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  1. Ben Jones- Have a feeling it would be a good time out. Taylor Lewan- Ditto Ben Jones Wesley Woodyard- Need some experience on this team. Marcus Mariota- DD Delanie Walker-Quickly becoming my favorite titan.
  2. Doogie

    Madden 19

    Derrick Morgan is rated lower than Harold Landry. 1 point higher than Kevin Dodd. Who does this. Seriously. Wtf?
  3. Doogie

    US to leave Human Rights Council

    Spot on. Damn tglc keeps tagging me in threads.
  4. Doogie

    US to leave Human Rights Council

    Yeah my bad.
  5. Doogie

    US to leave Human Rights Council

  6. Titansgoodluckcharm posts so much it's like he doesnt work and just sits at home jerking off to videos of black lives matter.
  7. The little basic ass video disproving all the bs your spewing? Hahahahahaha
  8. Hahahaha 👮‍♂️. Love posting this randomly to piss of titansgoodluckcharm. Facts hurt.
  9. http://www.sportingnews.com/nfl/news/titans-end-minicamp-visit-nashville-police-academy-shooting-simulator/fkrahiz6zb3w1r69eya59m0fe Titansgoodluckcharm will loooove this.
  10. Doogie

    the WR group feels like a disaster waiting to happen

    Compare it to last year. Matthews, rookie Davis, injured Sharpe, old Decker. This years we have Matthews, 2nd year Davis, uninjured Sharpe. Add a vet and we will be fine.
  11. Doogie

    OTA Updates

  12. Titansgoodluckcharm believes someone named Doogie on a forum is endangering Americans based on the fact that he knows nothing about this person other than he is a Titans fan. The comedy continues.
  13. Titansgoodluckcharm fights for freedom of speech. When someone says something he disagrees with, "you should be shipped to Antarctica " Pure comedy gold.