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  1. Titans279

    Is the pee tape real?

    I think it's most telling that even the hardcore Trumpsters won't go on record saying no!
  2. Titans279

    Is the pee tape real?

    Simple question boys. Let's see
  3. I fail to see how what you said contradicts what I said.
  4. Titans279

    Jason Wolf Leaving Tennessean

    Wolf is easily replaced. I don’t think he added anything at all but didn’t understand the hate he got. He was a mediocre sports journalist. I won’t miss him. PK is unchained now but I generally don’t want his more unfiltered opinions on things not Titans related because he’s generally just a dick.
  5. The streaming option is not perfect. At least in years past it only shows out of market Sunday morning/afternoon games. So you need an antenna if the Titans are being broadcast on your local channels. Does not include SNF, MNF, or TNF either.
  6. I would say Mariota is 1A and Vrabel is 1B. 😉 I think people are looking at this question wrong. Just because he has job security as @OILERMAN points out doesn't mean that he doesn't have a lot to prove. Vrabel has a lot to prove. He's supposed to be a big upgrade to Mularkey. He's got a new 5 year deal. A longer deal means there's higher confidence from mgmt that he'll deliver which raises my expectations. There are high expectations for the team. The team needs to win the division and/or get past the divisional round to improve the result from last year. That's a lot to prove! Exactly. Even if he sucks next year will be the make or break year. Look at how Bortles has managed to hang on in Jacksonville despite generally being terrible. Obv Mariota has a lot to prove this year. If he sucks a lot of people will give up and start to look at 2020 mock drafts for QBs despite him technically having next year to still prove he's good enough to keep around.
  7. Two years of Mularkey honestly could have ruined Mariota. We'll have to see if the new staff can salvage him.
  8. Dion Lewis, Derrick Henry both will get touches, yards for Titans Wow, I really did not expect this to be true!
  9. Chow had some good accomplishments in his career just not as a head coach. By the time he was coaching in Hawaii he was totally washed up and never had any experience head coaching anyway.
  10. That’s also what most of this board wanted to do too. Some also wanted Leonard Williams instead.
  11. Titans279

    THE BIG UGLY - DO NOT MERGE (Merged: Mod)

    Tux et al. used to talk about this guy Imran Awan all the time. Turns how the DOJ found no evidence of him fucking with the computers! This seems to completely destroy Tux's stupid conspiracy, but I think he's already forgotten about this on and moved on. Tux just throws so much shit at you that you can't keep track of it all. And the rabbit hole always goes deeper so you forget about what he talked about just a week ago. Tux wasn't the only one! The usual suspects also have some good quotes below for you to enjoy.
  12. Is a better way to phrase this that we are most likely to pull his ass off the scrap heap? Doesn't seem like there's much interest in him!
  13. I think we'll never know for sure. The team clearly had a vested interested in making it appear they were always all in on Mariota. Everyone knew Winston was going #1. Isn't a big reason we know about who wanted whom in the VY, Cutler, and Leinart draft because Reese and Fisher are such big talkers (and friendly with Nashville media) and, well, Bud is dead. It's not like Whiz and Webster are friendly or self promoters and AAS is probably not dying for a long time.