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  1. Yeah Sims played well in the Bronco & Chief games. As for Reed though I read a lot of good things about him. PFF had him as a 2nd rounder but they were far from the only ones who liked him. I read the opposite, that he has fluid hips & was very smooth in coverage. I did read his deep speed didn't look like the 4.4 he ran. That said, teams obviously weren't impressed with the guy, he was the last pick in the draft.
  2. I thought we had a real nice offseason but I would've felt better with another corner as well, I think we're asking a lot of Adoree. Unless JRob expects good things from Sims and/or Reed, which is a possibility.
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    I really hope he is holding him out as a precaution, too many teams push guys to come back too early & they have setbacks. The folks calling him a bust are way ahead of themselves. That said, we are in nervous territory. Foot injuries are notoriously difficult to get over, there very mental. It only takes a little foot pain to totally throw a player off. Jevon Kearse was never the same after breaking his foot. This is just a stress fracture which you'd think would be fine after a few months of rest but it seems like he cannot shake the thing.
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    He was in a commercial for the NFLN top 100, they just showed him pretending to write in his votes or whatever, but his arm definitely looked bigger & his neck was thicker. Looked like he hit the weights while rehabbing.
  5. Roos was easily one of the Titans all time best draft picks. Rock solid from day 1 & missed only game....from an emergency appendectomy.
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    I think in an ideal world if I have at least one stud edge rusher, a stud 3 tech DT, and a star WLB a 4-3, cover 2 type D is best. But this is all becoming a moot point now. 3-4 defenses are basically a 4-3 now where the edge rushers stand up instead put their hand in the dirt.
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    Sometimes you know when a team or player will "regress to the mean". An example is the 2013 team, which I actually thought was pretty solid. But they started off the year 3-1 with zero turnovers. You knew that wasn't lasting. Then came KC, Seattle, and the Niners. If Marcus was getting some lucky plays or such, Id say maybe he's due to fall back. But his release is so quick, his ball so accurate, his ability to process defenses & manipulate defenders with his eyes is so advanced, I think this is basically him. Sure, when things are as cramped as they are in the RZ shit will eventually happen, there's gonna be some picks & fumbles, but anybody can see with their own 2 eyes that he's a super high level guy down in that area. And if he ever becomes more comfortable as to when to pull it down & run, forget it.
  8. What also hurt in '08 was KVB with the groin, he was a shell of himself. Jacob Ford was a nice 3rd down edge rusher but not even close to KVB. The '07 defense was actually better. They did have the one ridiculous meltdown against Sage Rosenfels that I'll never understand but other than that they bordered on dominant. They did tend to collapse though. The SD game was crazy, we dominated them for 3 1/2 qtrs like you really see a great offense dominated. We didn't just get lucky with turnovers, we physically mauled SD, I couldn't believe what I was watching. KVB & AH were just unblockable. They had like 100 yards with 10 mins to go then they put up like 300 in 10 mins & OT. It was ridiculous.
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    I don't believe so. Maybe I might've said I'd take a guy like '09 Revis over a great pass rusher, I'm not sure. My main point has always been that the pass rush isn't the end all be all. I think too many here feel if the rush is good everything else falls into place, and I don't think that's the case unless the rush is overwhelming. That said I absolutely think getting pressure with just 4 is the key to a great D.
  10. No question. The passing game that year was just dominant until McNair hurt his calf. The metrics were awesome, the YPA were just off the charts. We had Mason as a pro bowl level possession/all around WR, and 3 6'4-6'5 downfield vertical WR's. A possession receiving TE in Wycheck & jumbo sized blocking TE who was also a very underrated receiver in Kinney. The only real weakness was Ed & I'm not even sure he was that big of a weak spot. He couldn't run for shit but he was a very good blocker & a good receiver as well. Plus Chris Brown really came on playoff time. The D could've been better but it was probably ranked around 10-12 that year.
  11. I loved Roos & Stewart but they never had a combined year as good as Lewan & Jack last year. Whats so impressive about these 2 is their run game dominance. Most teams are thrilled to have a pair of top pass blocking tackles, run blocking is gravy. We have 2 dominant run blockers on the outside, that's so rare. Even though I love our power running game, I would love to see what a Shanahan like zone blocking system could achieve. Lewan is a freakish athlete & Jack is very underrated athletically, running a sub 5 40. We could run outside zone all day with these 2 & just kill teams.
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    The R&S offense we ran totally inflated the perception of the WR's, they weren't very good at all, save for a year or two Haywood & Givins had. The only real big time WR from those days was Drew Hill in the late 80's. Looking back it's staggering how stupid we were to run that offense. We had this rep as a high flying passing team when in reality all the talent we had was on the OL & defense. Matthews & especially Munch were monsters. Maggs, Donnelly, Habib, the list goes on. Defensively forget it. It still amazes me the edge talent we had. The '93 team alone had Sean Jones, William Fuller, Lee Williams, and Lamar Lathon. We were so stacked that Lathon wasn't even used as a rusher & Williams, a multi year pro bowler with numerous double digit sack years, was back up. Oh, and Ray friggin Childress. It was a joke that the WR's were considered the stars of those teams.
  13. He doesn't have to be good in pass protection, he'd only be playing in 3rd down plays where the back is a receiver. But he was actually apparently a very good blocker on college, which is obviously very different from the pros. That said I don't see a huge role for him. He doesn't have insane cuts like Sproles or even a Dante Hall. Sure he's fast, but a high 4.3's guy at 170 just isn't a big deal. He'll go down like he got shot the second he gets touched. You have to be super elusive at that weight. Put it this way, Derrick Henry is .15 secs slower in the 40.....and is almost 80 lbs heavier. This is why teams are starting to go by 40 time for their weight, as opposed to just the time.
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    This board has underrated the pass rush here for awhile now. We aren't the '85 Bears but we have a damn good pass rush. I also think the board tends to underrate the importance of cover people. It seems like the prevailing thought is if you have a good pass rush the secondary will take care of itself, which just isn't true. Maybe if the rush is overwhelming this is the case, but more than ever you need cover people. Teams are spreading things out & some of these QB's get rid of the ball so quickly the rush is a non factor. Look, Id always take a dominant rusher over a corner, but I really think even if your rush is non existent you can still have a solid defense if you have the secondary. But if you have a bad secondary you better really have a dominant rush. Us & the Dolphins last year are perfect examples. The Dolphins had a great pass rush with Wake, Suh, and Andre Branch. PFF said they may have had the best 4 man rush in the league. Well, their defense sucked like ours. No cover people. Then look at Dallas. As non existent a pass rush as there was in the league & they had a top 5 defense. Cover people.
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    Yikes, 59 is pretty bad against what run. I know in last years they said he's a very good run player, maybe last year was just rough. I really wish DQ just offered a little more as a pass rusher. The guys really put together, he's a very big, solid looking dude who looks pretty explosive off the ball at times. I don't know if it's a technique thing, or he's just not quick enough, or what. But if he offered more pass rush he'd be a really good player.