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  1. This suspension must be torture. I wonder if it is only temporary, and if so for how long?

  2. You're correct. I didn't change anything....But things and the meaning of things did get changed throughout time. Just like the meaning of the Flag. No one had a problem with it for all these years until Kaep said it stood for oppression of blacks. Im sure we will have to change the Flag once again at some point. Maybe they can consider that "progress".
  3. They're the only race that feels a word gives them a right to actually commit crimes. Black people continually prove they have no self control. From letting peaceful protests turn violent, from getting into constant fights on the field, court, and classroom. And for those people, yes there are mentally weak people of all races. Just like the cops that are quick on the trigger. They are too. No self control for the mentally weak. Who demonstrates it more though?
  4. What Green did was just as bad....yet, no games. Mmmhhhmmm.
  5. Yes it is. You just dont want to believe it. Im sure that word didnt exist before slavery, huh?
  6. I didnt racially insult anyone retard. I said what Grink did was niggerish. That wasnt a racial insult, no matter how much you want it to be.
  7. Not me dumb fuck. And yea, someone said nigger, boo fucking hoo, right? Whos the fucking baby you whiny ass bitch? Man up and stop letting a word get in your feelings pussy boy.
  8. I give yall what you need, a villian. Yall need me. Yall need someone to act like this towards. Even though you make yourselves feel this way towards me. If you banned me, youd move to someone else. So stop bitching about banning me when you need something to bitch about.
  9. I did the draft profile on Adoree when no one thought he was an option at 18. Thats just one example of my contributions. I also post a lot of articles on TEN that others don't. I contribute a lot, yall just ignore it. Yall choose to focus on what you can make bad. And the bad is easier to remember. Also, its not like I couldnt start another one, right? So how much smarter do you feel again?
  10. I know life isnt fair, which is why idgaf. Blacks and others (of any race) dont care about me, so why should I care about their feelings as it realates to a word? So what you're saying is, your holding what past white folk did against current ones? Because they did bad things in the day, I shouldnt be allowed to say a certain word today? Weak as fuck. What if my ancestors fought for the North? What if my blood shed their own blood to help end slavery? What if Im so pissed off that anytime blacks talk about slavery and that day in age, they think all whites were for that shit? When do you ever hear blacks acknowledge that there were white people that sacrificed their lives to help bring that shit to an end? Never. Even though there were many that were against it, all whites are always grouped in as "slave owners". I'm tired of it. Im tired of the constant crying and finger pointing towards todays peoole who had nothing to do with slavery. Im tired of it and dont care how people and their soft ass feelings anymore. Im curious what the popular answer would ve if blacks under the age of 18 where polled and the question was "What waa the Civil War, who fought in it, and what was it about". I bet blacls would be embarrassed to hear the answers...
  11. Aka, based on black people crying about it, it was changed. Sound familiar? Black people crying about soemthing and getting their way. Black are mentally weak and cant ignore it, so they made liberal whites believe it waa so egregious, so that they could feel justified in fighting someone who said it. Even though they glorify and say it daily. This is someone that posted under the "current" meaning of the "N word" on the webster doctionary site.
  12. Right. So if I, a white man, referred to you as "colored", you wouldnt be offended? I know you would. So this is the typical double standard. Its ok for you cuz your black. Whereas, if it was so bad, you wouldnt want to use it yourself.
  13. Also, you do realize referring to black people as people of color is also deemed a racist term/phrase, correct?
  14. Obviously this is a metaphor, but idk. Im not the person to ask. I believe unarmed men that are shot, whether killed or not, should be given justice. What say you in regards to my question?