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  1. Texans @ Titans Game Thread

    Holy shit, Williams just straight tackles Decker, but it was just "hand fighting".
  2. Texans @ Titans Game Thread

    Poetic justice. We get hosed on two bad spots, that Giacomini dude gets away with holding on three straight plays, and they get no points off all of it.
  3. Dickhead Move

    Nah, I thought it was smart. Odds are, everyone thought it was going to Henry. Sure, "it's 1st and goal, if Henry doesn't get in, we have two plays before a FG, we'll get in". Well, everybody thinks that, and they get stonewalled on 3rd.
  4. Colt's Predictions & Poll #2

    Titans, 33-16
  5. Falcons Release Jalen Collins

    I'd definitely give him a shot, but we only take boy scouts.
  6. I'm not panicking, but it is concerning because he's thrown some really bad picks, and accuracy had been a strong suit. Maybe it's partly a combination of interior line play, and needing more time to jell with the rookie targets. I'd like to hope so, anyway.
  7. Collin Cowherd on Mariota

    You don't have to be loud to be a leader. This was a concern leading up to his draft. But his new teammates specifically mentioned how different he is on the field, how he does command the huddle. I guess Cow expected him to be out there audibling every play. He's the same ignorant type that call him a scrambler, without watching him play (other than highlights), just because he's capable of running.
  8. Steelers Predictions and Poll

    As of this moment I'll say Titans win 24-21.
  9. Just a little fun - Mock Draft

    I don't know what to make of the failure in the run game. If it's the guards, they need to be addressed more impactfully. I'm assuming it's not our all-pro tackles.
  10. Just a little fun - Mock Draft

    I don't think we'd pay Trumaine that much after signing Ryan. Those FA's are too big name, we never get those guys.
  11. 3 Mistakes = 21 points

    Morgan's fumble recoveries were enough to make up for them.
  12. Bengals Predictions and Poll

    Titans, 27-21