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  1. They ain't taking him at 13.
  2. Everyone notes that as a question about him. Even the "experts". It will be talked about on draft day as well. Just like it was for Mack and Wentz. And those defenses were straight garbage. And it's not an exaggeration.
  3. With busted knees he is much more of a risk and Hill was a 5th round pick. Ross is worth a 4 round jump simply because he's slightly faster? And he has that knee(s) situation. Ross to me is the ultimate risk in round one. There is not one person that's more risky than him.
  4. Not with busted knees.
  5. Even if that shitty kid playing D didn't make him look better thab he is, idk why we even consider him since everyone has us taking Howard and Davis this year.
  6. I understand people may believe he will be fine but I don't know why you'd want to risk a first round pick on Ross. Couldn't do it.
  7. TK said it pretty well. 20170323_030747.mp4
  8. This whole disrespect the D2 guys I really thought was getting put to bed. Most of the ones sought-after enough to pick relatively high usually pan out. They usually have what it takes. It's whether they want it bad enough.
  9. I don't think Harden is. NBA: Russell Westbrook becomes first player in league history to record triple-double while going perfect from floor (6-6) and FT line (6-6)via @ESPN App http://es.pn/app Another triple double for the soon to be MVP.
  10. I'm not saying there aren't ppl that like celebrations, but I highly doubt there are people that say "hey, football is on. I'm going to throw it on real quick and see if I can see Antonio Brown pelvic thrust". There are people who watch NASCAR solely to see wrecks. I don't believe it's that way with the NFL and crlebrations. Also, I don't think Goodell and the NFL brass really care about what highlights (or celebrations) network shows. Celebration related or not. They know there are fans that like it, but they still don't want it to be apart of the game. Listen to the boss or get fined/suspended/fired, whatever.
  11. Maybe because it's a show and they feel the need to do more? I assure you no one watches NFL games to see celebrations. I can also assure you Goodell and those who set rules don't have a hand in the NFL networks advertising of the show. Also, what the show displays doesn't get players upset the way it can live in a game.
  12. I wouldn't bitch about it but I think it should be better. Regardless of the first round depth.
  13. There is a fine line between celebrating and tautning. Some don't know how to differentiate. Taunting starts fights. Kids will do what they see NFL players do. It's a trickle down effect that starts with the NFL and they want people to be respectful more than not celebrating and being happy. Every job has rules you have to follow. If you don't like following rules, be a bum. Maybe you'll be happier. NFL doesn't care about you fans being upset with a limited celebration package. Celebrations aren't going to bring more viewers and the lack of celebrations aren't detracting viewers. These guys are (supposed to be) grown ups and professionals. There are kids in HS and college that don't celebrate. If they can score without celebrating, so can grown ass men.
  14. Let me guess. James, Harden, and Durant? Lol Kevin Durant should never be considered an MVP as long as he's in GSW with those guys. Just like when LeBron went to MIA. MVPs don't do that shit.
  15. Don't know if I'd call him a steal but I do like the signing.