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  1. This is akin to Philly pouring resources into their WR corp last offseason.
  2. Our resident Cons don't either. Comrade Ben defended himself as not a bot. For a Russian, he usually does well with the English language, though.
  3. Mularkey's Total Silence Still Surprises Me

    Perhaps he's taking the advice from Thumper's mom.
  4. What is a troll?

    My favorite troll was a guy that went against the norm with public/media reactions. A space shuttle blew up and many called the astronauts heroes. This troll went against that notion and was berated for it. He responded by flooding the board with new threads of people dying in accidents (bus bombings, etc) from all of the world that no one cared about. I loved it.
  5. What is a troll?

    What is google? I've heard of it...
  6. 2018 breakout Titans. Who you got?

    We are not a reasonable people. Davis needs top 5 numbers to "break out."
  7. Dems flip another House seat in deep red Missouri

    I guess Cux got tired of winning?
  8. Trump to ban bump stocks

    I would but mean ol’ Obama came and took all my guns personally. I think he spoke Muslim or African while doing it.
  9. The Cons and their supporters are morally bankrupt. Any stance they hold is hypocritical based on how it affects their party.
  10. Trump to ban bump stocks

    Whoa whoa there! Are you telling me the NRA is full of shit about Obama and dems wanting to take our guns? Da fuq?? Obama did the opposite?? But the memes tell me to be afraid and buy as much ammo soon.
  11. Will Trump finish his first term?

    I think Mueller is biding his time to release more information closer to November.
  12. Mueller Charges Dutch Lawyer In Russia Probe

    To be honest, this is real advice. I mean, once you take out the insults, etc.
  13. Rookie Snaps by NFL teams

    The crazy thing about that chart is when you look at the playoff teams. The Superbowl teams had few rookie snaps along with other playoff teams with years of postseason experience. Then there are some "young" teams that made the playoffs including us and the Jags. Apparently the Saints are pretty young, too. There is a vast middle ground that didn't make the playoffs.
  14. Cool. I'll check it out. Started Altered Carbon last night and think it is worth more watching.
  15. Inside the Russian Troll Factory

    You aren't a "bot", comrade. You are human paid to proliferate noise.