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  1. Notice the word "WE"?. "WE,WE", that's about all the French I know!
  2. 3-10 team favored over 8-5 team

    I think we can all agree that the Titans have to run the table to make the playoffs.
  3. A few thoughts, 1) Mularkey has been calling more plays than you think, he is filtering all play calls from Terry and is either changing the call or letting it ride. 2)Wiz brought JM on as OC to put together game plans,but Wiz called the plays, JM had a figure head title.The first thing Mularkey did as HC was replace JM with Robiski but JM was kept as QB coach to comfort MM. 3)This is Mularkey's offense and he is over personnel playing time, fans complain about Henry not being used down the stretch and rightfully so, in Mularkey's system, it's the playcall that's the reason for success and not the player, same philosophy as Wiz, the player is just the lucky Joker that gets his number called. 3)AAS is the ONLY ONE that can fix the Titans.
  4. 2 Things, this is a very bad offense and Head Coach, they stink and you can see why Mularkey was fired at every stop, he has no business, what so ever, being a head coach.I said numerous times before the season that I hope this Jackass does not try to win, the same way he won LY.Teams have studied them and will not allow him to run. This Jackass is so delusional, he thinks that we have been winning because of the system and not because we have been lucky.So he makes NO adjustments, what a Mad Man. Marcus has been bad for a long time folks, the running game hid his flaws LY. I remember starting a thread his rookie season "Can Marcus be fixed", people got bent out of shape and said, after next camp, then the same things happened LY and now again this year.To @OILERMAN credit, he was singing the song of Marcus early on, then he went and studied film of what a couple of us was saying and changed his tone completely, and voiced concern.Then when Marcus had that very productive streak LY, he thought the issues were mostly behind him.Now he is right back at square one, with where he was at, his rookie season.
  5. Jon Robinson......

    With the top tier picks we had and what he traded away, to move up, we should have starters all over the field producing. JRob has been a joke and is lucky to have a job, Bud would have fired him by now, for shitting on his draft capital.
  6. He needs to be fired along with Robiski, the reason this team is playing to the level of the competition is because it does not have a true head coach, who coaches his coaches..We have a OC, fronting like a HC and he is a Very Bad actor..Mularkey was brought in for his offensive mind and he has failed.
  7. They were winning in spite of Mariota

    So much for the excuse that VY had a good defense and Marcus didn't , even thou the defense was bad when VY was not playing. VY would have won this game, wait, he did win in dramatic form, with a rookie WR making the game winning catch. Just Kidding.Not.
  8. That pretty much says it ALL....
  9. Mularkey just called himself out

    I liked the call but it would be a cold day in hell before I let the snap go to Weems.
  10. Titans @ Cardinals Game Thread

    That's the book on him, I've been saying it.
  11. Titans @ Cardinals Game Thread

    King Henry Time.
  12. Titans @ Cardinals Game Thread

    7 points on the road at the start of the 4th quarter...SMH
  13. Titans @ Cardinals Game Thread

    Lawd Ham Mercy...
  14. So how can you blame the coach for this Debacle!