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  1. Makes sense.
  2. Bahahahahha GODdamn, that's good! TR has some of the richest talent in humor and performance art.
  3. You came? Your ED pills worked! Still a premature little pansy, though.
  4. Bringing back the hits, I see. "Lock Her Up" was the summer mantra. I can't wait for "Drain the Swamp", "Cheaper, Better Healthcare", "No War in Syria", and then to end the concert, "Build the Wall" and hopefully the remix of "...And Make Mexico Pay for It"! America Haters will be rocked the shit out! -- Does the Bullshit really taste that good that you keep asking for more, Ben? Grow a pair and confess you were duped. I know, I hurt your feelings so you won't answer direct questions that are just so hard to answer.
  5. America Haters depend on gerrymandering so that corporations can continue to take more freedoms from the people.
  6. So no hint at what's going to throw you into a tizzy? Starting impeachment? Something coming out about Pence? Pride month continues? The KKK gets taken down? the suspense is killing me! What's going to trigger an America-hater such as yourself? More black people on TV?
  7. Another Mike Tanier nostalgia piece for the offseason. Leading off the list at #25 are the 1990 Oilers: The AFL 1961 Oilers make the list as well as a few of our more recent rivals - Manning Colts and "Greatest Show on Turf" Rams. -- Beyond the nostalgia trip from teams I watched growing up and recently, I really liked the significant "evolution links" that many of the teams highlighted passed on. No-huddle Bengals, K-Gun Bills, Fun Bunch 'Skins. Plus I wasn't aware that two of the Oilers WRs in '61 were HS teachers before wrecking shop. Anyone else dare to dream about the Titans storming a list like this in the (very) near future?
  8. Fake news but Hilary When Obama was president...
  9. No one gets out of life alive. People get hurt doing stuff, really? I imagine the players are responsible for at least a portion of the hospital bills after leaving the league. And those injuries linger. If you don't want to hear about the athletes negotiating their value, then don't stay away from sports media. You choose to read/listen/watch that shit. If you want a break, take it.
  10. Ah. Well, I got pretty close with my contributions since opening it.
  11. Yeah? Share your impression.
  12. I suppose taxable. Moved it to non-managed S&P 500 last summer. Opened a Roth, too, but to my knowledge, I can only put up to 5k in it per year.
  13. If you hurt Ben's widdle fweelings he won't answer your questions either.
  14. Team-first is fine to an extant but the team won't bat an eye at cutting even the team-first players when it suits them.
  15. He goes against his hometown sports team, outed for ducking over daily commuters for political vengeance,and then thanked Obama for helping his state. My money is that his snowflake supporters cared most about him openly gushing over the Cowboys is what doomed him.