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  1. SaskTitan

    Maroita is killing the franchise

    I love Marcus Mariota but his injuries and system changes have really disrupted his development. Also, I really think it would be more beneficial for our Offensive Coordinator to be on the sideline rather than up in the booth. What do I know? I am a fan and not in the business.
  2. Just when I thought Kyle couldn’t get any more idiotic with his brain, here we are... Once again, thank god you are just a fan. How horny can an individual get for Leveon Bell and Joe Flacco? Give it up, guy...
  3. SaskTitan

    Dennis Kelly Hospitalized w/ Virus

    Bongo59, nobody likes you and your flat out wrong posts. You have NO CONNECTIONS at all. Leave the board and go pretend to be a Texans fan or something.
  4. SaskTitan

    It's the NFL, anything can happen

    You are not credible at all. Do you have any undisclosed mental issues? You’re not even a real Titans fan. GTFO of here you braindead piece of trash. Bongo59 hopes for Titan failure. You’re the failure Bongo. You always have and always will be a terrible doctor.
  5. SaskTitan

    Wtf is Jrob doing?!

    Mariota is playing tomorrow. They just called up Marz from Wisconsin. They will be running the ball a lot.
  6. SaskTitan

    Mariota Injury Rumors

    Kyle saying they trade for Joe Flacco is about as moronic as him saying they will get rid of Henry after this year. If Davis has a bad game, Kyle might suggest trading him as well.
  7. SaskTitan

    Texans @ Titans predictions

    33-28 T**ans
  8. We needed a QB to round out the practice squad. He might have been option 2 after FALK. He did get a DUI for being stoned as per the mugshot and police report.
  9. SaskTitan

    Thoughts on offense vs Steelers

    Seeing consistent results will take some time, especially in an offence that is quite different than the last. Mularkey did not want to change anything and here we are. Patience will be needed and I do hope we some of the starters for a series vs. Miami. Every rep is important.
  10. Replace Henry in the draft? Kyle, I often wonder if you are intellectually disabled...
  11. SaskTitan

    Round one is falling perfect for TN.

    I loved the trade up. We didn’t give up much and we got a potential star at LB
  12. SaskTitan

    2018 NFL Draft Thread

    Defence falling would you guys rather go safety , Lb or DE?
  13. SaskTitan

    Why Jake Locker Walked Away

    He was no leader. He was no franchise QB. How could that be any more clear? Nashville ninja is one fan who enjoys mediocrity, inconsistency. Locker was a nice human being, who quit on the team 4 years in. Go help Jake gather the eggs this morning.
  14. SaskTitan

    Why Jake Locker Walked Away

    Locker was more of a bust than Young. Locker is a nice person but that doesn’t get into consideration as to whether the guy was a good football player or not. Our organization wasn’t in a great state at that point in time so I understand how it was hard for him to succeed given the circumstances.
  15. SaskTitan

    Why Jake Locker Walked Away

    I’m supposed to like Jake Locker because Matt Hasselbeck does? Hahaha no chance in hell. Jake Locker is a loser. The most Injury-prone, overhyped quarterback in Titans history. I’d argue that he was the worst selection in any draft in any round in Titans history. What a complete waste of 4 years of NFL watching that guy struggle and whine.