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  1. Cooper Kupp vs. Taywan Taylor

    We've got enough move the chains guys. I like Kupp too, but that's not what we needed..
  2. around the NFL training camp observations

    Didn't see Kizer. Wasn't that impressed by Watson and Mahomes. Watson's accuracy looks questionable. Had a few pretty bad misses. Mahomes stat line looked good, but it was pretty much all screens or him running around extending the play. He didn't look like he was processing the field well. He was holding the ball too long a lot. You can do that against scrubs. He has a lot of physical gifts, but he seems very raw.
  3. Cooper Kupp vs. Taywan Taylor

    The offense really needed more speed and explosiveness. Even though Kupp might be pretty good, he's a similar speed guy to what we already had.
  4. Cooper Kupp vs. Taywan Taylor

    Kupp's looked good, but he's also a 24 yr old rookie with 4.6 speed. We already have a 4.6 guy in Decker who can do similar things. I think we needed more speed and explosiveness which Taylor has. It is a good question though as Kupp seemed to be a guy JR would like. But then again Taylor fits that too.
  5. Hot Take: Wallace >>>> Dodd?

    Agreed. One guy's a speed rusher, the other's a power guy
  6. Hot Take: Wallace >>>> Dodd?

    On Monday morning, Tennessee general manager Jon Robinson talked about why the team selected Dodd during a radio appearance on 104.5 The Zone in Nashville. “He’s long. When I was in New England, and I’m not saying Kevin Dodd is going to be Willie McGinest or Mike Vrabel, but we had those bigger, longer outside linebackers," Robinson said. "We have two guys here now that start for us in (Brian) Arakpo and (Derrick) Morgan. We thought Kevin kind of fit like those guys." Robinson also talked about Dodd's size and motor. "He’s got good lateral agility," Robinson said. "He does play hard. He chases from the back side. He’s been productive in some big games and we’re looking forward to him coming here and working into the rotation." http://clemson.247sports.com/Bolt/Titans-general-manager-talks-about-Kevin-Dodd-45138785
  7. Hot Take: Wallace >>>> Dodd?

    I feel like Dodd is like a typical NE edge rusher. Big guy, long arms. More power/strength type guy than speed. He might be like guys like Vrabel, Ninkovich, etc. Not real flashy. Agree he's probably more steak than sizzle. I did some see comparisons to Michael Bennett when he came out. Of course Bennett didn't really start to emerge until his 4th season. I'd like to see Dodd moved inside at times in the nickel like what SEA does with Bennett or what NYG used to do with Tuck A guy like Carraway is more exciting because he's faster, but I also saw him get washed out against the run the quite a bit. Dodd plays the run pretty well. Of course it'd be great if every pick was a superstar, but that doesn't usually happen. If he has a career like Morgan, another solid but not spectacular player, I don't see that as bad value for his slot.
  8. Possible Trade?

    I see zero point in trading Matthews, especially with Davis, Decker, and Sharpe still recovering from injuries. If we do trade, I could see a DL being moved like Blackson considering the numbers. Or maybe even DaQuan if they're confident in AJ starting I do think the WR situation #2-#4 next season will be interesting to monitor. If Decker plays well and stay healthy, it's going to be tough to just let him walk after one season. With the way Taylor has flashed though, how much longer can you make him the #4 WR. This season is fine, but after that it 's going to be tempting to get him out there more. Matthews is an UFA after 2018.
  9. Possible Trade?

    http://www.titansreport.com/topic/28402-rishard-matthews-missed-panthers-game-for-personal-reasons/?page=2 overreacting to why rishard missed yesterday's game and wondering if JR will trade him is overreacting
  10. Possible Trade?

    this is typical TR overreacting about nothing
  11. Possible Trade?

  12. I am a bit upset.......so here goes.

    Yeah I haven't seen anything that says he's been going against Davis or Decker