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  1. T

    titans still his bitch.
  2. lol. TDF stays lying. TDF is a right wing pussy bitch in hiding.
  3. White tears. You still can't admit that you voted for Trump. You fucking pussy.
  4. Don't bother with this trumpkin. Did pussy TDF finally admit who he voted for?
  5. No one cares if you're the "better team" when your record doesn't show it. Gase and Co capitalized on their situation and got to the playoffs. Mularkey and Co didn't. We were one of the least injured teams in the league, caught a couple teams (mia/gb) when they were playing like shit and couldn't beat our weak division rivals (MIA did though). My point still stands. Gase has done really well in MIA and titans fans need to grow some balls and start comparing Mularkey to other newly hired coaches instead of just comparing him to Hue.
  6. who gives a shit if we beat them. They went on a 6 game winning streak after losing to us and finished 10-6. Gase was also better at preparing his team against divisional opponents. lol!
  7. Titans schedule was easier than MIA. Gase had a better record and got his team to the playoffs. You're trying to minimize his success yet keep sucking on Mularkey's cock even though he didn't do as well. What's pathetic is, the only new coach you all want to compare Mularkey to is Hue. Why not include Gase, Mcadoo, Pederson, Koetter...oh bc Its easier to push your agenda comparing Mularkeys record against Hue's. Fucking loser homer fans. Have some fucking standards.
  8. I mentioned this earlier but the pussyface homers went back to putting the blame on Mariota and the spread. He was pressured all game. The coaching staff didnt adjust or tried and failed.