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    It took us 4 weeks to get in a groove last year, so I am being more than reasonable...
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    Right now the Titans are behind the 8 ball IMO. They went thru the OTAS with a injured qb and number ONE WR along with an injured starting running back. They will be lucky to get their timing down before week one of the regular season. If Marcus starts week one and I am assumimg he will, then I look for a run happy, over portective pass block packages thru week 4.
  3. Williamson has been beaten to death in pass coverage since his rookie year....I think he has done very well for a fifth rd pick but it is what it is...
  4. Davis will make or break us as a playoff team...5th overall means impact player or bust..
  5. You call throwing the deep ball and stepping into the pocket a change of 0ffense?
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    Want to talk about Fisher now?
  7. I would love to see it, talk about some fun football to watch...
  8. Problem is the Colts was targeting our ILBs in the base defense..
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    The Angel of death has arrived...
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    Why didn't the defense and ST win games during the 4-12 and 5-11 seasons or stop the press during the 0-3 or 0-6 start? You are full of shit, you are the racist here....
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    You are all over the place...First you say it's race, then you say race has nothing to do with it, now you back to race... You must have took a speedball mix today you crazy,twisted Zombie..
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    You said that people, that think VY did some good, support him only because of race and not success, that's some straight bullshit.. Take your candy ass back to the pride march...
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    Sweet words compared to how VY makes your stomach turn in conversation, you shit face inbreed..
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    I don't see you talking about Locker because you were sucking his toe jam, BUT you want to pull the race card here...