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  1. Lewan hasn’t been playing like an $80 million man so far this year. He got whooped in pass protection and run blocking by Bennett and Barnett. I’ve never seen him whiff on so many blocks. At least the personal fouls and hands to the face have slowed down. Conklin looked great in his return, by the way.
  2. titaninpgh

    Fran Duffy shows how Titans beat Cover 3

    Cosell said, “I’ve watched every snap of this team for 5 years. This is the most aggressive I’ve seen this offense.” But I’m pretty sure Oman hears, “They aggressively managed Mariota.”
  3. titaninpgh

    Chiefs vs Broncos MNF Thread

    Pac-Man is 35? I feel old. Also, after his legal issues, what would the betting odds have been that he’d be playing until 35? It’s a major upset.
  4. Remember the freak out when Vrabel wanted to hire Ryan Day form Ohio State and got turned down? A college OC?!! And HE rejected US! Well, Day is now likely the coach in waiting for when Urban Meyer leaves. https://www.si.com/college-football/2018/09/22/ryan-day-coach-waiting-ohio-state-urban-meyer
  5. titaninpgh

    Vaccaro out 2-4 Weeks

    How often does David Chao have to be correct for this board to respect him? The dude is a twitter gem for those of us who can’t wait until Monday to learn injury new. The rare vitriol from Nash et al after Mariota’s injury discussion was bizarre.
  6. titaninpgh

    Baldinger Breaking Down the Titans Game

    Baldinger really highlighted how many blown coverages the Eagles had. That secondary and LB core is bad, except for Malcom Jenkins.
  7. It seems like it’s always Compton and Lewan, with Ben Jones nearby. Is there some victory speech hierarchy I’m unaware of?
  8. titaninpgh

    Harold Landry

    Vrabel trying to to tuck that erection.
  9. titaninpgh

    Media loves Vrabel

  10. titaninpgh

    Welcome Back Marcus

    Mariota looked better in the pocket today than ever before. He was calm and stepped up or slid without tucking or dropping his eyes. I don't recall a single instance of him fleeing the pocket too early.
  11. titaninpgh

    Media loves Vrabel

    Fair or not, Mularkey was the butt of many jokes in national media. This is refreshing for a change.