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  1. Seriously, whose the last corner you can remember as physically gifted as Lattimore coming out? The last guy I can remember is Patrick Peterson. These 2 "look the part" more than any I can remember in awhile. But Peterson wasn't as pure a cover guy as Lattimore. He was a star returner, and may have been a bigger playmaker, but he took a year or two to lock it down. I think Lattimore is more gifted coverage wise.
  2. I get the feeling the staff thinks highly of Sharpe & thinks he can be really good.
  3. We are pretty deep at safety. But if Cyprien is playing LB in the nickel that leaves room for another. The thinking is that Hooker's skill set is just too rare & special to pass up. Guys who can cover the ground & make the plays on the ball he does are just so rare.
  4. F

    Williams is tremendous at the catch point. While a guy like him may help a less accurate QB more the ability to make huge plays downfield on jump balls is a rare trait.
  5. OMan summed it up perfectly, nobody in his draft is better at preventing & makings big plays. We need somebody he can make plays on the ball. Then if we have Cyp at nickel LBer Byard offers FS range at SS, another huge benefit. That said Mythos, those poor run angles Hooker takes will hurt his rookie year. Run play is VERY underrated for safeties, a missed tackle could easily turn into a chunk run. But his ball production is just too good.
  6. Danny I'm a Jersey guy to so don't take this the wrong way but this is exactly what the forum is for, to question the staff. We also had posters saying the same when Munch, Wiz, and Web were here. Sometimes the more knowledge fans know what they're talking about in certain instances. I like Mularkey a lot & think he did a damn good job last year, this is just one area that I feel could've been handled better.
  7. I have Hooker & Lattimore neck & neck right now, with Hooker maybe slightly ahead. If DLB is gonna blitz like last year though Lattimore may make more sense.
  8. Hooker offers a skill set that only one current player does. I was always a corner guy, I saw what Revis did firsthand for the NYJ. But now I think a dominant FS might be more important. Hookers range & ball skills are so insane I'd say it would be worth it to switch to a cover 3 heavy D.
  9. There was times where it got ridiculous, especially the 1st Jax game. We were up by 70 points at the half, he got hurt, and Mularkey opens up the half with 9 Murray runs out of 10 plays. There's just no need for that.
  10. This is where forums can get annoying. @Jamalismsbrought up a great point, one that I thought impacted the season a bit. It's certainly worth discussion, instead we get useless responses like "yeah, let's bench Murray", because wanting a slightly more equitable carry split is the same as calling for Murray to be benched.
  11. I think the fact that most, not all, but most coaches use more of a committee these days tells you that modern coaches feel the amount of touches Murray got are too much & not efficient. He also had a significant injury & his touches remained the same. It hurt the running game significantly.
  12. Why is the Romo situation dragging out? WTF can possibly cause that? It's as simple as it gets.
  13. Sound to me like we're going to see the exact same split as last year. I liked what Mularkey did for us last year but cringed watching the beating Murray took. I have no idea why Mularkey refuses to modernize the carry load. It blows my mind.
  14. F

    This is exactly how I read it as well