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  1. TitanTez

    Who thinks Marcus is a bust?

    If this does not bring the homers down to earth, then they are strung out on butt juice.
  2. TitanTez

    Who thinks Marcus is a bust?

    Does Marcus have trade value and if so, what?
  3. Bottomline is we can't keep up this shit show on offense, the film is out now. This has to be fixed....
  4. TitanTez

    Random thoughts after a few days away

    The team looked unprepared from a defensive stand point to start the game. I like the attitude of the HC in going for the td but you are on the road in Miami, you got to kick that field goal, when you are up 3-0. The offense looked very reserved in play selections to compensate for a lack of confidence in Marcus. The officials interfered in the outcome of the game, very sad to see. The Titans are in serious trouble, this thing could get ugly very fast, the team needs to know that they can win with this coaching staff and Marcus.
  5. How do fix timid and panicking in the pocket, in year 4?
  6. TitanTez

    The Jonnu Smith era begins

    He can't block a food fly.
  7. I agree, same thing I said about Fulmer at UT, his fat ass is now running the sports department, I liked our Governor but his family needs to get the hell out of sports.
  8. Marcus is not a drop back passer and some of us said that, when he was drafted.Most said he could develop, the pros is not the stage to learn fundamental stuff.He is what he is, a pistol or shot gun quarter back that is wishey/washey however he is the best we have, which is not saying much. The free pass is over, you got to pay the price to back him now and if you do, your ass will get tore out the frame.
  9. JR has been an epic failure in the draft room and he is hiding it every which way he can but there is no sugar coating it at this point ,unless you are on your knees looking up at him.
  10. Hard to build a tough team mentality with a candy ass quarter back.
  11. He has no control of his team, it looks like a nightmare hire..
  12. If the Bull shit holding call on Walker would not have been called, this is a different conversation about Henry..
  13. I think the Titans are in SERIOUS trouble. I hate to say it but they are in a must win game next Sunday or this thing can get ugly fast.
  14. Keep reaching for the soap honey bun.