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  1. Browns Predictions & Poll

    If ever Kizer was able to shine, it'd be against us. But I'm still taking us, 34-20
  2. Zero Indy Punts

    True. If we can't stop Briskett, I'm seriously concern with Cleveland next week.
  3. Of course, but not every moment of a 3+ hour game. Just whatever comes naturally. Though for many years, I've had to watch games, jaw resting on fist, waiting for a score or the end of the game, whichever came first. Mariota has spoiled me, bc I was like that with Cassel right out the gate.
  4. How dare they stand and cheer during a football game? They should be seated and quiet until the game is over. Damn you people, this is football, not a rock concert.
  5. It doesn't matter where the potential backup is drafted, that's what scouting is for. We're still not good enough to use high picks on one.
  6. Those free agents theoretically are on about the same level, with less experience with the team than Cassel. They might flukishly win a game, but so could Cassel (I say with no confidence). And as for drafting a backup, teams usually want a "stable" veteran. Cassel has sucked, and I want him gone, but on paper, I can kinda see why they kept him.
  7. The value of a top backup QB

    If they're good enough to come in and win, they'll start somewhere. We're always gonna have a Cassel. We always have. The run game should put the team on its back if Mariota is out. We can only rely on a backup to not lose, not win.
  8. I didn't have faith in the staff per se, I just figured the talent JR provides would be enough to overcome it. Wearing them down is nice in theory, but when your QB goes down, you're screwed. There aren't enough capable qb's in the league starting right now, let alone be a capable backup.
  9. Mariota not playing...

    I thought not when he said, amongst the "I feel good"s, his main focus is getting healthy. Maybe it'll be out of reach by the time the Astros come on.
  10. I knew our D (secondary) was still suspect, but I had no idea we were "give up 5 straight scores to the Texans" bad. Nobody could cover Hopkins. Adoree' will be fine, he'll have growing pains obviously.. but still, we need more even if he is on his game.
  11. Miami Predictions

    I hate to pick against us, but taking last week into account, and the fact that I always underestimate the Dolphins... Dolphins, 31-14
  12. Titans Signing Brandon Weeden

    I trust those four guys more than Cassel. Hell, I trust Turd Ferguson more than Cassel. If Kaep can really go, I'd be for it, if he still cares about football.
  13. Our "backup" seems to have gotten worse every year since Collins at least. Cassel might "know the offense", but he can't execute for shit.
  14. I wasn't trying to take sides, more trying to observe from the outside, just kind of a rhetorical wondering of "where do we go from here?".