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  1. rns90

    False Equivalence Though.....

    Why are those on the right so adamant against immigrants? They do realize that the history of the US is more or less based on different ethic groups immigrating here?
  2. rns90

    OTA Updates

    That's pretty much it. He's going to have to prove that he can play QB at a high level for one entire season. It would be nice if he stayed healthy for one year as well.
  3. rns90

    Manafort In jail

    Tell me what does this have to do with Manafort going to jail at all? Last I checked, Hiliary wasn't the one with multiple passports, money laundering, falsifying tax documents and all those other unsavory things associated with Manafort? You never address the main topic of whenever Trump's associates get arrested or indicted. Instead you (and others) always deflect or pivot toward Obama or Clinton.
  4. rns90

    Cohen Flips on Trump

    I'll explain this once: Cohen has very little clients outside of Trump. If he's cooperating to reduce his potential sentence, he has to give them "something" for this to happen. That "something" would be info of a whole bunch of Trump's illegal activities. As an aside, I'll watch this film in the next few days in your honor:
  5. rns90

    Cohen Flips on Trump

    LOL zing! Well done, uncle's uncle of 2003 1st round bust.
  6. rns90

    Cohen Flips on Trump

    Context and understanding of said written articles are a major issue for some Trump supporters as evidenced by some of the responses from this thread.
  7. rns90

    Cohen Flips on Trump

    Lol. This is nothing says the brain dead zombies who support Trump.
  8. Oakland, assuming Carr is healthy for the entire year.
  9. Why do they hate him? He's black and there are a lot of closet racists out there. Why do you think the birther nonsense gained traction amongst some people?
  10. Obvious especially when you connect it with the comment he made after the Comey firing.
  11. Gerald Wilkins is missing on that list. He was the one with the unenviable task of guarding MJ in both CLE and NYK.
  12. rns90

    Combat Trump with Decency

    I would too but I'm just saddened by the way the media has been marginalized by the Trump admin/fake news idiots. Society needs the press as a "check and balance" on the powerful and wealthy.
  13. Speaking of horrible team building,. Dallas has been horrible at building a team around Dirk them last few years. He took less money and they pissed that away by signing questionable players.
  14. rns90

    Combat Trump with Decency

    Let's not leave out JakePa, thor, ben4titans, Longtimefan, Rolltide and Soxcat out either.