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  1. Like the snowflake that voted with his feelings from the article, sending in the wrecking ball due to perceived slights.
  2. Even if the fans, his teammates, the Steelers organization, and his family tell him "no", my gut feeling is that Ol' Bennie Pie will go ahead and do it anyway.
  3. This makes sense as D. Walker has a few more years to start. Get Berry in FAgency and pick a stud defensive player at another position for greatest instant impact.
  4. Article setup - Rural Oklahoma student (21 yo) gives best explanation of supporting Trump to professor and class understands his position. Article includes facts (not alternative) and then follow-up questions with the student for more understanding with the student. I found it a good read. Not sure how the snowflakes will take it, though.
  5. She was probably just waiting on the Russian flag.
  6. I saw the same thing. I'll flood the forum with posts proclaiming the truth!
  7. You know this is proven to be from Obama's inauguration, right? But we know you just parrot the bullshit fed to you, so it's expected.
  8. I'm curious as to how the fan bases of each team reacts. Are the fans of moved teams more likely to be positive about the moves? Fans of teams with old stadiums more negative? I figure apathy rules the day with most, but I imagine those that feel somehow personally affected have stronger feelings.
  9. Giant was cool for being so different. But I LOVED be able to use the frig suit effectively, so I'm going w water. What is yours?
  10. I love the old games because I don't have the time to learn how to play, get good, and then thoroughly enjoy games nowadays. Pop in a classic and BAM! I'm happy and not at all upset if I have to quit quickly. Plus the music (like the Sonic games) really takes me back. One of my kids is getting old enough to hopefully play w/o frustration so we can co-op eventually.
  11. That's a dealbreaker. Love playing it on the Wii 'cause my muscle memory is still there. I technically beat the game. In one sitting beat Super Macho Man but couldn't beat Tyson. Then in another sitting used a code to jump to Tyson and beat him. So that sorta counts, right?
  12. I finally beat the original Castlevania as an adult (couldn't beat Drac as a kid) when I picked up the rerelease on the GBA. The sequel was interesting but required a walkthrough. 3 was super tough and I never made it too far in it. The first Playstation Castlevania was pretty badass. Haven't really played any since then , though.
  13. Was just thinking recently this would make the team the hotrods of the NFL.
  14. We are the most likely destination, supposedly. However, I don't know the details of the parties involved.