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  1. The depth is so much better than it's been in the past, so at how much more athletic we are at LBer & secondary, for instance. The only place I see them really looking for some help is depth at the interior OL, & even with that Lelito has been coming on Charles Davis said the team really likes Levin's size & ability to play in space. I personally think we can use some length & pass rushing on the DL, we basically just have a bunch of 6'3 320 lb 2 gappers, but that's what I think DLB wants.
  2. Told you this wasn't going anywhere...

    He's better than those other guys but he's not even close to an in prime Matt Schaub, and I like CK's game more than most. I can't believe I'm still making Kaepernick posts. This has to stop.
  3. Thought on Preseason Game #2

    When you say the nickel I assume you mean the 3rd corner but playing outside after moving Ryan inside? I hope this is the case. Ryan's only played outside in the preseason, not that it means much. But I was reading an article about how he played last year & while I knew he played almost exclusively in the slot the 2nd half it almost seemed liked they used him a bit like the Cards use Mathieu. They blitzed him a lot & also used him as sort of a hybrid LBer at times. The article said he was so good against the run that they basically never had to play in their base, using just 2 LBer's almost exclusively. The forced fumble on Saturday is a good example of the type of player he is. He's good in coverage but more of a playmaker than a pure coverage guy.
  4. @BergerKing& myself are excellent evaluators of talent, this is one of your most accurate statements. Who was that loser WR you used to finger blast yourself to? Greg Salas? Yikes.
  5. If there was a player to take over Dodd it was clearly Chris Jones, dude was a monster for KC last year. He's the one thing we're missing on defense, a pass rushing interior DL with length. Klug can do this but Jones is also great against the run. I have to say that Dodd doesn't seem to be playing with any power or burst, he looks awful. Wallace & Carraway look way better. That said, he's still working himself into football shape & the foot is a mental hurdle, he'll get there. I'm just concerned they he seemd so mentally affected by the injury. Id actually consider moving him up to play DE. I was always against this because I loved his size outside but Wallace & Carraway look really fast, and now Walden is in the mix. Right now I feel like our entire DL looks the same, a bunch of 6'3 320 pound 2 gappers. If Klug declines this year I wouldn't be surprised if this is the case.
  6. I'm not surprised. You ever read Bar Stool Sports? Sports media is just as repugnantly liberal as the regular media. Look at guys like Mike Lupica & Peter King.
  7. Seriously, has anybody actually watched Abdesmad play football? He is ATROCIOUS. I have no idea why this board likes him so much. The only thing I can think of is he had that great preseason game 4 last year, nobody has really focused on him since, he looks great because of his height & build, so it's just assumed he's good. I recorded the last 2 games & really focused on the front 7, I enjoy his because DLB's fronts are so creative, they really are whacky. Anyway, Mehdi does absolutely nothing. I mean, NOTHING. Now, in all fairness at times this seems to be the case for many of the DL. I may be wrong but it appears to me that DLB has gone back to his roots some & is running mostly 2 gap. Im sure Casey won't be doing much of this, but the DL has largely played 2 gap, read & react, opening things up for blitzing LB's & safeties. It's worked to, they got a bunch of free rushers in, 2 plays I specifically recall Cyprien & Carraway came in unblocked. So in this type of system the DL arent going to make as much an impact as a 1 gap but still, he got zero push. He just went nowhere.
  8. Hot Take: Wallace >>>> Dodd?

    As for Dodd I agree with most of the above, he's a prototypical Belichick edge guy. BB always liked size out there, he very rarely brought in smaller, speed guys. He likes 270-280 pound guys who can set the edge & rush with power. The fast outside guys tend to leave gaping holes for the QB to step up into if they don't get there. The NE guys may only get 7-8 sacks but they stuff the run & squeeze the pocket, not allowing the QB to step up & buy more time.
  9. Hot Take: Wallace >>>> Dodd?

    I was literally about to start a thread on Wallace, I had most of it typed out already. He's been awesome so far this preseason, he has 1.5 sacks, 5 pressures, and a forced fumble. Yeah it was against the backups but you can see how impressive his burst is, his 1st step is elite. If you look at his pro day to he has all the traits to be a big time edge rusher, the 40, vertical, and broad jumps all correlate very highly with edge rushers. He also played some traditional LBer in college & is decent in coverage, I think he could be our future SOLB. He's our front 7 version of Kalan Reed. Wasn't drafted high & has good players in front of him but is too good to not at least work into some sub packages
  10. Thought on Preseason Game #2

    I doubt it would happen but I wonder if moving Cyprien up to ILB & playing Reed at safety is their best nickel option. It's a tough spot because Ryan & Adoree are clearly in the top 3, because a lot is invested in them & they're good players. And it just seems like Reed playing over Sims isn't happening. I personally think Reed is better but Sims looks like a good player & really had some nice games to finish up the year. I think it's one of these deals where Sims was picked higher & he got more opportunities, and he's been good enough where he's staying the starter no matter what Reed does. We played a ton of 3 safety last year, why not this year? Ideally Reed would play outside corner but right now the best way to get him on the field would probably be at safety in certain looks. I just think he's too good a player to keep off the field, we have to find a way to work him in.
  11. I keep reading about how he's only covering "3rd stringers" but that's the point, he's utterly dominating them, so let's see him cover starters. Isn't that how you move up, by proving yourself against he competition you're facing? I mean, he's just smothering these guys, they have no chance. And he looks the part, great speed, fluid hips, he's got it all. I have no doubts that he's a solid starter right now if needed. What scares me to death is that the staff does something insane, like try to get him on the PS while keeping McCain or something nuts like that.
  12. I don't know what they do with Reed. The kids obviously ridiculously talented, PFF had him as a 1st rounder, his proday was awesome, and it's obvious watching him now good he is. He's been utterly dominant. That said, no team is going to play the last pick in the draft over a $10 million FA or a mid 1st rounder. Just not gonna happen, politics are a factor in the NFL. The only coaches who don't give a shit & play the best are BB & Carroll, but they also have the equity. My question is, is Sims better than Reed? He has looked good, but I don't think there's been any competition at all, Sims was penciled in a starter unless Adoree beat him out.
  13. around the NFL training camp observations

    It's not like Elway lucked out in getting Manning, it was a legit battle for him. 5 or 6 teams went all in, Bud offered him a share of the team for crissakes. Elway was relentless in recruiting Peyton. Despite what a couple woe is me posters said on here a few years ago, Peyton seriously considered coming here.
  14. Post Week 2 preseason final 53

    I understand Weems is a good vet returner & all that but it would be a waste to have him on the roster over McBride. It will probably happen but it would be dumb.
  15. around the NFL training camp observations

    I really thought when we traded up for Taywan Taylor that it was for one of these 2. Then Willis for picked right before us. Lawson dropping to the 4th was the stupidest thing I've ever seen. He's a total monster.