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  1. Vrabel named Titans HC

    Just got an alert that said LaFleur is staying in LA. Can’t find it on Twitter though.
  2. Doug Martin

    We won't draft him. He will go earlier than we can afford.
  3. Doug Martin

    He may be washed up to be an every down back but I think he could serve as a 3rd down back still. He has ties to J-Rob as well with his time in Tampa.
  4. Doug Martin

    Could he be someone to come in accept a 3rd down RB role behind Henry? Would also be good depth on the roster for injury possibilities.
  5. Who is your choice for HC? (POLL)

    Roid Rage bro
  6. Who is your choice for HC? (POLL)

    With McDaniels all but gone to Indy, I’m really warming up to John DeFilippo. Pair him with a good DC (Jack Del Rio, Chuck Pagano, Rex Ryan), and I’d be happy.
  7. Albert Breer: Mike Vrabel Strong Fit for Titans

    Espn just listed Vrabel as our top candidate on NFL Live.
  8. How About Coach Flip HC/Rex Ryan DC

    That was under Mike Pettine right?
  9. How About Coach Flip HC/Rex Ryan DC

    Am I making this up or was DeFilippo the OC in Cleveland under Mike Pettine?
  10. JRob already has his coach, IMO.

    I just don’t get what’s so intriguing about Vrabel?
  11. Could someone enlighten me on what’s so intriguing about Vrabel??
  12. I’m not crazy about Vrabel. McDaniels, Reich and LaFleur intrigue me the most.
  13. Frank Reich, Eagles OC?

    Frank Reich as head coach could bring DeFillipo as his OC. There are still good DCs out there to pair with. Jack Del Rio, Chuck Pagano and Rex Ryan to name a few.
  14. Rapoport reporting McDaniels expected to accept Colts HC job

    And he also said today that McDaniels preferred the Titans over the Colts.