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  1. around the NFL training camp observations

    My brother in law graduated with George. Really sucks to see this happen. Guy has worked his tail off to get there.
  2. I fucking love Kevin Byard!
  3. Visiting Nashville

    Clarion is where I always park on game days. Longer walk but easy access to get back on I-65.
  4. Preseason Week 1: Titans @ Jets Game Day Thread

    Jayon Brown has been impressive.
  5. Preseason Week 1: Titans @ Jets Game Day Thread

    Uhhh O-Line.......you there?
  6. Houston Texans Vs. Carolina Panthers

    Texans offensive line looked bad as well. On the first drive especially.
  7. Training Camp Practice Number 8 Discussion

    I did see him hobble off the field Saturday night FWIW
  8. First Unofficial Depth Chart

    I really wanna see Austin Johnson beat out DaQuan Jones.
  9. scrimmage fight

    Both should have been ejected. Not just the guy who ran. Dude in the white initiated the fight.
  10. Who All Is Headed To Nissan Stadium Tonight

    I went yesterday as well. Got Mariota's autograph so that was pretty awesome! One thing that wasn't mentioned (I could have skimmed over it) but Tre McBride beat Logan Ryan deep and made one hell of a catch over his shoulder that they called out of bounds. I was on that side and I'm still convinced it was a catch. Jayon Brown stood out. Got through for a sack. Our offense has so many options it's not funny. Defense looks to be improved. I don't think Sims is a fluke. I think he's legit. Feels good to have a lot more positives than negatives to talk about these days. Go Titans!
  11. Biggest Camp Surprises So Far (Good Ones)

    Taywan Taylor. I beat his drum leading up to the draft and told y'all that he is a stud. He still has a lot of work to do, but Mularkey already said with Davis out, Taylor is the slot receiver.
  12. Paul Kuharsky Trolls Jason LaConfora on Twitter

    And he's probably drunk. (See earlier tweet with he and AAS)