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  1. TitanedUpSince'70

    Jalen Ramsey has some things to say...

    Shut up Gaylen, you no predicting, noisy retard! You'll never wear a Titans uniform if JRob is GM... Boom!
  2. TitanedUpSince'70

    Gimme a perfect album

    It's training camp time again and time to begin my 48th season as an Oilers/Titans fan! Pumped! 😎 1970 also brought the group Chicago onto the scene with a song that, even as a 10 year old kid, I took notice of the guitar solo in it. As I became a partying teenager who loved my music a bit more on the harder side, I would never really get into Chicago's music all that much, since they didn't really rock hard enough for me, but this song always stood out and I liked it a lot. They had a few other decent radio hits along the way. In this video of them on tour 48 years ago to the week, their late great guitarist Terry Kath, who was so under rated, fills in some empty space for about 1 minute, until their drummer could get his shit together before the next song. Then, when Terry sees that the drummer is ready and is snapping his high hat with his foot, he finally takes off into the song '25 or 6 to 4' with gusto. 3 minutes into the video he rips into his 2 minute 22 second solo, that was about 1 minute too long to put on the album for radio airplay, so they cut it...
  3. TitanedUpSince'70

    Titans Select QB Luke Falk #199 Overall

  4. lol I missed this thread yesterday. lol @ Goodell. He is looking at VY like he thinks VY's joking about Landry's first name or something, but he wasn't.
  5. TitanedUpSince'70

    Grade our draft

  6. TitanedUpSince'70

    Titans Select QB Luke Falk #199 Overall

    LOL How is Falk still alive!?
  7. TitanedUpSince'70

    Grade our draft

    Kyle says 3 minutes and he's good to go!
  8. Cruikshank did say he likes to talk a lot of trash. lol
  9. TitanedUpSince'70

    Titans Select QB Luke Falk #199 Overall

    lol He said he wants to work on getting that ball out. Think he needs to work on it some, according to this stat...
  10. TitanedUpSince'70

    Titans Select QB Luke Falk #199 Overall

    He wears #4, same as Favre! Brady and Favre Hybrid!
  11. TitanedUpSince'70

    Titans Select QB Luke Falk #199 Overall

    Hey, can't be all bad with these stats. Diamond in da rough maybe!
  12. TitanedUpSince'70

    Titans Select QB Luke Falk #199 Overall

    Gold mine at pick #199!
  13. Wouldn't surprise me for sure. Would be a good cog in the wheel. Saw what the Eaqles did rotating all those DL players in the SB. They just kept on comin'.