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  1. Pure shit. Pure unadulterated shit. 100% all-natural organic not from concentrate fresh-squeezed shit.
  2. jphardy

    The year of throw back uniforms

    I'd wear Oilers unis one game a year. Every year vs. the Texans in Houston.
  3. If nobody titles their articles "Broncos Butthurt again", I'll be very disappointed.
  4. jphardy

    Thursday Night Football Thread

    Jesus, Goff and Woods killed me. I'ma need Mahomes and Tyreek to light it up this week.
  5. jphardy

    With Rishard Matthews gone...

    Give Decker a call.
  6. jphardy

    Episode 162 - In Advance Of Miami

    I agree with Jamal about Gore. He has played great at times, but I hesitate to call him an all-time great player, despite his numbers.
  7. jphardy

    2018 TR Survivor Pool Week 1

  8. jphardy

    Dolphins fans are funny

    I read a few of their posts. I think it was a pretty good assessment of what I figure most other fans feel about the Titans, if not a little more generous. But I didn't see any mention of Byard.
  9. jphardy

    Roster Cuts

  10. jphardy

    Why we suck, again

    https://deadspin.com/why-your-team-sucks-2018-tennessee-titans-1828648748 I look forward to these every year. Most teams are pretty amusing. Ours, not so much, probably because there's a lot of truth there.
  11. jphardy


    I don't have that much faith in the Chargers. And I'd assume a couple of teams > 11-5.
  12. For real. Same with pre-protest Kaep. Same with Dak.
  13. Seems like most everybody on the list will probably be here next year regardless, except Dodd. This is his last shot, so I picked him.