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  1. Makes sense for it to be the Browns. There are always trades, and they have enough picks to work with. The narrative has been that none of these QB are worth trading up for, but they will be drafted day one, and teams picking them have to prefer one to the others.
  2. Let's just trade 5 for the Saints' two firsts. Imagine 3 first-round picks.. (insert drool emoji)
  3. Two of our guys are 1 and 2? Sounds biased, considering the rapists and murderers. I'm surprised he didn't put the Eagles' Vince Young #3.
  4. A couple nice catches in tight coverage. Looks like Apple had to resort to interfering some.
  5. I smell another first-round offensive lineman...
  6. I would say so, until after the draft, where we'll pick up some scraps from camp cuts.
  7. I haven't been this relieved since that Is Whiz Gone site.
  8. He should have filmed himself wiping his ass with it.
  9. Well the one that I want is unfortunately from that kook Casserly. Sigh, I don't know if I can handle another month of mocks.
  10. Nova fucked me. Louisville, a little harder. Duke, the shit out of me.
  11. Why is that? We're pretty young all around (generally), esp with a QB yet to hit his prime. Our window is just opening. I doubt we're SB contenders just yet. I think we can risk not having him for a year, if he'll be 100% next year.
  12. Nothing seemed to be said really, other than obvious stuff. Good defensive players in the draft, and we need wr help in general. Doesn't mean we necessarily will pick one early.
  13. I think probably Fournette, which I fear, bc Jags. But surely either he or Watson (49ers or trade up)
  14. We had a AA team renamed the Swamp Dragons. Not sure that anything can top the Santa Cruz Banana Slugs.
  15. Eh, maybe Cooper doesn't really care about the number. If it matters to Cook, why not ask him about it? He certainly isn't deserving of it if that's what he's getting at. And Cooper would make some $ off his new jersey sales.