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  1. Corey Davis: WTF

    And people should trust you can find a good QB dropping these days yet 9 out of 10 times they are the 1st pick or two. And it's not even about that. It's about the fact that Adams was an elite player at a position of need and at the time was considered one of the safest picks and so far he has turned out to be just that. Brian Dawkins with Philly going to the NFC title game all the time. Ed Reed with Baltimore. Polamalu with PITT. Earl Thomas with SEA. GB had Woodson as their saftey for their SB. All were top picks and it's not a coincidence those defenses were damn good. Not all of those teams that had SB victories and continued success had great, highly draft WRs. TO made it to one SB. Aj Green hasn't seen shit. Julio finally got to one (after they invested heavily into defense). Dez hasn't seen shit. Megatron didn't get far. Crabtree and Cooper were both top 10 picks. They are on the same team and haven't accomplished shit. Why? Defense sucks. Yes the game favors the offense, that's why it's so crucial to get the best defenders. We passed on multiple elite defenders for a WR when we have a QB that doesn't seem to need ONE great guy. Just a handful of dependable ones. 3 of our first 4 or 5 picks were offensive. And although I understand why they made those picks, I can also question if our first pick was the best decision. Like all things, time will tell. And now that we seem to be back to the 8-8 mark, chances of landing any elite defenders are going to be slim.
  2. Browns Predictions & Poll

    Kizer is starting so we should be looking at 2 picks in the first half. Titans 27 Browns 13
  3. Corey Davis: WTF

    Should have been Adams at 5. Cyprien should have never been considered. Him and Byard would have made a damn good tandem. And both are versatile enough to move around in case Searcy improved his play. Which he seemed to have done. I'm sure Davis is still going to make an impact this year but the defense needed more help.
  4. Rockets Depth Chart For The 2017-18 Season

  5. Rockets Depth Chart For The 2017-18 Season

    They finished strong. One tenth of a second more on the clock and they lose though. After watching that game I can't see them winning more than 2 in a 7 game set.
  6. Rockets Depth Chart For The 2017-18 Season

    They are capable of averaging 115-120 but give up 100 in 3 quarters.
  7. NBA Rookie of the Year

    People could change their minds
  8. The Celtics are winning the East

    With Gordon that was 7 very good players. Having 7 starting caliber players is deep.
  9. The Celtics are winning the East

    This thread was made before the injury dumb fuck.
  10. The Celtics are winning the East

    Honestly that's just a dumb comment. You believe Houston is deep, right? So would y'all miss CP3 or Harden? Hell, y'all would miss Gordon if he went down. Hayward at worst was their 2nd best player. Any team would miss their second best, regardless of depth. And somehow, without their second best player, they came back from 17 down against the conference champs on the road and almost pulled off the upset. But to answer the question. No they won't. They will cruise through the regular season. Finish top 2 or 3. But getting past a healthy Cavs team in 7 got a lot tougher.
  11. Zero Indy Punts

    Indy punted at least once or twice. And no sacks but got a big turnover at a crucial time.
  12. Taylor Lewan Changed the Game Again

    They still need to figure out how to start games better. Always flat at kick off. Wonder if thats why Mularkey been choosing to receive rather thab deferring. Maybe hoping Adoree can spark us early?
  13. Colts @ Titans MNF Gameday Thread

    I just hope if we get up early we don't take our foot off the pedal. I want a 50 burger!
  14. Not every play. But the big ones, absolutely.
  15. Don't think it's that wide open. Come playoff time we will see a lot of familiar faces and NE will have their shit together by then.