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  1. The Browns are the worst organization in sports
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    They've been more linked to Mahomes. Mahomes fits Arians personality. Very aggressive and risk taking. The way Mahomes will improvise is a little bit like Big Ben who Arians also coached.
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    A few months ago Mularkey said he thought the CB class was so deep you didn't necessarily have to draft one in the 1st round. That was before the Moreau and Jones injuries and the Conley incident though. I could see them picking WR and TE, then wanting to load up on DB in that 2-4 range where it's pretty deep.
  4. I wouldn't rule out someone trading for Mahomes
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    Which is what a "mobile QB" is to me. Luck and Mariota being athletic doesn't make them a "mobile QB" or " running QB." They play from the pocket first. If athleticism makes you a mobile QB then I guess Rodgers, Luck, Alex Smith, etc are all mobile QB
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    That deal works for me. 2018 2nd could be a really high 2nd rounder considering it's the Browns
  7. We had a bunch of people yesterday whining about Dodd's foot. Now we want to spend a 1st round pick on Ross with that injury baggage? I don't get it.
  8. I'd be really surprised if Davis and Williams (especially Williams) went that low. And I'd be pretty disappointed if we took Ross over them.
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    If Lattimore fell down to that far, that would make me more concerned about his hamstring. I guess from a value standpoint in terms of his talent, it'd be good
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    I wouldn't like the Ross pick at all. Adoree Jackson I'd be fine with. A lot of upside. Dynamic return man. PacMan like in that respect. And he's a good kid.
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    We have different definitions of what a "mobile QB" is then
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    Just because a guy's athletic doesn't make him "run-based". Watch how the guy plays. People keep trying to pigeon-hole Mariota as a running QB going back to the draft. This is a pocket passer first and foremost. Andrew Luck and Aaron Rodgers had more rushes than Mariota last season. Are they run-based?
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    I think he was referring to Newsome's history of drafting WR. His track record overall speaks for itself, but his history of drafting WR is abysmal. Name a really good WR Newsome drafted.
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    There’s plenty of back and forth as to the health of speedy receiver John Ross, with word that some teams have taken him off their boards -- a report I read on Rotoworld yesterday. One team that I'm told has given Ross a clean bill of health is the Cincinnati Bengals, and the receiver is in the conversation for the ninth pick of the draft. His knees were given the green light by their doctors, and the front office believes the addition of Ross to an offense that presently boasts A.J. Green, Tyler Boyd and Tyler Eifert as well as recently re-signed Brandon LaFell could make them unstoppable on that side of the ball. And now that Joe Mixon has settled his civil trial, the team would be more apt to select him in the second round, something I mentioned last month. http://draftanalyst.com/da-draft-buzz-april-22-latest-word-miami-cincinnati There's one team supposedly. That would be a surprise if the Bengals drafted Ross.