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  1. socaltitan

    Around the NFL: preseason

    Jackson looks like RGIII
  2. socaltitan

    Around the NFL: preseason

    LaMar Jackson's completing less than 40% of his passes. Preseason or not, that's bad. He doesn't look anywhere near ready to take Flacco's job.
  3. socaltitan

    Around the NFL: preseason

    Luck in midseason form....
  4. socaltitan

    Washington signs Adrian Peterson

    I think Jay Gruden is in trouble after this season
  5. socaltitan

    Washington signs Adrian Peterson

    That was Guice
  6. socaltitan

    Training Camp Discussion

  7. socaltitan

    Washington signs Adrian Peterson

    Perine averaged 3.4 YPC last season
  8. socaltitan

    Reed sent to IR

    DRC is still out there, though I'm sure he'd like to be more than #4/#5 CB. Kayvon Webster. Webb has played CB.
  9. socaltitan

    Teams scrambling for OL help

    Pamphile might get you a 7th rounder. I'd rather just keep what we have. You think you have depth, but if you trade someone then another gets injured at some point, the depth ain't looking so good.
  10. Many are excited about Davis and Taylor as am I, but they're unproven right now. We need to see it in the regular season. Matthews is a proven vet.
  11. socaltitan

    Preseason Week 2: Bucs @ Titans Game Thread

    Brown looks like a great pick
  12. What would you get for him? He only has 1 year left on his deal. This is a critical year for Mariota, LaFleur, Vrabel, etc. We need all our horses out there and we're not real deep at the position.
  13. socaltitan

    Thoughts on offense

    I don't know why people would think we're not going to emphasize running the ball. LaFleur learned under Kubiak, Shanahan, and McVay. Arian Foster, Todd Gurley, Devonta Freeman, etc didn't get all those rushing yards out of nowhere.
  14. socaltitan

    Around the NFL: preseason

    I don't get what the Seahawks GM is doing. He was great his first few seasons, but he has not made good moves in recent years.