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  1. GLinks

    Titans Promote Batson

    Lol, of course I remember. Not many people survive getting shot in the back of the head and have a Super Bowl ring. I didn’t guess the pick would be Adoree — I remember wanting Howard after McCaffrey — so both Davis and Jackson were surprises. But I was like, Hey, so what, JR nailed the Conklin and Byard picks. But Adoree, not flashily but solidly, has taken care of most of his business. No jinx, but...Samari Rolle, as in, steady and reliable. Last year was remarkable. My take on Lattimore has always been, eh, I don’t care because Jackson is playing so well the majority of the time. His coverage numbers are very good, last season and this season.
  2. GLinks

    Titans Promote Batson

    Anyone could see Adoree was active and all over the place last year defending passes and being in the right place more often than not. And now the picks are coming. For his draft position by most projections, he has surpassed expectations, given he was seen by many as a late first, early second round pick. Gotta be happy with him overall. I won’t go into all the others, but there have been some very nice early returns on a select number of the draft picks in the JR era so far.
  3. GLinks

    Titans Promote Batson

    I thought Burnette was especially clutch on 3rd down. He showed up making tough catches at some timely moments. I will agree, he is a bit immature. Came across his Trojan campus personality profile video during the lead up to the draft, trawling for highlights. Staged and canned cheese. Literally says to the camera, “Oh hey, I didn’t see you there.” Fuugh, it was baaaad. But, I thought this was semi-interesting: https://www.nashvillepost.com/sports/tennessee-titans/blog/21020422/by-the-numbers-titans-in-the-preseason “11 – receptions by Deontay Burnett (pictured). The undrafted rookie out of USC was the Titans’ leader and his total was the most by a Tennessee player in the preseason since tight end Chase Coffman had 12 in 2015. The last time a wide receiver had more than 10 receptions in the preseason was 2003, when Derrick Mason had 11. Mason’s 15 in 2001 rank as the most by any wide receiver during the Titans era (1999-present). • 24 – tackles by Robert Spillane. The undrafted rookie was the Titans’ leader and paced a group of four inside linebackers who finished among the top five tacklers. The others were Jayon Brown (second with 16), Daren Bates (fourth, 15) and Will Compton (fifth, nine). Brown and Compton did not play against the Vikings. In a 3-4 defense, the inside linebackers are supposed to be able to run free and make tackles, and those stats suggest the defense has functioned well in the run-up to the regular season.” I guess that also goes to show how basically meaningless preseason stats are, but I’m excited to see Spillane come up. Hopefully lights a fire under Evans.
  4. GLinks

    Titans Release Nick Williams

    Firkser > Smith. Even the other 6’ 8” TE UDFA was better than Smith in preseason. I wouldn’t mind seeing Burnett brought back, but whatever. Hands were very sticky. His size was probably the overall concern at cutdown, but I liked him over Williams and Jennings, honestly. If they trade, Agholor would interest me. He was finally put to good use last year in the Eagles’ system. But I have no idea who they would actually go after.
  5. GLinks

    Anybody got some warm milk?

    Happy Gilmore?
  6. No states use Atlantic time, only territories. Some New England states have discussed it with none of that fuddy duddy daylight savings time to confuse matters. But it’s otherwise Canada above those states that use it. But I have crossed into alternate realities and parallel universes before, so....(shrugs).
  7. Atlantic time is over the Atlantic Ocean.
  8. Mariota is easily the best QB we have had since McNair. I just don’t quite understand the haste to toss MM out and not extend him, given McNair took 4 years to really begin his legacy. It’s pretty funny the whole board goes “Aaah!” time and time again regardless of the mitigating circumstances. I just think Mariota showed us who he was enough in season 1, improved in season 2, and showed in spurts that when he called plays at the line in season 3 and exhibited toughness, good things happened enough to translate to Ws. There’s a balance to be struck between improving his mechanics and letting him play and cycle through things his way. It’s great if Vrabel and company together with Mariota can strike that balance. Mariota gotta Mariota, though, ultimately. Aloha and mahalo.,
  9. Todd Bowles is on pace to be fired at the end of the season.
  10. LaFleur said when he was hired and first interviewed that he absolutely believes Vrabel was the right man for the job. After the draft, mini and training camps, preseason, and now a haywire wild ride of a first month that we got through thanks to leadership and then execution, I’m sure that first impression has only gotten stronger. Again, sure, his time will probably come to take a HC gig, but there’s something to be said for being able to do work on your weaknesses scott-free, while you continue to hone and showcase your strengths. And that’s if all continues to go well during his stint. I also think Josh McDaniels serves as a caustic take for hot OC to HC candidates running in ahead of your readiness, and seeing the long-term repercussions. Besides, can anyone honestly see LaFleur leading a “For the Boys!” chant? So many lulz with that one. So, I fully expect Vrabel to, haha, avoid saying rub off on, LaFleur. But it will happen. Meanwhile, ML gets to be the don’t say right arm of don’t say Voltron, that gets to hold the sword, and other cool things.
  11. Vrabes all the way. Pundits have been have been waiting to anoint Reid for Mahomes for some time. I’ll takes Vrabel over McVay and Reid. He’s the coach with his back most against the wall so far, and pulled off three consecutive rope-a-dopes. A++
  12. One shall stand... And one shall fall. Very transformative stuff there.
  13. GLinks

    My top 5 players of Week 4 vs Philly

    OL has to do a much better job run blocking.
  14. GLinks

    Week 4: Eagles @ Titans Game Thread

    I’d like to point out that Tajae Sharpe made not one, but two crucial blocks on that 4th and 2 play to Lewis up the right side. It was some heads up blocking that the Titans would not have won without. Unsung hero stuff. Way to show up Tajae.
  15. GLinks

    Week 4: Eagles @ Titans Game Thread

    Both those Eagles fans need their boyfriends right now. So much butt hurt with those two.