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  1. Thoughts(that matter) on 1st preseason game

    And here we goooooo.....!!! Let the season begin on titansreport.com! Easy does it Oilerman, it's the first preseason game. Even Tom Brady is wiping away a little crusty eye, crawling out of his wife's vagina. Let's also note that every time this franchise has been anointed that proverbial contender status before the start of week one, the word struggle has polarized more than offensive touchdowns. Be that as it may, LeShaun Sims is not the answer in upgrading the secondary - nor is thinking Kevin Byard will be the next Robertson/Bishop. Two glaring weak spots that will brightly appear too often when the season starts, and cause for concern than Marcus Mariota and the offense. Adoree Jackson should be pressed and prepared to stay on the field as much as possible, and very reminiscent of a time when Hill and Woolfolk were the penciled in starters after drafting another guy named Jones. Nice to know what great careers the first two went on to have. I'd rather this up-start go 0-4 or 1-3 in the next coming weeks, rather 3-1 or 2-2. An early serving of humble pie will keep a paper contender a lot hungrier for a sixteen week main course.
  2. I just couldn't help myself post this for every Titans fan representing TitansNation... The mantra of what Mularkey and coaching staff should emphasis going into this hopefully great, and playoff bound 2016 season is this... "Remember The Bullshit!" Watching probably the second greatest heartache in franchise history, (the last playoff game against the asshole-purple-pumpers in 2008 on youtube), when forwarding to the 1:50.00 mark of the fourth quarter, you will see Joe Flacco drop back and step out of the end zone. No one, not even Gumble and doche-bag Diredork, let alone the officials, say "one thing" about it! Aside from the play-clock counting down to zero for another two seconds at the end of the game, watching again, the officials or anyone else for the matter do anything about it, from 2004 - Present Day, the Tennessee Titans have endured more bias, botched, horrible, and downright bullshit calls (most in the entire NFL during that time period), than any other team that could attempt to be worse. Just watching regular season games dating back to 2010, NFL officials were terribly bias against the Tennessee Titans, especially against glamour name quarterbacks. Yes, like always, universal team psyche and history would've probably prevailed regardless, in the fact that we still would've lost that game somehow. Our failures and self-destruction in the face of adversity, is the most polarizing reason more than any other team - including the Cleveland Browns - why this franchise hasn't won a Super Bowl and taken that next step when finally building into a winner like now. You can hear Marcus Mariota during that Top 100 moment, comment on how many times he's been on the losing side during the short time he's been here. Turning the corner is one thing, Lord knows how many times this franchise has done that before, but remembering and buying into the belief of becoming a contender that psychologically knows how to always close the show is another. Never forgeting January 3, 1993 - January 17, 1994 - January 7, 2001 and January 10, 2008, even though the obvious reveals this to be a completely different team in a completely different time, with a completely different core of players... Funny, so were those other teams before reaching the summit, before looking down with hands held high.
  3. Best Defenses in History - Titans Make the List

    What an ALL-STAR POST!!! Well done, my Jeepers-Creeper!!!
  4. NFL Total Access Titans Season Preview on tonight

    Awesome!!! You gents are getting better and better!
  5. so glad Kendall Wright is gone

    Now that's funny!!! VERY, well said!
  6. Icing On Cake - Tennessee, SIGN KAEPERNICK

    Okay my dear, dear, Oilerman.... So aside from having a true franchise quarterback, that is not only the perfect compliment to an already budding offense he's learned quicker than many thought he would in less than three years, but perfect role model in general, ending his first two seasons on IR, and costing this team a division title and playoff appearance late last season... the Titans don't need a better backup quarterback situation what-so-ever... just need the kid to play better, even if once again, he goes down for the count... even if that means going down in the first two rounds of this coming season... I can promise you my dear friend, with $40 million plus in cap space, already securing this team for the next 3-5 years, having a quarterback like C.K on the roster even as a number three like Tanney or anyone else, would be the best insurance policy Suzzie-Robinson could afford to purchase for their top contending asset, more than bringing in another toy like an Eric Decker.
  7. Forget Eric Decker, which I give a 50/50 chance to happen today. You wanna solidify the most important position in regards to depth? Sign the best available quarterback, that can not only compliment this exotic/smash-mouth offense, but become more than just marginal when it matters most "if" the worse happens. Marcus has had two back-to-back season ending injuries, and an upgrade in the backup position is as almost important as winning games in the NFL. Especially with the expectations and possibilities of this Titans team, heading into the 2017 season.
  8. so glad Kendall Wright is gone

    Okay, okay... White flag.
  9. Sum up division rivals in one picture

    Now that's funny! Don't like the Jim Jones pic - fucking bastard - but funny enough, just like the cool kids do.
  10. so glad Kendall Wright is gone

    Fair enough 09. They shouldn't shit on those who are the oldest, over 40 from the X generation, following this team since the 70's. And many think Oilerman is the deepest franchise fan around here. But well said, I'll respect that.
  11. Luck May Not Be Ready For Training Camp

    Can I be cool too, and post a bunch of funny parody shots? Is that what you call those funny things that make's fun of irony? Or is it...? Is it...?? I just... I just... I don't know, I just wanna be like the cool kids. Stand by, this is a recording - By the way, by the by, by the something-whatever... Oiler FANatic, "Harden MVP 13" - LOVE your style and speak my language from the same cow pasture my man. Columbia Blue, through and through. MadMax Rocket Red, Clutch City!
  12. so glad Kendall Wright is gone

    Very, very, good, Soxcat. Finally, someone that knows something around here. Didn't want to waste anymore finger power on stating that very obvious fact, so thank you kindly.
  13. so glad Kendall Wright is gone

    Really cheese-head-man...? Yes, yes, you're right - and thank you for making me feel so young! I just turned 27 yesterday, got the first job promotion the day before, spent three-months-salary on the ring, and just recently discovered the color columbia blue. All that, in just twenty seven years. Amazing, right? Remind me something, Green Bay... What was that New Year's Eve all about, before things turned in another direction??? Riddle me that, genius! How are you even a Titans fan? If you can answer that little trivia question without finger-fucking the internet, I'll qualify you with a hall pass.
  14. Titans 'Biggest Threat' to division winners Texans; NFL.com

    The biggest threat to this division is you genius fans predicting anything. - This is a recording. Stand by, please.
  15. so glad Kendall Wright is gone

    Listen to all this millennial bullshit... ... Well... At least Yoshimitsu and Sox got it wright in their response... Kendal Wright sucks, wright, wright, thank God he's gone, you stole my joke, Napoleon, Napoleon, blah, blah, wha, wha! So does every Titans player that leaves the franchise since the year 1999. Soon we'll be reading about how much DeMarco Murray sucked, giving us only one good year... but it was really the offensive line and Marcus Mariota that helped him rush for over 1200 yards... blah, blah, flippidy, blah! Good thing we found out about Jeff Fisher being way overrated... too bad we couldn't get Mike Mularkey to coach those Oilers/Titans back in the day. We might've won a Super Bowl!