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  1. I'd like to see us take the best pass rusher on the board. This looks like a loaded DL/Edge draft. Probably the best one since 11' Getting another young edge rusher to pair with Landry is tempting. I like DaQuan and AJ just fine, but adding another stud pass rushing DL next to Casey would also be great.
  2. socaltitan

    J ROB

    Vrabel looks like a quality hire certainly Probably the best thing JR has done this year is quickly fix his mistakes. He hasn't made many, but replacing Sly Williams and Cyprien with Logan and Vaccaro were nice moves. Dodd has been his biggest blunder, but Landry looks like a big home run. Finch and Correa also look like solid additions.
  3. socaltitan

    Bills Week

    Fisher would be happy with a tie. It’s a loser mentality. I would’ve lost a lot of faith in Vrabel if he’d decided to settle for a tie. I commend both him and Reich for going for it. Only reason Reich is getting shredded is because it didn’t work
  4. socaltitan

    Bills Week

    Bills point differential is -56. Even with that blowout win against the Vikings they're losing by 2 TD a game. Again, we can't overlook them. But we should absolutely expect to beat them because they're bad.
  5. socaltitan

    Bills Week

    Vrabel can point out the Vikings overlooking the Bills a few weeks ago and getting crushed. The Bills are pretty bad. Like competing for the #1 pick bad. Still can't overlook them. Any Given Sunday as the saying goes. We should beat them however and it'd be a huge disappointment if we don't.
  6. socaltitan

    I was wrong - Harold Landry

    JR has done a great job atoning for the Dodd pick. Landry looks like a home run. Shades of a young Robert Mathis. Correa and Finch look like solid gets as well. Bunch of teams going to regret passing on Landry
  7. socaltitan

    Other NFL games

    Its no different than what Vrabel chose to do other than the outcome. I don't blame the decision. They just didn't execute. I'd rather go it for and lose than play for a tie.
  8. socaltitan

    Welcome Back Marcus

    Dion Lewis had 4 carries for 0 yards. Big asset catching the ball, but its not just Henry. Lewis isn't gaining much on the ground either.
  9. socaltitan

    Titans Sign QB Austin Davis; Pamphile to IR

    Its not like Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Drew Brees are sitting out there on the street. Austin Davis is what he is.
  10. socaltitan

    Harold Landry

    One thing JR has done very well this season is rectify past mistakes. Dodd was a big blunder. Landry looks like a big hit. Finch and Correa look like solid additions. He's replaced Sly Williams and Cyprien with Logan and Vaccaro.
  11. socaltitan

    Harold Landry

    I thought Gruden would be bad, but he's been even worse than I thought. Disaster so far. Still smh at the Mack trade. I thank him for trading with us so we could get Landry. Next year's draft looks like the best DL/Edge class since 2011 which had Von Miller, JJ Watt, Cameron Jordan, Cam Heyward, Casey, Ryan Kerrigan, etc FA could be absolutely loaded too...DeMarcus Lawrence, Frank Clark, Markus Golden, Anthony Barr, Preston Smith, Trey Flowers, Brandon Graham, Ziggy Ansah, Morgan. Wonder if JR is keeping his eye on this which is why Delanie and Matthews got extensions, but Morgan and Orakpo have yet to receive one. Edge rusher would be nice, but I'm personally more intrigued at putting another stud interior pass rusher next to Casey. I like DaQuan just fine, but how much better could it make us if we had another Casey or better. There's an opportunity for JR to come away witth both an edge rusher and DL next year.
  12. socaltitan

    Eagles-Falcons game thread

    Neal tore his ACL
  13. socaltitan

    Eagles-Falcons game thread

    Falcons board having a good ole meltdown https://boards.atlantafalcons.com/forum/45-talk-about-the-falcons/