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  1. TitanedUpSince'70

    Beddingfield: Davis’s ceiling is a good #2

    I hear ya there. And check this out. After the Skins had gone up by 10 points, a line came out that I bet on, with the Skins -3000 to win the game. I had to bet $169 to win a pitiful $5.63 LOL! I was damn glad when that ball hit the upright. Maybe the Ref was too? It was tight, but it was a winner!
  2. TitanedUpSince'70

    Report: Raiders Belief in Derek Carr is Waning

    lol @8MM Just messing around. Where would you like to see Tua go to when he gets drafted?
  3. TitanedUpSince'70

    Report: Raiders Belief in Derek Carr is Waning

    The Raiders are slowly throwing their hat into the T4T (Tank 4 Tua) contest in the 2020 draft! New city, new stadium, new QB!
  4. TitanedUpSince'70

    Going to be on 102.5 The Game at 10:15 AM today

    I've been pounding the table to replace Jones since before JRob started looking for a Center. This is nothing new. He filled the gap ok when we got him, but we've been needing to replace him for awhile now.
  5. TitanedUpSince'70

    The offensive line needs to go to a brothel...

    Holy fucking hell! Oman just fell out of the helicopter to his death from that shit! P.S. - We're driving down to Virginia Beach for a couple days of peace and quiet. Maybe we'll see Pastorini bumming around on the beach half drunk again, like he was 35 years ago, who knows! Not checking in here again until we get back. RIP Oman!
  6. TitanedUpSince'70

    Ref blocked TT’s route on deep bomb.

    We need to sign that damn Ref asap. Dude can take the top off pretty good!
  7. TitanedUpSince'70

    Maroita is killing the franchise

    lol PK. He could have been looking past Lewis and downfield 15 yards for the first down. Can't tell where his eyes are from that angle.
  8. TitanedUpSince'70

    Our Season, Perfectly Captured

    New avatar for @NashvilleNinja? Looks close!
  9. TitanedUpSince'70

    Chargers Week

    Hmmm, + 6 1/2 after being + 3 1/2 a few days ago. Can't wait to watch this one! Pip pip, cheerio old chaps!
  10. TitanedUpSince'70

    Jalen Ramsey is ridiculous

    I'm glad they didn't draft him either. I don't think JRob ever acquires his goofy ass anyway, but if we somehow did, I'm officially off the Titans bandwagon until he leaves the team. I want nothing to do with the pos.
  11. TitanedUpSince'70

    Ding Dong the #### is dead.

    What a relief, I thought you had killed a bitch for a second!
  12. TitanedUpSince'70

    Rashaan got some things to say...

    That play reminded me of the San Diego/Ravens game years ago , when Ray Lewis came through the gap like that and chased down the RB for a loss.
  13. TitanedUpSince'70

    KC vs NE thread

    It was me, as usual! lol Pats to win, Chiefs to cover. Ooops, nvm that Ravens to win bet! I didn't mean to post that one! lol damn.
  14. TitanedUpSince'70

    Week 6: Ravens @ Titans Game Thread

    LOL I hope you're not pronouncing his name like that, or those damn Hawaiians will turn on ya for sure.