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  1. Mythos27

    Is it time to panic?

    It was really the other comments in the thread that baffled me. People sound insane in here.
  2. Mythos27

    Is it time to panic?

    I honestly couldn't tell.
  3. Mythos27

    Is it time to panic?

    Are y'all serious? WTF is happening around here?
  4. Mythos27

    Trump praised by minority inner city pastors

    She supports Trump. That's an automatic disqualifier for anyone that wants to be taken serious. No one cares about Candace Owens. The opinions of Trump supporters are worthless.
  5. Mythos27

    Training Camp Discussion

    I'm not worried about Butler but I can see why some are given the mixed reports that have come out of camp. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt because he's been such a high quality player that I'd have to see him struggle in actual games to worry. If this were some UDFA rookie then I wouldn't be as confident.
  6. Mythos27

    Jalen Ramsey has some things to say...

    I'd respond but I'm not sure which exact dialect of tard you speak or understand. Good luck in life, seriously.
  7. Mythos27

    Jalen Ramsey has some things to say...

    I got it from when I had to explain to you how Robiskie, the OC had nothing to do with Dodd's (an OLB) development. You seem to have a language barrier issue which is perfectly fine and not to be made fun of (IMO) but you also clearly have no idea how any of this football stuff works.
  8. Mythos27

    Notice: No Omarosa post by Libs

    I wouldn't say half the country is racist but Trump supporters are clearly comfortable enough with racism to support a racist and try to downplay/whitewash his racism.
  9. Mythos27

    Training Camp Discussion

    Sounds to me like reports are saying that Winston is having his way with us...
  10. I liked when the guy from @Titansfilmroom said that the talk about Henry bouncing everything outside for no reason is WAY overblown. Also loved how he explained that not all bunch formations are made equal and that the way the last staff ran them was essentially useless. Dude actually knows what he's watching. Sorely needed around here.
  11. Mythos27

    Jalen Ramsey has some things to say...

    Is this the same guy that blamed Robiskie for Dodd being a bust?
  12. Mythos27

    Jalen Ramsey has some things to say...

    OMG, he doesn't know the difference between Byard and Cyp. He thinks Byard is the one on IR. This is uncomfortable...
  13. Mythos27

    Jalen Ramsey has some things to say...

    I don't like Ramsey, never have but I took what he said about Marcus as a compliment. If he wanted to call Mariota a bum he would've done it straight up. The problem is we've allowed "game manager" to become a pejorative when it's far from that. You can win playoff games and superbowls with a game manager. Matthew Stafford is about as big a "splash play" QB as we have in our league and he's barely sniffed the playoffs in damn near a decade of being in the league. Alex Smith a derided game manager has been 5 times.
  14. Mythos27

    Training Camp Discussion

    Well if you're referring to "take the top off the defense" type plays then no he probably isn't that guy but I would say that getting deep on a 60 yard go or post isn't the only way to make wow plays. I would certainly consider his first catch against Oakland and 1st TD against Butler to be wow plays to name a couple.
  15. Williams got open and the second before he got open he was covered by a CB that was lined up with inside leverage. Williams did a great job to get open but Mariota relied on his receiver beating a CB that has inside leverage with an inside breaking route. You're right that the play didn't take very long but I believe that once Mariota saw that Williams was going to have to beat Rollins inside, despite Rollins having inside leverage, he should've come off of that read and looked to Taylor. It worked out this time but if you think Bouye, Ramsey or most starting level CBs are letting Nick Williams beat them inside when they have inside leverage then idk what to tell you.