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  1. I remember at this point last year thinking LB seemed pretty obvious looking at the ages and contract situations This year, I'm more inclined to wait and see how the season plays out first
  2. socaltitan

    OTA Updates

    Steve Young was a bust until he went to SF I do think its mostly on the player, but I do think situation matters to some degree. Goff was absolutely horrible his rookie season. Then gets a lot better his 2nd season. I don't think it was all him. The Pats have made a lot of guys look more usable than they are.
  3. socaltitan

    the WR group feels like a disaster waiting to happen

    Dez led the league in dropped passes last year. Can't separate anymore. I don't see much value other than jersey sales. He's Andre Johnson at this point.
  4. socaltitan

    the WR group feels like a disaster waiting to happen

    There's not exactly going to be a bunch of studs floating around in FA at this point. They're still unsigned for a reason.
  5. socaltitan

    the WR group feels like a disaster waiting to happen

    I really don't think Dez would help much at this point in his career
  6. socaltitan

    the WR group feels like a disaster waiting to happen

    Its June 13. I won't worry about it yet.
  7. Vrabel is abrasive
  8. socaltitan

    Lewan holding out and not attending mini camp.

    trade him
  9. socaltitan

    WR Julian Edelman suspended four games

    Edelman is probably a goner after next season when he becomes an UFA.
  10. I remember when JR was first hired, PK on 104.5 asked him what pick he scouted he was most proud of and he said Gronk. Gronk talent wise is definitely worth a 1st. He's arguably the most dominant TE ever. But he's always injured and has teased retirement. I'd happily give a 3. Maybe a 2 if I absolutely had to, but I'd be more reluctant. Definitely not a 1.
  11. I could see the Bengals. I don't really see the 49ers as a surprise. Most people seem to think they'll be good. I guess by my definition of surprise, I'm thinking of a team that sucked last year that not many people are talking about. The Rams were certainly that team last year. No one saw that coming.
  12. Kevin White is a bust. The Bears added two FA (Robinson, Gabriel) and a 2nd round WR in Miller this offseason.. Not a good sign for White. I have zero faith in him at this point. Robinson could be good for them.
  13. In 2016, the Rams,Vikings, Jags, and SB winning Eagles all finished .500 or below. All four teams made significant improvements the following season. What's a team that could make a big jump in 2018? I'm going to go with a less obvious pick than teams like Giants or Broncos. I'm going to go with the Bears. I didn't watch Trubisky at all last year, but if he can come anywhere close to making a big 2nd year jump like Goff did and Nagy is a good HC, I can see them making a big improvement. I like the moves they made in FA and the draft. I won't go as far to say they can win the division like the Rams. That's a brutal NFC North, but I can see them being a much improved team.
  14. What could Walker fetch in a trade? A 4th round pick maybe? Not worth it. This is a critical season for Mariota and this new staff. We have high hopes for Corey, but as of now, Delanie is still the best offensive weapon on the team. Why trade that? We need to give Mariota as much as help as we can. Jonnu is unproven at this point.