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  1. Mariota’s Wake Up Zone interview he mentioned he thinks it’s improving. They asked him how he feels better and he mentioned the numb feeling and tingling feeling getting better. Idk if it had actually been confirmed that he still has loss of feeling in his fingers but there is confirmation now.
  2. Titans279


    Marrone says Gabbert has no weaknesses. Essentially Gabbert is the perfect QB
  3. Titans279


    It’s pretty funny that there are people who have given up on Mariota but still want to give Gabbert a chance to develop.
  4. Titans279

    Who thinks Marcus is a bust?

  5. I think if Mariota plays he’ll have a hard time. The Jags are a great D, he’s still adapting to a new offense, the injury won’t be full healed, and he’ll have missed two weeks of practice.
  6. Titans279

    Texan game post game analysis

    Vrabel appears to be good coach. I like pretty much every thing about him so far. I’m probably being too optimistic and totally jumping the gun but seems like we got a good one.
  7. So the kind of guy they'd sign in a worst case scenario for Mariota's availability where they need another QB.
  8. Titans279

    On to the Jaguars.

    Do you know if there’s a way to listen to the Vrabel show other than live?
  9. Mike Keith was on 3hl yesterday and they never once mentioned Mariota. Seems a bit weird tbh.
  10. Someone had to take up the BK mantle. Looks like Bellevue Joe has wholeheartedly embraced it.
  11. Titans279


    Yes. My point is we can never know what would have happened in the other case. I doubt the issue will be settled in either case. If Mariota is good under Vrabel maybe he would have been good with Mularkey in 2018. If Mariota is bad maybe he was ruined by Mularkey and a better coach in his developing years would have made things different. Both are plausible and I don’t think the argument will be settled either way.
  12. Titans279


    I disagree. Even if Mariota gets good this year it doesn’t mean he wouldn’t have gotten good with Mularkey in charge.
  13. Is there still an open roster spot on the 53?
  14. The vast majority of quarterback prospects fail so the safe money is always to doubt or even predict a QB will fail.