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  1. How one could possibly not trust in JRob is beyond me.
  2. I don't truly have a preference, just defense. Evans or Landry, I'd be cool with. Or a safety, I just think they'll probably like Cyp enough. But at this moment I'll say the pick is Landry.
  3. Nah fuck that, if you care enough to watch the draft, you wouldn't mind delaying yet another superhero movie for a day or two.
  4. Jaguars new uniforms are really plain and boring.

    They want to see where they stand with the fanbase, after a somewhat successful season, in a tarped stadium. They want to know who all has bought in enough to buy this boring shit. They want verification that fans know that Bortles is ass, they gotta see that 0 under his purchases. They'll make their QB plans based on this alone.
  5. Jaguars new uniforms are really plain and boring.

    Anything different than that half-dipped bullshit is an improvement.
  6. Derwin. Imagine that secondary. But Cyp's there, so I doubt it'll happen.
  7. Cowboys Releasing Dez Bryant

    We don't need him, we just signed Michael Carbonara for crying out loud.
  8. Titans Sign Bennie Logan

    Good deal. I knew he went to LSU, but after looking him up, turns out he's from a couple parishes over from me. Hope he hangs around.
  9. After a few days, I love them. I've warmed up to the numbers. I really like the white jerseys. I don't know how I'd feel if I wasn't a fan, but whatevs.
  10. Arden Key one of the Titans 30 visits

    This and Chark in the 2nd...
  11. NFLN Path to the Draft Titans breakdown on tomorrow

    Delaine needs to retire a Titan.
  12. I like them more, the more I look at them. My least favorite would be light blue on white (pants or jersey). I didn't really like it before, but the navy helmet will make them look weirder. I like the navy pants; I think they'll look good with any jersey.