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  1. Potential Vrabel Staff?

    I would be happy with either Chad OShea, John Defilippo, or Jim Bob.
  2. Potential Vrabel Staff?

    http://wkrn.com/2018/01/20/titans-legend-eddie-george-responds-to-hiring-of-mike-vrabel/. (Eddie) George is now wondering the same things Titan fans are; who will be his offensive coordinator and will he retain fellow Buckeye Dick LeBeau as defensive coordinator? The article also mentions how George and Vrabel were roommates in college at Ohio State and battled every day in practice against each other.
  3. I am quite happy that Jason Michael will most likely be shown the door. He might be a nice guy who Marcus likes but in the end I truly think he was a major problem. The guy originally coached tight ends under Whisenhunt in San Diego. Good riddance JM.
  4. Is DLB staying?

    I assume he stays but time will tell.
  5. College Coaches?

    Saban or Shaw
  6. Who's the Rooney Rule Coach?

    Norm Chow
  7. Pats RBs could pose problems for Titans D

    I’m not worried about the running backs. I’m mainly worried about Gronkowski.
  8. Pats Playoff Predictions & Poll

    Titans 27 Patriots 23
  9. Hopefully they have chosen a faster bus route than the Texans did last year
  10. Pissed off thread?

    Well that’s great. Nobody is getting fired. Gullible much?
  11. Patriots or Steelers

    Will have to face them both so toss a coin..
  12. Mularkey is Safe, per Tennessean

    AvgJoe sorry to piss in your cornflakes but we aren’t firing anybody significant this offseason. You can bitch and argue all you want but it isn’t happening.
  13. Mularkey is Safe, per Tennessean

    It shouldn’t come down to anybody. Who says we have to fire anyone? Seriously, what the hell kind of cruel divisive world do you live in?
  14. Mularkey is Safe, per Tennessean

    I witnessed that too. Today’s victory was impressive. Don’t be a Debbie downer. Oilers Shmoilers...
  15. Pissed off thread?

    I’m pissed off at the whiners that bitch and complain after we just won a playoff game. Grow up and make sure the pair at your waist grows too. It’s obvious that we have a few fans here that aren’t long term fans. They have no patience and are bandwagon fans. If you’re young and new, Realize what’s at stake, understand our history, and buckle up for the unknown