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  1. You technically have a point for now but this conversation changes this season. Henry (2nd) will be a starter As the 3rd receiver either Sharpe (5th) or Taylor (3rd)will be starters That's just going by your criteria. In reality, guys like Jonnu Smith (3rd) and Jayon Brown (5th) play more than enough snaps to be considered starters. Austin Johnson will likely fall into this category as well. What you're overlooking is that it's very rare to have guys drafted beyond the 1st round as starters in their 1st 2 years. That's why draft classes are typically judged 3 years after the fact.
  2. Lamar Jackson awful wonderlic

    I object to the idea that "the board" is racist. Have some posters made insensitive and at times actually racist comments? Yes. Does that mean the majority of the board is racist? No. Jake damn near got run off the board for making racist comments, rightfully so IMO. That wouldn't happen on a "racist" board, he would've gotten slaps on the back and attaboy's.
  3. I think he's this year's Mike WIlliams and though I didn't love Williams, he was definitely a 1st round receiver. The separation concerns are fair though.
  4. This is a fair assessment though, I would say that he does separate well on the comeback route which they had him run a million times per game. On the second watch-through I see what you guys mean and agree. That said, I still like his skill-set of size, contested catch ability, and run after the catch ability more than any other in the draft . We have to remember that there are guys in the league who consistently win the way Cobbs does, the question is will Cobbs be able to translate the skill-set. I think he's big and strong enough to do it. He did it to the consensus #1 CB in the class and generally bullied every Ohio St db that lined up across from him. I think he's similar to Sutton but much better at releasing off the LOS which is a big hurdle for rookie receivers; Corey Davis for example still struggles with this.
  5. I didn't mean separation. Ridley separates just fine. I was speaking strictly about that 50/50 ball he rarely came down with though Hurts was certainly hesitant to throw it.
  6. Well, I'm all eyes and ears for that film study then. I can really only think of one poster that would agree with you and I don't think he's considered knowledgeable by the bulk of the board. Do you have All-22 access? I do and I didn't see Byard getting beat up on. If anything I saw a lot of big plays he took away by being in the right place which don't show up on the stat sheet.
  7. No. But he seems to believe the things he posts and isn't simply going out of his way to troll people. Obvious trolls are the only people that should be ignored IMO. Even then, I don't have anyone on ignore because i like to watch the crazy.
  8. Damn, really? Tez is largely harmless.
  9. Lamar Jackson awful wonderlic

  10. Sure is something to consider. Unfortunately, this has left that box unchecked for me. He's a good pure receiving prospect though. You might disagree but the absolute soonest I would draft him is the mid-20's which just happens to be where we are picking. I'd be fine with him but I suspect we'll have better options at other positions.
  11. He posts in good faith.
  12. Thanks for that. You say "several teams ate his ass up" but this is just untrue and I know you know it's untrue because if you could prove this, you would name those teams. You can't because Byard didn't get dominated in any other game. The only other game he was less than stellar was Pittsburgh but literally no one had a good game that day. Deion was laughing at him because Byard just broke out this season on a team that is pretty much unknown and Deion doesn't do enough homework to know who he was. He literally thoguht Byard was just some random twitter fan. Whether you think Byard is elite or not, you must admit that this is a serious mistake by someone paid to analyze the game. I'm not the the one carried away with Byard, perhaps your beef is with the Associated Press that voted him an All-pro. As far as Henry goes, like I said, I love him but he hasn't even %100 locked down the #1 RB job for the Titans let alone being put in the class of someone like Byard who is already considered a top 5 elite safety by the bulk of the league.
  13. Seems to me Bama didn't use him the way they used Amari. Watching his tape, it seemed to me that they didn't really trust him to win some of those down-field 50/50 balls that they did with Amari. I got the impression that when he's covered, he stays that way where with Amari, even when covered they tried to get him the ball.
  14. I'm not trying to be an asshole but please go back and correct this post. I literally don't understand the point you're trying to make.
  15. Only time he was "picked on" was by the G.O.AT QB in Brady and the G.O.A.T TE in Gronk, all schemed by the G.O.A.T coach in Belichick. I like Henry and all but to suggest that Henry in the 2nd was a better pick than Byard in the 3rd is fucking brain-dead.