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  1. Jon Robinson......

    JRob has made plenty of mistakes
  2. Seriously if we had this defense with last year's offense the team would be great.
  3. 8 sacks in 2 of the last 3. I realize the offenses have been bad but this is a destructive pass rush right now. If you would've told me the defense would be playing like this before the year I'd say we're Super Bowl contenders. There could still be hope......
  4. I sense a lot of frusturation to though, he started the first 4 games bad last year & was never like this. While he didn't say anything to the effect I definitely got the feeling he feels restricted in the offense. Theres definitely stuff going on behind the scenes.
  5. There's no way he could feel he got Wiz fired. He only played 5 games under him & he was awesome. Wiz got fired after 2 Mett starts.
  6. It's way too much of a stretch to say he questioned the offense. That said, I actually found him refreshing for once. He looked human & genuinely pissed off, as opposed to the robotic approach of his typical presser. Hes not happy, you can tell that. And it's more than just this game, it seems like a season of frustration building up. Whether that's just his play, the offense, both, I don't know. But he's miserable.
  7. Josh McDaniels for Head Coach 2018

    But I would love McDaniels as well. He apparently was dying to coach Mariota.
  8. Josh McDaniels for Head Coach 2018

    This is my ideal.
  9. I'm not sure if you're kidding but I actually think it's close to one. You stick a rookie corner in to play WR, when the extent of his offensive experience is a half dozen plays at RB, create a new a play, tell him what route to run, on 4th & 10 at the end of the game. This is staggering.
  10. The final offensive play for the Titans...

    He hasn't handled pressure well in prior stops
  11. That info about Adoree is a huge deal IMO. How can a staff do something like that? The offense is broken.
  12. That's honestly staggering. Think about this, a 4th & 10, they put in a DB & tell him to run a route. Something is seriously wrong here.
  13. I always love when the media says shit like "injuries aren't an excuse". Excuse me? The difference in good & bad teams is a few good players. Of course it's an excuse. Same with players. The different in a 4.4 & 4.6 40 can be 3 rounds in the draft.
  14. He has to stop getting hurt though.