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  1. He wants a cornerback, but we should use at least one first round pick on defensive line? And interesting he didn't mention WR at all.
  2. I think they're obvs committed to developing Mariota. But A: neither WR is being hyped as the next Julio. And 2: our DB's suck and there seem to be a few worthy of the 5th pick. While Mariota is clearly the key to this team's success, people are afraid of neglecting the defense. Trying to figure out what we will/should do is numbing my brain, and we still have two months to go.
  3. During the CFP, I thought 49ers. It now seems Trubisky could be the first QB picked, top 3. Things could change between now and then, but when I saw this thread, the Jets came to mind.
  4. I don't know how I missed this, is my home page.
  5. Oh, I haven't forgotten. I've wanted two DB's in the first round for a while, but I can't see it. Esp with the need for a true #1 receiver. I definitely want to see two new guys starting at corner, and sift out some of the garbage. There still are just too many holes for the picks we have, but we're getting there.
  6. I would like this, but I think we'd need one more starter at CB. Right now besides scrubs and has-beens, there's Sims and Reed. We need better than that, even if we sign Ryan.
  7. I didn't expect such a backlash against the guy. It was a pretty lighthearted video. He'd happily play for whoever picked him, I'm sure, just semi-joking that he wants to play for the team he's been a fan of. I doubt he thinks it'll work, or is making demands and such. Just a harmless video.
  8. As much as a want Adams, or DB in general, the more this goes on, the more I think that if they want WR and CB, they'll go receiver with 5 and whichever CB left at 18. I wouldn't be surprised if it's Williams.
  9. Every Sunday we complained about a lack of speed. But people seem down on this guy vs Williams or Davis. And neither of those would be there at 18, I'm sure. I've never waned on him, I think he made some great catches, and could do a lot to help the team. I've got no qualms about putting him wherever needed, just bc of where he's drafted. If we don't go D, he's the receiver I'd want.
  10. I think we definitely need to, but I feel like teams with two 1sts will usually pick one on each side of the ball, to appease the staff as a whole.
  11. Shit we need a 1 and a 2 guy, I'd take him
  12. I'll say Patriots 27, Falcons 23. But I wouldn't be surprised if they win by double digits.
  13. I'm all for equal rights. And lefts. Hey-oh!
  14. Sounds like a JRob guy.