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  1. I actually think we'll be interested in him...
  2. Titans279

    Senate races left

    It has nothing to do with education in this case. Broward county is majority Democrat so if the ballot design accidentally made people overlook the senate race it will disproportionately lower the Democrats votes.
  3. Titans279

    Senate races left

    I'll spell it out for you. If a county is composed of mostly Democrats and that county has fewer people vote due to poor ballot design then it is logical to assume that the Democrat candidate will lose more votes than the Republican. Far fewer people voted for the senate race in Broward county (probably) due to poor ballot design. Broward county is majority Democrat. Therefore the Democrat lost more votes than the Republican. It's possible the net votes that were lost in Broward county would have put the Democrat ahead statewide.
  4. Titans279

    Democratic Nomination for 2020

    I actually think that the Clinton running in 2020 stuff is probably mostly for clicks, especially on rightwight sites. There are few things that will bring the right together like hating her lol
  5. Titans279

    Blue Wave??? You Obviously Meant Red Tsunami

    Arizona wasn't fraud you dunce.
  6. Titans279

    Senate races left

    Democrats win in Arizona. McSally concedes.
  7. Titans279

    Democratic Nomination for 2020

    I don't think the "DNC" decided to push Hillary so much as Hillary consolidated support from enough of the big names (behind the scenes donors and interest groups) that no one challenged her and thus she became the favorite of the establishment. The order is a bit off when you say that the party decided to pick Hillary. Another thing people forget is that Hillary's favoribility ratings were extremely positive before the email scandal started to break. Backing her seemed smart then when all the pre-primary talk was going on. Her favoribility was in the 60s and she was polling way higher than any of her challengers. And even then Biden might have still done it if his son hadn't died which would have split the establishment support between the Clinton and Obama sides. This year Hillary wouldn't have the consolidated support of the establishment so it wouldn't be what people call "the DNC" pushing her.
  8. It's more likely that she'll die before Thanksgiving than retire of her own volition. According to actuarial tables a women her age has still got 6.9 years left on average. If anything you'd guess she might last longer since she seems to take care of herself.
  9. Titans279

    Democratic Nomination for 2020

    yeah. If she runs again she'll lose. The field won't consist of only people like Webb, Chaffe, O'Mally, and Sanders this time. 2016 she cleared the field for herself. Obviously that's not happening now and I don't think she would win a competitive primary. I don't think she'll want to embarrass herself, but I guess you never know.
  10. Titans279

    Mariota is finally telling LaFleur “No”

    Some of this stuff with Mariota actually seems kind of crazy. Sometimes it makes me wonder if his parent were actually kind of emotionally abusive to him or something. A lot of his behavior is just not normal. Anyway... Some people aren't going to like this but an older gruff guy like Robiskie probably had a lot of problems relating to Mariota. There's generational gaps that sometimes can't be crossed by some people. LeBeau was ancient but he worked to relate to his players. I don't think Robiskie was that kind of guy. LaFleur and Mariota seem like pretty similar personalities. They're closer in age. I honestly bet that their ability to form a better working relationship is the reason for their success. Mariota likely never felt comfortable speaking his mind to Mularkey or Robiskie and they, being older and from a different generation, would have never thought to try to get Mariota out of his shell.
  11. Titans279

    Mariota is finally telling LaFleur “No”

    Interesting and encouraging.
  12. Titans279

    Democratic Nomination for 2020

    She’s not running lol
  13. Titans279

    The Uni's

    I liked them today. I think I've pretty much liked all the combos so far.
  14. Titans279

    Maroita is killing the franchise

    OMAN was clearly talking about some guy named Maroita... Mariota on the other hand, now there's a franchise quarterback!
  15. Yeah, Henry's legs are ridiculously long. Not the best pic since Eddie's on a hill and some of how it looks is just due to the clothes they 're wearing but you can still tell Eddie has shorter legs.