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  1. People complain about everyone and everything here
  2. With the exception of 2014, the first round WR track record has been a pretty mixed bag recently 2016-Corey Coleman, Will Fuller, Josh Doctson, Laquon Treadwell 2015-Amari Cooper, Kevin White, Nelson Agholor, Breshad Perriman, Phillip Dorsett 2013-Tavon Austin, Deandre Hopkins, Cordarelle Patterson 2012-Justin Blackmon, Michael Floyd, Kendall Wright Outside of Cooper and Hopkins, it's a pretty bad list for the most part. Doesn't mean we shouldn't still look at these 1st round WR this year, but it's not a lock they're going to studs by any stretch. I'd like to think we're not just deadset on a round 1 WR only though.
  3. If that's what we ultimately think of him, I have doubts we'd draft him. Not sure we're in a position to dice roll like that and JR has said he's not a fan of project players. Clearly there is some level of interest. Otherwise we wouldn't be having a private workout with him. I don't think he's Taylor Thompson though. He has played TE before and has produced. I wouldn't call him a workout warrior. Level of competition is obviously the biggest concern No question the guy is a physical specimen. 6'6 278 TE with pretty good athletic ability don't come out very often. Teams want to find that next Gates, the next Jimmy Graham
  4. Jeremiah on NFL Total Access tonight called him a 2nd rounder
  5. Not with as much depth as this CB class has either. If Sidney Jones is there round 3 I'd consider. Not round 2
  6. I'd be really surprised if Howard fell all the way to 18 at this point. He seems have to as much buzz as anyone right now.
  7. Mularkey was asked about the importance of getting younger at the tight end position this offseason. This year’s draft is loaded with some pretty talented tight ends. “If you go in with that thought process, just trying to get younger, then you’re maybe reaching,’’ Mularkey said. “Our tight end position has been very productive. It was again last year. We’re happy with our current roster, the way it is with our guys. We’re looking at all positions. You know that. And that’s just another one we’re looking at. If it happens that way, it happens that way.” http://www.titansonline.com/news/article-4/Six-Hot-Topics-from-Coach-Mike-Mularkey-at-NFL-Combine/e49d62ab-c134-45a1-83a6-bd405bb35b59 Those comments aren't a huge ringing endorsement of TE. He may still like Howard though.
  8. I think Walker still has 3-4 good years left. Really do. People keep looking at the age, but I don't think he has as many miles on him as his age would suggest. If we draft Howard, it has more to do with him as a talent. Walker's age really doesn't factor in it much for me.
  9. I think SF or CHI takes Thomas. SF is switching back to a 4-3 and their new DC coached in SEA from 11-13. They can draft Thomas with the intention of playing him as a DE like Michael Bennett. Vic Fangio is the Bears DC. Formerly the 49ers and Stanford DC. I read a big part of the reason they drafted Floyd a year ago is because Fangio thought he could be his Aldon Smith. I think the Bears could draft Thomas with the intent of making him their Justin Smith.
  10. I've read that Gronkowski plays inline roughly 50% of the time. I don't know what the % numbers are for Olsen, but I see him lining up in the slot or out wide quite often I wouldn't pigeonhole Howard as "TE" only in the traditional sense. This guy is a 6'6 250 lb WR.
  11. I'm not sure JR is targeting any specific player like he did with Conklin a year ago. I feel like one reason he wants to trade down from 5 (besides getting the 2 back) is there might be a cluster of guys he likes in that 10-20ish ange
  12. There will be a lot of guys visiting
  13. Good interview, but nothing that would suggest much of anything about the upcoming draft. Robinson is a very smart guy. I will say from listening to him that he gets it. He grew up a Titans fan. I think he has a very good pulse of the fanbase and the highs/lows that have happened. I really came off thinking he wants to win badly not just because his job entails it. He has a personal attachment to the Titans being successful. He understands the fanbase and the frustrations they've had. Really think he does.
  14. Summary: -Starts around 47:00 and ends around 1:15.00 -Not a lot changes from combine until the draft -JR says biggest thing out of combine is getting the medical information -Talks about time in NE -Not trying to emulate the Pats. Takes things he's learned from there, but wants to put his own stamp on Titans -Praises Mariota -Says it was back and forth in TB when picking Winston or Mariota. Said they thought they couldn't go wrong picking either QB. Said it was more 1A and 1AA than 1 or 2. Thought both would be really good -Said Mariota was a big part of appeal of Titans GM job -Said one of first things he and staff talked about early on was fortifying OL -Said it was important first to build OL and running game to open up the passing game -Talks about Mariota's rehab -Said it was a relief to get out of #1 overall last year because Titans needed multiple players on roster to start rebuilding process -Said once they traded down, he knew he wanted to get backup to get Conklin -Asked about if there was second team who was involved in discussions about #1 pick. Got sense Rams had real interest at combine about trading up. Didn't really see that from another team -Said pretty definitively he didn't believe Conklin would be there at 15 and would have to trade up ahead of other teams -Says Titans fanbase is starving for team to be successful. Acknowledges early energy of fanbase when team moved and went on the SB run. Said he talked to a lot of fans a year ago who said they were considering cancelling their season tickets because they were done. Believes throughout year fanbase saw moves and progress the team was making and started to come around. That it wasn't "Same old Titans" and that the team is establishing an identity. Said he believes fans came away from the end of the regular season starting to believe 2017 and beyond would be "pretty cool." -Said there were 6,000 season ticket holders at event they just had. Last year, it was 1,500. Ticket sales are growing at faster rate than year ago
  15. We won't really need to. Kelly, Schwenke, and Tretola were the backups last season. Just replace Schwenke with Lelito. Could still resign Byron Bell to another 1 yr. Maybe look at UDFA OL to bring in or a very late rounder if they want.