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  1. Sherman is better than any corner you're gonna find in this draft. Why not use 18 to grab him instead?
  2. Who gives a shit? Dude can ball and still in his prime.
  3. Wonder what it would take to be a considered a serious offer? Pick 18? I'd have to consider giving up 18 for him.
  4. And gave me my first loss
  5. My perfect bracket is still alive
  6. Get on the phone JRob!
  7. I would like to have Revis. He stated yesterday that he would be open to playing safety. Said he's lost 10 lbs as well. I wouldn't mind at all to have him.
  8. Weird.
  9. 18 Kyle? Now you just sound desperate.
  10. I mean damn he's no perennial pro bowler or future Hall of famer but he is a solid player who can help contribute to this team. Quit acting like we just signed a person off the street.
  11. Polish a turd, it's still a turd.
  12. He took a paycut
  13. Good for him. (Yes that was a salty post).
  14. Which is why I'm confused we didn't go hard after Hightower??