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  1. I don't get why it's just assumed by everyone, analysts and all, that a Hoyer would be a good backup. When he was in, he sucked, why wouldn't he with us? And without a star receiver like Hopkins. It's like Fitzpatrick. These guys are done.
  2. I want Adams, wherever we can get him. I think we could possibly benefit from the QB chase, but i wouldn't drop past 10 unless next year's 1st rounders are involved.
  3. He has emotional ties, he'll be a Chief for life.
  4. That would have made us the 2 seed.
  5. Adams is gonna impress at the combine. He could even go before 5. Malachi has potential, 6'4" 5 star recruit, but never really broke out bc of lsu's running game and lack of qb. I could see him going in the 3rd. To sum up i'd love this draft.
  6. We should take Fournette anyway.
  7. I really love this helmet. I've always been fascinated with teams that use something other than their logo on the helmet. Bengals, Eagles, and such. With this I picture a new logo with no red. I wouldn't mind it.
  8. I picked Chiefs and Falcons, but mostly I'd rather anyone but Cowboys and Patriots. It would be cool to see a rookie QB win it all, and Dak is from near my town, but god dammit I hate the Cowboys.
  9. That's what I'm talkin about. FA corner that could actually start, Adams at 5, corner at 18. I'm sick of this shitty secondary.
  10. I thought you were coining a new nickname, The Truth. Watson's going #1
  11. It's so unexpected, you know something crazy is gonna happen, like we take Davis at 5 or something.
  12. Picking at 5, a lot of positions of need would be considered "reaches" at this point, after Garrett and Allen. It makes sense to want to move down, but if they like a guy enough, they can't risk it.
  13. QBs will go 1-2, it's just the thing that happens. As guys shift around the draft board, the third guy will slip, and be the Gabbert/Ponder. I'm not as infatuated with DTs as everybody seems to be. I get their importance, but damn, our back 7 is weak.