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  1. NFL Nation Mock Draft

    Haha...this is classic TitansReport. Each year around this time we often come to a consensus on what the worst (logical) pick would be and then we convince ourselves that this person (Sam Hubbard this year) is definitely going to be the pick. It's like we must be as depressed and hopeless as possible up until the pick because it somehow makes the pick more exciting when it's anyone but Hubbard. And, if it does happen to be Hubbard, we already expected the disappointment so it doesn't sting near as bad. Goddamn....we've been perfectly conditioned for abuse. This is why we can't have nice things. We're fucking weird.
  2. Ereck Flowers on the trade block

    Yawn....I can't get Ereckt for Ereck.
  3. I got fired

    Kyle...why did you take away the OP?! How can I help you if I don't know the exact circumstances of your termination? You strike me as a hard working, super-responsible, ladies-man (yet, still a complete professional and a gentleman), so I'm intrigued as to why anyone would let you go.....I'm guessing that you were working your way up the ladder too fast and the higher-ups saw you as a threat!
  4. FO's 2018 SackSeer

    I'd guess that I've seen more sacks than anyone...and not necessarily from gay intercourse! Most of them came from that terrible, horrible shot that most porn "directors" seem to NEED to show. You know the one---where it's straight up man-hairy-ass-crack-and-taint flopping back and forth while he's penetrating some skank. I guess the "director" thinking is that, "this will be a super hot angle of the dude giving it to her!" But, in reality the shot looks more like caterpillars surrounding a nutsack while bobbing in the ocean tide.......SEXY.
  5. That would be tragic.....good D should always be stiff.
  6. Teams should definitely be a little more in-depth with their physicals if he's having problems with his cervix!
  7. Record low draft ratings this year?

    Holy shit, this was a masterful, master class in gif usage. Great work here, Ninja.
  8. 4 dead at Waffle House in Antioch

    WTF? Why the Waffle House? If you're a gun loon and looking into mass killing, why in the hell would you choose a Waffle House? The place holds 50 people max. Any time that I've been, the customers have almost always been redneck, white, and poor-----3 prime Republican demographics. They provide charitable humanitarian services....where else can you be obliterated with various forms of intoxication at 3 am, order an omelette with hash browns and sweet tea, stumble to the bathroom to throw it all up, and not be judged as a ruffian by any of the workers? Newtown was sad, but as soon as you start shooting at Waffle Houses, we need to have a serious talk about gun control. BTW, only idiots support a fucking wall. Have you morons not learned from El Chapo that the best and easiest way to access this country is to literally go under the border? All the cartels (who will soon make a shit ton more money by charging border jumpers access to their underground routes) do is buy a house in Mexico right near the border. They then purchase a house in the U.S. right near the border and they simply tunnel between houses. It's basically a modern, literal "underground railroad." The wall will be obsolete as soon as the first brick is laid.
  9. I see your point and I am empathetic.....but, I don't feel like you're fully understanding my position. My argument has nothing to do with censorship, tweeting 15 times in a row, or even spam. Those things are irrelevant to my point. I believe that the idiots should stay solely for entertainment purposes. Not to be shitty (because I like you as a poster), but look how they have affected you. Your reaction to their idiocy is the entire reason that they should be kept around.....not to personally antagonize you, but to provide entertainment to the board. Their Cro-Magnon era IQ's set people off and get people riled up. That shit is funny and most-of-all ENTERTAINING. They can't bother you unless you let them. The negative part about it for you has been that you have shown them how to push your buttons, you take this shit too seriously and let morons control your emotions, and this thread comes off as kinda whiny. Relax Pats.....it's cool. If you want a legitimate forum for discussion of serious issues with an authority figure to keep everyone in line, then I recommend taking local college classes on topics that interest you or attending a town hall-----do, literally, anything else besides internetting. Take a step back, assess things as they are, and view the absurdism of life itself........or, if you refuse that advice, then there's always GoTitans.
  10. Nah....Bongo's been doing that shit for years. I don't perceive the idiots as spam because they actually do (unknowingly) contribute something to this board-----entertainment. You don't really realize how entertaining these posters are until they're gone----they themselves are not entertaining, it's the debate, the meltdowns, the beatdowns, etc. that are great fun. Dealing with 15 straight posts is just a minor negative side effect of their existence. It's the vast amount of entertainment that makes their presence worthwhile...so, relax, because it's all at their expense!
  11. People who cry for attention and validation by posting various posts/threads on any little unsubstantiated tweet from any random source about something that they happen to agree with are cunts. BUT, no one should be banned-----it's kinda faggy to even put them on ignore, but you should exercise that option before contemplating asking for a ban. Bans don't exist on this board (except for spam)....that's what makes this place fucking awesome. Hell, I was sad to see that spammer who was attempting to sell language certificates from Iran get banned----I was enjoying trolling the fuck. We're self policing, so if you post stupid shit you should expect to get kicked around, looked at as a fucking joke, and earn a nickname like SimpleJake. However you let these morons affect your TitansReport experience is on you. Don't take life so seriously.
  12. Will Compton Posted This

  13. THE BIG UGLY - DO NOT MERGE (Merged: Mod)

    Very Christian of you......jesus wasn't much on the whole forgiveness ideal, either.