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  1. Fair enough
  2. Thoughtful and quick read. I felt it was fair to say that Trump's time was limited and it also shared GWBush's note. I prefer Obama, but at the same time, this isn't anything to fuss about.
  3. So, for those playing at home, this fulfills the "but the democrats..." square in our political bingo for the thread.
  4. What I would like is for a show to annotate the discussions for the viewers. When someone shares their opinion, POV, or spin on something, there is a side-panel on the screen that has bullet points of their main ideas. If they go off-topic (like politicians do), it is noted that it does not relate to the question/topic. Make this more direct rather than muddying the waters or pointing fingers to someone else. Then these guys can be invited back and try to be better or continue to be fools.
  5. Would like to see the "fun bunch" celebrations come back from the Greatest Show on Turf days if a team rocks it. Also can't wait to hate all Patriot celebrations (besides Gronk's).
  6. Yeah, I found my anticipation building as I kept scrolling. That's why I left it a surprise with the update.
  7. King's Titans comments:
  8. How about we all agree that hotdogs are fucking nasty and are thrown to drunks and kids that don't know better. Eat a sausage or brat or whatever else on whatever carb with whatever sauce and call it a day.
  9. Peter King's MMQB today is a list of his rankings of the bottom half of the league. Two things of note on it: 1) The Titans aren't on it! 2) The rest of the AFC South is. Houston is 20 Indy is 24 Jax is 27 While being optimistic on the Titans is the trendy thing this offseason (and with good reason), this is the first I've seen with someone so low on the rest of the division. So, according to King, the South still sucks, but there is a new king of the trash heap! ---- Here's the link with the top 1/2... I won't spoil where he puts the Titans.
  10. I'd be interested in the NFL doing a "regional rivalry" game from the other conference. Examples are Hou v Dallas, Jets v Giants, Oak v SF. The game would take the place of one of the "other conference" games (or perhaps one of the "in conference" games of a team they recently already played). Yeah, it would throw off the balance of playing every team every four years, but I think the benefits would far outweigh this small disadvantage.
  11. I don't care at all. If she sucks at the level of Phil Simms or Joe Buck but the game features teams I'm interested in, I'll watch. Otherwise, there's no change for me. I don't choose which game I watch based on the announcers. I just bitch about how shitty the announcers while watching.
  12. The word "idiot" is derived from a Greek word for "one who does not participate in politics."
  13. Interesting list. Shouldn't Eli M. and P. Rivers have the same experience?
  14. Yeah, it sucks from a user perspective, but they set the rules on it. There are many options, though: manipulate their rules to get what you want use other means to communicate - email, gatherings, etc. create a new social network either w/o censorship, or one that secretly favors your cause.
  15. I admit I'm enjoying this piece by piece dismantling.