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  1. Mayock Mock Draft

    I don't think Evans is a 2 down LBer at all in this defense with how good a blitzer he is. I'm not the biggest fan of him but he's one of the best off ball blitzers to come out in a long time, and he's a perfect SILB fit in our system. Stuffing the run & blitzing is paramount for the SILB in the Pats defense, coverage isn't as important in this spot. In fact, PFF actually compared Evans to Hightower & said if he goes somewhere where he can blitz a ton on 3rd down & not play much coverage he'll be a huge playmaker. He has holes but he makes a ton of sense for us. That said, I'd go LVE in a heartbeat. I'm a big believer in combine performance in the front 7 & LVE has the athleticism to be a truly special player.
  2. WW was great for most of the season but really fell off the last 4-6 weeks & the playoffs. He had some awful games at the end, I'm assuming his age & smaller size are factors in holding up over a full season plus. I really like WW & think he's been under appreciated here, but I'm a bit concerned about him this year.
  3. If the Browns are smart & take Baker Mayfield & pull that trade of the #4 pick we're looking at the beginning of dynasty.....
  4. I've noticed he's seemed to have a very narrow stance & often throws flat footed. I don't like to talk about this stuff though cause frankly I don't know what the fuck I'm talking about. I refuse to be one of those annoying fans who constantly talks about their QB's footwork like they have any frickin clue what they're talking about. But it's pretty obvious with Marcus, he doesn't involve his lower body much & his feet are very close together. Working on this should add some velocity to his throws....
  5. I know we've talked about athletic but weak OL often being overdrafted & I think Kolton Miller is that guy this year. I have a feeling he gets mauled as a rookie. Meanwhile watch Orlando Brown, who had possibly the worst workout ever, drop & be a much better tackle. He was excellent in college & consistently engulfed & overpowered people. You know who I like a lot is the kid we brought in from Oregon, Crosby. He's a big, strong dude who blasts people. He's not the greatest athlete but is a very good 2nd level blocker, which is why we're probably interested, running the zone blocking.
  6. Vrabel OTA press conference

    Just a feeling I get from seeing a few of his pressers, he came off as a bit impatient & authoritative to the media. It's not a big deal though. Vrabel has a very unique personality, different from almost any coach I can remember. He's as direct & blunt as I've ever seen, as type A alpha type as it gets. So things in general will be different then the norm, more colorful for sure.
  7. Vrabel OTA press conference

    He can be a bit obnoxious & bloviate at times but too many people on the inside rave about his personality & leadership, so I don't want to put too much emphasis on quick interviews & pressers. That said, I can see him being very combative with the media, which can get tiring. It can make for an edgy environment & wear players down.
  8. I think he wants to but @ctmhad a good point, you need somebody who wants to trade up & it doesn't look like there will be anything to trade up for, unless a QB drops. Maybe the Giants trade up for a tackle?
  9. I hate the Hubbard pick but I agree, this mock draft was obviously very well thought out. He nailed the positions we're looking at & the players we've shown interest in. Wolfe is excellent BTW. He obviously knows the game & really studies the team. He's written some pieces about some very specific things that shows he really does his homework.
  10. NFL Nation Mock Draft

    Hubbard is tough to figure because the rap on him is that he lacks athleticism but his combine numbers outside of the 40 were very good. His 3 cone was excellent & may have been the best of all the edge players, it was definitely up there. His vertical was also excellent & his broad jump good. The problem is his 40, he didn't run at the combine & he mentioned something to the media about waiting to his pro day because he hadn't had enough training in the 40, or something to that effect. Then he ran a 4.95 at his proday, which means the combine 40 would've been over 5. That's rough. I'd feel much better about him if he even ran a 4.8, because his other drills were so good. The other thing that bothers me is his relative lack of production. For a kid who supposedly has very advanced hand usage & top notch technique, he wasn't very good in college. Like it said in the SackSeer from FO I posted, Sweat actually had about the same amount of sacks per game & also had a lot of passes defensed, which they claim correlates very much to being a good pro edge. So Hubbard really doesn't have the athletic or technique upside. Sweat was just as good a player, maybe better, and he dealt with injuries that impeded his development & apparently wasn't asked to turn it loose to get the QB very often in FSU's scheme. And he blows him away athletically.
  11. The Seahawks remind me of the 90's Cowboys, where they seemed to draft on a whole other level then the rest of the league, and then put together 3-4 straight clunkers. Just confirming that there's a good amount of luck in drafting well. Theres a few principles though that I believe in. For one I think Robinson's approach, drafting very hard working, self motivated kids tbat really, truly love football & are good enough athletes, meeting a certain minimum threshold, is a great approach over the long haul. You may not have those awesome individual drafts but over a few years you'll wind up with a bunch of good, winning players. But I also think workouts are more important then I used to, especially for defensive front 7 players. Almost every great, really great, player is a freakish athlete & had insane combine numbers. The best defensive players now are a great example. Watt before the injuries was possibly the best defensive player ever, then you have Donald, Khalil Mack, & Von Miller, probably the 4 best pass rushers of the last decade. All insane combines. Guys like LT, Reggie White, Bruce Smith, Derrick Thomas, I'm not sure what their combines were but they were all time freakish athletes. Most of the best corners, Deion, Champ Bailey, Darrell Greene, Charles & Rod Woodson, all world athletes. On the OL to, guys like Ogden, Orlando Pace, Larry Allen, the real all time guys, all otherworldly athletes. So I think sometimes you take a risk on one of these legendary combine guys, unless of course they're bad kids, have addiction problems, etc. This is why I'm coming around on Sweat for example. He is a rare, rare athlete. I'm also surprised Vita Vea isn't being mocked higher, his movement skills are amazing for a 350 pounder. He's probably the closest thing this draft has to a real freak.
  12. Cryptic tweet from Delanie

    Agree with all of this except the safety valve part. Wycheck was a safety valve, Walker is a big play, explosive TE. Though you may have just meant that he's the guy Marcus looks for on 3rd & other important downs. I did notice he had a lot more contested catches last year, he wasn't getting the same separation, though he had a ton of nagging injuries. Hopefully Davis builds off the end of last year & either TT, Tajae, or a rook step up. We need a lot more plays from our outside guys this year. As for what he wrote, I agree, it absolutely was "cryptic". Pro athletes are obviously scrutinized to the nth degree but Delanie brought any questions he gets on this on himself. Frankly I thought it was a bit bizarre, what he wrote. It was just kind of out of nowhere, like a weird rant. Very unlike him. You can't write something like that & then try to play the "people are overreacting" card.
  13. I have a feeling Hurst drops to round 2 or 3 because of the heart & it'll be obvious from day 1 there won't be a thing wrong with him & he'll dominate.
  14. That the Cowboys are looking that hard at Vita Vea shows what a freakish athlete he is, being they run a Tampa 2 & 1 gap basically every play. He's 350 pounds.
  15. Makes sense, their center was atrocious last year. I remember him getting killed. I think Ragnow is gonna be awesome.