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    No real progress on repealing and replacing the ACA. The brown people ban been deaded and no real action on the wall. No piss videos either.
  2. T

    people who voted for him are dumb fucks.
  3. T

    This was common knowledge. Anyone thinking otherwise is a honkie fool.
  4. Garrett is acting like an entitled little bitch.
  5. T

    Matt Ryan is overrated and he's the worst kind of good QB I hope Mariota doesn't become.
  6. T

    He's worst kind of good QB and Sucks at improvising when the play breaks down.
  7. T

    Matt Ryan sucks.
  8. T

    Honkies stay winning in 2017.
  9. T

    Matt Ryan with a disappointing drive.
  10. T

    Damn, Jones
  11. T

    The Honkies are coming back.
  12. T

    Fuck those honky Trump patriots. Glad the Falcolns are killing them.
  13. People can't be this stupid. He's got a better chance of dieing during his presidency than getting impeached.
  14. T

    Why not try something new.