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  1. Does JRob sign Malcolm Butler?

    I'd take a vet CB who can play. I think our lack of INT's could've been scheme last year and we're in wait and see mode. Tye Smith? played good as well as Sims. We may have a rotation and can draft a guy 3rd or 4th round who can step in. I say we just need that other outside guy whether its Ryan or Ryan in the slot and an outside guy. In this league you need 3 cb's to be elite.
  2. Another plea deal for Mueller?

    Good point. I think there's so MUCH going on its just hard to keep up with. I can't keep up with it all myself.
  3. Black Lives Matter COINTELPRO

  4. Mueller and grand jury indict 13 Russians

    It wasn't the Russians colluding to sabotage the people's ability to organize. That's the basis of our democracy. Obama knew what was going on as he had some of these criminals in the White House. One who couldn't even make the trip because he was picked up for child trafficking. And theft. His name is Charles Wade. This was Mr. Deray McKesson and Brittany Packnett's friend. The group he met with in the White House when he claimed to be "meeting with activists."
  5. Mueller and grand jury indict 13 Russians

    Go see the Black Lives Matter thread. Stole identities/impersonated brands/movements they weren't part of. Libeled/slandered founders, organizers and mobilizers. Organized competing rallies against the grassroots. Was used to represent communities and Movements they didn't represent. Child Trafficking Sabotaging of black businesses I could go on...
  6. Black Lives Matter COINTELPRO

  7. Black Lives Matter COINTELPRO

    We've got American media and the Democrats gaslighting an entire generation, and generation of activists, because they're greedy, selfish, and don't want change. They want control. Way more significant in influencing the last elections than Russia, when it comes to the demographics affected. Also, the DNC/media sabotaged police corruption victims, as well as the police corruption movement nationally.
  8. Black Lives Matter COINTELPRO

  9. Black Lives Matter COINTELPRO

  10. Dems flip another House seat in deep red Missouri

    I think as far as the issues go they're better than the Republicans, but I do think they're corrupt in certain areas. I don't feel switching back to the Democrats will solve the corruption issues. Personally I'm ready for 3rd party where things are based on reason and debate, not any rigging. I'm feeling like our country's future is depending on it. With that said, allies are allies. I think the tension is coming from those wanting to stay within the party, and those wanting to explore alternatives. If "Liberals" would stick together the numbers are there on certain issues to be a pretty large majority. But with that said, I personally know of a few people who've tried to defame and sabotage me personally, who are Democrats, who I'd never align with in the picture. I believe some of the healing could start by removing the abusive individuals from the party.
  11. Wikipedia Lies... Astroturfing and Media Manipulation

    I just saw this. I was literally about to mention her but just could remember 'Crystal C.' Crazy https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2018/01/russian-trolls-hyped-anger-over-black-lives-matter-more-than-previously-known/
  12. Wikipedia Lies... Astroturfing and Media Manipulation

  13. Wikipedia Lies... Astroturfing and Media Manipulation

    Thanks man. I try to do my best researching. Are you saying you think Russia was pushing the group too? Would be interesting.
  14. Wikipedia Lies... Astroturfing and Media Manipulation

    I've never heard of her before that video. I'm not aware of her political affiliations. What I was saying was that the "scope" of the manipulation by social media, specifically Twitter, media, and the DNC overshadowed the "Russia" manipulation. I was right. I agree it could be noteworthy though. And now thinking about it, it's interesting. But in your own statement you say that what I'm saying is reasonable. The "Russia" thing could be something that happened even before this election for all we know, but you're right in that it is of interest. My question to you is this. If Black Lives Matter was a mass astroturfing scheme, orchestrated by a handful of individuals, then how much more influential is that then these Russian accounts that were promoting the organizations. No Black Lives Matter nothing for the bot or shill to promote.
  15. Mueller and grand jury indict 13 Russians

    Was that really him?