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    There is a video on Youtube called: Putin tells it like it is: US Presidents are Puppets , Men in dark suits rule Washington. It is worth a listen, when the head of Russia makes a serious statement about what they know about , how things really work in the US.
  2. Just another mock

    "Don't Mock till you get enough".
  3. Laquon Treadwell

    Jrob has spent 3 draft picks in the last 2 drafts on receiver, he has turned down draft capital, traded draft capital, to keep or get those players. Now, you want us to go to the pawn shop and get another receiver and give up more draft capital? Either Jrob gets his shirt together in the draft room or it's a tractor and green acres for him.
  4. "Pees and LaFluer" were knock out hires?GTFO, this is blind Zombie talk. Dick was way better than Pees last year, with less talent, in fact, our defense carried us to the divisional Rd of the playoffs, while Pees got his ass handed to him. As bad as Mularkey was at calling plays, this green horn we have now, leaves us in worse shape . The head coach has never managed a game... Jrob will be a scout in 2 years and Amy will be paying a fired coach's salary for the next 3 to 4 years. Anybody that can't read the writing on the wall here, needs to be thrown in the fire.
  5. Titans Finalize Coaching Staff

    Both coordinators are down grades to what we had and everybody knows it. The fan base is dillusional from the bad hire and is going deeper in the whiskey bottle for comfort.
  6. Titans Finalize Coaching Staff

    This is not going to be pretty and it won't take long to see.
  7. Titans Finalize Coaching Staff

    This has to be the worst coaching staff this organization has had, dating back to the AFL.
  8. Amy Adams Struck stays in the picture

    Outstanding job by Amy...
  9. Need a Titans team Song

    "Outlaw" by War....
  10. Your cement started cracking before you could finish the first paragraph. I Sense a change coming and a new top 10. Can You Smell What Kyle Is Cooking?
  11. Never, the AFC Championship was a miracle.
  12. Smart man, I thought it was going to take me posting it.
  13. Reuter, Jeremiah, Brooks, Zierlein mocks 1.0

    I agree, you take the best defensive player off the board, no matter , the position.
  14. My reasoning is simple,we got a head coach with no experince and has not been successful as a coordinator or head coach. We have an OC that has never called a play and a DC whose defense, got lit up at home, in a win and you in game. Those 3 ingredients are recipes for a Train Wreck, if we were 3-16 or something like that, then yeah, maybe I could see us growing with the coaching staff but we went to the divisional round.This is a MAJOR step back. You can gloss it and sugarcoat it all you want but it make absolutely no sense. I didn't want Mularkey but this is silly.