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  1. It is set in the south.
  2. Yeah, who is Heath?
  3. More options to be bad leads to more instances of it. Remember the story about the Packers players getting together to play board games (Settlers of Catan) because there was shit to do in town?
  4. I could totally see this happening. I've had fights over stupid goddamn shit. Here's my advice: if she wants to decorate the house, let her. Things are much more peaceful for me. Then again, a few fights did establish territory. All yard decisions are mine. (At our first place my wife and MIL tried to decorate the converted garage/entertainment room into a girly version of a man cave with goofy ass movie themed decorations. To be honest, it was mostly the overbearing MIL wanting to exert control.)
  5. And the deflection. Can't say I blame the strategy but it is a bit worn over the past year.
  6. Vegas Vagabonds?
  7. Because his "news" sources don't say it.
  8. Lesbian chick should always act like she does when she's in lesbian camp - giving attitude and making quips. That's what this show needs, more humor. While Negen's tactics don't make sense, he's one hell of a character (or at least how the actor portrays him). Love his speaking cadence and mannerisms. Anytime the show gets into long monologues of a character just going on and on about what is ultimately not important, I start to tune out and have to fight the urge to grab my phone to play games. Also, did anyone else expect blonde Daryl-wannabe to ask how Daryl keeps his hair so greasy? He already has the bike, vest and crossbow. Might as well complete the set.
  9. This is probably the case more often than not. However, Dallas didn't get their top QBs in last year's draft to their benefit.
  10. Definitely. Hell, just the upgraded Special Teams may have been enough to squeak into the playoffs. That's the coverage I want someone to analyze in detail. Obviously comparing the changes other teams made would need to be taken into account for a more robust conclusion of effectiveness. (Example - Raiders lose points from their FA departures, but get some back due to getting C. Patterson.)
  11. No "breaking news" or anything, but I find the opinions around the web interesting - especially during the offseason. Here are a few comments from articles not based entirely on the Titans. Mike Tanier slots the Titans into his first tier of "Win Now Mode" While some may argue that the Titans aren't attempting to "win now" like the Patriots, of his listed tiers, it's the one that makes the most sense for the team. Plus it's great to see the recognition that the team is moving in a positive fashion as well as placed higher than other teams that had similar records last season (like the Dolphins). My favorite comment was Tanier throwing a wet blanket on the Jags: -- Robert Mays' comments place him in the more optimistic side of the Titans' FA signings: I imagine many here would argue that what the Titans have done so far is not enough to become good enough to "win now".
  12. I agree that people won't seek out an NFL game simply for the celebrations, but people in the house/bar will watch for the celebrations (assuming there is one dedicated football fan with the game on) if they think it will happen (much like the wrecks in NASCAR). More people paying attention to the game (for whatever reason) increases ad revenues. I imagine that the Network has its own manager and that individual makes the decisions about what to air. However, if the NFL bosses say so, the Network will snap to and follow whatever orders they give.
  13. This probably deserves its own thread, but whatever: Republican crying about how the leaks need to be prosecuted turns around and becomes a leak himself to protect his party. Priorities are obvious, and America is definitely lower than the well-being of his political party.
  14. Who was it that said Tux was a plant long ago? Bonus points if that person said he was a Russian plant. But that is probably expecting too much. More likely he's just gullible.
  15. Saying "no one" is a big order. I know people that can only name players that do TD dances (like Chad Johnson, Antonio Brown, etc). Since the NFL owns the NFL Network, I believe that the governing body of the NFL does have a say in what is broadcast on the channel. Finally, what upsets one person doesn't necessarily upset the next in the same way. A TV interview could be more insulting than a little ass shaking. There are some known Twitter feuds that spill over into games.