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  1. JakePA_Titan

    So that IG report we keep hearing about

    But what does it matter, nothing will happen to him.
  2. JakePA_Titan

    So that IG report we keep hearing about

    But it was private....they were never meant to be exposed.... Aka, he never thought he would be caught.... 😂
  3. JakePA_Titan

    So that IG report we keep hearing about

    And Donald Sterling never meant for what he said to be brought to the full front, but it did, and he was forced to sell his team... It shouldn't always be just about your intentions or actual actions. You show who you really are when you dont think anyone is looking. Those texts show me Sztrok would act in ways he shouldnt if he felt he could get away with it. How ppl cant come to that conclusion is beyond me. And if he doesnt have to face consequences for it, no one should face consequences for something that is meant to be private. Regardless of how bad or damning it appears ro be.
  4. No no no man. Hes making a positive difference everyday.
  5. Did he really say stop making everything bout race???? Lmao. Ima piss my pants.
  6. JakePA_Titan

    Space Force?!?

    Where all you fuck boys at....when yall gonna touch on these links.... Im derailing every fucking thread yall create until yall acknowledge yall are being hypocrites for political reasons.
  7. JakePA_Titan

    Breaking News

    It aint my work you lazy, weak, pos. You're just another lame ass like @reo bitch ass. All yall do is talk and expect ppl to find out what jibberish you're talking about. With that being said, I still tried and didnt find anything to back your false ass claims. Youre a bitch. Youre a cancer. You're fucking pathetic.
  8. Why dont you touch on those links I provided since you want to talk about me....
  9. JakePA_Titan

    So that IG report we keep hearing about

    Biased FBI agents kept innocent men in jail so they didnt have to say they were wrong.... You're right, they'll do whatever they can to find (or make) wrong-doings come to life.
  10. JakePA_Titan

    So that IG report we keep hearing about

    Yet the left had no problem speculating Trump would get us in war with NK, right? And that was reason enough for them to start calling for impeachment....Im not trying to hear it. Had a Republican or any anti Obama official got caught saying what Sztrok did before an Obama election, it would flood news stations far and wide until the guilty party was fired.
  11. Heres another one for you fuck boys.... https://www.facebook.com/1719601852/posts/10204496212201541/ Again, dont be afraid to listen to your former Commander in Chief....
  12. For as long as shes been around, how come she has never responded to the issue in that link? Ill wait.
  13. Thats for yall.....dont be scared to open. Know whats happening. Care about "right now" as lame fuck @reowould say... Again....dont be afraid to take a look.
  14. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1849447445115159&id=100001497653696 Check that out....she has a message for yall libs
  15. JakePA_Titan

    Breaking News

    You're weak. "I make the claims, you do the research, because I know." Thats not how debates work....