soon

    There could be some very ironic justice that could occur if this unfolds. Most experts think Mueller has steered a lot of the charges to parallel state laws, so New York and other states can take over if he is fired where the President can do nothing about it. Republicans have always harped on state's rights, and giving states power. So it will be funny if that bites them.
  13. Mueller to be fired soon

    Saturday morning: President Trump's attorneys are calling for Mueller to be fired. Its his private attorneys, but I assume President Trump already wants to do this, so he just needs encouragement from others to take the action. If this happens, and the Senate does nothing about it, which seems the current Senate's likely action, then what is the difference between the current USA and despotic nations across the globe?
  14. Special Council Subpoenas Trump Organization’s records.

    Experts have predicted what is happening. They also state that the financial crimes (being investigated now evidently) can be turned over to state prosecutors against whom the President can not do anything.
  15. Another Trump loss