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  1. Mythos27

    Breaking News

    I don't think Melania is fair game either. Criticism of her for wanting to stay in NY while Barron finished school was disgusting IMO. She was a mom looking out for her child. First ladies have their projects and whatnot but personally, I don't see them as political operatives. People politicize first ladies for more than they do themselves. The right made Michelle a target and the left is kinda doing it with Melania. I disagree on both fronts.
  2. Mythos27

    Breaking News

    How do you feel about the Buffet rule of no less than 30%? Seems like a fair compromise. I think Bernie is great btw so lobbing him as a pejorative at me is comical. Bernie doesn't want a socialist state. He wants to borrow the things that work to capitalism like most modern countries have. This idea isn't exactly foreign as SS, public education, medicare, etc are all socialist in nature. I get it though. You have to exaggerate to make it look like some scary red scare. It isn't working with young people.
  3. Mythos27

    Breaking News

    I get where you're coming from and personally, I don't like people calling Ivanka or any woman really, words like that. It's crass, ugly, and sexist. There are some distinctions here though. Obama's daughters were minors for the majority of his presidency and they had no political involvement. Ivanka isn't just Trump's daughter, she's an adult and part of his administration by choice. Thus, fair or foul, she's fair game as a political target. She's not exempt from criticism but using words like "cunt" to do it is definitely wrong. It doesn't make what was said about her right but there is a distinction. A better example would be if some threw a shot at Baron, whose just a young boy. Anyone throwing shots at that kid is scum and if it happens, I'll be the first step up and call it like it is. Big difference between throwing shots at Baron vs Trump Jr. for example.
  4. Mythos27

    Breaking News

    What I propose is that the rich pay the 37% that they are supposed to pay no more and certainly no less. You clearly want them to continue to pay less than that, otherwise you wouldn't have a problem with what I said. You think that because the 24% they pay accounts for 39% of all taxes that they 10+% they weasel their way out of somehow doesn't count. I call bullshit on that argument. I'm also for budget cuts but I bet you wouldn't like the parts of the budget I'd like to cut 😄.
  5. Mythos27

    So that IG report we keep hearing about

    It's almost like they don't really care about objectivity or fairness; just pulling for their side.
  6. Mythos27

    Breaking News

    This is a deflection. We can talk about the poor later in this very thread if you want. I'm not going anywhere. Right now we're talking about the rich though. The tax code says they're supposed to pay 37% in taxes and they're currently paying anywhere between 20 and 24%. Why aren't you advocating that they pay what they're supposed to pay? The fact that they collectively account for 39% of the revenue does not somehow negate the fact that they are not paying the rate they're supposed to. This is inescapable fact. This is like if you and I go out for dinner and drinks and I say "hey man i'll pay for 70% of the bill, you pay for 30%" then when the $100 bill comes I put down $58 and walk out. Did I pay more of that bill than you? Yes, would you have the right to call me out for not paying the $70 I was supposed to pay of course you would. It's not super complicated.
  7. Mythos27

    Breaking News

    Well the current marginal tax rate for the highest bracket is 37% so clearly the rich are paying way less than that. Most estimates say that effective tax rate for these people ends up being somewhere between 20 and 24%. Having something in place like the buffet rule alone (wealthy pay no less than 30% effective tax rate) would be great and should prevent the need for a tax hike. The point isn't to tax the rich so that we can all have ferraris; that's how you have to put it to make the rich look like good guys. The point is for the rich to pay what they're supposed to pay so that we don't have to keep making deep cuts to things like education and healthcare that disproportionately affect people like you and I.
  8. Mythos27

    Breaking News

    Just a couple hundred more and I'll catch up to you. You've set that bar awfully high.
  9. Mythos27

    Breaking News

    It's not style. It's substance. You're clearly one of those people who thinks in a binary fashion. Either kiss ass or tell people to go fuck themselves. How about just going about your bushiness without having to inflame everyone? is that an impossible way to carry yourself? There is a lot of middle ground between kissing someone's ass and purposely insulting them. The rich paying their fair share isn't a magic bullet but I do believe it would go a long way towards solving a lot of ills. Forget raising taxes for a minute. Would you oppose a policy that ensured that the rich paid exactly what the tax code says they owe in taxes and not a penny more or less? If we did that taxes could stay exactly where they are. Hell, they might even be able to fall a bit.
  10. Mythos27

    Breaking News

    Wrong. Aside from his xenophobic immigration policies, his policies don't actually deviate that far from other conservative presidents. It's who he is at his core that gets him that hate. He is a hateful person at his core and radiates toxicity. Mitt Romney was every bit as conservative as Trump and I disliked his policies too but he seemed like a decent, family oriented person who wasn't driven by hostility and vindictiveness. Kasich seemed like a solid person despite being a strong conservative. But your party didn't show either of those guys anywhere near the amount of love you've shown a person like Trump which says a lot about you.
  11. Mythos27

    Breaking News

    How about we just start with the rich paying the rates that are on the books without all the loop holes and bullshit deductions and see where that gets us? The only we reason we even have to talk about raising taxes on the rich is because they use their big money lawyers and consultants to help them get out of paying what they owe in taxes while people like you cheer them on for passing that burden on to the rest of us. Bernie would've been a far better president than Trump (not a high bar there) because his policies actually represent the American people, not corporations and the rich. I'm not shocked you don't want a more educated populace; education is the antidote to conservatism and suppresses the republican vote.
  12. Mythos27

    Minimum Wage Doesn't Cover the Rent Anywhere in USA

    Yeah, that figure makes no sense.
  13. Mythos27

    Breaking News

    You'd have a point if it wasn't republican politicians that are saying this of their own free will. It isn't just the left that is unnerved by Trump; many classic conservatives are horrified by what Trump has done to their party. What the Trump admin is doing at the border, separating children from their mothers and warehousing minors is far from the "compassionate conservatism" many classical conservatives believe in. It's not crazy that some of them are looking around and wondering what's happening to their party.
  14. Mythos27

    Breaking News

    What a dumb topic. If Trump was for legalizing weed, universal healthcare, free college, criminal justice reform, campaign finance reform, and raising taxes on the wealthy he'd have the support of most democrats. He'd still be a piece of shit in his personal life but he'd be a solid president. He gets hate because he's a horrible person AND his policies are absolute trash.
  15. Mythos27

    CTE strikes again

    You're forgetting Rae Carruth. Winslow was crazy since at least college.