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  1. Trump on players disrespecting the Flag.

    Lebron James' reply to president Trump http://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2017/09/23/donald-trump-lebron-james-anthem-protesters-response-sot-nr.cnn U bum. @StephanCurry already wasn't going so it wasn't no un invite. It was an honor going to the White House until you showed up
  2. Schefter: DeMarco Murray Expected to Play vs Seahawks

    Henry needs to start.
  3. Who is watching the game today?

    Stevie Wonder takes both knees 'for America' after Trump NFL remarks http://www.cnn.com/2017/09/24/politics/nfl-stevie-wonder-kneels-trnd/index.html
  4. Who is watching the game today?

    Wow. That's crazy. I'm going but I'm still in support of the issues. Planning something a little different to try and help. Pulling for everybody fighting in whatever way
  5. Schefter: DeMarco Murray Expected to Play vs Seahawks

    It's time to start Henry due to the circumstances and the fact that a hamstring needs rest, not a heavy load. What if he re-injures it? Or isn't as effective? How many quarters do we wait before we make a change? I say start Henry and let Murray spell him if he checks out. If not rest him and we'll have Fluellan
  6. Schefter: DeMarco Murray Expected to Play vs Seahawks

    If they start Murray I'm gonna be pissed.
  7. Trump on players disrespecting the Flag.

    . Edit: Quote of the thread. But while I'm editing, wanted to add this... Trump just might bring this country together. Just not the way he expected.
  8. This board is way too down on Decker

    Not expecting too much against the Seahawks. Unless they play some zone. Can't see him getting separation against them. I think its gonna be on Taylor and Matthews.
  9. Trump on players disrespecting the Flag.

    How patriotic was Trump when he was skipping paying taxes?
  10. Trump on players disrespecting the Flag.

    The flag?? Really?? They're disrespecting a fucking piece of cloth?? Did some of you dumbasses forget what that piece of cloth is supposed to represent? How can you disrespect (a flag)?? Please explain that to me.
  11. Trump on players disrespecting the Flag.

    The flag is a cop out for those who don't want to acknowledge there's a police corruption issue becaus either A) they've never experienced it or B) They don't feel it affects them for whatever reason (Could be either A, or they're insiders on the corruption ((family is police, they are police, or they're part of the judicical system corruption). Can't say your about justice...when your NOT about justice. Cut the bullshit
  12. Trump on players disrespecting the Flag.

    Your not offended by what they did otherwise you would've reasoned that what the flag represents is actually in support of what they're doing. Your just following media or either not using logic/reasoning.
  13. The Movement ~ Thread to discuss related issues

    We are the group that ran Deray McKesson, Shaun King, etc. OUT of the movement and away from the Black Lives Matter brand due to their lies and corruption. It was our investigation, helped with outside media and previous research that revealed exactly who these individuals were. http://www.takingbacktheradio.com/questioning-leads-to-activists-abrupt-departure-from-black-lives-matter The pair helped prop the Black Lives Matter organization, over the grassroots Movements in Ferguson immediately following the verdict that Darren Wilson would not face charges. McKesson, Elzie, Charles Wade and Shaun King were the main activists on social media (Twitter) propping the Black Lives Matter brand. Local activists were still unaware the slogan being pushed was anything more than that. Little did Ferguson residents know, Black Lives Matter would be the company used to steal their momentum and funding through re-branding and allow outside interest to dictate their local politics. Tuesday we released our initial article Black Lives Matter COINTEL Exposed; The Introduction. After being questioned online since its release, McKesson and Elzie have both renounced being affiliated with Black Lives Matter (BLM). The announcements came after being asked specifically, “What does BLM do with the money that’s donated?” Immediately following the question they stated they aren’t affiliated with the brand. That’s after helping prop the brand in Ferguson over the grassroots Movements being formed. Over The Movement, the brand they also tried to claim affiliation to, due to its online presence during the protests. Both activists used the BLM brand to land new jobs, solicit donations, and gain leverage in the wake of the Michael Brown killing. Other groups were blackballed from media, or co-opted into the Black Lives Matter brand. They appeared in the media as leaders of BLM. The covers of magazines and articles identified them as Black Lives Matter leaders. Both supported the Soros funded brand over the local grassroots brand and over #TheMovement, knowing the distinctions and clearly placing allegiance. At the time, The Movement and Ferguson activists were working in unison, the hashtags helped provide exposure, and safety to protesters in that city, and nationwide. Black Lives Matter was still trying to enter onto the scene, it wasn’t until immediately after the verdict that they became leaders of anything, and they did it through media, not on the ground in Ferguson. Many Ferguson activists stated that Deray stood with media during the protests, and did not participate in them.
  14. Tre McBride Waived by Bears

    I'm a McBride fan. Could fill Harry Douglas' role. Whatever happened to that Mchale guy? The 6'4" receiver who was making plays. Is he on IR?
  15. Trump on players disrespecting the Flag.

    And also if I haven't said it enough. FUCK Black Lives Matter for giving one side unlimited talking points and never being about anything other than exploiting this issue, and others, for financial gain at the expense of the activists who started the push on this issue. They've done almost as much harm as good. And this wasn't an issue divided by race in the beginning until that was pushed. By the same entities that were responsible for addressing this issue in the 1st place.