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  1. The Game of Thrones

    It's interesting seeing all the criticism because as the director says it doesn't seem like a widely held opinion that the show is worse this season than prior season. In fact it's the opposite. http://graphtv.kevinformatics.com/tt0944947 IMDB ratings are a bit flawed but this season (avg episode rating 9.27) is the second highest rated season per IMDB after season 4 (avg 9.33). Beyond the Wall isn't listed on this site yet, but it's a 9.5 so far on IMDB. Spoils of War hit 9.9 which only 4 other episodes have in all of GoT. If The Dragon and the Wolf hits a 9.8 rating this season will be the highest rated season. That seems possible given the circumstances. I wonder if the ends of shows just tend to be more polarizing. I remember a lot of people complaining online about the end of BSG but it's final season and episodes are also highly rated on IMDB. Perhaps among the hardcore fans there will always be some segment of people unhappy with how the end is executed. Or perhaps the people enjoying it are all rubes!
  2. The Game of Thrones

    Did someone actually calculate how long they would have had to be sitting there?
  3. MAGA!!

    I've finally seen the light. Trump is making America great again!!
  4. Funny / Ironic Trump Tweets

    Everyone knew he'd look without his glasses...
  5. Well, around 4000 troops going and no timetable. The pullout time will be conditions based. Essentially this is still an open ended engagement. Many people seem to be saying that this isn't really much of a new strategy anyway... I think they are basically not saying the words "nation building" but what are the conditions if not that the Afghan government can stand on its own wouldn't collapse and fall to Taliban / terrorist control if we leave. How's that not nation building? Breitbart is not happy...
  6. Antifa on the March

    I like how quickly millennials or the left in general went from snowflakes to violent radicals. Almost as fast as the unemployment rate went from over 40% to under 4% under trump!
  7. The Game of Thrones

    Well, it took 6 years and a magic guy throwing a magic spear to kill a magical creature, but abenjami has finally had enough. It's funny cause some people quit watching after the incest in the first episode.\ More seriously I don't get why he didn't aim for the one stationary on the ground that had the people escaping on it.
  8. The Game of Thrones

    The thing is you're right, but I also don't care.
  9. The Game of Thrones

    Would be weird for Jon to accept incest after presumably thinking it was wrong for his whole life. I assume he'll find out after they are banging.
  10. The Game of Thrones

    Maybe it's just me but I think Dany/Jon finding out they're aunt and nephew would stop the love sesh we're gonna see eventually.
  11. The Game of Thrones

    My understanding is that in the books none of that happened to Sansa.
  12. Trump had previously called for complete US withdrawal from Afghanistan starting in 2011 on numerous occasions. His advisers are calling for more troops and a new strategy to defeat the the Taliban. Apparently they have evaluated those two and everything in between. Trump has made a decision, but has not announced it yet. What should the US do? https://www.axios.com/mattis-trump-has-reached-decision-on-afghanistan-strategy-2475060458.html
  13. AxJax return (for those who missed it)

    Looked pretty effortless. Hard to be critical after watching Mariani either fair catch every punt or get about 3 yards on the return.
  14. Thing is McBride is just not that good. Eventually you have to cut those guys loose.