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  1. I'm working under the assumption that his contract is more heavily weighted in the first/early year/s than accepting an albatross. With this assumption, we get quite a bit of flexibility in the draft and can still target a quality TE in the first few rounds.
  2. How many new topics are you going to start today? How many of them are worthy of being its own thread? Go outside or something. Get away from your addiction.
  3. I get the theory behind paying value for positions... but we are near the top of the league at cap-space without any major players to resign yet. Why not upgrade at a position of need (backup TE) and then allow even more options in the draft? I'm not saying I'm crusading to acquire Bennett, but if it happens, I see it as a major positive. All the same, I wouldn't see the TE position "solved" with this one move either as Bennett does have an injury history and we would still need to have a young TE to groom.
  4. ...Unless this is uses the electoral college.
  5. He's checking Breitbart's headlines to find his answer.
  6. Let's just have fun with Tux's posts and write our own fantasy with his starting lines of propaganda/fiction.
  7. OR Putin is behind this. He hired thugs to create a riot just like the Repubs did with the peaceful protests in the US.
  8. Faked. I can find pictures online and use large font, too.
  9. Cthulhu is waking...
  10. Give it a whirl. The Kanye + Death Cab one is groovy. This thing scratched an itch I didn't know I had.
  11. Open marriage then?
  12. LOL at both of you. Good thing this is the internet or else you couldn't keep a straight face typing all of that.
  13. With that hashtag I hope they answer questions about Shrek.
  14. How am I supposed to know you used it w/o reading it? (nice "burn book" reference. Took me too long to catch it. )
  15. Belief it is an act of dominance. They are forcing others to accommodate them. I suppose it can be compared to taking up as much room as possible while sitting in a shared public place.