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  1. I've been on the John Ross train for months now. I eased off him once I read about all the injuries but if he puts up a 4.35 40, or something in that neighborhood, by concerns will be relieved. The bottom line is guys with his type of special speed are very rare. Guys like him are almost like power hitters in baseball, teams crave players who can provide quick points. Look at what Tyreke Hill did for KC last year. I do slightly disagree with the article though, I wouldn't want him in the slot. He reminds me of DJax, I want him at the "X" spot stretching defenses.
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    As far as Peppers is concerned I'm sorry but I just can't see how a kid that was good enough to start at corner for Michigan as a true freshman, and was a huge recruit, won't be a big time coverage LBer. He'll go to the Pats with the last pick in the 1st or early 2nd rd & be a Day 1 stud nickel LBer, and maybe even play SS on early downs, and everybody will realize that they over analyzed him & the kid can just play.
  3. Exactly. It's hard enough to win a division & a playoff game with even just a solid game manager at QB. The Texans did it with a truly atrocious QB, off the top of my head Osweiler had to be the worst starter in the league. Obviously it's a huge hypothetical but imagine the Texans had a 100% Watt & 100% Romo last year? They probably win 15 games & steamroll their way to a Bowl win. Their defense would be 2013 Seattle like. Another thing.....let's all hope the Jadaveon Clowney of the last 6 weeks of the season & the playoffs last year was a mirage, because he was an absolute wrecking machine who destroyed game plans. If late season Clowney is here to stay it will be a living nightmare blocking him & Watt.
  4. If the Texans get Romo I'm liquidating my stocks & 401K, taking the 40/1 Bowl odds, and retiring early. If Watt comes back a 100% even the Pats don't have the goods to hang with them.
  5. The offense was good last year but I think it was a tad deceiving. I actually think the O needs a bit more talent than most think & that the defense is closer than many think. Im not just saying this to be contrarian. We played a pretty weak defensive schedule & also got a bit lucky with injuries, particularly in the GB & SD games, where they had significant injuries in the secondary. Mularkey & the staff did a great job scheming big plays, particularly some of the ones to Wright which were beautifully drawn up. On the other hand we really struggled against some good defenses, and this is where I think a big, super talented outside WR would've really come into handy. On the flip side the defense, while far from good, showed up more than given credit for, especially at the end of the year. We won 3 games where we scored less than 20 points. And the fix is pretty straightforward....we need corners. It's amazing what adding one very good corner can do to a bad secondary. Our front 7 is solid & should be even better with AJ & Dodd in their 2nd year. Byard looks to at least be a good starter, possibly a star. Add a corner or two & this defense will look a whole lot different, we're already good rushing the passer & stopping the run. I do still think we need another major impact playmaker on D though, aside from the corners.
  6. Yeah a lot of folks subscribe to the theory that the QB makes the WR's, which is way too simplistic. Sure, having an all world QB allows you to get away with less talent at the position but there's so many instances I can point out showing the effect of a dominant WR. Look at Randy Moss, he singlehandedly made average QB's look like all pros. The offenses with & without him in the lineup went from top 5 to bottom 5. Even look at the 2010 Titans with & without Britt. It was insane, KC & VY played well with him in the lineup & the offense was very productive. Without Britt the offense was probably the worst in the league. Even Aaron Rodgers, is it a coincidence that he struggled last year & the first month of this season, until Jordy Nelson was back to a 100%? Maybe. But there's a zillion examples I can use showing the positive impact a dominant WR has.
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    Also, I get PFF ranking Gilmore over Bouye due to him having multiple years of production, but I'd much rather have Bouye. I've never been crazy about Gilmore, he's more of a 1B corner to me & never had a year like Bouye did last year. I'd rather take the risk that Bouye is a one year wonder then give a huge deal to a solid but not especially impactful corner. I may wind up wrong but Bouye played too good last year to think he's a one year wonder. He was a total stud.
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    The price tag for good, solid corners is insane. Guys like Gilmore are going to get $12 mil +. This is why I'm kind of leaning towards focusing on WR in FA & drafting Lattimore. Then again the FA WR's are going to get big time money as well, and guys like Alshon & DJax certainly come with their own risks.
  9. He's the most prolific pure deep threat the leagues had since Randy Moss. He put up over a 1000 yards at about 18 yards a pop last year & missed 2 games. Damn right he's a great fit for us. Wanna make teams pay for inching up to stop the running game, he's your guy. And the character issues are so overblown. The guys never gotten into a bit of trouble off the field. He was a bit of a diva & a jerk when he was younger, who cares. All he does is produce year after year.
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    Some of the reports I read on Sims last year after we picked him said he would probably be better off at FS, because of his hips. They loved his size & speed but felt his hips were too stiff to play corner in the pros. The book is out I guess.
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    I was gonna say, where is this coming from? Casey was typical Casey this year. He did have a down game or two the last month when he was injured, but then he bounced back & closed the season out very strong. He slaughtered the Texans in particular.
  12. There's a limitation on these meetings, I doubt they'd meet with a guy twice just to ask about another player. He may have even bad in the game but he was apparently a beast in the practices.
  13. It was a tremendous OT draft. Conklin of course was better than we ever could've imagined, Stanley looks like a future pro bowl LT, as does Tunsil, and Taylor Decker played a very nice LT. Cody Whitehair also had a great year at center. But yeah, Tunsil was way better than given credit for. He played guard for a year because of Branden Albert but was their best OL. The Dolphins used a zone scheme & he was perfect for it, with his athleticism.
  14. Also, Hightower is my wet dream. A 275 lb ILB who dominates the run & is the best blitzer in the league. He's even solid in coverage. Sign him & Brandon Williams & go all out on size on D.