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  1. Titans To Unveil New Uniforms In April

    I LOOOOVVVEEEE THIS!!!! But not to having "red" uniforms. Stupid if that's the case.
  2. Just enjoy the journey

    I like that subtly.
  3. Wilks for HC

    You'd have a better chance for immediate success by hiring Jim Caldwell, rather than this unproven defensive coordinator.
  4. John DeFilippo is going to be a key piece in this HC search

    Nope. My Uncle Salvator could be his defensive coordinator, too. Amazing how Frank Reich found great success under backup man Peterson, when he couldn't anywhere else as both QB coach & offensive coordinator.
  5. Vrable will go with him to Indianapolis if he's not hired as a HC somewhere. Now there's a thought for all you McDaniels loyalist... Vrable as Titans DC with Joshie-boy as the HC.
  6. Titans to interview Mike Vrabel for HC job

    The double irony here is the fact that BB only coached the Cleveland Browns to an 11-5 record in 1994 for his only real merit of HC success before NE. The Baltimore Ravens are really the Cleveland Browns, and Cleveland Browns a new-aged expansion team. The fans of Cleveland really have "two" Super Bowl Championships (2000 & 2012), just as a little side note in collation with the above topic.
  7. Titans And Mularkey Agree to Part Ways

    Matt LeFleur will become the next Titans coach. It's a copycat league, and clearly when the writing's on the wall socially with both Struck and Robinson, duplicating the trend of hiring the young geniuses in the league has been a popular move lately. I still love the Chuck Pagano idea. A man who knows the AFC South more intimately than any other coach from the outside, and competed all the time with what he had to work with.
  8. Paul Kuharsky Is Such An Idtiot!!!

    I guess you missed the uptake on "idtoit" spelling... Do you get it now???
  9. Paul Kuharsky Is Such An Idtiot!!!

    Paul...??? Is that you??? I'm sorry for hurting your feelings.
  10. JRob presser coming later today

    I have a problem with the fact that regardless in our humble opinion of difference, the results and state-of-franchise is the true results in reality.
  11. JRob presser coming later today

    C'mon man, please, I don't wanna go back and forth with you... If you really want me to qualify in the point-of-view in knowing what the hell I'm talking about, I'll email you my cell and we can chat.
  12. JRob presser coming later today

    Wisconsin, I want you to go back sometime toady, and listen to the entire presser from start to finish.
  13. JRob presser coming later today

    Jon, did you think that Mariota regressed or ascended as Mike Mularkey stated yesterday? The Right Answer; " Marcus is an outstanding and proud-to-say, long-term franchise quarterback for the Tennessee Titans. I am vastly disappointed with this coaching staff's ability to exploit and showcase all of his wonderful and gifted abilities, which led to this decision ultimately. I have one goal, and one goal only for the fans of this franchise, and that's to win a Super Bowl championship. Myself, Amy, and the rest of the internal infrastructure in regards to management will be tirelessly determining which head coach would fit that replicated ambition, and elevate this franchise to the NFL elite." And NOT; " Marcus, he definitly improved, just look at his stats, actually his stats weren't as good as the year before, is a good quarterback."
  14. JRob presser coming later today

    Sorry Titans fans, but after listening to Robinson for barely five minutes, it goes to show how much inexperience and lack-there-of in regards to overall knowledge and assertion this young GM has. Maybe the problem with this team is certain individuals who haven't been polarized in the national spotlight and local media.
  15. Titans to interview Mike Vrabel for HC job

    Was that you geek on the radio just now???