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  1. imagine being that poor guy having to watch his dream come true like this. I guess he's just happy to be drafted, but still...
  2. The Jets jerseys and pants are a different shade of green than the stripes and numbers, it bothers me.
  3. They suffered the curse of goofy ass Luke Bryan. Thank god he's not a Titan fan.
  4. That lack of interference call made up for it though. Kinda.
  5. Always enjoyed this one
  6. rip brother
  7. When I see "SCOTUS", I think "scrotum". And that it's in caps makes it all the better.
  8. There are too many bowls, thus too many low-rent sponsors. Dollar General bowl? Really, who wants to play in that? Have a .500 record, you're in. It's like the participation trophy.
  9. I met Dickey Betts outside a concert one time. They didn't play, I don't know why he was there, or who he was really. But he talked to the small group of us for like an hour. He didn't seem to want to leave.
  10. We used to all sniff the glue sticks in class way back in the day. They smelled just like fruit loops. After a while it caused subtle, but noticable effects. We liked our markers permanent.. thick and black.
  11. I'm 100% confident that Cassel could win zero games. I also wouldn't necessarily trust a late round rookie, so that leaves Tanney.