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  1. @TEN_GOP ran by Ben and Tux

    GOP = gullible, old, Putin-fans
  2. Browns week

    Then we should probably change our slogan to "Tighten Up!"
  3. Corey Davis: WTF

    Emotional reactions are way more valid and useful than rational, logical decisions.
  4. Pick'Em League on Yahoo (Updated - w Prize! )

    This league also drops the lowest week. For some that is a bad week of only getting 4 right while for others it is a decent week of getting 7 right (if that's their lowest). I think @NashvilleNinja is currently dropping a 7-correct week. And yes, this league also uses the Vegas spread.
  5. FO's Quick Reads Titans Commentary

    I get how they do their statistics... but the fan in me wants to scream how great Walker is and the Colts most likely keyed their defense on him throughout the game.
  6. https://www.footballoutsiders.com/quick-reads/2017/week-6-quick-reads Read through the link for any required explanation.
  7. Pick'Em League on Yahoo (Updated - w Prize! )

    TR Top 10 Picks... @NashvilleNinja is slowly building a lead while the rest of us shuffle our positioning. No one is running away with it yet. @CaliTitan3518 lead the league with 11 right. Everyone picked the Titans and got that right! First time there was a unanimous game. Most got the TB game wrong.
  8. Just got back from Fox News...

    Useful comparison. Perhaps a blind "Guess the Source" headline game should be featured in numerous places.
  9. I really need to reread those books.
  10. Rishard To Quit If Forced To Stand

    Trump was elected based on his celebrity, not his experience. This is a tired calling point from the brainless. You love celebrities when they agree with you.
  11. So... Boys Scouts accepting girls now

    Should they be worried about bears for the adolescent camp outs?
  12. Pick'Em League on Yahoo (Updated - w Prize! )

    Game tonight. Pick 'em, jabronies.
  13. Bill Barnwell Talks Titans with PK

    PK was fair in not baking any one thing for the Titans' struggles. Mentioned the red zone was a strength but now it's just above average but the team didn't replace this strength with any other standout stat. Said the backup qb is a problem, but outside of CK, there really wasn't too much to pick from and that Tanney is on IR and didn't really impress in the preseason. PK said the backup qb and the Dodd pick are probably the two things he thinks Robinson would change in his time here. They talked Cyprian with PK saying his absence hasn't been major and he's best in run support and was awful in the first game. Said Adoree is electric and has been good getting his hand into passes. PK wondered about Mularkey not adjusting coverages as he advertised. They also talked Casey being vegan and the LBs.
  14. Super Mario Odyssey

    That looks awesome. Don't have a Switch, though.
  15. Pick'Em League on Yahoo (Updated - w Prize! )

    Take some body armor, too.