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  1. Portnoy is a Trump guy. Most of them hate Trump, but they're far from liberal.
  2. This is an annual thing for them. I always love it.
  3. Deadspin has gone to shit lately, but I always look forward to these.
  4. Tajae Sharpe Removed from PUP List; Abdesmad Cut

    Agree. I'm a Vandy guy and I like Krause, but he isn't making this team.
  5. Possible Trade?

    Sounds like something familial related to me.
  6. Aside from his drop, absolutely. I'd rather keep him than weems, but Weems is the better ST player. So we will keep Weems.
  7. Turns out he was right, because Johnson was not good last year and Rishard played very well once he retired.
  8. It's pretty premature to call him out for whining when we have no clue why he missed.
  9. Thought on Preseason Game #2

    The fan who called the QB run should be banished for life. How dumb can you be?
  10. Right. Because it's not a publicly traded company. CFA is not a franchise, in my opinion, that will ever go public either.
  11. Ted Cruz had it right. Then he campaigned for Donald and lost any respect he might have gained from his speech at the RNC. You can't come back from campaigning for the guy who implied your father was behind the JFK assassination.
  12. Steve Bannon - Out

    "I hire the best people."