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  1. Big win

    Read my lips, Fisher did not want someone that possibly could take his job, there lies 15 years of shit.... BTW, what's with the honkey shit, Son you got the wrong one...
  2. Big win

    Dinger went to a playoff team in New York because he seen the writing on the wall here, because he could not get us back to the superbowl, the Jets hit rock BOTTOM under his offense....Nobody else wanted him as an OC, so he went back home to Denver with his clipboard tucked between his legs UNTIL Fisher called him back several years later...So PLEASE...
  3. Big win

    He inherited a very talented young team that had just went to the superbowl, the Titans could have made 2 more superbowls and McNair would have faired better but fisher did not want to bring in someone that could possibly succeed him.....He went 13-3 riding Cj's jock and you know it, so stop the madness... The next year, after 13-3 when teams stacked the box on CJ, like the Ravens did, he was 0-6, before a change of QB and offensive gameplan took place.. Roll the Joint...
  4. Big win

    BULLSHIT.....Dinger took over a team that had been to a Superbowl, with a conservative coach and OC, so that crap does not hold water and the 2nd time around he took over a playoff team, that was about to draft the most dynamic back in the league....Don't Sugarcoat it to fit your imagination.
  5. Big win

    If that's so. then he did no better than Chow, who did not have CJ and far less talent, both went one and done in the playoffs... So go on back to the McNair days and notice there was NO superbowl under Dinger, Steve's rotator cup was ripped to pieces because Dinger, the wide receiver coach from Denver, tried to turn him into Elway, with the 7 step drop, exposing his blind side. Not to mention he lasted one year with the Jets and was fired, from there back to Denver as a big titled WIDE RECEIVER COACH... Now Smoke On THAT....
  6. Titans use Man defense the 5th most in the NFL.

    That's how you break in young corners and put them on track to be real good...
  7. Big win

    Dinger was horrible, he just had talent....The only place he could be an OC was with the Titans under Fisher, as soon as he spread his wings and went somewhere else, he was quickly fired.
  8. Browns week

    Nothing is a given when the Titans are involved....
  9. The Jaayon Brown hype was legit

    don't get spanked youngin...
  10. Leave Marcus in the pocket

    You think we can keep teams to field goals in the first half for this to work?
  11. The Jaayon Brown hype was legit

    Action Jackson and then Brown...
  12. Monday night we almost looked like McNair, Eddie George and Mason and the other cast of skill players and lineman...Mularkey has to give the ball to Eddie and run the offense thru him.
  13. When he wins the division, nothing more and nothing less, having a third year qb and The Texans with a rookie, takes away any excuses...
  14. The Jaayon Brown hype was legit

    He is good blitzing off the edge too, he is zeroing in on a sack. Also it is a matter of time before he gets a INT. I also thinks he needs to add 15 pounds without losing any speed.I think that weight would elevate his game to the line of scrimmage.
  15. The guy is saying what a few of us has been saying. The Titans, like he said is all over the place from week to week and month to month... You simply don't know what the hell you are getting. If the defense does not come out and basically minimize the other team, then we are screwed. This team is suppose to be led by the offense and the defense IMO would play off of the momentum from the offense to seal the deal until we start drafting talent on defense...It has been the opposite, you can't blame DLB for this defense, he has to have talent.