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  1. During Mularkey's interview on 104.5 about a week ago, he said he didn't have a specific date for when MM would be ready but said he fully expects him to be full go for TC
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    I'm ok with drafting Lattimore if they can get a really good FA CB. Just don't like the idea of Lattimore and Sims as the starters with so little experience, especially with some of the WR in this division.
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    I definitely think we'll look to add DL with Klug's injury and Blackson possibly falling out of favor. I'd like to see us look at Odrick or Arthur Jones if he's cut
  4. I wonder if JR will try to trade up from 18 to get Davis or Williams. Maybe that's a way of doing it to try to get both. No one's really talked about that possbility. I'm not sold either Williams or Davis make it to 18.
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    Of course you take the long range view. But I don't think you just count on rookies either. I expect we will sign a FA CB
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    Even if Lattimore is really good, it might be asking a lot for him to step in immediately as a rookie and cover TY Hilton, Allen Robinson, and DeAndre Hopkins. That's why I'd rather get one of the top FA CB. He looks like a very good prospect, but that'd be a concern for me
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    Listened to it. Hate to admit that I agree with them. I think Lattimore, Mike Williams, and Corey Davis are the likely guys in play.
  8. I'd be pretty surprised if we signed 2 high priced CB like that. I definitely think we'll try to sign one for sure. I think if we sign another, it'd more likely be nickel CB type like a Munnerlyn. I don't see it being two outside guys.
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    If they're happy to go with Colt McCoy they all deserve to be fired
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    It probably helps the Titans more. I'm not sold the 49ers would draft a QB at 2. I think there's better odds the Skins would. If they take Watson or Truibsky, that might create more pressure on another team to trade with us to get the one that slips. I don't know where Kizer's going to get picked. I'm thinking late 1 at best, but he's a bit of wildcard to me.
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    I generally feel like its the elite players that separate the teams that are the top teams from the middle of the pack. Tom Brady in this's year SB. Last year Von Miller. Guys like Russell Wilson and Earl Thomas. A lot of teams have good rosters, but you need those impact guys that will make the difference.
  12. It's being reported Bills might keep Tyrod which hurts our chances of trading with them if true