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  1. woolfolksunclesuncle

    More genius words from queen c**t

    I'm asking this as a person who dislikes all parties in politics----fuck the right, fuck the left. I'm genuinely curious as to anyone's answer to this question. Did democrats continue to follow every word or demonize Mitt Romney's every move after Obama won in 2012? I don't remember any of the democrat ......but Mitt! rebuttals when Obama would make a mistake, but it may be a democratic party secret or something. I don't recall any fascination whatsoever with Mitt like the right gives to Hillary. Why does anyone give a shit about a woman who's not even in politics anymore? Is there a secret corner of the internet where leftists are still furiously vilifying Bob Dole's every move since losing to Bill in 1996? Can I get a link to that message board? How long will Hillary occupy the entire frontal lobe of every republican?
  2. woolfolksunclesuncle

    EA Sports reviewing Mariota’s really low madden rating.

    @OILERMAN approves!
  3. woolfolksunclesuncle

    Mueller drops new indictments: 12 Russian GRU in their official cpacity

    Replace "Hillary campaign" with "Bush" and this statement could be about 9/11. Or Sharon Tate needs to take some of the blame for her (and her friends + unborn child) slaughter by the Manson family. She obviously didn't have the proper security. Bitch needed a wall around her house!
  4. woolfolksunclesuncle

    Murray to retire

  5. woolfolksunclesuncle

    Jeff Fisher. Fox Gameday Analyst?

    For sure! After his 12th-13th year he'll simply get by on the, "he's obviously great at this because he's the longest tenured analyst in the league!" Then he'll bust out a Romo jersey to feel like a winner.
  6. woolfolksunclesuncle

    Jeff Fisher. Fox Gameday Analyst?

    I was giving him the benefit of 8-8, but 7 and 9 is certainly possible.
  7. woolfolksunclesuncle

    Jeff Fisher. Fox Gameday Analyst?

    I'd guess 50 percent of his takes are right and 50 percent wrong....
  8. woolfolksunclesuncle

    Never A Good Idea To Pick A Fight With A Pro Athlete

    Don't start interjecting facts here! But, seriously, yes, the police found the airport guy was the aggressor, but this shit never happens to people who don't seek or aren't associated with trouble. Crazy shit always seems to find Pacman and I don't think it's really a coincidence. The sad part is that he's actually a pretty bright guy. When you hear him speak (outside of cop cars) in a normal setting he actually speaks honestly and with personal awareness. It just seems that his childhood has become hardwired to his decision-making and when problems arise, he automatically defaults to keeping it real and acting impulsively instead of stepping back or considering options.
  9. woolfolksunclesuncle

    Never A Good Idea To Pick A Fight With A Pro Athlete

    Jesus, neither of them can fight for shit. Pacman's punches look like he's throwing a baseball and airport worker's punches look like a close fisted slap fight. But, 2 things... 1. I bet that Pacman says that it wasn't him and that Lewis threw the punches. 2. He's become a little more civil....no gunfire in this altercation. 👏🏆
  10. woolfolksunclesuncle

    If we at some point win the SB...

    LOL...WUT? Where's the proof? You like what I let you like, bitch. Where's the proof?
  11. woolfolksunclesuncle

    If we at some point win the SB...

    Yawn....more weak-ass trolling. I'm guessing with the mental aptitude that you've shown, along with your grammar, that you don't know anything about evolution. Anyway, where's the proof that I asked for? If I existed on the TOMB and was such an amazing retard (as you claim) then proof of my existence shouldn't be hard to find. Post the proof and I'll leave this board forever. Either way, if you're going to continue to follow me around like my little pet bitch, then you'll need to remember to keep your asshole lubed, your lips moisturized, and all your shit packed up (for the day that I decide to trade you for an extra serving of mashed potatoes.)
  12. woolfolksunclesuncle

    Lesean McCoy beat his gf bad (allegedly)

    Man, season 1 of True Detective was excellent. Season 2 was kinda shitty----but this scene is fucking awesome.
  13. woolfolksunclesuncle

    Lesean McCoy beat his gf bad (allegedly)

    Haha...I don't make the rules, man! I was, and still am, a fan of the classic "twat." But, modern, accepted nomenclature has made "thot" one of the more popular go-to words in reference to disposable hos.
  14. woolfolksunclesuncle

    Lesean McCoy beat his gf bad (allegedly)

    Ummmmm she's Marcus Vick's baby momma? She knows that McCoy has violent tendencies (as she's watched him beat his child and nearly killed his dog?) She didn't deserve that ass-whoopin', but I'm pretty sure that it's just a job hazard of being a professional thot. When fucking athletes to live that lifestyle is your job, then you better have GREAT health insurance. She'll likely break up with Shady, speak about the horrors of spousal abuse, and then start dating OJ Simpson.