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  1. C

    Ftr, Grey Poupon is nasty as fuck.
  2. C

    Republicans: where Obama eating Grey Poupon is a big deal, but Trump being a narcissist is not.
  3. C

    Supernaw plays special teams, which would give him a leg up on Amaro.
  4. C

    Saudi Arabia wasn't on the travel ban list, though.
  5. C

    No, we should be investing in alternative energy sources.
  6. C

    If he was $82k in debt he probably went to grad school. And for those preaching state schools: MTSU cost $32k for four years of tuition. Just tuition.
  7. C

  8. C

    Is Trump a narcissist? It's a yes or no question
  9. C

    Tell that to the judges have been interpreting it for centuries. Like always, you're wrong.
  10. C

    The constitution is the most ambiguous document ever drafted. That's why it's been amended and argued about for 200+ years.
  11. C

    Even Russia thinks he's demented. They just prefer him in power over ISIS expanding. It'd be Sadaam and Iraq all over again.
  12. C

    Here's the thing about demented dictators like Assad: they don't need a reason to do what they do. Assad can wake up one day and has his people and not give two shits about it.
  13. C

    "I promise to not cut Medicaid." "you can't take trump literally." **signs bill cutting Medicaid** they weren't fucking kidding when they said you can't take him literally.
  14. C

    You realize any foreign conflict during his administration is on him, right? He's the fucking commander in chief. Can't blame this on anyone but Trump.