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  1. Bribery charge instead of collusion?

    Welp, let's see how long it takes for something to come of this.
  2. How Trump Wins by Bashing the News Media

    If the sun doesn't come up tomorrow, it will be Trumps and the rights fault. That is where we're at.
  3. How Trump Wins by Bashing the News Media

    Some still have the potential to be true, sure. But Im sure the BS journalism far outweighs the really good and respectable stuff. But why do they blame the right? Isn't there enough people on the left that could bring great journalism to the spotlight? Hillary and Comey seemed to do pretty good with their books. Not like the right helped that much. Maybe they just don't care about good, informative reads. Maybe they're are just nosey and rather have the "inside" info or gossip from the horses mouth. And all that really doesn't even matter. Because if a journalist did their job brilliantly, then their work will stand the test of time regardless of who likes it or not. Just something else to blame the right for.
  4. Cryptic tweet from Delanie

    How do we know this wasn't directed towards an old teammate or friend in that possibly plays for an LA team?
  5. Another article on it. http://titanswire.usatoday.com/2018/04/25/marcus-mariota-made-important-adjustment-to-throwing-motion/
  6. How Trump Wins by Bashing the News Media

    If that so called evidence actually leads to something other than public scrutiny by the liberal parrots, how could we?
  7. How Trump Wins by Bashing the News Media

    The best job a journalist could do is tell the truth. When they do that, they'll be good at what they do. As long as they sling opinionated articles trying to make Trump the big bad wolf, they'll continue to fail.
  8. How Trump Wins by Bashing the News Media

    We reject BS accusations with no evidence and they say "journalists could do a bang up job, but Trump supporters still wont listen". Lmao Find something with evidence backing it up, and you'll have our ears. Until then, try getting the next handful of jello to stick to the wall.
  9. Astros

    You're a moron, truly. You use stats from a month of baseball to make your case between two players then act like I can't use the stats from the same time span to do the same. You said he was as good or better than Yu because of their first 4 games this year. So I said, by your same dumbass logic, he is better than those I mentioned because his early nunbers are better. I simply showed why your arguement highlights your stupidity. So fucking stupid. So stupid.
  10. ***TF's Official NFL 2018 Mock Draft***

    You could definitely make sense of it given the current situation. But you could also make a case for getting help on the front 7. And if Ridley should be top 15 if not top 10, and Davis lives up to his spot, what's the chances you retain both once their rookie contracts up? Not to mention the pressure you put on Mariota and LaFleur taking back to back 1st round WRs. I agree with socal. The backlash would be real. They could get fans excited about in during TC, but if they don't put up big numbers early and often, they will get drilled. Long term, I like going after a possible game changing player on the front 7. I wouldn't be pissed if we took Ridley, would be really shocked although we can make sense of it.
  11. ***TF's Official NFL 2018 Mock Draft***

    I hope IND doesn't get Nelson.
  12. Comey Memos

    I see.
  13. 4 dead at Waffle House in Antioch

    I also see no one wants to talk about the video of that white kid getting gunned down with an SMG....but if it was a black kid....oh my, look out!
  14. Comey Memos

    Then find me a article of those who were denied
  15. Update On Markelle Fultz and "the process".

    It's possible. Idl how likely. They wouldn't have played 10 tanking teams at the end of the year like they got to playing in the East. But sure, its possible. I think they're as good as POR, OKC, Utah. But I also don't believe any of those 3 are title contenders. Not in the West. Neither would Philly.