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  1. The way Lebeau and MM talk about Sims makes me think he has a good chance to be #2 CB as well. You get a CB like Trumaine Johnson, Gilmore, or Bouye to be the #1 and maybe add a NB like Munnerlyn. I like that more than drafting a CB round 1. CB can take time to develop and the recent track record hasn't been good in the 1st round. For every Peters, there's guys like Waynes, Gilbert, Millner
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    If they go 1-15 again, Depodesta, Hue, etc might not even make it to 2018. Especially with Haslam as the owner.
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    Julio Jones is an absolute freak that is a generational talent. 99.9% of the league WR are not as good as him. I don't think Williams or Davis have to be Julio Jones for them to justify being picked by us. I've seen comparisons to Mike Evans and Dez Bryant with Williams. Davis to Demaryius Thomas. Getting a guy like that is plenty good enough.
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    I agree with all of this. I've said I want to go defense. But I can't deny that it looks like there's a very good chance we go WR high just from reading the tea leaves. I think there's a very good chance Williams or Davis is the pick.
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    Titans are definitely going to try to do something major about WR. They've already been dropping too many hints. I don't know exactly what we're going to do, but I don't think it'll just be adding a few depth players.
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    Yeah seriously. A lot of these mocks just come across as wishlist of what the OP wants us to do. I'd be really surprised if we signed all those guys.
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    And I think part of the reason ODB probably fell is just because of how deep WR was that year. Two WR in the top 7 picks. And ODB is 5'11 so that might have hurt him too. In most other drafts, he might have gone top 10
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    I don't think Amari Cooper, Mike Evans, or Dez Bryant are as good as Julio Jones, but I best most people here would still be willing to spend a very high pick on a guy of that caliber I'm not crazy about WR either, but I definitely think there's a very good chance we're spending pretty high pick on one
  9. I meant a retailer deal on Black Friday The only reason I'd buy it is for Nintendo games. It's unfortunate, because that's part of the reason why 3rd party support has been so bad, but it is what it is. I'd just get 3rd party games on the other systems and not bother getting it on the Switch. The portable function is nice, but I really don't see myself using it that often.
  10. I'm waiting it out until two things happen: a good Black Friday deal and a Metroid announcement I play video games, but only casually so I can wait. But while I think the Switch will do better than Wii U (hard not to), I still think it will be a distant third place type machine. If you want third-parties, play it on the other systems imo. Really 99% of the reason to buy a Nintendo system is for Zelda, Mario, Smash Bros, etc. Really you just buy a Nintendo system for Nintendo games. I still expect 3rd party support to be terrible. Not getting my hopes up there considering the history and there already a lot of warning signs it'll be very weak again
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    If we're trying to base it on what we think they might do instead of what we personally want, I get the impression they want a big outside WR who can win 1-on-1 which points to Williams or Davis, not Ross. I don't know about WR at 5 either, but I can definitely see trade down to a team like BUF with the intent of picking Williams or Davis
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    It's not my preference, but I can't deny the fact that it's a strong possibility. We heard this type of talk about OL and RB last year.
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    I get the impression they want a #1 WR. I don't think they're just looking for a #3-#4 WR
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    He's had Roddy White, Plaxico Burress, Julio Jones. While JR is from NE, I think people are quick to just think we're going to try to emulate everything they do. I'm not so sure about that, though there definitely are influences. And while JR wasn't the GM, he likely had a big role in TB drafting Evans. The TB GM is also from NE. Dmitrioff in ATL was from NE and traded for Julio.
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    I think they want a prototypical #1, a big outside WR. I don't see us taking Ross