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  1. Logan Ryan said it was the “star” players on the team who said something. Dissention in the lockeroom has begun.
  2. Hadn’t heard him talk about the Titans since last year’s win against GB. His stats on Mularkey’s win % by month are probably off. He is right that you never know what you’re gonna get with us each week.
  3. AFC SOUTH:Road To The Division Crown

    lol, Logan Ryan just said they slept on HOU.
  4. Sucking off a coach who literally sheds tears of joy knowing that his QB saves his ass crazy.
  5. Did you like Mariota's play tonight or not? If you did, then STFU forever bitch.
  6. he not on some new, learn to play from the pocket shit. he telling you he been done this but shit coach. keep dickriding mularkey's gimmick offense though.
  7. shots fired at shitty coaching staff.
  8. Colts @ Titans MNF Gameday Thread

    The zone crew is doing the same thing.
  9. fuck that site. pff analysis sounds like little bitch, oman.
  10. Leave Marcus in the pocket

    Mularkey just said it was all o-line.
  11. Big win

    Pussy. cuz he knows Mariota saving his job.
  12. Colts @ Titans MNF Gameday Thread

    cuz, Mularkey crackheads.