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  1. Because we overanalyze and psychoanalyze everything. They've been pretty straightforward in recent years. JR practically telegraphed a WR and CB pick this year, and yet we still thought S and TE. Pretty clear it was never going to be that way. The last 1st round pick that really surprised me was Lewan. Didn't see that coming.
  2. I remember it was talked about that the Titans should trade for Rivers. Anything to get out of taking Mariota.
  3. I agree that we were never going to actually trade the pick. It was just posturing and media speculation I totally disagree about Mariota being a "no-brainer" pick. Talk about revisionist history. A lot of people either didn't want to pick him or wanted to trade the pick. Spread offense, has to play under center, gimmick offense, running qb, prior Titan QB failing etc were among the many reasons Mariota was a divisive pick to make at the time
  4. We already have Williamson, Woodyard, Jayon Brown, Palmer (who's supposedly having a strong offseason), and Bates at ILB. Doubt we make another move.
  5. S

    We lose blocking ability and experience with Fasano. Gain speed, playmaking ability, and youth with Jonnu. I expect Supernaw to be the #2 TE to start though.
  6. I have a feeling Reid will stay in house. He usually does. This is one of the "downsides" of being a team that's considered to be on the rise. If you have a good team and you're drafting well, other teams, especially the bad ones are going to start inquiring about your guys Has to be frustrating for a team like ATL and their fans. Shanahan did a great job, but it was only 2 seasons and he's gone. This is why trying to have continuity in your systems is important.
  7. Other than the game against Melvin Gordon, the run D was pretty solid
  8. S

    Bleacher Report's Jason Cole reports ex-Chiefs GM John Dorsey was "butting heads" with owner Clark Hunt. Per Cole, that's what Dorsey "told a source within the past two months." No reason was given, but USA Today reported earlier Thursday the team believed Dorsey botched long-term negotiations with Justin Houston and Eric Berry. Dorsey has been an excellent drafter, though coach Andy Reid is an influence in every department of Chiefs personnel. A pair of Reid loyalists are amongst the in-house candidates expected to interview to replace Dorsey.
  9. I guess that means we should try to win a SB with Marcus on his rookie deal, then dump him, and go another decade plus without a franchise QB
  10. On talent, I agree it'd be a tossup. I've watched Carr almost as much Marcus. I admit I'm biased, but I think Marcus has the higher ceiling. I think Marcus's first two seasons were more impressive than Carr's first two. Both had some of the same issues. Carr fumbled a lot like Marcus. 20 fumbles in his first two seasons. Both had some issues throwing downfield. Carr's YPA is pretty weak. Both do a good job limiting INT. Both have very quick releases. I do agree Carr's personality is kind of a turn off. He comes off as overly preachy like Russell Wilson. A little fake. Marcus is a little more genuine to me. Both are terrific talents. Would not be surprising at all to me if in 2-3 years if people are talking about those two as elite QB. I don't think either guy is quite there yet, but the talent is. They just need more experience under their belt.
  11. I don't have an issue with Carr over Mariota at this point. I don't think the gap is that big though. Another thing to consider is their ages. Mariota is 23, which is the same age as Carr's rookie year. Carr's got a few more years on him. I'm so glad the Jags and Texans both passed on him. Both teams could've picked Mack and Carr and passed.
  12. S

    Pretty much how I see it as well. If people think Decker is going to be the #1, they're probably going to be disappointed. I think he will be a solid contributor. He'll make those big 3rd down catches that move the chains and be a nice possession WR for us.
  13. S

    Good move by LA
  14. S

    They didn't draft Davis at 5 for him not to be #1 WR. Now, maybe he won't be all the way there to be a #1 WR his rookie year. Mariota spreads around the ball a lot though. I don't know how much that matters in regards to next year solely. I wouldn't be surprised at all if Davis, Matthews, Decker, Murray, and Delanie all catch 50-60+ balls next year. We may not have a "#1 WR" next year, but hopefully Davis becomes that sooner than later.
  15. S

    Decker was always best when he had someone else opposite him. Marshall in NYJ. Demaryius Thomas in DEN. He's definitely not a #1. Way overreaching. I see him as a big-bodied slot WR who can fill Taylor's spot this year. If he's healthy, I see solid productive player.