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  1. I don't think he's nearly as close to the top of that list as you'd think. The team clearly likes him.
  2. The Bills have a similar approach to ours, with the play action vertical stuff. But we also had terrible YAC receivers, I guarantee Davis alone will make a big impact after the catch.
  3. That swipe move is NASTY, he snaps heads back with that. If he can develop a counter off if that he'll be a load. We'll see how he develops with the foot, but It's obvious why we drafted him. He has all the traits.
  4. This is correct. A lot of trainers & people inside the fight game said Buster had incredible talent, he was just the laziest fuck in the world. I remember talking to my Dad about this fight & he said maybe Tyson didn't train like he should've but it was clear as day how talented Buster was. His jab was just electric, maybe the best I've ever seen in that fight. He was so smooth to, it poohed effortless.
  5. F

    It's always been more rare in the NFL though.
  6. How did he botch long term negotiations with Houston & Berry? Did they overpay? I guess this goes to show how many factors there are behind the scenes, you can't just look at a guys draft record.
  7. F

    The Jets are as blatantly tanking as any team I've ever seen. They're getting Sam Darnold, hell or highwater.
  8. F

    Zeke is running behind a dominant OL
  9. Couple things. I have to agree on one point, Marcus does have stretches where he does some weird shit under pressure. But besides that, I don't want to be a douche & say I never heard of Steven Ruiz, but I never heard of Steven Ruiz. So forgive me for not putting much stock into him saying Marcus plays best when reads are simplified & he doesn't go thru progressions when numerous other evaluators who are much more prominent specifically say how good he is in this department. Also, he claims the league was catching up to Mularkey's offense because the team averaged 17.5 points the last 4 games of the season yet doesn't mention that they played the Broncos, Chiefs, Jags, and Texans. That's 3 of probably the top 5 defenses in the league & the Jags were also playing very well at that point of the season, with Ramsey playing like a shutdown corner. And the Texans was a garbage game with some of their best & our best players sitting. Lastly, in that article he doesnt seem to like Dak Prescott, Kirk Cousins, and Andy Dalton. And his 2 articles on QB's before this one are how disliked Cam is & how overrated & overpaid Derek Carr is.
  10. There's plenty of rookie WR's who make huge impacts.
  11. I can see Davis being the one who moves to the slot in the 3 wide. For one, he was absolutely awesome inside in college. His last year he averaged 5 yards per route run inside, which is insane. But I also don't see Decker as the slot guy like everybody else. He's a 6'3, physical WR who uses his size to make plays. I really see him as more of an outside guy. Then again Davis is basically 6'3 as well, so who knows.
  12. He basically singlehandedly gave the Bowl away to the Pats. Belichick was smart & knew there was no way you could stop that offense so he didn't even try to stop the run & basically played prevent all game. He rushed 3 & dropped 8 all game & Martz just kept throwing right into the teeth of the defense. It was insane, Faulk averaged almost 7 yards a carry in the game & probably would've had 200 + if he got the ball. I almost wonder, looking back, if BB didn't just game plan like this for strategic purposes. I have a feeling he knew that Martz, with his ego, would almost take that as an affront & a personal challenge. "No defense dictates what we do!!!!". Hubris. A deadly vice to have in life......
  13. I wonder how Tretola looked? Besides the two 2nd rd defenders last year he was the guy I was really hoping improved his body in the offseason. He was the best OL in the SEC the last 2 years & faced as tough a schedule of DL as you could possibly face. He had a little trouble with quickness in college but at the end of the day he gave up 1 1/2 sacks in 2 years & was totally dominant in the run game. His play strength was awesome. He looked very good in preseason last year, albeit against scrubs. If he can win the RG spot, though he is listed as backup LG, that could really put this OL over the top on the road grading dept.
  14. Yeah & this really feeds into what you mentioned in your prior post about how every coach claims they want to be "multiple" on offense but we really have the horses to do it. We'll have the ability, like the Pats, to adjust our game plan on a weekly basis. We can spread it out & dink and dunk up & down the field, run it with power, throw deep, run a balanced offense, etc. We even have a very good pass catcher at running back & a QB that can pull it down & run if need be. There's really nothing we can't do.
  15. I felt the same Mythos, his combine was really bad. I also felt he was sort of a tweener in that he played the run very well but he wasn't exactly an immovable object at the nose, he wasn't the best at anchoring. He also got in the backfield a good amount but didn't seem athletic enough to translate this to the big leagues. Basically I saw him as a tough, hardworking kid who had big production because he played with a lot of energy. 70 tackles & 6.5 sacks is nothing to shake a stick at for a 1 tech. But I didn't see high 2nd rd traits. But if hes improved physically we could have something. The kid has an enormous lower body & he plays hard, with a ton of energy. That's something you can't overlook.