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  1. Ronde Barber on OJ Howard, interesting.....

    I can see him packaging a 1 and 2. He's done it before. If he thinks there's a stud pass rusher, and has to trade up to do it, go for it. I'd gladly give a 2 to move up if it got me Vic Beasley, Robert Quinn, Terrell Suggs, etc I wouldn't do it for every position, but if there's a stud pass rusher we can build around the next 10 years and have to move up to get him, I'm open to it.
  2. Ronde Barber on OJ Howard, interesting.....

    Actually 19 of 22 starters. Forgot Daquan
  3. Ronde Barber on OJ Howard, interesting.....

    Can still find someone good there, but it's harder obviously. I wouldn't rule out JR trading up. I think he's more concerned about getting "his guy" As it stands, 20 of 22 starters will still be under contract this year. Only Williamson and Kline are UFA. Whoever we draft is likely to be a backup as a rookie.
  4. Some fantasy Mariota love from the Post

    The FF mentality is ruining football
  5. Ronde Barber on OJ Howard, interesting.....

    Marshall was UCF. I knew it was one of those small Florida schools.
  6. Ronde Barber on OJ Howard, interesting.....

    This year's class is setting the bar so high, next year will probably feel like a disappointment even if that class is good too
  7. I loved Adams before the draft. But even he I would say would be a luxury. Not many teams carry 2 excellent S. They love Byard. If Adams was a pass rusher, I'd feel different. I've said I'm not the biggest fan of WR at 5 in general, but I understand the reasoning considering the circumstances. I'm over it. Hope Davis gets healthy because I think he can be really good. I look at it this way. JR is doing everything he can to help our young QB be the best he can possibly be. He's doing a great job of it. It's harder to say that with how former QB have been handled by previous regimes. I'm assuming JR believes Davis is a #1 WR. Titans fans have been starving for a #1 WR for ages. We've drafted so well, especially on offense the past few years, there's going to be plenty of opportunities to invest high picks on the D in the near future. JR is prioritizing our young franchise QB first and foremost and giving him the tools necessary. It's exciting to think about Marcus, Henry, Taylor, Corey Davis, Jonnu, Lewan, Conklin. That's a group that can play together for awhile.
  8. Ronde Barber on OJ Howard, interesting.....

    Smith was blocking Cliff Avril 1-on-1 and doing a pretty good job of it.
  9. Ronde Barber on OJ Howard, interesting.....

    It kinda makes you wonder if OJ is one of those guys who looks great in shorts, but when the lights come on, doesn't really produce. He was mostly drafted on potential, not production. There may have been reasons why his production wasn't that good, but it makes you wonder a little bit. Looking at the Bucs forum, there are some wondering if they should've drafted Dalvin Cook instead. FIU has quietly produced some pretty good talent. TY Hilton played there. I think Brandon Marshall did too.
  10. MCM's all-22 for the Seattle game is up

    We were talking TE and S all offseason, yet it's pretty clear especially in retrospect they were focusing on WR and CB all the way. Especially if you go back and read the comments.
  11. MCM's all-22 for the Seattle game is up

    He has 2 catches for 29 yards 0 TD I knew after the pre-draft PC that we weren't taking TE for sure. JR said he thought there was depth at the position and could look at it later. That told me right then we weren't taking Howard. Even when Howard slipped, we still turned in the Adoree card extremely fast. We were targeting WR and CB all along. It was never going to be a R1 TE. I don't think Howard was ever that strongly considered.
  12. so what would you do?

    And Bill O-Brien coached the guy! SMH
  13. Game Ball Goes To JRob/Mariota!!

    I can see the next 3-4 drafts being defense heavy at the top. We've drafted so well on offense the past few years. MM, Henry, Davis, Taylor, Lewan, Conklin, Jonnu. There might not be a need to spend a high pick on offense for awhile.
  14. The Ringer Podcast(Massive Titans love)

    I thought he played pretty well down the stretch last season. He's not a real flashy guy which makes him kind of unexciting I suppose. But I think he is an asset who can help us. They're not all going to be Adoree or Conklin. Doesn't make it a bad pick.