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  1. You all know how that would end. A lawsuit and cries of racism!
  2. "Those racist pig bastards are probably trying to frame those poor men"- titansgoodluckcharm
  3. Well keep on keeping on fellas. Got vacation in the morning. Titansgoodluckcharm, I'll leave this for you again since I know you love it so much.
  4. When have I stated that I dont care about all people? In the following sentence claim to have problem with the police (judging a profession for which you just stated you dont do) How am I claiming to be a victim. If anything I'm laughing at those who claim to always be a victim for anything that ever happens negatively in their life.
  5. When cops were getting knocked off guess who it was making sure shot didn't spiral out of control................................... Could you preferably speak in a way that all of us could understand.
  6. Walking free on a plea deal? If your referring to a charge being reduced and the defendant pleading that has nothing to do with the officer and is done between the district attorney and the defendants attorney. So now there are corrupt police in every major department? What about small departments? If a 40 man department has no corrupt police would you still treat them with respect? No you would judge them based on their profession. Just after saying dont judge people. Wonderful.
  7. So I propose we move on agreeing to disagree like adults and you resort to name calling like a child. Expect the police to have 0 problems, fix the crime rates, bring down incarceration rates, and fix the addiction epidemic while bashing them into oblivion at every turn. Makes sense. Imagine what an honest cop who goes to work every day striving to do his job and come home alive feels reading your rubbish. Cant fix stupid.
  8. I dont know about others but I completely agree with that. I think the problem comes in with how often people believe that's actually happening. I'm sure it happens and its horrible but I dont believe it's a common problem. We can disagree on that and that's fine. From those I know in the field and in my area of the county, Central Pennsylvania there is hardly any complaints of police brutality or police overstepping the boundary. The area I'm talking about probably consists of hundred of officers. Of those hundreds of officers over years I have never heard of many, if any legitimate complaints on the media. Actually, I stand corrected. In the last two years two officers were caught stealing drugs from the evidence room. Both were fired and criminally charged as they should have been.
  9. Agreed. We all have different opinions and there is nothing wrong with that. People panicking and getting worked up "tiransgoodluckcharm". Dont get butthurt.
  10. Pot stirred....hahaha. Agree to disagree. Keep going with the all cops are culpable because they all know dirty cops. You all like you have knowledge of every police department in the nation. Comical. Keep playing the victim card and making a problem out of nothing.
  11. I'll answer your question though. I dont know what the percentage of the population is a criminal. No idea.
  12. Ok, dont answer the question and defer. Haha
  13. Honestly though, what percentage of police do you honestly think is corrupt and racist?
  14. Not digging through a forum for posts from last year. Do you deny starting "the movement"? Or "hating majority of police"?
  15. Just in case you forget how much of a non issue this is. Incorrect use of force happens occasionally. When it does the officer should be held accountable. For example, in Milwaukee it was unjustified force and the victim will get a big payday.