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  1. Replace Henry in the draft? Kyle, I often wonder if you are intellectually disabled...
  2. SaskTitan

    Round one is falling perfect for TN.

    I loved the trade up. We didn’t give up much and we got a potential star at LB
  3. SaskTitan

    2018 NFL Draft Thread

    Defence falling would you guys rather go safety , Lb or DE?
  4. SaskTitan

    Why Jake Locker Walked Away

    He was no leader. He was no franchise QB. How could that be any more clear? Nashville ninja is one fan who enjoys mediocrity, inconsistency. Locker was a nice human being, who quit on the team 4 years in. Go help Jake gather the eggs this morning.
  5. SaskTitan

    Why Jake Locker Walked Away

    Locker was more of a bust than Young. Locker is a nice person but that doesn’t get into consideration as to whether the guy was a good football player or not. Our organization wasn’t in a great state at that point in time so I understand how it was hard for him to succeed given the circumstances.
  6. SaskTitan

    Why Jake Locker Walked Away

    I’m supposed to like Jake Locker because Matt Hasselbeck does? Hahaha no chance in hell. Jake Locker is a loser. The most Injury-prone, overhyped quarterback in Titans history. I’d argue that he was the worst selection in any draft in any round in Titans history. What a complete waste of 4 years of NFL watching that guy struggle and whine.
  7. Why would the numbers be white. Silver /gray numbers would be okay..
  8. SaskTitan

    Dean Pees Possible DC

    My problem with Vrabel is that he doesn’t seem like a very organized individual. Almost kind of scatterbrained. We will see.. most likely an upgrade over munch,whiz, and mularkey. I liked mularkeys organized and calm mindset. Maybe too calm sometimes. But we were disciplined and very close as a team. I hope that continues.
  9. SaskTitan

    Get ready...

    Teddy Bridgewater is remaining with the Vikings. If not, he is starting somewhere. He isn’t a backup. The team is close but needs some help at guard and TE. Needs more speed at tailback. A more consistent pass rush would be nice as well as another defensive back.
  10. SaskTitan

    Potential Vrabel Staff?

    I guessing that Robinson and Mularkey had quite the fallout. I’m surprised that they don’t have some coaches lined up. They are most likely waiting for Defellipo but if he is that good he will be probably be a head coach in 2019. It seems like MV thought it would easy to assemble the staff. Not very organized to say the least...
  11. SaskTitan

    Potential Vrabel Staff?

    I would be happy with either Chad OShea, John Defilippo, or Jim Bob.
  12. SaskTitan

    Potential Vrabel Staff?

    http://wkrn.com/2018/01/20/titans-legend-eddie-george-responds-to-hiring-of-mike-vrabel/. (Eddie) George is now wondering the same things Titan fans are; who will be his offensive coordinator and will he retain fellow Buckeye Dick LeBeau as defensive coordinator? The article also mentions how George and Vrabel were roommates in college at Ohio State and battled every day in practice against each other.
  13. I am quite happy that Jason Michael will most likely be shown the door. He might be a nice guy who Marcus likes but in the end I truly think he was a major problem. The guy originally coached tight ends under Whisenhunt in San Diego. Good riddance JM.
  14. SaskTitan

    Is DLB staying?

    I assume he stays but time will tell.
  15. SaskTitan

    Who's the Rooney Rule Coach?

    Norm Chow