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  1. NFL Nation Mock Draft

  2. 2018 NFL Draft Rumors & Speculation Thread

    Rapoport just said on Up To The Minute that the Titans are a team that are looking to trade down to acquire more picks. Goes with what JRob was saying yesterday.
  3. Final Mock Draft - Full 1st round

    This is actually a good mock Kyle. Good job.
  4. Giants Cut Brandon Marshall

    I could see him retiring honestly. He’s stated several times he doesn’t wanna keep bouncing from team to team trying to learn new offenses this late in his career.
  5. Giants Cut Brandon Marshall

    Oh, he said that? I must have missed it.
  6. Giants Cut Brandon Marshall

    Making room for Dez??
  7. Why Jake Locker Walked Away

    Kudos to him for putting his faith first.
  8. Cowboys Releasing Dez Bryant

    I’m guessing Suh gave him this information.
  9. Cowboys Releasing Dez Bryant

    It’ll be similar to Alshon Jeffery’s when he went to the Eagles on a one year deal but probably less money.
  10. Bye Bye Color Rush

  11. Bye Bye Color Rush

    Nah, let it be Oilers vs. Oilers. Home wears the home throwbacks and away wears the away throwbacks. Would be epic.
  12. Bye Bye Color Rush

    Only way I could think of would be to shorten the number on TNF games a year. But then you’re getting back into my earlier post.
  13. Bye Bye Color Rush

    With TNF being such a strong debate, I doubt the NFL would do that. Wouldn’t be fair to some teams playing on a short week more than once a year and some teams not playing on Thursday at all.
  14. Bye Bye Color Rush

    Throwback Thursday would be better.