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  1. 52O

    Kavanaugh will probably not be confirmed now

    Dumlicans be like “look they are plotting to take out judges read the LEGALTITAN TEXTS”
  2. 52O


    Lol this fool posting his tweets like they mean something
  3. 52O

    Where do you buy postage stamps?

    How about we drop nines off in one of those still around Pygmy jungle tribes and tell him to get a message from one tribe to the other without hand delivering it see what happens
  4. 52O


    But did he understand it
  5. 52O

    Mnf thread

    Man have I ever been wrong about anything
  6. WOOOO this is the day IVE BEEN WAITING FOR ive Held into josh in Two dynasty leagues waitin. For the day he left Cleveland and he goes to New England!!! $$$& time also these rosters are like 25 deep so keeping gordon over some scrub 5th wr was a great move
  7. 52O

    More Fake News

    Pretty sure it’s from an old hurricane but it’s real
  8. 52O

    More Fake News

    I liked that video where the weatherman could barely stand and a group of like three people walked by ten feet away perfectly fine lol
  9. 52O

    Browns releasing Josh Gordon

    bet this all has to do with hue bitching about how josh wasn’t supposed to start
  10. seemed as good as anywhere to drop this lol
  11. 52O

    The Great Awakening part 2

    That thread isn’t pro trump talk it’s anti reality talk
  12. 52O

    Remembering 9/11/2001....

    But he also said If he had a son he coulda looked like Trayvon and that makes him the most divisive president ever!!
  13. 52O

    Nike Brand Taking A Beating

    Is that really a argument “oh so we were super wrong about rubbing it in your face how wrong you were and how right we were, so you think now that you’re proven right and I’m proven wrong this means something?” how do you even get to this logic lol
  14. 52O

    Nike Brand Taking A Beating

    I think you can think whatever the fuck you wanna think dawg