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  1. I'll admit I haven't watched much film on either but I didn't watch a lot of film on Julio or Megatron either and thought they would be damn good. But from film I have seen, I just feel Mike has more potential to be dominant. And if guys are close to the same level, I'm going higher ceiling every time. I also feel Davis might be a guy in the NFL that needs to be schemed open. Mike can be covered like white on rice and knows how to use his body to shield a defender and is good at fighting for the ball. I thibk both will make plays but I wonder if Davis will be a guy who needs that one big play a game to have a good game and If you asked me who I would take for one play on a 4th and 6, who do I believe in more to come down with the ball, it's Mike over Corey. People want guys who get separation, but it's the NFL and no matter how good you are you're not always going to get good separation. Who is better at the point of attack? I'm taking Mike.
  2. I like Davis too but I don't think he makes it to 18 so if we want a WR we need it at 5 or trade back a bit and take one. But if we take one at 5 I think it should be Williams. Plus the talent Clemson has put into the NFL at the WRB position the past few years is second to none. Their recruiting department as an eye for playmakers at WR.
  3. I'm turning the page on this one. Again, I feel with his early departure from OH ST he knows his stock will never be higher. He is jumping at the money and the draft spot. I have questions about him and wouldn't be surprised if he falls to the 20s even though some think he is a top 10 pick. Prefer Adams but I would guess we don't draft a S in round 1. Really hope we could put all the safety talk to bed with a signing of Berry.
  4. Idk how anyone can not like this guy. Big, strong, willing to dive, fights for the ball, great concentration. When they played OH ST he really wasn't involved much yet was all smiles and high fiving his teammates, wasn't raising a stink about it. I think the only question would be work ethic. Does he feel he is that good to not have to work his ass off. In a perfect world our offense becomes much more dangerous and Mariota take another step forward with a WR like him. I do want to see defense int he draft but I couldn't be mad if he was #5.
  5. Love the "may" include trades and signings and the first thing you see is "trade with Panthers". Lol that's great.
  6. That would hardly be dumpster diving. Pretty decent names in my eyes.
  7. Don't think we should regret it but I'm not as optimistic on his overall potential as some.
  8. If Ryan Anderson doesn't go until round 2, a lot of teams will be sorry.
  9. Not that I would be upset by it but I don't see us getting much in return if we trade back. Therefore I don't see JRob trading the #5.
  10. NE didn't have two first round picks for those 4 years. Maybe we should just cheat and not risk the future on the draft.
  11. That's what you should do when you have a top 10 offense during those 4 or 5 years and your QB is considered one of the best in the game.
  12. It is what it is but anyone with a brain knows OKC would be a garbage without Westbrook. Houston still has a shot at the playoffs without Harden. OKC is a bottom 5 team without Westbrook.
  13. BTW scoring is standard, I guess. No negatives for position players(striking out). Only for pitchers in runs allowed and losses. Single is 1, double 2, triple 3, HR 4. RBI and R are 1. SB are 2 I believe.
  14. So I am faced with a dilemma and wanted to hear others thoughts. My money league I pulled 1st pick out of 12 teams. In our league though you get to pick what selection you want. Right now I think 3 or 4 would be best but that means missing out on Trout and back to back picks throughout the draft. (Personally I feel back to backs are a little overrated, especially in baseball.) Reason I feel this is because outside of Trout, I think the potential from guys 2-5 or so are about equal. Also I'll get my pick of pitchers before guys at 1-3 who are likely to pick at least one P at the turn. Also at 3 or 4, you get a sense of where guys 1-3 are going with their picks and I feel it makes your strategy throughout the draft easier. So do you guys feel like Trout and the back to backs are worth it or would you rather have the earlier, even round picks and foresight of knowing which way those guys are going throughout the draft?
  15. Jalen Ramsey, Jack Conklin tie for AFC South rookie of year http://es.pn/2jPPrh9 via @ESPN App http://es.pn/app Maybe I'm being biased but I call BS. (They) Say Ramsey looked like a shutdown corner and had the assignment of facing a top notch WR almost every week. If he matched up 1v1 against those guys listed, only Hopkins, Cooper, and Watkins failed to gain 80+ yards OR a TD. Hilton topped 80+ and had 1 TD in each match up. Jeffery went for 7 and 93. He had good games against Watkins, who was banged up all year and Hopkins who had a terrible year anyway, and Cooper who gets phased out by his own offense at times. Then you compare that to Conklin who faced Von Miller, Houston, Mack, and others while only committing 2 penalties and 1 or 2 sacks allowed all year? That's tie worthy? Again, maybe it's just homer talk. What do you'll think?