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  1. Maurice Hurst. Interior rushing force of nature.
  2. When it's all settled Maurice Hurst will be a top 3 pick unless QB'a go 1-3. He's an absolute monster.
  3. Dan Orlovsky draws McFleur plays

    I believe he was better out of shotgun in 2016 so who really knows. But my main problem last year wasn't the lack of shotgun, is the lack of targets on passing plays. I just think there was too much emphasis on blocking & going deep to a small number of targets I am curious to see if we'll see some of the "RG3 package", as LaFleur was in Washington in 2012. Vrabel seems to at least want some spread in the offense, as he alluded to when discussing what he wants on offense.
  4. Another shooting today!!

    I honestly don't even know what to say about this anymore. There's certainly common sense arguments on both sides but this almost feels beyond our control right now. The frequency of these massacres is really starting to get depressing. There's a lot of components here...laws, mental health, wealth disparity, reduced empathy for people, and on & on & on. I don't know what the answer is or what to do about it, but it's getting scary. I try to ignore the feeling that this country has become a pressure cooker of anger & comfort myself in the stats that show we're safer then ever. But it sure doesn't feel that way....
  5. Pat Robertson and God Have Falling Out

    @JustafanGermany & Christianity was at a very dicey place during Hitler's reign. While we obviously know which religion he really hated, it wasn't really the Jews religious beliefs that bothered him. It was the fact that they had no homeland of their own, and they sort've drifted around to different nations where he felt they had no respect for local culture & would cause trouble. But it was more the big banking Jews which bothered him, he hated these international banks that he felt created debt based economies & profited by war. He felt these banks speculated too much & fiat money was not connected to real means of production, so people wound up slaves to these banks. The fact is there was some truth to this, and they were far from the only government that had anti-Semitic leanings. Of course these banks weren't "run by Jews", which is laughable. People of all cultures got rich in international finance. But the Jews were easy to scapegoat as the big evil bankers. But as far as Christianity, the Nazi's hated it as well. The fact is, a cult of personality government wants to be the religion, the religion of state. They did not like the church. But they realized they had to do business with them. It was a delicate process, because Hitler didn't want to upset the Pope too much because he knew how many Christians there were in Europe, and the sway he held over them. On the flip side, there was only so far the Pope could push Hitler, because he didn't want to be responsible for increased rates of gassings, etc. The Nazi's even installed a lot of Priests who believed in National Socialism, some of them very fervent, and they would preach a very dark, cruel message against the Jews. There were some hardcore, Super right religious leaders who saw Nazism as a boon. Apparently things really came to a head with Hitler & the Pope & Hitler actually had plans drawn up for an invasion of the Vatican, but his generals pleaded with him that this would be suicide for the regime, as the entire worlds Chriistians would turn on them. Lastly, I believe the Nazi's, though preferring Atheism, felt if party members were looking for a religion that Islam made the most sense. They felt it was a practical "masculine" religion with a hard, tough message that didn't focus on forgiveness, etc.
  6. Dan Orlovsky draws McFleur plays

    Gary Kubiak is another one. Same with golf, most of the best swing coaches weren't great players. Less talented guys have to do everything they can to improve just a bit, so they tend to study & learn the most. This is why I felt Bruce Matthews was a bad OL coach. The guy was a total freak of nature, he was what, 6'4 315 & lean? Played until 40+ without ever missing a game I believe, and was still one of the most athletic lineman in the league in his late 30's. Apparently his teammates back in the day used to laugh because he did everything fundamentally wrong & would still just destroy the best DL in the league. They moved him around to every position if there were injuries & it was the same thing, total dominance. He finally met his match when he couldn't block Bruce friggin Smith as a LT. The guy was an absolute android, what the hell is he going to teach a guy like Byron Stingily or Fernando Velasco?
  7. Mayocks position rankings

    I'm starting to warm up to Harrison, if they're willing to use Cyprien as a LBer in the standard 2-4-5 nickel or as a LBer/hybrid type like Gregg Williams used Mark Barron in a 4-1-6. Harrison is a really impressive physical specimin & while I hate comps it's hard not to see a little Kam Chancellor in him.
  8. Every year you have 1 or 2 of these guys talking about how they're going to break the record, how they ran 4 flat 40's. I'm sure he's fast, whatever. I'll read up on him.
  9. Pat Robertson and God Have Falling Out

    Exactly. Dont get me wrong, the Vatican was involved in some real shit in the past. But that was the way things were, look at how horrible humanity was hundreds of years ago. People on a whole were just much worse to each other.
  10. Pat Robertson and God Have Falling Out

    I stopped reading this thread after Rolltide's 9th reference to the size of the Big Guy's hammer & skipped forward but this is pretty much it. I'm so sick of listening to people ramble on & on about all the evils of Christianity, and I'm not even religious. The fact of the matter is human beings are by & large assholes. Since the beginning of time we've had evil tyrants who did horrible things, murdered, plundered, raped, etc. All of them were the same. The only difference? The vehicle they used to push their agenda. Is there a more tired cliche then "all wars are started because of religion", as if these Kings & Tyrants of the past really started wars over their religious beliefs. It's so fucking stupid. Spain used religion as an excuse to start a war against England 500 years ago, does anybody really tbink it was because England was mostly Protestant? Of course not. King Phillipe just wanted more shit. Just like Hitler hated communism, never mind the fact that National Socialism probably had more in common with Communism then Democracy. The truth is he wanted more "living space" for his Germans, and that space was available to the East, where they were communists. Religion, just life politics, has always been used as a precept for war. Something always needed to be sold to the masses. But the truth is every war, invasion, genocide, ethnic cleansing, or whatever in history had an economic basis. Murder & plunder are big business. But I really am tired of Christians getting the blame for everything. I mean, Justafan, I usually like your shit but that post was ridiculous. Christians are persecuting gay people in the US? Guess what, gay people have been fucked with for thousands of years, by everybody. Ask a gay guy if he'd prefer to be "persecuted" here or maybe he'd prefer to be gay in one of the regions ISIS took over & get thrown off a fucking building? Or even better they did awfully well in Hitler's Germany ha? Hitler also hated Christianity didn't he? So he must've taken care of gay people right? Oh yeah, they all wound up gassed in concentration camps. And yeah, slavery was justified because slave owners were Christians. LOL. Cause enterprise had nothing to do with it & they didn't want free labor. Everybody knows there were plenty of black slaveowners correct? Slavery has gone on since the beginning of time with religious & non religious owners. The only similarity btwn owners? They were fucking rich. It had NOTHING to do with religion.
  11. He's been talking up Kline a good bit this thread....
  12. Id bring Schwenke back. I've felt for awhile now that he could see a rebirth in a zone system, especially because he didn't have to rehab injuries the last 2 offswasons. I suggest everybody watch the Mariota run at the end of the Baltimore game to see how insanely fast & explosive Schwenke is on the move.
  13. Free Agent WRs:Sammy Watkins

    I couldn't have any less interest in Landry. Nice player, catches a lot of passes, tough & runs good routes. But the last thing we need in another plodding, move the chains skill player. We need more overall speed on offense.
  14. There's some really great interior OL in this draft, and they always go late. I still think our best shot to get a stud starter is at guard, or ILB. I agree about RB though. We could really use a shifty, quick change of pace guy. It would really add a new dimension to the offense.