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  1. Mayock Mock Draft

    Rashaan Evans for us.
  2. Why Jake Locker Walked Away

    And scouts should have seen this.
  3. Titans 2018 Schedule

    Playing on the road for both though? That sucks.
  4. Titans 2018 Schedule

    Starts searching for flights on BA to Heathrow...
  5. Ideal Titans Schedule

    I prefer London game be week 8.
  6. Bucs pick up Winston 5th year option

    I’m not redefining anything. Worth is a subjective term. Thus, he’s “worth” what the market will bear. The market is 32 NFL teams with 32 varying definitions of “worth”. You can say you wouldn’t pay him $28-30 million annually, and that’s fine, but you guarantee you some team would pay him that, especially when you consider the alternative. This year will tell a lot about Marcus. The fact that there is still an unknown factor with him plays in his favor.
  7. Jack Conklin

    I saw him at the Exxon over in Metrocenter by the Titans facility a couple weeks back. I didn’t notice any limp, but I wasn’t paying much attention. He did not have crutches as of then. Not sure when he ditched them.
  8. Bucs pick up Winston 5th year option

    Worth is what the market will bear. Mariota would easily get $28-30 million a year on an open market. Thus, he is definitely “worth” that.
  9. Any Draft Picks You Feel Will Be Outright Busts??

    Josh Allen for sure.
  10. Conklin and Rosenhaus

    Holding out to be paid what you feel you’re worth in a game where you get 1, at max 2, huge contracts is not greedy.
  11. Conklin and Rosenhaus

    I love how players who want top dollar are always classified as “greedy”.
  12. Pat Talks About How Troy Polamalu Ruined His Life

    McAfee is great. Dude is going to be a media star. His standup is funny too.
  13. Vrabel start of OTA's Press Conference

    This. The issue was that he left everyone in the dark. Send a quick text and no one would have batted an eyelash.
  14. He’s likely somewhere in between Lombardi and some meathead who can’t count to 3. I have my reservations, but I am keeping an open mind
  15. Fans or players who said this?