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    I think he can get in the rotation..
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    That's NASTY!!!!
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    You missed the Jags game? Google, busted toe and broke foot.Scroll past the Native warriors and there should be a video of the game.
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    Henry wants the ball and I don't blame him.Guy wins the Heisman and the next year rides the bench for some scrubbs. You want a tweet and pic of his moon.Start him sometime this year or trade him.
  5. Haynesworth hasn't changed a pound since retiring.
  6. 5-17-17...Update: Marcus Is Still Injured.
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    A Jeff Fisher Season,then a busted ankle along with a dime bag purchase and the Zombies are coming out the graves... Let's start by winning some division games besides the split with the Jags and the free lunch gift game by the playoff bound Texans.. We do like to wave the 9-7 flag but it is a sugar-coated 8-8 Jeff Fisher Blunt..
  8. Can you post a video of this meat grinding machine,displaying said qualities?
  9. Went over everyone's head but you seen past the dark cloud and see the light. Smart man!
  10. I hear tell about these kind of Giants in the caves of Afghanastan...
  11. No doubt they ate Chicken Fingers!
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    Compared to Bush Jr and his grand theft of war money and Iraq silliness, Obama and his Gaddaffi mess and bedroom politics and Clinton with his Nafta and 3 strike rule,this is feather weight stuff, blown out of porportion.
  13. Vet minimum for back up role...