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  1. My award for favorite TR retard goes to...
  2. Oh ok I'll just ignore all my evidence then thanks
  3. This is probably not the case. The CBO director, Keith Hall, is a Republican who was appointed as Commissioner of the Bureau of Labor Statistics by George W. Bush in 2007. Before that he was Chief Economist for Bush's White House Council of Economic Advisers. Hall was appointed CBO director by Congressional Republicans in 2015. Tom Price, Trump's Secretary of Health and Human Services, had this to say when he was appointed (Source). The idea that the CBO is biased against the GOP seems pretty unlikely to me.
  4. I saw some saying that threatening a bipartisan deal might spur the conservatives to take what they can get because they'd obviously be less happy with a bipartisan deal than with a deal only designed to appease the moderate Republicans.
  5. I think Dems will run on single payer but end up with beefing up Medicaid, Medicare and a public option. e.g. As much as you all are dumping on private insurers a lot of people like their private insurance plans, so I think this is smarter anyway.
  6. One thing I'm really disappointed by is that this bill doesn't get rid of the lines around the states... The sad thing is that Rubio actually got him here but no one cared. "I don't repeat myself. I don't repeat myself." lol
  7. I'll go ahead and make the same banal statement I did last year. I won't be surprised if he struggles more than people on the board seem to be predicting. He was still far from a finished product last year and the injury probably did set him back. This is actually going against what I said a while back but I put more thought into it now.
  8. Good point. There were never debates about the constitution because it was so obvious what it meant in all cases. For example there was never a debate about this in the Federalist Papers and beyond because it can only have one interpretation (yours, of course).
  9. Ben, I'm curious what you like about Trump since you don't like his trade stance (he is not a free market guys, he's a protectionist) or his health care stance (campaigned on not cutting Medicare or Medicaid, wanted to cover everybody). I'm guessing you also didn't like his promise not to cut Social Security. Maybe you liked his criticism of Iraq and such. So far on foreign policy he's pretty much been a more aggressive Obama. We continue to drone strike and bomb. We've bombed Assad (and threatened to take substantial action if he uses gas again). We sent more troops to Syria and Afghanistan. He essentially gave the DoD full control of managing the wars we're in. Seems like you liked the idea of banning Muslims, deporting illegal immigrants, and "draining the swamp" though. Were those the things you liked? Any thing else?
  10. One fact is many Trump supporters thought Trump would restore our respect around the world. Another fact is the he has clearly has not. You might not think that's significant (it is), but it was definitely a point Trump himself and his supporters liked to make.
  11. I think we forget that Mariota had some absolute stinkers last year. It drags down his PFF rating. Take the Detroit game, which he finished with a 102 passer rating, he was bad for almost all of that game but the very end. I doubt his PFF rating was high for that despite his passer rating being high. He was crap in the next next two games vs Houston and Oakland. He also struggled the first game vs. the Vikings. OMAN was calling him no more than a spread QB again at this point. He was then solid statistically for the next 8 games (though I seem to recall that even in those games he had periods of struggle), but sucked again in the last 3. So if you're generous and give him good ratings for those 8 middle games that's 8 good vs. 7 bad.
  12. I heard it was democrat obstruction blocking this bill though
  13. What's the bigger story?
  14. @TitanDuckFan I assume whenever the Dems regain control expanding Medicaid and Medicare will be priorities for them. They tried to play ball with the insurance companies and get them onboard with the ACA and this current repeal effort is what it got them. I'm guessing next time they'll see no reason to get the insurance companies on board with their health care plans.