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  1. Byard is more of a FS, Adams more of a SS, but they're interchangeable & can both do anything. I knew Byard could cover but his play against the run & blitzing was a very pleasant surprise. Adams is a bigger, stronger Honeybadger. Total monster.
  2. Ideal LeBeau SS, monster at the LOS against the run & blitzing, with the speed to drop way back into coverage. DLB asks a lot of his safeties, and I think Byard & Adams would tear offenses up. These 2 can do it all, are smart, and play their asses off.
  3. Is he that big a problem? Up until this one incident I always thought he was a great dude. The Steelers do have a history of moving on from top WR's earlier rather than later though.
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    I remember watching Michigan games in HS when Drew Henson was the Golden Boy. They'd alternate quarters & it was so obvious that Brady was better, the offense was so much sharper, but the announcers would minimize him & slobber on Henson, who was clearly a big, stiff baseball player with a big arm & zero feel in the pocket & passing game.
  5. It's almost incredible what Seattle does with the OL. It does seem like recently teams are thinking that the OL is a little overrated & as long as you're decent there, having a great one doesn't improve your team that much, as compared to having top corners, WR's, pass rushers, backs, etc. But Seattle, up until this year when they got pass happy, had a dominant running game for years with a horrific OL. They spend zero money on it & it barely hurts them, because Wilson's mobility is just devastating. They do so much with him on the move & it just opens everything up, he attracts so much attention. This is why I wish Marcus would use his mobility a lot more.
  6. I respectfully disagree. Sure, you don't want gaping holes in certain parts of the roster but Id prefer a dominant side of the ball & the other side be average than a good to very good offense & defense. I think balance is overrated. I'd rather have one dominant unit & usually within that a great position group, ie the 2013 Seahawks defense & secondary.
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    If we got a 2nd rounder & got Desmond King that would be amazing. I think he'll be a pro bowler in the right system, namely a zone. It seems like DLB runs a lot more man than he used to though.
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    I'd love this draft but I don't think there's a chance in hell Corey Davis is there at 18
  9. This is how I see it. Think of the 2000 Ravens, say their offense was a little better but they had to take away from the defense to do so. That team would look totally different, it wouldn't have the same cockiness, they wouldn't make the same explosive plays on D, etc. There's a chance they may just be an 8-8, 9-7 team.
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    I don't think the problem is that the Steelers run mostly zone as it is they just don't have much secondary talent. For one thing they run a good amount of matchup zone, which we do as well, which is basically man coverage short & then it turns into zone. The Panthers ran almost exclusive zone last year & were dominant on defense. It's simple, if you get a lot of pressure with the front 4 & have some solid players in the secondary, zone is awesome. Polian loves zone defenses because he said it's too hard to find stud man corners & when you do, they're super expensive. It's a lot easier finding tough, smart corners who can tackle. Plus you get more picks in zone because the corners can read the QB.
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    Exactly. The rest of the mere mortals need a stud or two.
  12. I agree with the OP & I mentioned this back when I started a thread that I think this offseason will be more offensively focused than we originally thought. My reasons for this are slightly different though. It's not as much because the best offenses were in the final 4 as it is that I think we're awfully close to having a dominant offense. We already have a great OL, 2 good backs, a great TE, a very good #2 WR, and most important a young, soon to be elite QB. The one thing missing is a big time #1, outside WR. A guy who can make big plays down the field, especially when our offense is so predicated on going deep off of playaction. Im a big believer in having one side of the ball being great, over balance. I also don't think our D is far off at all from being at least solid. The front 7 is good against the run & rushing the passer. Not great, good. I think Byard makes a big jump & becomes a stud FS this year. If we can just add one good corner that alone will make this defense a decent one. Then if the offense is as good as I think it could be we're in business.
  13. No. But if it was Revis circa '09 or Sherman circa '13 I do it in a heartbeat.
  14. He just wasn't a fit here, he needs to be in a pure zone blocking system. He's played very well for Atlanta, which is a perfect scheme for him. He's a perfect example of how poorly run our team was. We signed Levitre, a small, pure zone blocking guard, to a massive contract & then went & used a 1st rounder on Warmack, a huge, straight up man blocking power guard. It just made zero sense. It was like, we needed 2 guards, so lets just sign the best & draft the highest rated, scheme fit be damned.