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  1. The shit plan will pass. Getting rid of blackie nigga's plan trumps all.
  2. The right cannot let former president blackenstein win. As long as blackie gets repealed, Who gives a shit if RyanTrumpCare sucks!!
  3. This shit Trump and his supporters say. Pathetic honky trash.
  4. fucking idiots.
  5. Was it the alcohol again?
  6. Bottles played better once OC was fired and QB coach promoted and Bradley fired. I expect his play to improve next season. Also, he's been healthy enough to play a full season. Something we rarely see.
  7. You need the mandate to keep prices down/where they are and to continue to cover people with pre-existing conditions. If you get rid of the mandate, young and healthy people are most likely going to drop out of the insurance pool leaving insurances companies with an overwhelming sick and elderly population. If there are no young and healthy people in the pool to offset the sick and old, then insurance prices are going to go up. Insurance companies imposing a 30% surcharge on people signing up who hadn't been insured for 60 days is not going to incentivize people to keep their insurance either. It's minimal. You don't get to keep the two best things on the ACA if you get rid of the stuff that was needed to fucking pay for it.
  8. It's a fucking joke. Fucking idiots had years to put a plan together and they come up with this shit? Kill yourself, honkies.
  9. Jamal, you a bitch for doing this.
  10. lala land was trash.
  11. Can't block for shit. Won't do well in that regard.
  12. No real progress on repealing and replacing the ACA. The brown people ban been deaded and no real action on the wall. No piss videos either.
  13. people who voted for him are dumb fucks.
  14. This was common knowledge. Anyone thinking otherwise is a honkie fool.