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  1. 52O

    Avenatti caught grifting money

    Trump got all the retard racist was white nationalist ready to die for him. Avenatti just a lawyer but your point def stands. Someone like the rock could conceivably win. Probably a Stephen Colbert. But Avenatti?
  2. 52O

    Avenatti caught grifting money

    I like to hope even if he did no one would ever actually vote for him. He was a nothing. Anyone can run for President, that doesn’t mean a thing
  3. 52O

    Avenatti caught grifting money

    What’s “he’s done in the left” even mean. Dude was nothIng but a lawyer for whores lol.
  4. I’m sure there are. Just every person. I’ve seen who claims to be libertarian isnusually a right wing elephant dick sucker
  5. I’ve never heard of a real life libertarian who doesn’t always just vote r all the time
  6. 52O

    “Good guy with a gun”

    This dude is a security guard in a firefight. Given the circumstances I can see why he was probably too disoriented to listen to a cop at the moment
  7. 52O

    “Good guy with a gun”

    Only cuz I’m a babe
  8. 52O

    “Good guy with a gun”

    What about sheep pig though
  9. 52O

    Democratic Nomination for 2020

    What is this phenomenon lately with everyone wanting someone’s husband/Wife/kid to be president rightys all hit and bothered thinking about ivanka running always hear “Michelle should run” lol wtf
  10. Self described libtardarian 100% of the time means alt right flunkie
  11. 52O


    Cmon man. Avery guilty as hell
  12. Probs earn him a future republican presidential nomination
  13. 52O

    NRA vs Doctors

    Yea. All of em. White extremists are the scum of the earth