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  1. If we're going safety at 5, give me Malik Hooker all day long.
  2. McAfee is happy. Grigson must've been despised.
  3. Just a warning, its per Jason Cole but here's the link with a video.
  4. We could have easily been a 12 win team. The first Colts game, the Raiders game, and of course the last game against Jax. Those are three games that come to mind that could've made us 12-4.
  5. Don't tell @oldschool because they are battle tested.
  6. Your opinion.
  7. I just don't see the Seahawks making it to the Super Bowl.
  8. I still prefer Hooker but either one will be be just fine.
  9. Steelers Texans Giants Seahawks
  10. Wilson, Lattimore, Tankersley, Jones, Tabor, Jackson, King, Humphrey
  11. Good to see