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  1. Jrob's Drafts - Wyatt Write-up

    Smh. This dude still at it. You look foolish saying ppl claim shit with no proof to back it up.
  2. Rockets trade for CP3

    And since I responded to what you said in one big one, even this comment, I want to single this out and shine more light on it. You say I can't differentiate then from now. I realize it's not the off-season of 2018 and that LeBron and George aren't currently FAs. This is yet abother perfect example of you twisting or even making shit up. You say im annoying and I troll. Yet you love it. Which is why you keep responding. You love it so much you make up dumb ass shit like this "now" from "down the line" fuckboy shit so you can argue about something. Because all of a sudden now you think Ball will be a great NBA player.
  3. Rockets trade for CP3

    Lmao. Then WTF are you saying? If I acknowledge that, and I already have before, then what the fuck is the point of this.... ?? I'm sorry dumbass didn't you just say this.... So which one is it fucktard? Can I differentiate or not?? God damn. It's even in the same post. You're fucking retarded. Again. Never said down the line is now. Jesus Christ. And I didn't say you were calling me a criminal you fucking moron. Go re-read it. His critisicism is dumb bias. He literally said if LA got George and Cousins they wouldn't be on Houston's level. If you agree with that, it would show your bias against the Lakers as well. It's not that you or anyone said he couldn't play. It's the fact that yall act like what he has shown means nothing and discredit what he did because where he did it. On top of that, even if you did say it and I knew it, I wouldn't show you shit because I've asked you to prove shit you called me out for and I never got a response. So fuck your request. I like to troll and I'm annoying. So why do you keep reading and responding? I got shit on in the Ball picture? It was a topic on a ESPN show. It was said by and NBA journalist that the #1 pick is usually in the center. On top of that, Fultz looked really pissed off. So I'm sorry that I believed someone who covers the sport for a living and that Fultz' facial expression led me to believe that story carried weight. And unlike some people who get educated on a topic, I actually manned up and assumed responsibility for running with a story that was false. Better than most of the damn media and some fake ass people on here.
  4. Rockets trade for CP3

    I don't get why you guys keep acting like I'm saying they are contenders NOW. I don't get why you guys act like me saying getting LeBron and or George next year isn't possible. It is. Colin Cowherd and Chris Broussard both just said (today on cowherds show) it is an interesting possibility. Only LA haters want to believe it couldn't happen. It very well could. Thats all I've ever said on that. I don't know why me thinking Ball looks legit gets everyone to give me shit just because yall disagree. What he has shown in college and the summer league validates my opinion that he will be a stud far more than it validates those who thinks he is the next Rubio. But because I argue that, I'm a homer and already claiming he's a HOFer. Yet I'm the homer and yall are being the realistic ones...ok. All I've said is that LA has really good young talent. I even already posted I expect them to win 35-40 games. News flash, that's still a losing record!!!!!! Maybe you guys think they won't win 30. But because you believe that and I say 35, that means I'm predicting playoffs because it's more games than yall expect. Thats nuts. Thats why I'm constantly saying yall put words in my mouth. Y'all never take what I say at face value, yall always try and twist it into me being an extreme homer. Which is why ANY time someone calls me a homer. I immediately come back and say "show me proof of what you think is ME being a homer". NO ONE EVER responds because there isn't proof. Y'all just made yourself believe that to be the case. Y'all are like criminals who make themselves believe they didn't actually do it. Except yall do it with my thoughts toward the Lakers.
  5. Kendall with some kind words

    Winning isn't everything for everyone. A lot of great players didn't win a playoff game let a lone a SB. So of you can accept that not everyone accomplishes that, what's the next best thing, actually playing and feeling needed. Kendall obviously sounds like he'd rather be the go to guy on a bad team than a #4 on a average team. And theres nothing wrong with that. If he's happy, good for him.
  6. Rockets trade for CP3

    So you really think Harden, CP3, Gordon, and Capela would beat a squad with Cousins, George, and the rest of the young crew we have? Now way. Cousins would shit on their entire front court. George could match Harden. Don't forget we beat them last year without a Paul George or Cousins. Lol, cmon. We also beat GSW. People want so bad to act like the young talent we have is garbage. It's not. Just inexperienced.
  7. Rockets trade for CP3

    What argument do I need to make? George and Cousins makes LA the third best team in the West. You disagree?
  8. Told you this wasn't going anywhere...

    Yea, that would make sense. But what sarcastic remark can you come up with about 13% of the population being responsible for 50% of all murders and homicides? Does that make sense?
  9. Rockets trade for CP3

    You put HOU in that tier yet they barely beat OKC. They struggled in every game except the first one. They only had Westbrook. So now you'd give them no chance still with Paul. You're just being harsh on the ones that COULD potentially be a Laker. The fact that you think adding an old CP3 makes YOU on S.A. and GSW level but George doesnt make OKC better shiws your ignorance for basketball. I'm not overeating anyone. Your underestimating. Which is why almost everyone looking to add another star was in on Geroge.
  10. Rockets trade for CP3

    Be more specific. You mean me? You must mean me because you're only criticizing the Lakers in that post. Please share with me what I have been a homer about because my glasses must be as dark as Stevie wonders. I don't see it. The first half of this I agree with, I bet my life you never heard me say different. But the second half.... First of all, the Rockets aren't even on San Antonios level. That was evident in game 6. And PG+DC probabaly doesn't get us past the Warriors but if you don't think those two plus what LA already has doesn't make them a top 5 team, that's pure hate or stupidity. One or the other. Just curious, outside of last season, what do you know about Ingram and where he is today? Have you seen him in practice this year? How many of them have you been to? This is where it takes a turn to having me on the fucking ground rolling! So adding George and Cousins wouldn't put us on Houston's level (which is what you just said) when all they have is Harden and CP3, yet you also just said a PG of CP3 caliber doesn't necessarily push a team over the edge. So Paul, is good enough to put HOU on GSW level but not the combo of the best big man in the game and one of the games best wing players? Fucking moronic talk right there. Really dude. First. Is anyone comparing him to either of those guys other than you? Just curious. But since you wanna. Second. You act like CP3 is some great scorer. He has never averages more than 22.8 points in a given year. He only averaged more than 19 points twice in his WHOLE career. Third. CP3 career numbers are 18.6, 4.4, and 9.9. Fourth. Rubio career numbers are 10.3, 4.2, and 8.5. And since you are retarded and went there, they all actually have the same skill set. They are pass first PGs. The only difference in Rubio is he doesn't have the confidence to be aggressive as a scorer. Ball will have that confidence. You want to ignore it because it was summer ball, but he shown the ability to score 30+ points. When has Rubio ever done that? Closer to Rubio? Give me a fucking break, hater. So argument sake, let's say Ball ends his career with the line of 16.3, 5.4, 8.9. Is CP3 really that much better? And what if Ball does help bring a title to LA, something CP3 hasn't got and might never get. Who would have the better career then? Y'all act like CP3 is a perennial 30 ppg and 10 apg player. The dude struggles to average 20 points. But knock Ball for not putting up 40 points every night in summer league. Even if he did, yall would knock it.
  11. Paul George to Thunder

    Oh and btw, if LeBron goes to NY then Melo is definitely going to stay. So tell me again which one is most likely to be a Knick in 2018? It's very damn likely all of them end up there or on the same team, somewhere. You better wrap your head around it because if HOU gets embarrassed by GSW or SA....again, CP3 is gone....
  12. Paul George to Thunder

    https://fansided.com/2017/06/28/chris-paul-2018-free-agency-lebron-wade-melo/ So if I told you CP3 and Bron are absolutely going to be on the same team next year, what's more likely. LeBron going to HOU, or LeBron and CP3 going to NY?
  13. Paul George to Thunder

    Right, cuz CP3 already signed that lifetime contract with HOU. You've been going on about this for a while now and I keep asking you for proof with 0 response. Where have you seen anything about CP3 being committed to the Rockets past this season?
  14. Rockets trade for CP3

    Most players (in any sport) rarely if ever duplicate or best a record setting year. Other than the that, the reason(s) for his offensive numbers as a whole to potentially drop are there. Harden will no longer have the ball in his hands as much. CP3 starting and running the point could equate to Harden recording less assists, taking less shots, and not getting to the FT line as much. Assists and points would obviously suffer unless he became a lot more efficient and shot mostly 3s. On top of that I believe Harden is dedicated to getting better (or actually trying) on defense. If he is actually willing to not take plays off on defense and saving his energy for the offensive side, wouldn't you expect him to tire quicker and not be as fresh down the stretch? It's certainly possible especially since he's not used to doing it already. It's natural for you, a fan of the Rockets, to only expect progression and not want to believe the potential for regression is there. You believe the losses you had dont mattter because of what you got back. Doesnt always work like that. Just I don't want to believe the Lakers would regress, even though the potential is there. But at least I know it's there.
  15. Lol at Cavs fans

    Everyone would still know how good Tmac was if he wasn't a HOFer. There are a lot of players that were great who haven't made it to the HOF yet and might never. It doesn't mean they weren't still great. Doesn't make their career any less great. But being able to say you're a champion is much better. If Tmac helped get Yao a title, he would be God over in China. You really think they care about him in the HOF. No. In short, Tmac making the HOT doesn't make him any better than people already viewed. A ring would have. So yes, Smith's ring is more important than Tmacs HOF presence. But it doesn't mean JR Smith is better, which you seem to be taking it as.