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  1. Chug a brew whenever someone makes the Anchorman "I love Lamp" joke.
  2. I think our guy would be gone at 18, so I'd be fine with it. I'd be bummed if we passed on Adams for him, but I'd take comfort in knowing we had our pick of receivers, not "settling" for whoever's left.
  3. I would agree, even if Dodd was fine. One of many ways we could logically go.
  4. I love Adams, but this draft would be amazing.
  5. He's from near my hometown. Went to Mo Claiborne's rival high school. Considering both schools are pretty bad, education-wise, I try not to peg them as too similar (Claiborne tied record low Wonderlic score of 4). But White had 4+ GPA at LSU, graduated in December. And doesn't have Mo's injury history. Seems pretty solid all the way around. I'd be all for picking him, especially in the 2nd.
  6. Take a shot whenever they mention if a quarterback can "make all the throws", or say the word "athletic". Take a shot whenever they cut to a player crying. Or depending which channel, take a shot when Gruden approves of a pick, "I like this kid, man!". You'll be trashed long before our second pick.
  7. I think Howard and Davis will be gone by those picks. And in this scenario, with so many extra picks, I'd definitely take a shot on Sidney Jones.
  8. Ike looked pretty pissed for most of the part I watched. They criticized his Allen to Carolina pick, then talked shit about Humphrey. He wanted to stab somebody. I could see him attacking that chucklehead Dameshek.
  9. I like Davis, but I think it'll be Williams at 5. I'd be fine with either.
  10. LSU ILB Kendell Beckwith. He seems pretty smart, good against the run, not so much in coverage. He is coming off an ACL tear though, so...
  11. Day before the draft, do a special podcast with a complete 7 round mock.
  12. I know it's been discussed til we're blue in the face. Arguments can, and have, been made for all three. I just figured, like me, people have been back and forth, but minds likely made up, being less than a week out. I don't recall what most felt, other than a lot of "wouldn't pick ______ at 5" or "I'd rather trade down", etc. But if it's extraneous, the powers that be can delete.
  13. Pardon if there's a poll like this already. We're just getting down to the wire, want the general thoughts. Feel free to explain, or not, whatever. And if you don't want any, pick the one you'd hate the least.