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  1. I'd be mad if he didn't work on improving in the off season. Every single player has something they can improve.
  2. Julio Jones Possible Trade?

    As always it depends on the price. JRob doesn’t have a history of overpaying though.
  3. regular season win over/under lines

    Sweet we can take Nick Bosa
  4. Jets cut Langford

    I knew the name Langford but I had totally forgotten about this guy. 4th round pick in 2015 cut after two years due to falling down the depth chart and spent the last year basically on the Ravens and Jets practice squads. Those facts don't seem like good signs.
  5. The sports radio where i live is mostly not even talking about sports. The Midday 180 really seems like a great show relative to other sports radio, but I haven't listened to a large sample of them.
  6. Titans Sign KR Michael Campanaro

    You forgot "stands for the anthem."
  7. Vrabel start of OTA's Press Conference

    I think people are going a bit crazy looking at specific things just because it's the off season and that's what we do, but I definitely think Vrabel has potential to be an epic failure. Like Hindenburg style. At least it'll be an entertaining failure if it is though. PK might get punched in a post game press conference!
  8. Vrabel start of OTA's Press Conference

    Did people really disapprove of Henry missing the start of OTAs last year to finish up his classes? I do think he should have told the coaching staff he wouldn't be there though. But I also think Mularkey shouldn't have made such a big deal about it in the media.
  9. Vince Young is now in the Hall of Fame

    I'm guessing it's some Texas hyperbole
  10. Old becomes new

    No one else actually cares that Wycheck was not a great player.
  11. THE BIG UGLY - DO NOT MERGE (Merged: Mod)

    I haven't checked this place in months. Can't believe it's still the same shit! Also lol @ the title "THE BIG UGLY - DO NOT MERGE(Merged: Mod)"
  12. Vrabel is just a puppet for JRob
  13. Hey who was it that had the @Justafan fan T-shirt on?
  14. Hopefully I can watch on YouTube. Btw they still have Murray on their YouTube banner lol