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    This guy gets paid to say this shit...
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    This guy has two prophets in his name and still can't tell the future...
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    The Titans are not going offense at all in the first Rd.
  4. T

    Lol....How do you guys listen to the bullshit... Tomlin is a great motivator, developer and he is a warden.These players are one probation violation from being behind bars...Just a group of bad ass dudes.
  5. Epic shit there...He was working with Bo Scaife and Levelle Hawkins...Man!!
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    Outstanding coach....No nonsense....No Sugarcoating...
  7. You are a fing zombie...Next time you say anything like that to me again, I am going to make it a point to drag your ass all over this board.
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    You were right about Boza, I give you a high 5 on that one.
  9. Then why trade from 1?.....Do you know why peple wear diapers?
  10. I think Robinson has a list of players that he likes at positions...They all are going to say that they got the guy they wanted, after the pick. Robinson had a ranking and short list of offensive tackles that he wanted/liked last year... This one player crap is way overblown.
  11. Not yet anyway, surprising no doubt..
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    Superman of wrestling,how the hell did he get away with murder?...Matlock?