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  1. I blame the bums that actually live in Tennessee and don't go to any games.
  2. Then Philly would have the last laugh. You'll see in about 5 years from now. And how exactly did it happen because all I heard was he hurt it at practice.
  3. LeBron's stomach-turning stigma http://www.espn.com/espn/commentary/story/_/page/jackson-120308/lebron-james-passing-last-second-shots-earns-long-lasting-stigma via @ESPN App http://es.pn/app Go ahead and read it for yourself. Unless you're afraid to enlighten yourself that the dumbest logic you heard from me is right...
  4. Whatever dunbass. It's complete truth. LeBron looks to pass in clutch moments, not shoot.
  5. I care that yall think a player who cant get on the court is better than someone who can. Thats idiotic.
  6. Not really B. Look above.
  7. One year is very different than 3 pimp. Let me know when Embiid plays more than 60 games, Randle has done it twice in his 3 years. Also Randles injury was a freak accident like Paul George's. Very different from having a reoccurring issue.
  8. Ouch, damn. Time to take that trip to the ER cuz that cut deep.
  9. I really don't give a fuck. Y'all sound like broken records. If y'all want great talent that sits on the bench, have at it!
  10. See, people like @abenjami want to call Kobe a ball you because he took shots like that. He takes them because he knows he'll make an more than not. LeBron passes because he knows he can't. LeBron let's other define his legacy. Thankfully Ray Allen and Kyrie have him looking at least respectable. Kobe and MJ took control of theirs.
  11. It would be more meaningful if his style of aggressiveness translated into 5 finals losses. Unfortunately it got him 5 rings soooo, it was worth it?
  12. It was funny in the fact that he knows he won't be on the court long enough to do it himself, so he told his teammate to do so.
  13. Ehhh, what's one more year.
  14. http://teamstre.am/2sKHDTF
  15. More than Simmons. And Saric...who Philly covets. Also guys, don't forget we'll be adding George in a year.