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  1. CreepingDeath

    Hail Satan!!

    Trump threads belong in the politics forum.
  2. CreepingDeath

    Pick'Em League

    Most of the league correctly picked Cleveland last night. 5 people forgot. Which puts them in the same boat as the 6 that picked the Jets. @MIKE75 @popa @IowaOiler
  3. Even though they rank both the team and their matchup in the middle or bottom in "watchability" rankings, The Ringer focused on Michael Jord...err... Watson and the Texans in their weekly article: https://www.theringer.com/nfl/2018/9/21/17885518/nfl-watchability-rankings-week-3-deshaun-watson-houston-texans
  4. Old players routinely do autographs to get extra money. They don't have to even make an appearance - just coordinate with a store or company.
  5. CreepingDeath

    Kavanaugh will probably not be confirmed now

    I'm not going to read through 15 pages of this to see if this has already been answered. Someone cut to the chase for me. Did this guy keep emails on his personal server and was there a pizza sex trafficing ring? That's the real deal, homies. Grabbing pussy and fucking tweenagers is fully acceptable to Cons. Hell, attempted assassination attempts on Dem Senators are fine, too. Gotta get to the tough questions about personal email servers and pizza sex crimes. Otherwise we are all just wasting our time. And gay frogs? I think.
  6. CreepingDeath

    Pick'Em League

    Game tonight. Browns/Jets
  7. CreepingDeath

    AFC South Contest - Week 3

    Jags Eagles Texans
  8. CreepingDeath

    Ryan Fitzmagic

    One of these is not like the others!
  9. CreepingDeath

    Trump: I don’t have an attorney general

    Trump sounds just like all the other Cons - both professional and amateur. Sessions has a shitty confirmation. If he toes the Con line, he's a hero. If he goes against their living-god, the confirmation process failed. So much hypocrisy and inconsistency.
  10. CreepingDeath

    AFC South Contest - Week 2

    Up to you. If they come back you can either go back to count their old picks or just keep tallying them for a few weeks "just in case." (Or tell them to fuck off )
  11. CreepingDeath

    Titans going 15-1 BAYBEE!

    Please tell me this will be a weekly thing.
  12. CreepingDeath

    Lets trade for Antonio Brown???

    Locker room has to be united. Steelers fucked up by promoting discord on the offense and by publicly shaming their players into making poor financial decisions. They forgive someone accused of multiple sexual assaults, though and give him big, long-term contracts.
  13. CreepingDeath

    Captain Marvel

    It's Marvel, so I'm going to watch it. I'm a bit excited to see the 90s setting. I'll probably like just watching a badass wreck shit as Capn' Marvel looks to be over-powered like Superman. (Hopefully with personality, though)
  14. CreepingDeath

    Where do you buy postage stamps?

    How old are you? Do you spend much time around people in their 20s? Are you aware of their "daily grind" and what knowledge is necessary to survive/succeed? Also, where did you find this article? I noticed you didn't give a link. Are you aware of the proper protocol about citing sources? You must be isolated and regimented. I hazard to think you are devoid of perception and thought, though.
  15. CreepingDeath

    Where do you buy postage stamps?

    So? They probably haven't been inside of a post office. Beyond that, w/o needing to mail letters or bills, they probably don't know that stamps can be purchased at grocery stores. Until you actually need something, it is fairly common to not know the details of it. Did you know old people are dumb as shit with computers and smart phones? They try to use Facebook like a search engine.