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  1. FWIW, Greg Schiano has a close relationship with BB which might suggest he and JR might know each other. Can't imagine him being a very popular interview
  2. I would assume JR would know Vrabel as a person, but Vrabel didn't start coaching until 2011. While he played for BB, he never was a coach under him.
  3. We've had Oilers/Titans rejects as coaches for years. Then it was Steelers-lite. I'm fearing turning into Patriots-lite. The track record of guys coming from that BB umbrella is pitiful. They try to emulate NE, problem is there's no Brady and BB. Maybe Vrabel will be good, but there are a lot of reasons to question that. Personally, I'd rather see a more radical change than just becoming Patriots-lite which is what I'm fearing if we have JR, Vrabel, etc. I don't have a lead dog in the race, but whether's that Wilks, DeFilippo, or someone else I'd prefer to go that route. Supposedly Vrabel is a red-faced screamer. I guess it worked for guys like Cowher and Gruden. But I also remember how embarrassing Mike Singletary was and fear a similar outcome for Vrabel if it goes south.
  4. JR plans to be aggressive- My take

    Tavon Austin's contract is one of the worst in the NFL
  5. Josh McDaniels

    McDaniels is like that obnoxious frat boy you want to punch out. He might be a great OC, but he's not HC material to me. Maybe he's "changed" but that's a lot to gamble on.
  6. Titans to interview Mike Vrabel for HC job

    His personality is definitely a concern, but he's an experienced OC (8 seasons) who's been successful in multiple stops. PIT was a top 5 offense this season in many major categories and have been top 5-10 level since he's been there. He does things I think a lot of us will like. PIT ran 76% of their plays this season in shotgun. It'd be way more shotgun with him. He's more pass happy. And he feeds his best players. Guys like Brown, Fitzgerald, Boldin, Bell, etc have put up their best numbers with him as OC. I think Corey could make a huge 2nd year jump with a guy like Haley as OC. He will make it more of a priority to get Davis involved. I never felt like Davis was much apart of the gameplan at all this year. It wouldn't surprised me if that was one among many things that irked JR. I know it's not as exciting, but if you're looking at stability for OC/DC guys like Haley, Jack Del Rio, Mike McCoy, etc are out there. And they're experienced guys who've been successful coordinators, but still relatively young enough that they're not going to be in the retirement home soon. McCoy is 45. Haley 50. Del Rio 54.
  7. Shurmur will be fired within 3 years. I'm glad he's not going to be an option for us.
  8. Titans to interview Mike Vrabel for HC job

    That's where you might consider a Todd Haley or Mike McCoy if Vrabel or Wilks is the hire. Then you get an experienced OC who's likely not getting another HC gig.
  9. JR plans to be aggressive- My take

    Norwell is in line to become the highest paid G in the league. I'd be very surprised. Nothing in JR history so far suggests we'd do that.
  10. Orakpo IIRC played SAM LB when the Redskins were playing 4-3. So he could play that role for us. It's all hard to tell right now though without knowing who the HC is.
  11. The best teams (Pats, Steelers, Packers, etc) build through the draft. Mariota, Lewan, Byard, Conklin, Rishard, Morgan, Delanie etc going to be UFA in the next few seasons. It's going to get very pricey. I don't expect much in this year's FA. Definitely would like to keep DaQuan.
  12. Big Ben definitely acts like a primadonna
  13. I've said a big benefit of hiring guys like JDR and Haley is they're experienced coordinators who've been successful but they're still young enough (50 and 54) where they're not heading into the retirement home. Also, they're less likely to try to bolt for another HC gig so you might be able to keep them awhile if they do well. I don't see JDR getting another HC shot. Haley definitely not. That's the problem with hiring a young coordinator. I know that's what people want, but the young coordinator may also look to leave for a HC gig. I seriously wonder if Haley has some mental issues though. If you've ever seen any videos of the guys, he's kind of a screw loose. But he's been a successful OC with 8 years experience. And he feeds his best players. Look at the insane #s Brown has put up. I think Corey would be primed to make a huge leap.
  14. JR plans to be aggressive- My take

    I can see a G. Other than that, probably just backups. I'm not getting my hopes up we're going to sign some huge money FA. It is a weak FA group. I don't see us getting rid of Cyprien so quickly and the FA S list is pretty weak. I don't expect a guy like Joyner to hit the market. Maybe a backup S. It's also hard to tell with the new HC coming in. He might look at our roster and think differently. Maybe thinks some guys can perform better than they did with better coaching, scheme, etc