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  1. New Yorkers Unhappy With Chick-fil-A Coming To NYC

    chick fil A is trash. It's overhyped kentucky friend chicken breast.
  2. The Great Awakening

    white people, smh.
  3. I fucking love this man.

    Jonnu Smith’s girl is better. Straight fire.
  4. Patriots trade Brandin Cooks to the Rams

    This year’s is good. QB draft class since Bridgewater has been a lot of fun.
  5. Patriots trade Brandin Cooks to the Rams

    Lots of teams want Rosen. Watch the tape. Who gives a shit if he’s an outspoken, liberal atheist Jew. The NFL needs a good QB who isn’t afraid to speak out on shit. He’s going to be good.
  6. He sucks. Everyone’s gonna hate him like they did Wright and Decker.
  7. Damn, he’s tied to that meathead.
  8. Its over - Suh a Ram

    lol not surprised. Better team and location. Also, Jrob is a scared pussy who only knows how to negotiate 2nd round+ talent.
  9. Around the NFL FA News & Signings

    Titans making no moves again? not surprised, lol!
  10. If the titans or Mariota underperform next year, he’ll be talking to media all day errrday. For now, it’s smart to stfu.
  11. Doubt it. He’s been nothing but safe and risk averse since he came here.
  12. Frank Reich favorite to become new Colts HC

    Shit on Reich but defend Vrabel. lol.
  13. More Mariota numbers 2017

    He didn't do shit in 2016. We had an excellent run game, oline and archaic system no one had tape on since the 80's.
  14. McVay's/Lafleur Offense

    People are still fucking confused about this? Good god.