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  1. Is this exchange recorded? What reporters dont record these days? I heard him say they were passing it after the election. You know, once they win. Anyone can phony up some words on a paper. Also, wouldn't the lie work better if he did say "after". I mean if he said before and election day gets here and it hasn't happened, that would be bad, right? But there is this...by your beloved CNN... https://www.cnn.com/2018/10/22/politics/donald-trump-tax-cut-election/index.html Nowhere in that article is he quoted saying "before". Anti Trumpers have to do better than this. Yall buy the biggest lies being sold. So sad.
  2. JakePA_Titan

    Report: Raiders Belief in Derek Carr is Waning

    So you are saying that makes him better? Carrs production plus age plus potential netted him a contract worthy of 24 million annually. So you say Mariotas analytical stats are much better. Therefore he is better. Right? Mariota is as young if not younger than Carr when he got his extension. Most think he has great potential. How much you wanna bet that if Mariotas analytical stats continue to be much better, but his traditional stats stay the same, that he doesn't break 20 million per by the time hes a RFA in 2020? And the salary cap will have increased by then...making it that much less.
  3. JakePA_Titan

    NFL a category for QB statistics - kneel downs.

    As @IsntLifeFunny said, this is only something fantasy fans care about. NFL, teams, QBs, regular fans, don't give a fuck about a -2 on the box score for kneel downs. It means they more than likely won. Even QBs that run a good bit don't care about their rushing stats. If they cared, they could simply QB sneak it or hand it off to save those yards.
  4. JakePA_Titan

    BYE Week Discussion & Vrabel Comments

    No reason to single out any of the DBs. They are playing aggressive football and they are playing good. Just too many big plays and that has been the D as a whole. It seems like it's a new guy responsible each week. That is where you know it's more of an adjustment and chemistry thing than one or two guys being bad. Not fair to single out any of them imo. The others are legit because those guys have had those issues all year. And I like that he's not throwing them under the bus to the media too. But he better damn well be doing it in the locker room to some extent.
  5. JakePA_Titan

    BYE Week Discussion & Vrabel Comments

    At the very worst I don't think we should finish worse than 8-8. We need 9 to have a shot at playoffs again though. Absolutely they should look. Pulling the trigger just depends on the deal itself. No excuse not to make inquiries. Has to be the run game that gets the most focus. Ppl wont like it but we have to get back to Mularkey ball and play the time possession and let the D keep it close so we have a chance in the fourth. Eveb if our passing game gets on track, I don't see it bei g good enough to blow teams out. We need the running game more than anything right now. We have to make things easier for the QB because hes not good enough to make it easier for everyone else. I'm sorry, but that's just what I'm seeing. I'll give them a pass for the first two weeks but that still puts us at 2-2 record wise so what does it matter? Coaching has been a little up and down obviously. I agree with you that most expected us to be around the 3 to 4 wins range so I'd say it's been neutral. Not at all pleased with the offense considering our moves were supposed to be to better that part of the team. That has been a total disappointment. Really don't see a difference from DLB to Pees other than aggressiveness. The main difference that I love between this staff and the old one is the aggression. Unfortunately I think that's why we are where we are. Been more aggressive on offense and D and I love it. But it seems we get burned by that aggression just as much if not more than we are aided by it. As far as on field product, again, there is the more aggressive nature, which I like. But I believe the one thing that killed us last year is the same as this year. Player EFFICIENCY. The players are not making the plays that are there to be made. They were there for Mularkey and they cost us wins last year. They have been there this year and again they are costing us wins. If the players make the plays that are there, we win 11 last year and could be at 5 this year so far. Totally up in the air atm. 3 way tie.
  6. JakePA_Titan

    NBA Talk

    Glad to see Fultz having a good game finally. Hopefully it's not based on Simmons being out. Also, since ppl are too focused on our current record, I just wanted to highlight this since no seems to be talking about it. Here or in the media. I mean, it was at the forefront of anyone's short list (here or media) when talking LA last year, so I figured ppl would pay attention. Lonzo stat line so far. The +/- is the difference in comparison to last year. 11.7 ppg. +1.5 5.3 rpg. -1.5 3.7 apg. -3.3 FG% 46 +10 3PT% 42 +12 FT% 75 +30 I guess his improvement is why ppl arent talking about it. Currently not something they can trash... Obviously with Rondo starting early and LBJ and himself being the primary ball handlers, it has cut, not only into Lonzos minutes, but obviously his opportunities as well. Currently averaging 8 less minutes a game than last year. But the increased scoring is obviously due to the shooting efficiency improving dramatically. The fact the spot light isn't all on him and he isn't everyone's main Lakers player to shutdown, it has obviously helped him play more free. Very curious to see how Walton plays the PG situation going forward. But if Lonzo can continue to hit his 3s, it shouldn't be long before he takes over the starting spot. I hink him being there is better for the team anyway.
  7. JakePA_Titan

    Report: Raiders Belief in Derek Carr is Waning

    His season was well above average imo that year but not good enough to be in that discussion. Carrs season was barely worthy of being a candidate. Saying hes lucky is like saying Mariotas potential is why hes a great QB. Some of yall focus waaayyy too much on the what ifs. Focus on what has actually happened. Carr lost his best WR and RZ target in Crabtree. Cooper hasn't gotten any better. The rest of their WRs arent much better than ours. Cook is obviously better than Jonnu, but even he has slowed down...I think...Their OL is not much better than ours. In fact, PFF has them ranked worse than ours. Carr is still completing almost 72% of his passes to Mariotas 66%. His TD/Ratio isn't great but still superior to Mariotas. All the excuses you could make for Mariota right now, you can make the exact same for Carr. New HC, offense. No big time playmakers on the outside. No running game. Weak OL play. Hell, their D is far worse than ours to boot. And Carr is still outperforming him by decent bit to say the least. Not to mention, Carr has been FAR more consistent throughout his career. All that is fact and there is nothing to say Mariota is as good or better other than the fact hes wearing a Titans uni. And obviously, that means nothing to anyone other than Titans fans.
  8. JakePA_Titan

    NBA Talk

    The loss to SA was disappointing, but that was on LBJ and no one else. The team played great. Our depth showed out. Lonzo is hitting his open shots. Hart and Kuzma have appeared to take a nice step forward. Luke hit the nail on the head. We have been the more aggressive team in all 3 games and we are getting out shot from the FT line. As far as attempts. How often does the more aggressive team get out shot from the FT line? Half the fouls they called in Zubac and Williams against Aldridge were bull. We are 3rd in scoring, 2nd in points in the paint, 3rd in FG%. LA starts getting the calls they should get, itll be a different story. Their defense is terrible. Have to correct that as well. This team is going to be a force later in the season. No doubt.
  9. JakePA_Titan

    Red Sox vs. Dodgers MLB WS

    Unless LA wins tonight with Kershaw, it will be a sweep.
  10. JakePA_Titan

    Report: Raiders Belief in Derek Carr is Waning

    Remember when Mariota was a MVP dark horse? Lol And to everyone else. Carrs numbers absolutely dwarf Mariotas.
  11. JakePA_Titan

    Beddingfield: Davis’s ceiling is a good #2

    Agreed. Davis is not what ppl think he is. Just more people riding the potential train as if it's real. Well he was mostly a backup til he came here. And he had arguably his second best year as a Titan under Locker and Mett...
  12. JakePA_Titan

    Organizations Ignorance over winning

    Nothing wrong with wondering what led him to wanting out. He and the team agreed to an extension. All of a sudden he wasn't playing, THEN got upset and asked for a release. Totally understandable to search for the why.
  13. JakePA_Titan

    Beddingfield: Davis’s ceiling is a good #2

    That's what happens when you draft based on need. Why we overdrafted an average QB and WR in the top 5.
  14. Weak minded is constantly protesting and getting yourself arrested because your cult leader tells you to.
  15. https://www.dailywire.com/news/37338/boy-has-message-woman-who-falsely-accused-him-ryan-saavedra Increasing... Funny how the pathetic ass dems run with a falsified rape, now your rare incidents are starting to pop up more often... Coincidence?