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  1. woolfolksunclesuncle

    Titans Sign Nick Williams; Waive Firkser and Batson

    Beat me to it! Dude disappears at times and can be a pretty volatile teammate.
  2. LOL...solid analysis Turron.
  3. woolfolksunclesuncle


    Hey thanks man! I know that you meant to include my name in the this post, but you probably got distracted for a minute. I forgive your oversight as few of us are perfect.
  4. woolfolksunclesuncle


    Jesus! I viewed the OP on mobile and I'm pretty sure that I developed epilepsy.
  5. Yep...once you're walking the streets of Dickerson Pike, you've finally made it to the show. It often takes years of toiling and paying your dues in various trailer parks, truck stops, Denny's dumpsters, etc...to be skilled enough to pound (and get pounded on) the pavement of Dickerson Pike. That's the point in your career when you have some real negotiating leverage. Instead of 7 percent of profits, many of Dickerson Pike's finest are able to negotiate with their pimps a solid 12 percent of sales and privileged agreements such as "only bitch slaps without pinky rings may be permitted"---it's every little girl from Cumberland Garden's dream.
  6. I bet! It's hard to forget your first toothless bj. But, for what she lacks in teeth, she makes up for in rock bottom prices and interestingly shaped track marks.
  7. My mom still feels bad about that to this day...
  8. woolfolksunclesuncle

    Mariota receives far too little criticism.

    PM me proof once it's done, please (or before is totally fine too!)
  9. woolfolksunclesuncle

    Mariota receives far too little criticism.

    I've been waiting patiently for the first Oman (Scotty) flip-flop of the season to post this!
  10. woolfolksunclesuncle

    Dennis Kelly Hospitalized w/ Virus

    Ahhhh....virus eh? I'm guessing the Human Papilloma and/or Herpes Simplex variety for such a studly looking sex machine.
  11. woolfolksunclesuncle

    NFL Coverage Map

    I believe that's the moment where Catalon fucked up and made his personal bias and use of sorcery against Scine obvious!
  12. woolfolksunclesuncle

    Will Mariota be the starting QB in ‘19?

    I voted yes with a caveat---he will be our starting qb until this franchise turns to ash if our coaches subscribe to the "player can't lose his starting spot due to injury" ethos!
  13. woolfolksunclesuncle

    NFL Coverage Map

    Scine is writing his memoirs---he has an entire chapter dedicated to the Catalon/Titans conspiracy. It's actually the juiciest and edgiest part of his book! Racist imo....