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  1. titantez

    Is there a chance we trade for a WR

    JRob will trade a 2nd Rd pick to move up two spots in the first .
  2. titantez

    Mike Keith - The Moon Pie King

    I see the Bell Buckle sign going down the interstate but never thought of stopping to take a piss.
  3. titantez

    Vrabel on analytics

    Explain?....Mularkey had a plan, everyone knew what he was going to do from the start. The knucklehead/meathead comments center around when the season starts.
  4. titantez

    Vrabel on analytics

    There is no hiding the fact that Vrable is very concerned about the offense and it's not just the players, it's having a rookie playcaller. If he had his choice in the matter, he would have a vet calling plays. Nothing aganist the OC but he was a Jrob pick.
  5. Mularkey's stubborness concerning the running back position was insane. Murray was hurt all preseason and very slow out the gate, so the situation provided the answer at rb but Mularkey refused to accept reality, in doing so he lost credibility as a coach that held a truely competitive camp and the team first, company line.He truley was his own worst enemy.
  6. titantez

    Lewan holding out and not attending mini camp.

    With Conklin on his ass, Old Lewan has Jrob by the diapers, perfect time to hold out.
  7. I'm not a Mularkey fan but I do think he was hiding weaknesses in the oline, reciever group and Marcus. Let's face it, Marcus took a major step back in the red zone offense, he took a lot of unnecessary sacks and made very bad throws(decisions), he was truely shakey in the pocket, the oline didn't help matters and the lack of seperation as well as, bad route running did not help. Marcus has to show that he can be the long term answer at qb and that means being a game manager as well as a playmaker.
  8. titantez

    the WR group feels like a disaster waiting to happen

    Webster was horrible at picking WRs , however he did draft a productive KW but Jrob might be worse, we will see how it shakes out this year. Also, another unit to keep an eye on is the Online, as it stands our two 1st rd tackles will not be playing OTAs and the rest of the group is a " Pull Apart" Special.
  9. titantez

    Two Tone Crew Returning 6/13

    I will think about making a guest appearance to add some legitimacy to it.
  10. I think as bad as Mularkey's offense was, it hid flaws.I think this team backed into the playoffs and took advantage of a TE that got knocked out of the game,to win a playoff game. I think this team is worse from a coaching stand point and has serious issues in it's defensive front,that DLB hid thru Exotic blitzes. This team will be lucky to have a winning record.
  11. titantez

    DC - Dean Pees Press Conference

    I approve this message...
  12. I'm concerned about our Oline, Conklin as well as the interior.
  13. titantez

    Nashville to host 2019 NFL Draft

    We are going to have a tailgate party.
  14. titantez

    Vrabel Media Honeymoon Already Over?

    Training camp was a joke under Mularkey, he knew who he wanted. I think Jrob and Vrable, wants to change that and is serious about competition.
  15. titantez

    Titans for Sale?

    I figured Amy would buy out her sister eventually and the NFL would loan her the money.