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  1. Jrob's Drafts - Wyatt Write-up

    Nothing Anti JRob about my statement, I was not even critical, I just said basically that he was not starting from sctratch and had some key positions in place and top teir draft capital to work with...Also stated that we needed to see how his picks develope. You want to enshrine the man for a .500 record and very little draft production.
  2. Jrob's Drafts - Wyatt Write-up

    You need a tooth pick?....Ball licking has effected your speech, with all that hair between your teeth.
  3. Goodell Extended 5 Years

    The players have lost everything but the skin on their balls under this (owner's policeman"s) Roger's watch. The players can't afford another 5 years of this, they will either strike or lose the skin, that used to cover their balls.
  4. Jrob's Drafts - Wyatt Write-up

    Let's keep it real....He got the first pick of the draft and Fisher gave him a gift on top of that. So in two drafts he has had 3 first rd picks and 3 second rd picks and a lot of 3rd rd picks in the top part of the rd.. Let's see how it shakes out, Lewan-Conklin....Marcus-Davis...Defensive line was mostly in order before he got here and line backers. Left Tackle,QB,Full Back and Tight End was here also.... We can crown him if it pans out...
  5. You too hung up on if he starts, a person can start and still be in on far less plays than a person who does not start. Davis was working with the starters, I would not say, he was the #1 but they were grooming him. Davis was not out there but what, a couple of weeks?
  6. I doubt it, Davis starting is not going to determine the play call on the first seris or the game for that matter.. They will work him in on packages, red zone and 3rd down as well as base packages.. Davis has to show the coaches that he can stay healthy, thats not a given but a doubt now.. The OC said after the first injury that Davis needs to get healthy and stay healthy...
  7. He has not been out there enough to earn it and get the repect of his team mates.
  8. He will man the corner in due time...
  9. AxJax return (for those who missed it)

    Now that's exciting, for those of you bitching about a return man at pick 18 is crazy, the hell you say!
  10. I don't look for him to start, just run a few plays here and there...
  11. Thought on Preseason Game #2

    Put your name to your head and pull the trigger.
  12. Thought on Preseason Game #2

    This was a preseaon game and is was nothing like a real game, interms of speed,intensity, personnel or playcalling. Yes it is nice to see young guys making plays in any situation to build their confidence but one has to keep things in prespective. The Titans are not a very good team but they are developing talent and that is part of the process of becoming a good team.
  13. Marcus Can't Pass Right

    They started stacking the box late last year and forced MM to throw in the face of blitzes so he HAS to improve or it's lights out.
  14. Titans/Panthers scrimmage

    That's 3 w.r. starters on the sidelines..