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  1. Eagles Fear Carson Wentz Tore His ACL

    Can he be trusted to play a full season going forward?
  2. I was right about Mariota/METT

    Are you retarded? There's a fucking "ignore" option. Use it.
  3. Titans @ Cardinals Game Thread

    Yeah. Titans beat both teams with statements. Jags lost to Cards, too. This is all real.
  4. The hypocritical bible-thumpers won't do shit. They will say God supports them abusing little girls (and boys) and stay in office. The Dems will try to be moral and resign. Good for them but bad gamemanship.
  5. "8-4 A Mirage" (more media hate)

    I’m not sure you know what the word “fact” means.
  6. Mike Miracles Titans/Texans All-22 Review

    Position of the sun?
  7. I'm about 30 minutes in. Great sound quality and volume on Jon and Scotty. Jamal had occasional robot echoes. Content-wise, I love how you three took up for Titans fans vs national perception. Not an issue but an observation: Jonboy is the energetic, optimistic fan. Scotty is more like the methodical, plodding offense the Titans use. There are many times there is a brief pause between individuals talking. Will post more feedback if I have more with the last part of the podcast.
  8. Warren Moon accused of sexual harassment

    I’m not condoning any of it, but it does sound like she asked for a raise or something and was rejected so went public with the crazy job expectations. The whole ole thing sounds sexual from the get-go.
  9. Dems ask Franken to resign

    Republicans continue to show just how Christian they are.
  10. Titans not impressing media

    Oh hell yeah. I love me some exciting football. That's not what I'm getting, though. And that kinda sucks. But the team is winning. So that is good. I'd entertain an argument that even if Luck and Watson were playing those 3 games wouldn't be automatic losses for the Titans. I believe the game planning would change based on the opponent.
  11. Heh - it's funny. Which do you think is more likely? 1 - someone lied about their qualifications or 2 - the lady was instructed to do this to fulfill a regulation -- Instead of sign language, couldn't the telecast be captioned? Is that an option that is legally allowed? ...or a transcript produced upon request? Yes, I see the benefit of using sign language to raise awareness, etc, but it seems impractical for this purpose. Were there deaf people in the room at the time? If so, that would support having someone interpret. (supposing the person actually knew what they were doing)
  12. Trump and Israel

    Reading the historical background of it (not the religious part you linked), sheds more light on it. The location described in the link, Meggido, was a popular location for major battles in the ancient world as it was at a trade crossroads. One major battle was between the Egyptians (maybe Ramses II... possibly Thutmose III) and someone else (Hittites?). Anyways, since it was a meeting spot of large armies, it was designated as the location for the "end of the world." Same concept as "the world is flooding!!!" when a civilization is based on a river valley. Things get blown out of proportion.
  13. Titans not impressing media

    I listened to Bill Simmons and agree with his perspective. I quite on Lombardi a month or two ago. The dude is a blowhard. The Around the League guys are interesting. But all of them are fans first. They want to get excited. Who do they jack off to? Watson. How many wins did Watson get? Not more than the number of losses. Watson is also now hurt. Let me repeat: they are fans first. These groups will ask dumbass questions like "who have they beat?" and state "if it wasn't for X, they would have lost." These same goobers won't put that same "analysis" on their darlings like the Patriots who play shit teams and also nearly lost to the Jets. Yes, as a fan, I want to be excited too. However, 8-4 is damn good record.