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  1. He'd be a lot cheaper over the next 4 years. I'd welcome a signing of one and still drafting Lattimore. Those 2 additions along with signing Calais Campbell would transform the D. Then having Williams or Davis make it to 18 would be lovely.
  2. That's the highest I've seen Jones so far. Hope TEN doesn't trade the 5th. So many impactful options, most at positions of need.
  3. https://www.google.com/amp/www.silverscreenandroll.com/platform/amp/2017/2/21/14682092/la-lakers-trade-rumors-demarcus-cousins-agent-told-teams-he-might-bolt-to-lakers-free-agency
  4. Lou Williams is an underrated defender. Williams wasn't in their plans going forward and that HOU pick will just be a sweetener for a future trade.
  5. I'd put Trubisky and Mahomes both infront of Kizer.
  6. Wouldn't trade Murray but I'd take a shot at getting him. Maybe something like this... Titans trade: 18th overall and a 3rd/4th rounder Lions trade: 21st overall and CJ
  7. If you spend money on the team, you're included and may use "we" when talking about them.
  8. No denying what Bouye did but don't sleep on Gilmore.
  9. No one loves the media.
  10. Not caring and deciding another situation is worse are two different things. What behavior? What's the charge? That he or one of his advisors made a call that is not typically done by a President or President advisor? Give me the details of what the call was about and give me the current ties between Trump and Putin/Russian government. Ones that don't include normal Russian civilians through business and/or personal ventures.
  11. Cousins is the TO of the NBA. He isn't winning anything. You'd think they could get more but LA didn't get much for Shaq and he was a bigger force then than boogie is now. Reports are LA could have had Cousins but didn't want to trade Ingram. Also I hear there are supposedly talks between LA and CHI for Butler...
  12. I'd take anyone of them not named Dre, Prince, or Terence.
  13. No, Just a dummy.
  14. First, I agree there are Republicans that act no different. A certain pol. party is no different than a certain race. Each party/race has it assholes and idiots. But it has become easy in my eyes to bash the Dems due to their contradicting ways. The Dem party is suppose to be about solidity. It's not. Suppose to represent equality and opportunity for all. I wonder if Bernie agrees with that one. A party that isn't about division whose supporters burn the American flag because they lost the election. How does that bring people together? https://newrepublic.com/article/135659/democratic-party-stand-now-good-question They say one thing (like above, whatever you want to hear), then turn around and do the opposite. Again, every group has its sores but the Dem. party is a complete mess and joke from top to bottom.
  15. Shouldn't be restricted to just the president. Make it all government officials.