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  1. They should sit Murray this week. He's having trouble shaking this hammy, this will give him 2 weeks. I'd also like to see Henry have like a 30 carry day.
  2. It was nice seeing Murray with some big catches Monday night. For all the talk about Murray vs Henry, and if Murray is declining or just hurt, etc, it's been overlooked that he hasn't made nearly the plays he made last year in the passing game. He was a legit threat threat last year, and not just to dump it off, he runs legit downfield routes. Im telling you, it doesn't look like Oakland is doing it with him, but I think Cordarrelle Patterson could be a lethal 3rd down back, I always thought RB was his natural position, like Montgomery in GB. But I agree with you, a 3rd down back would really help this offense. Along with TB, Indy, and Carolina, we run a real Coryell, Norv Turner type offense. If you look back at the great Coryell offenses they always heavily featured backs in the receiving game. Priest Holmes in KC was a monster receiver, LT in SD, Marshall Faulk with Martz in StL, but that wasn't really a pure Coryell offense. Anyway, the deep drops & vertical routes open up ALOT of space for RB's to pick up chunks of yards. I was always amazed watching SD with Norv Turner, and how often Rivers would hang in the pocket forever & then finally dump it off to LT for 15-20 yard gains. Apparently Henry has looked good as a receiver in practice, hopefully we see him get a few looks.
  3. In our last 3 games when the QB played the entire game we scored 37,37, and 36. And 14 in a half against Houston. 2 of those games were against probably 2 of the top 3 defenses & Houston is very good to. The criticism of the offensive staff is ridiculous. Sure, some of the play calls have been bad, I'd like more straight forward power runs. But every staff has a few bad calls a game. They also have some excellent calls, like some of the play actions that get receivers wide open, like the one to Decker the other night.
  4. Luck endures setback, been shutdown

    This is what I was going to say. I've had a feeling for a while now that his shoulder was a major issue that was being minimized to the public. He wasn't even close to himself in 2015 & as good as he was last year there was talk all year that it was a problem. Now it's one setback after the other. Id he scared if I were a Colt fan.
  5. Big win

    No question. Nothing against the current staff but Dinger was one of the best OC's in football.
  6. This is part of the problem with the board, you can't just criticize a specific play call or game or what have you in a capsule. It has to be a complete indictment of him as a coach. I personally think Mularkey does get too cute at times with some of the running plays, Id like to see more straight forward power runs myself. But basically every coach has certain leanings they have where they get carried away. EVERY coach has a few bad play calls a game. It's like the entire game plan, that went well, is invalidated because he called a jet sweep to Walker. It wasn't a good call, it happens.
  7. I'm starting to think Davis may not even be back after the bye. The kid has been injured for a year now, with the original ankle. Who even knows anymore.
  8. The Jaayon Brown hype was legit

    Brown played well yesterday for sure, he hasn't been nearly as good as he's been getting credit for this year though. But he came on last night.
  9. Leave Marcus in the pocket

    The announcers said it looked like Hooker was expecting the corner to run with Taylor. It was a miscommunication. Tell ya though, Taylor was flying, speed causes communication issues.
  10. Leave Marcus in the pocket

    That sucks. I was kind of hoping PFF would grade him worse than Cassell again.
  11. Leave Marcus in the pocket

    What was different about the offense? Everybody was saying all week how now maybe we'll see a shotgun, spread quick passing offense because of his hammy. We didn't see that at all, we saw the same passing game we always did, a lot of play action out of heavy sets, and downfield throwing. Yes, they took a few designed runs or zone reads out but the base pass offense was the same.
  12. Leave Marcus in the pocket

    It's a totally false narrative that the announcers pushed, they like to have narratives for games. Its ridiculous. We ran the same offense as always did, except we didn't use the designed runs.
  13. The Steelers were the best team in the league in '01, probably the best offense, with Kordell Stewart at QB. Then in '02 with Tommy Maddox of all people at QB their offense was excellent. Which is why Mularkey was one of the hottest HC candidates at the time. Theres some things to criticize Mularkey about. His time with the Steelers isn't one of them.
  14. lack of DLine depth has become a real issue

    There is something weird going on with the Colts at the LOS, and its not just on defense. In their 2nd game last year, after our OL had just totally dominated for basically the entire season, the Colts just come out & maul us. Somehow Erik Walden was taking turns eating Lewan & Conklin's lunch last year, Marcus got sacked 5 times. It was nuts, we literally shut down some of the best defenses in the league & then the Colts manhandle us.
  15. Leave Marcus in the pocket

    According to the board this is the first time he's been a "pocket passer", and it's only because he was hurt.