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  1. Based on production and competition, who is bottom feeding? Who is catfishing around here? Just saying...
  2. If it would help Davis then I would capitalize it...
  3. Darkness does not comprehend light but it is laughable...Glad I can beem some some sunshine.
  4. Chew your camel son, it's not good to swallow... Continue with the fly swatter, no worries Son...
  5. Chew your camel son, it's not good to swallow...
  6. Imagine if he played aganist Davis opponents...
  7. No one is azking you to be a scout and project a player into the NFL. But at least you watch the projection, now your thoughts are just that.
  8. I know you want me to leave your candy ass alone...
  9. Stay on the porch, where it's safe because the big DAWGS are pissing in the yard SON..
  10. If I don't get my proper respect before the draft then I am off TR and I will build up another rocket ship.