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  1. If Carr would have slid we would of drafted him?

    I’m intrigued how the title has both the correct and incorrect versions of “would have.”
  2. The Left trying to brainwash High School students?

    Do you even know how “sample textbooks”work? I bet you are assuming how it works. And I bet you are wrong.
  3. Rosenstein tells Trump he is not target of Cohen Investigation

    Obama is a Muslim still, right?
  4. Trump Warned Cohen Will Flip Quickly If Charged

    Then Cons would blame the Clintons. Hell, probably Obama, too.
  5. Ideal Titans Schedule

    Love this. The schedule is underappreciated in how it impacts a season.
  6. You'd be more believable if you weren't a GD Dem!!
  7. Conklin and Rosenhaus

    Yes, can’t argue with that.
  8. Conklin and Rosenhaus

    You read it here first. Conklin is swinging a machete at teammates!!
  9. Conklin and Rosenhaus

    These fans love the owners.
  10. THE BIG UGLY - DO NOT MERGE (Merged: Mod)

    Da fuq? Still on Clinton?? THAT’S “the big ugly”? Holy shit, what a let down. Bringing back the pizza story, too? Gotta love them fairy tales to the shitheads.
  11. I’m waiting for a bj in the Oval Office. A non-white sounding name could be enough, too. Actually, until the “R” becomes a “D” I don’t give shit what happens.
  12. What if a team has tons of cap space? (And let’s also consider that free agents choose where they go, so it can’t be assumed the top LBer would 1) even be available; and 2) magically pick your favorite team for 1-2 million more. )
  13. The Great Awakening

    Oh, I have family members that are into conspiracies. Pre-internet, I was urged to subscribe to these "underground" newspapers. When these topics come up nowadays, I quickly change the subject or just outright say I'm not interested. (For a while I'd tell this family to do something, run for office or something, but they really just wanted to complain.)
  14. The Great Awakening

    How unfilled are their lives to be so wrapped up in this? I get that they are probably single; sometimes it takes time to find the right girl (or guy). But get a hobby. Get involved in bettering your local community. Stop stewing in hate.
  15. The Great Awakening

    Ugh. Who falls for this shit? 1 - the whole thing is vague. "Something bad will happen. It might include people from these huge swaths of public life." Duh, it's called "life." 2 - Trump works "day and night"?!?! Holy fuck. This is even worse! The clown cut the morning briefs down to what... 5 minutes? He spends most weekends golfing. Then he spends his mornings watching propaganda so he can tweet about it. This Q-tard should have left this part out. I know there isn't hope for Cux and Comrade Ben, but the rest of the Cons should create separation in order to remain (?) credibility.