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  1. GLinks

    Dodd Released

    I thought I was going to open this thread and see a new record for high fives. Shame for Dodd, but moving on....
  2. Decker is still the guy I would bring back for depth. At least he knows the deal ’round here.
  3. GLinks

    LaFleur Article by Glennon

    Glad to hear that.
  4. GLinks

    LaFleur Article by Glennon

    I put the lol emoji but I also need the cry emoji as well. Is there a manic-depressive emoji?
  5. GLinks

    mychal Kendricks anyone?

    He was offered to us by the Eagles before that trade with the Rams. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... Ssslllhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... Don’t care.
  6. GLinks

    A closer look at Akrum Wadley

    I think Wadley was a high priority UDFA signing who probably had multiple offers. I still think he and Webb are early favorites to make the roster.
  7. GLinks

    Official UDFA Tracker Thread

    He started being projected as going in 4-5, but rose as high as 3. I’m surprised no one picked him along the way. A couple of these guys got pretty decent bonuses to come to camp I’d bet.
  8. GLinks

    Official UDFA Tracker Thread

    Really solid. Look for one of his reels on YouTube. You’ll be very pleased.
  9. GLinks

    Official UDFA Tracker Thread

    Akrum Wadley RB Damon Webb S Ethan Wolfe TE Deontay Burnett WR These guys are like 4th-7th round picks who have to be early favorites to earn a roster spot. And we actually have room for them. Wadley probably fell due to the injury concerns, but give him a redshirt year, and there likely is another steal. Thank God for JR and his team. No other Titans regime would have had the pull to get these guys to sign here. ....like a boss! Absolutely love it. This makes a great class even better on first glance.
  10. GLinks

    2018 NFL Draft Thread

    I’m thinking possibly Julian Temple or Gossett or Welsh from Appalachian State.
  11. GLinks

    2018 NFL Draft Thread

    Wilson would be another steal.
  12. GLinks

    It Feels Good......

    And to think, the media and pundits seem to be liking the Titans more and more. It’s as though people are starting to respect the team and organization a little bit, finally.
  13. I think you might have pretty much nailed it.
  14. GLinks

    Round 2 options

    I’m more high-fiving Gallup in 3 but overall that wouldn’t suck if Hubbard turns out decently.