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  1. I just hope JR doesn't get taken due to getting caught up in the belief that the pick "isn't as valuable" because it's a "deep draft". There is great talent in the top 5 and forget all the questions and concerns about certain players. If someone wants to trade up to 5 they don't have any damn concerns or questions about who they want.... ..unless they feel they can get the pick on a sweet deal and say wth not.
  2. This happens a good amount though.... If they knew how to scout QBs, Rodgers would have been top 3. I won't go into Brady because he wasn't even on anyone radar. But it happened with Wilson, happened with Romo... QBs are the hardest position to evaluate.
  3. Love how it says "contributor". He probably didn't write one word.
  4. It doesn't matter if it's a punishment handed out by Goodell or teams taking matters into their own hands. Basically, a punishment is a punishment. Doesnt matter who hands it out. So now players know. You get busted doing weed, once or twice, you have a good chance to come back. You get busted with a domestic abuse or rape charge, the likelihood of you playing again is slim. Doesn't matter if it's an actual suspension by the league or a universal, unwritten rule that teams wouldn't want you after. It's all the same to me. The punishment is that you don't play, how that comes to be is irrelevant because the punishment is still implemented one way or another.
  5. So this doesn't take into account what was received for those picks being traded? Just purely on player production picked at that spot? Meaning, what TEN got for their pick last year doesn't effect this. It goes off what Goff will accomplish?
  6. We'd be unstoppable. I'm sure he wouldnt cost us as many 15 yard penalties... I'm also sure he wouldnt sit in the middle of the field like a little ass kid who got yelled at.
  7. Ok so what's your take on this thought. You have to fail a test 3 times to get a year suspension, right? What do you think would be the punishment if a player was actually CONVICTED or CAUGHT rapping or hitting a female? I bet the third time on that would be far worse than getting popped for dirty urine. No doubt in my mind. However, it wouldn't come to that because teams take that into their own hands. Like you said. The league basically kicked Rice out after the first time. Because of that incident, not because he wasn't good. How come Dallas is the only team to give Hardy a chance? How come he doesn't have a job anymore? Same reason Rice doesn't. Teams don't want fucked up ignorant ass people to have the privilege of playing in the NFL. But I guarantee, if a player is ever actually convicted of rape, he's getting a longer suspension than a first time offender of the substance abuse policy.
  8. If you want to take a player just to piss off someone you don't know, lol, I don't know what to say to that. I would say if that's the case I hope he fucking sucks but I wouldn't want my team to suffer because I want some random to be upset. Immature state of mind.
  9. Marshawn averaged 3.8, got hurt and had a trash year in '15. Is a year removed and older than Rice was at the time. And there is a team actually trading for him. Rice would have had a contract if that video didn't come out. I'd bet my life. If you think Rice was so trash that he couldn't even have been a backup somewhere, stop arguing cuz you're wrong.
  10. You're saying he was bad for the sake of argument. Again, 1k and 9 TDs and only being 26 is not trash. He was a year removed from that. Any other RB who didn't punch his GF in the face on camera would have had a job. And yes, Kaeps kneeling is playing a role, absolutely.
  11. No I understood. Did you not understand? Just because it's a focal point doesn't mean it requires spending the 5th overall on the position. Gates and Witten aren't getting younger either but are still plenty productive. Walker has very limited mileage for his age. And yes, Howard at 5 is not worth it.
  12. Really think Humphrey is getting a raw deal.
  13. No, he'd have two great seasons and they'd trade him...