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  1. If you try and defend the play-calling today, you are delusional. I’ve been saying for weeks now that Robiskie is horrific at play-calling. This run, run, pass stuff does nothing but put us in obvious situations that defenses can predict. It’s time to give Robiskie an ultimatum. Either give up play-calling duties or be fired. Yes, poor execution by the players does not help matters but if they weren’t put in obvious situations, maybe they could execute. Mularkey is so gung-ho on “never giving up” on these 1-4 yard gains throghout the game and then one finally breaks through one time during the game to give him a reason to say “told you so.” Please open the damn field up and let Marcus pass the ball. 4 TDs through 7 games is freakin ridiculous. The run game isn’t what it was last year, let’s do something different. We just beat an 0-6 team by a field goal and by kicking only field goals. We play a good team, we get our tails kicked. This win feels like a loss.
  2. Jason Michael Breaks Down TD Pass to Taylor

    Or a better sell/ran-route by Taylor maybe???
  3. Jason Michael Breaks Down TD Pass to Taylor

    Just finished watching this earlier. Watching it on TV, I thought Taylor was the 1st option all along. Nope, it was Delanie.
  4. What's Dodds Tweet about?

    Probably not lol.
  5. What's Dodds Tweet about?

    Maybe he can give us the pass rush that we lack right now.
  6. I really hope they use the same plan for Mariota this week as last.
  7. Paging Brian Orakpo

    Paging the whole defensive line.
  8. Taylor Lewan Changed the Game Again

    That one play was the difference in 7 points and 3. We won by 14, but that’s besides the point. That one play could’ve been another dive upnthe middle to Henry instead of trying to get cute with Walker. Yea it worked in Jax, but that doesn’t mean it will always work. Sometimes it’s best to just keep it simple. My problem with this offense is that we are forced into too many obvious situations to the defense. Cassel couldn’t get us out of those 3rd and long situations last week, hence why we punted 10 times. Mularkey and Robiskie are lucky they’ve got Mariota to cover for them in those times.
  9. Taylor Lewan Changed the Game Again

    Yea that was last year. We weren’t running jet sweeps with our TE on the goal line then either. We aren’t the same team in the RZ as last year. Henry gets us to the one. Then you run a jet sweep with Walker that loses you yardage and puts you in an obvious passing situation on 3rd down. Henry would’ve got that yard the next down. No question in my mind. Just a bad sequence in my opinion.
  10. Taylor Lewan Changed the Game Again

    And get paid a lot. No reason he shouldn’t be the highest paid LT in the NFL.
  11. Taylor Lewan Changed the Game Again

    You can’t sit here and tell me the play-calls on the goal line were “fucking outstanding.” More like fucking pathetic.
  12. Big win

    Mariota made two throws that made me say, “Damn that was beautiful.” First one was in the 3rd. Decker ran a 10-15 yard out route to the sideline. Marcus floated it beautifully over the Colts defender right into Decker’s hands. The second was the TD throw to Taylor. The throw was great but what was better was when he felt pressure from the back and stepped up into the pocket and threw the bomb down field. Then got hit while throwing. Absolutely awesome!
  13. Leave Marcus in the pocket

    I was gonna make a post like this. He showed he can be an effective pocket passer. Please keep this up.