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  1. Mularkey just called himself out

    Corey is a pussy name.
  2. They were winning in spite of Mariota

    Guarantee you'll have more listeners if jamal and oman aren't on the podcast.
  3. Not saying to replace mariota but there are potentially some really good back up qb's to be drafted. competition ain't bad at the qb spot either.
  4. They were winning in spite of Mariota

    Yah, pretty much. If Mariota finds a way to overcome his never-ending injuries and this shit scheme, he'll be real good.
  5. Titans open up as 2 point Dogs To the 49ers

    fucking, duh.
  6. yeah, noticed that too. Yeah subtle but noticed it too.
  7. We knew this was coming

    This thread needs to be pinned.
  8. Y’all are so fucking retarded. His body language and post game of were fine. He’s pissed. He knows he’s struggling. He looked more angry instead of an insecure bitch. Clearly, you haven’t fucked or fuck with Asians.
  9. Eagles Fear Carson Wentz Tore His ACL

    Terrible season. Way too many injuries to key players. doubt its torn.
  10. We have to draft a QB this year. This is the draft to do it. mariota is injury prone.
  11. Any news on mariota’s Leg? Motherfucker better finish the season.
  12. The offense is so close, motherfuckers. So close.