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  1. Houston strippers > San Antonio strippers
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    The NBA is the shit! It has the best crop of current stars and superstars, and Silver is a legit commissioner. All hail bball.
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    Do not let Davis fucking go the Eagles.
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    I can see top 10. Not sure about top 5.
  5. T

    not surprised.
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    He gets a shit ton of pussy.
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    And the facts refuted your claim.
  8. T

    Moving the goal post now. That was not your original argument. Try harder.
  9. T

    Im good. I won on the original issue. Not gonna fall for the bait.
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    Ok, so you're not gonna believe the facts. That's sore loser talk right there. Damn, the bears only have 2 primetime games in 2017. Not really helping your argument.
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    Why? You just admitted to being wrong about the Texans.
  12. T

    Are you retarded? You specifically said the main reason the Texans kept getting primetime games was bc of its market. Not true. Look at the Texans history. If It was all about the Texans market size, they would have gotten more than 2 primetime games in 2014 and 2015, when they weren't winning. No division wins = no additional primetime games. Dont be retarded. Go to battle red blog, go to Texans site...they credit winnIg the division for all the primetime games they're getting.
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    This is your original quote. You were whining about Houston specifically. Bringing up Chicago and NFC east teams doesn't change the fact that the Texans got more prime time games when they Won the division. Winning has mattered most for the Texans. They didn't do shit in 2013 and was rewarded 2 prime time games in 2014. Didn't win the division again in 2014 and got 2 games in 2015. Won in 2015 and 2016 and got 5 and 4 primetime games.