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  1. Idc what ppl said about me. Id have no problem telling CLE I wouldn't play for them. I can't believe it doesn't happen more often.
  2. Its not because he didn't want to play for Dallas, the CFL offered him more money.
  3. Their OL is not amazing. They are real good at run blocking. Average at best at pass blocking, even with a healthy Thomas. But after Thomas went down they were really hurting in pass pro. No one should ever be pumped to go to Cleveland unless you're going there you play them.
  4. If he doesn't sign he could go back into next years draft. Idk if going to another pro league changes that or not.
  5. Philly vs OKC tonight

    October 28th and 30th. You lost both games. Only player you were down was Paul. November 14th, lost to TOR, only down Paul. Thats three right there. Prolly more but I felt that is enough to prove you wrong. And that was just looking at your first 3 losses. Starting to wonder if I should take your word on the 25-1 record when Harden, Paul, and Capela are all in the lineup. Starting to seem questionable now...
  6. Bleacher Report grades the 2017 NBA draft class.

    I didn't know saying they're the favorites means they get the title. But I do remember ppl saying all through the season they would win the year they set the regular season record for wins. But see what the regular season gets you? Not a title... So keep talking about that "when healthy" record as if it depicts the future.
  7. Another plea deal for Mueller?

    No trolling. And the fact you keep going back to that yet continue to repsond shows how weak that claim, or you, really are. And they are two totally different situations. Cruz actually incriminated himself. If you think there was more proven evidence in that dossier to infringe on someones rights but there wasn't enough on Cruz, you're a confused individual. What this boils down to is you cant admit the FBI fucked up, because you believe you'll be feeding into Russian propaganda. Lol. Sad. If that isn't a classic class of deflection that you like to talk about....
  8. Another plea deal for Mueller?

    Yea, the entire Deomcratic party. They continue to push the Russian FB ads and wikileaks are the only reason she lost. They blame Comey a little, but mostly the Russians. I understand most here have come to their senses about her, but a lot of people out there still believes she was fit to be the first female President.
  9. Another plea deal for Mueller?

    And from the sounds of it they've been doing it for a long time. How come its oh so important now all of a sudden? Because they need an excuse as to why Hillary lost because they can't admit she just fucking sucked?
  10. Another plea deal for Mueller?

    Isn't that why they "investigate"? To see if the "tips" or presented evidence holds weight? Im sure you seen the post they have talked about on YouTube. They also had a video on youtube of him cutting himself. I also heard, not sure if completely accurate or not, that there were at least a dozen calls to the local PD about this kid. He posted a instagram pic of all of his guns. I dont understand how you classify any of that as unproven. And to add to it, thats the FBIs job. To find the proof once they are alerted. It doesn't seem like it was that hard in this case. So is that what you're saying? None of this was ever proven?
  11. Another plea deal for Mueller?

    Well I wasn't saying that so no one can throw it in my face. And you hear about it, it just doesn't last long. A headline stating "FBI prevents POSSIBLE attack" is not as attention capturing as "17 dead and FBI got tips this could happen". So one is ran a lot longer and it is scientifically proven that bad shit sticks around in your memory longer than positive shit. So its easier for ppl to look bad and bring up the past bad shit but not remember the good they hear about.
  12. Rockets Depth Chart For The 2017-18 Season

    31 appearances to 4. Lmao And a lot of ppl are saying LeBron is the goat and he is 3-5. But you gonna throw shade on LAs 16-15. Lmao Hate Let me know when yall get to #5 let alone win #3. Lol
  13. Do my suns got a chance to compete?

    Theyve dealt with those same issues all year and have remained #3, all year. Get outa here with that BS. The current top 5 are locked in. Might not be the same order when its all said and done, but they are all making it.
  14. Another plea deal for Mueller?

    Unproven, right. I guess saying you're going to do it is unproven evidence? Yet a white person says the N word and its evidence they're racist. A white person shoots people. "We have a racism and gun control problem" 5 time deported illegal kills someone. "We dont have an immigration problem". Yall are just racist. That's why the left and their brain dead logic are so twisted. Total fucking hypocrites. I can honestly admit there are racist fucks out there. And people that do this shit there arent even words to describe how sick they are. But when have any of yall ever said we have an immigration problem? Never. Keep living in denial. Keep being hypocritical. And keep thinking that your thoughts are always right and everyone else is always wrong. Yall are going to get far. Bout to have to rely on Oprah. Lmao.
  15. Another plea deal for Mueller?

    So holding those that could have prevented it accountable because they didn't is now Russian propaganda? Lmao. Yes, we have a mental issue in this country.